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Christian Medical Association of India accused of FCRA violation, Converting people, spreading superstition; IMA Chief Jayalal a former trustee

WebdeskMay 29, 2021, 08:24 PM IST

Christian Medical Association of India accused of FCRA violation, Converting people, spreading superstition; IMA Chief Jayalal a former trustee

In a shocking development, the Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has revealed the FCRA violation and unethical practices by the Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI), a group of Christian doctors and healthcare workers. CMAI is accused of receiving Rs 83.95 crore from foreign sources, violating the FCRA norms and the money was used for converting people to Christianity. Dr Johnrose Austin Jayalal, who is the current IMA president was a trustee member of CMAI. This confirms the allegations against him of misusing his position for converting people. CMAI in its official Facebook Page promotes Doctors like the President of IMA Dr Johnrose Austin Jayalal and others, including Healthcare Professionals and Christian religious leaders who blatantly admit to their outright evangelization motives. “We will go together n restore. We will see the master of breakthroughs bringing great victories. We will come with one heart and one mind to make Jesus Christ d Lord of healthcare,” Dr Arul Anketell said during CMAI Doctor National Conference for Christian doctors from across India. What's more disturbing is that CMAI claims about showing the love of Christ to the person on the Hospital Bed! By organizing Leadership Training For Church Leaders to equip evangelists to do better in their ministry misusing Medical science as they are taught to implement Freedom of Religion aka Christian Conversion. It also conducts Webinar for CMAI Member Institutions on FCRA amended Bill 2020 to equip its member institutions against a newly imposed stringent amendment by the Union Home Ministry. CMAI Goal’s goal is to establish Online Training Unit which has 3 partner-provided formal courses and other resources on Governance, Evangelism; providing Pastoral Care and Counselling to equip young volunteers/ helpers to offer basic counselling of people going through a spiritual crisis. There is a Curious Case of few Indian donor organizations with the same registered address as of this NGO at Janakpuri, Delhi contributing to this NGO as reported under its Annual Returns namely Super Grip Friction Products, Viva India Trust, Tearfund, Christian Coalition for Health In India. Acting as a proxy to the donor organizations like ICMDA UK, German Institute for Medical Mission e. V. – Difäm Germany, Common Global Ministries, USA, Lutheran World Relief, USA all of which are the partners of this NGO and work towards an agenda of proselytization through ‘Medical Missions’ and it has also been receiving funds from the US Embassy in India and International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), France which has official relations with World Health Organization which amounts to misuse of the foreign funds received through FCRA and violations of principles enshrined in Article 25(1) of the Indian Constitution and also for violations of Section 12(4)(f)(vi) of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 States its purpose to be only a social cause under FCRA Annual Returns, but runs Medical Missions by partnering with evangelists and churches in India and abroad and working through its faith-based institutions and affiliates and subsidiaries. LRO has urged the Home Ministry to cancel its FCRA registration for spreading cocktail therapies of #hristian miracles and modern medical science, allopathy paving to the way of medico- religious superstitions.


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