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Camouflaging Satyagraha

WebdeskFeb 01, 2021, 09:02 AM IST

Camouflaging Satyagraha

What we saw on the roads of Delhi was nothing short of treason and waging war against Bharat. In the name of farmers, the way momentum was built up to storm Delhi on the Republic Day, has disturbed all the nationalists who believe in taking Bharat to the pinnacle of glory with its civilisational roots. There seems to be a pattern evolving, not just in Bharat but also in other Democratic countries, to discredit the democratic institutions for the revolutionary, violent goals. From anti-CAA agitation to Protest against Farm Laws, this divisive agenda with a subtle message against democratic Bharat is evident. Where are those forces that are playing this game around identities? What is their long-term agenda? And how should we deal with them? These should be the set of questions that we should address while analysing the events leading to the vandalism in the name of the farmer’s protest. Gandhiji while devising his matchless weapon of Satyagraha was very unambiguous that leadership who will take up the responsibility, training of Satyagrahis who will stick to the non-violent means and clear objectives and points of negotiations of the movement have to be defined before the advent of Satyagraha. Even our Constitution is very explicit about the use of democratic rights and the restraints on it. The Maoists who do not believe either in Parliamentary Democracy or Gandhian Principles are cleverly misusing the democratic space and Gandhian techniques to damage democracy. While discussing the class character of Bharatiya State, an important document of the Maoist Central Committee “STRATEGY & TACTICS OF THE INDIAN REVOLUTION” says, “From a concrete class analysis of the Indian society and state we find that, under the signboard of the so-called Republic and the Parliamentary democracy, India is nothing but a semi-colonial and semi-feudal state under neo-colonial form of indirect rule, exploitation and control”. After the complete failure of their ideas about proletariate revolution, the people who consider ‘Republic’ and ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ as mere signboards have come up with a different template. They are now working on the Maoist style Cultural Revolution based on identities by attacking our civilisational bonds. Caste, gender, religion etc. are being used to create dissent; this time, the violent anarchy was experimented in farmers’ names and around the ‘Sikh’ identity. Fortunately, barring few pro-Khalistan elements, the majority of the Sikhs are committed to the idea of Bharat and protecting it as per the instructions given by our Gurus. If we take the Gandhian principles and Maoist agenda in the context, it is apparent that the so-called peaceful protests were never peaceful. Damaging railway tracks, mobile towers, obstructing public routes and finally attacking public servants while desecrating the national monument, are not the sings of Satyagraha. It was a part of the war waged against Bharat by Maoists. There are international forces who are wary of rising Bharat and are supporting this project. Some political parties are also using the shoulders of these malicious, foreign-funded organisations to save their electoral space. Few journalists and media groups, who have been earning through their fake news factory and anti-Bharat narrative, are being repeatedly exposed during these agitations. The worrying factor is the pattern. Using camouflaged Satyagraha and democratic means to overthrow the democracy, effective use of social media campaigns and creating ruptures in the social fabric is a dangerous trend that is being experimented. As a Civilisational State, how to deal with this destructive pattern of agitations and forces behind them, is the real challenge for us. While taking the legal course to penalise the perpetrators, we should devise a comprehensive strategy to counter this Maoist Strategy of Camouflaging Gandhian Satyagraha.


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