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Bengal and BJP: ruins and resurrection

WebdeskMar 25, 2021, 03:31 PM IST

Bengal and BJP: ruins and resurrection

Bengal, its gems and charms In the East of India, along the Bay of Bengal, lies the state which has always been the nucleus of almost all winds of change our nation has gone through in its numerous phases; Battle of Plassey, our First War of Independence in 1857, freedom struggle, partition, Bangladesh Liberation War. It has given the country some of its finest gems; Swami Vivekananda, Netaji, Tagore, Satyajit Ray,JC Bose, CV Raman, Mother Teresa, Ganguly etc. It houses some of the finest educational institutes in the country. It has one of the most revered and loved cuisines all over the world. It is home to one of the biggest football rivalries in the world, the Kolkata Derby. The soothing beauty of tea gardens in Darjeeling would leave one just as bewitched as the mangroves of the Sunderbans. The city culture has its own charm and uniqueness; travelling in the city, enjoying the street foods is bound to leave a lasting feeling in one’s heart and mind. In short, West Bengal is a place that literally has it all. I am someone that has always been enthralled by this place and the endless charms it offers every time I have visited it. Stagnation, Misdirection and murder of Democracy Agonisingly, deep scars have become visible in Bengal. These scars are a result of biased, undemocratic leadership and unchecked power of those at the helm. More than 3 decades of left government left the state stagnated or even worse than when the left and Jyoti Basu came to power. Then came the darkest phase. The TMC’s reign has been nothing but an insult to the principles which Bengal became synonymous with; liberty, different strands of thought, artistic freedom etc. Singapore’s father of the nation Lee Kuan Yew once famously said, “The idea is to equalise opportunities, not results. When we try to equalise results, that is the end of everything.” The left government was a victim of its obsession with a utopia that had no relevance in reality. In that obsession, Bengal stagnated and ultimately, went backwards. The TMC is a different beast altogether. Under the TMC, Bengal not only remains stagnated but has also suffocated in all quarters. If the left was obsessed with equalising results, the TMC was and continues to be obsessed with denying opportunities to anyone and everyone expect a select few who run Bengal today. The audacity of the Chief Minister to shield those under investigation for corruption by central agencies is one of many things that have contributed to revealing the depths to which democratic principles have been insulted for personal gains. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent The inhuman attacks, detentions and killings of BJP workers in Bengal is something that will come back to haunt the incumbent CM who is so out of touch with reality. Over 130 BJP workers have lost their lives. The people in the state continue to suffer in her inability to accept the obvious; a ‘slap on the face’ by the people of Bengal through a thumping victory for the BJP on the 2nd of May,2021. Her own trusted aides, cabinet ministers deserting ship at the eleventh hour are clear signs that the tide has turned and those want the best for Bengal will ride with the BJP. May 2, 2021: Bengal’s Renaissance The resurrection of Bengal will commence from May 2, 2021, with a dominant victory for the BJP, which will be more of a victory for the people of Bengal. Bengal and its people deserve better than the current autocratic leadership it reels under. The BJP is the force that will free the people of Bengal from the shackles of decades of incompetent leadership. With BJP governments at the centre and in the state, Bengal will thrive and play a pivotal role in the drive towards inclusive growth and progressive change, which has always been the Prime Minister’s vision. The land of Bose will shine again. (Writer is Chairman of Manipur Development Society and also presently State Spoksperson of BJP Manipur unit )


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