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Christian supremacists threatening Hindu Munnani cadre of foisting false cases, tensions prevail in Tenkasi district

WebdeskJul 30, 2021, 10:23 AM IST

Christian supremacists threatening Hindu Munnani cadre of foisting false cases, tensions prevail in Tenkasi district

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         T. S. Venkatesan
Earlier, there was a video that went viral claiming the same. In the video, an Inspector Reghurajan from Kadyam Police Station alighting from a vehicle asked the house's residents (an old lady and a young woman). 
Tensions prevail in the Kadayam area of Tenkasi district following a Police inspector’s threat to foist false cases against a senior citizen (nearly 70-year-old woman) who questioned why she should remove the Hindu Munnani flag flutter atop her house? Tension prevails in the area.
It all started in a nondescript village, Pulavanoor near Kadayam, when hundreds of villagers, including women, children squat on the road in front of police in a protest against the police for foisting false cases against Hindu community men. Earlier, there was a video that went viral claiming the same. In the video, an Inspector Reghurajan from Kadyam Police Station alighting from a vehicle asked the house's residents (an old lady and a young woman).
When they questioned, "You are silent in other religions but want us to remove the encroachment; we are ready; first, ask the Christians to remove the illegal encroachment. Don’t we have a right to a flag of our choice of party we like?" Inspector told her, “Do not talk rules. If you do, I will book a false case. Remove the encroachment and the flag." Then a man on the street was asked to remove the flag, which he did.
“When we talked to a Hindu Munnani functional and advocate, Kutralanthan, he said, “It was a dispute that happened six months ago. It was a protest for removal of an illegal church construction. Now, because of the strong influence of the Christians, we have to fight against all. Had the police taken action against our complaint, things would not have gone to such magnitude. The partial action of the police is leading to communal clashes that can occur any time if the situation prevails in the area.”
Explaining further, he said, “A couple of years ago, Auto Driver Chelladurai built a house with a compound wall. Later, a church was built in that area. Its main entrance was to the left side compound wall of Chelladurai. When the area was surveyed by Revenue official who said the land was Chelladurai’s. Following this Chella Durai built a structure with hollow blocks and put up an asbestos roof. Another church was built near the left side of his house. The church people objected to the wall of his house saying it hindrance to the church gate and asked the encroachment immediately. Chelladurai started a signature campaign claiming the church was built on government land and a water body. He complained to police seeking removal of the illegal church on the government land. But the police did not take any action and kept the file on the cold storage. Last month a mob entered his house, destroyed his auto parked outside before razing down the compound that was in question. The mob also broke the glass window panes and other items. Close on this, Chelladurai made a complaint to police against Church pastor and a gang of 15 saying they damaged his auto, house, compound wall besides threatening him with dire consequences. Police, after filing FIR are conducted probe. So far 8 persons have been arrested in this connection who are on bail.”
On hearing the incident, Hindu Munnani leaders, including Jayakumar, visited Chelladurai’s house and gave him Rs.10,000 as cash assistance to repair his house's auto and compound wall. “Christians with 30 percent population unitedly pulled his building down and destroyed the auto rickshaw after the transformer was off. No case was booked against the Christians for this heinous crime. Regurajan is supporting them. Revenue officials said both sides encroached the government land and action would be taken against both. We told them since you have admitted church has encroached. So you remove the encroachment first, we will ask Chella Durai to remove the same after it was marked. i.e. the area to be removed. Now the encroachment has been removed by the Revenue officials. The police inspector’s action is a blatant Human Rights violation. The Christians used police as a tool while Chelladurai family agreed to remove the encroachment, if any. Inspector acted like a stooge of Christians which is condemnable. We have taken up this with the district police superintendent."
Meanwhile, two days back, police came with a JPC bulldozer to remove the remaining compound that the church claims blocking entry into the church. They asked him to remove the Hindu Munnani flag on the wall. Chelladurai came out with a cane of kerosene and threatened to commit suicide if they demolish the wall. Police took him to the station. The Church administration said police tried to demolish the illegal wall built by the church measuring 6 feet breath and 70 feet long but not the full encroachment which needs to be pulled down. News spread that Chelladurai was arrested, and false cases had been filed against him. They also arrested a youth who went to enquire what happened to Chelladurai. The youth, who was working abroad, came to Bharat recently to do the last rites of his father. 
When the compound was demolished, Village Administrative Officer was not present. After taking Chelladurai to police, police razed down the compound. VAO, who came later, complained against Chelladurai, saying he prevented the officials from doing their job.
Chelladurai has been remanded to jail. What police told Hindu Munnani was he prevented the VAO from his duty who was a government servant. Police booked Chella Durai under various IPC sections, including obscene language, issuing threats, and others. The police arrested Christians and gave them immediate bail. Why was he remanded in judicial custody? Police are behaving partially. It also shows the influence of Abrahamic elements in scuttling the cases. We do not how these elements and supporters got postings in Madurai, Ramnad, Thoothukudi, Dindigul, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari districts where Christians and Muslims are dominant?
The Hindu Munnani cadre continued their sit-in protest on the road till dawn despite pitched dark and raining. It explains their will to get justice. No human rights commission members are to be seen in taking up their case. The judiciary is silent.
Police justified that if it was a complaint from a government servant, they would keep him in jail; if it was from a private people, they would release them on personal bail because of Corona 19 pandemic. Hindu Munnani is trying to get them released on bail through legal channels. It is to be noted that Chella Durai joined the HM only recently. The situation is heading for a communal clash because of poor and lackadaisical handling of the biased police machinery. Hindu Munnani now has asked its cadre to raise the flag atop their houses.
Hindu Makkal Katchi founder Arjun Sampath has urged the TN Minority Commission to declare Hindus in Kanyakumari district as minority following Pastor’s claim that they comprise 62 per cent (both Muslims and Christians). He presents a memorandum seeking protection to Hindus living in the district.


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