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China on the Grip of Fear: Talking about Nuclear War

WebdeskJun 04, 2021, 04:03 PM IST

China on the Grip of Fear: Talking about Nuclear War

If China is accountable in the US Investigation of Lab Leak Theory on Corona Virus or Wuhan Virus or China Virus. If it had conducted Game of Function Theory with Funding from abroad without proper safety measures, hiding the information, not disclosing reports and stopping investigators of Individuals, Researchers, Press to WHO officials what actions can be taken against China by the US and the World at large? Firstly remove China with Most Favored Nation Status in the US. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas), Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), and Rick Scott (R-Florida) introduced the China Trade Relations Act to strip China of its Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) status and return to the pre-2001 system. The legislation would require China to obtain Most Favored Nation (MFN) status through annual presidential approval, per the requirements of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment. The bill would also expand the Jackson-Vanik Amendment to include human rights and trade abuses as disqualifying factors for MFN status. China repeatedly threatens the United States and Taiwan. With an increasingly hostile military modernization effort and the stealing of U.S. nuclear secrets and other critical technologies, China has made numerous attempts to corrupt the U.S. political system. Not to mention, they have violated far too many international agreements and are known globally for their brutal repression of dissidents and disregard for human rights. Ending China’s permanent preferential trade relationship will send a strong message to the Chinese Communist Party. Secondly, remove China from the UN Security Council Permanent Membership. China is using UNSC Membership as a tool to solve its own domestic issue rather than International Peace. Who can forget the direct support of China in blocking to designate Global Terrorists' like Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar. China does not abide by International Rules and freedom of Navigation. On the Philippines, it did not accept UN Philippines v. China (PCA case number 2013–19), also known as the South China Sea Arbitration, was an arbitration case brought by the Republic of the Philippines against the People's Republic of China (PRC) under Annex VII to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS, ratified by the Philippines in 1984 and by the PRC in 1996) concerning certain issues in the South China Sea. China has rejected UNCLOS. Small Medium Island Countries are made vessel states, forced droughts, debt trap to more. Who can forget its problem with all its neighbors in land. air and water. Starting from Japan to Korea to India to Mongolia to Laos to Nepal all have some or the other issues. Hong Kong, Macau are gone now Taiwan and next Mongolia are their it is said……….. Does this Country need UN Security Council Citizenship? Thirdly Regime Change can China like in Iraq, Libya have a democratic government. Can the world stand with Democratic actors there. Even Alibaba to Tencent Owners of Big Corporations go missing sometimes. Weapons of Mass Destruction like BioResearch, Cyber Security, Unethical Research, Human Rights Violation, Suppression of Minorities, Ethnic Cleaning, support of dreaded terror organizations, support of authoritarian military governments, unlawful investments, creating fear in the world and many other factors make democratic Government necessary their. So Regime Change is the mantra there. Fourthly, roughly two-thirds over $170 billion of American investment in China over the last 30 years funded ‘greenfield’ projects to expand China’s industrial base and productive capacity. By contrast, Chinese entities devoted eight per cent of their investment in the United States to building new physical infrastructure. The other 92 per cent of Chinese investment funded acquisitions of American companies and intellectual property. U.S. sovereign debt surpassed $27 trillion at the end of October 2020.42 China (including Hong Kong but not Taiwan) held $1.28 trillion of that debt in U.S. Treasury securities, making it the United States’ largest foreign creditor, barely ahead of Japan. Even World Bank provided Billions of Dollars of loan to China they all have to be restricted. Overseas Investments and Loans have to be immediately stopped. Fifthly Chinese Communist Party Members have to get Travel Ban in the world as equal to North Korea or other sanctions listed countries. Lastly, China is losing its grip on the world the Chinese government’s mouthpiece newspaper has launched a blistering attack on the United States threatening it with a “high-intensity showdown” possibly involving nuclear weapons. Hu Xijin, the editor of the Chinese state-run newspaper the Global Times, said enhancing China’s nuclear program was now vital to the country’s “strategic deterrence” against the United States.“We must be prepared for an intense showdown between China and the US,” The number of China’s nuclear warheads must reach the quantity that makes US elites shiver should they entertain the idea of engaging in a military confrontation with China.” To conclude one can say that China has become a threat to world peace and security. It's way of dominating the world through trade to doing unethical research, it has lost its game and is in a confusing state. It threatens and sanctions for few products for Australia when it said it will ask for an investigation on Wuhan. Now America and WHO are under investigation for Wuhan Leak Game of Function or with Military Purpose as already it is exposed and if it becomes more true the world should sanction China, Regime Change should be done, critical research has to be banned and unethical or any relation with the world has to be stopped. If Possible China should be removed from UN Security Council Membership immediately to give justice to the world for its acts. For now, Bio War to Nuclear War China has brought the world to face death, destruction and global economic collapse.


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