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August 14, 2011

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Thinking Aloud
Hindus suffer: Poor leadership and Hindus who let them down

By Dr Jay Dubashi

FOUR days after the terrorists struck in Mumbai, killing 26 innocent Hindus and injuring, many of them severely, over 125 people, it is all quiet on the terror front, until, of course, the next killing, which could be anytime the terrorists choose.

Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan is blaming his poor Home Minister and playing low politics, which Congressmen always do when they are caught unaware. His comrade-in-arms, a clown called Diggy Raja is blaming Hindus, which he always does when he has nothing better to do. The Prime Minister himself, who has, as usual, no idea what is happening around him, visited the city for a few hours and returned home – and nobody even noticed his visit. The poor man is reduced to behaving like a robot, going through the usual notions when the Islamist thugs strike, which they have done nearly twenty times in the last twenty years, and appoint maybe another bogus committee of inquiry whose report will catch dust in the PMO.

It is wrong to say that the bombs were set by thugs, as if they were after money and had nothing else on their mind. They were actually set off by Islamists or Muslims, though our secularists who are their friends avoid saying so. The fact remains that Islam has declared war on the rest of the world with a focus on India in this part of the world, and on leaders of the West in the other part. Of course, the secularists, which means basically the non-Hindus pretend religion has nothing to do with it, as if the Islamists were working in a vaccum. The men who brought down the twin towers in New York on 9/11 were Muslims, just like the thugs who set off bombs in London and Madrid, and have been killing Hindus year after year in India. It is, whether you like it or not, a religious war and we shall never be able to deal with it unless we recognise it as such.

The secularists tell us the terrorists who crashed the planes in New York and massacred nearly two hundred innocent people in Mumbai in 2008, most of them Hindus, have no religion. This is nonsense.

They were all Muslims, just as Osama bin Laden, who was responsible for the New York massacre was a Muslim. The war in Afghanistan is a religious war, fought for religious reasons. And the attacks on Mumbai and Delhi and elsewhere in India were and are religious attacks.

India is probably the only country once ruled by Muslims that has never succumbed to them. It has always been a Hindu country and remains a Hindu country. All other countries the Muslims invaded and conquered, like Persia and Egypt, have turned Muslim. This is what irks Muslims the most and this is what the Hindus must remember. They, that is, the Muslims were successful in taking away nearly a quarter of the country from the British, when they left, with treacherous men like Nehru and others participating in the theft. The Muslims now want the rest.

This is why it is a mistake to think that the bombings in Mumbai and elsewhere are a law-and-order issue. It is a political issue, not a police issue. It is, in fact, an existential issue that will decide the course of history for years to come, just as the arrival of the Muslims in India a thousand years ago decided the course of our history for a thousand years. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Home Minister at the Centre might think it is a matter for the police, but it is not. As a political issue, it is a matter of life and death for every Hindu, for the issue is political and has to be fought at political and ultimately military level.

Whether the police were alerted or not and whether the Home Minister should have dealt with it more forcefully is neither here nor there. The issue is whether the nation is aware of the implications of serial bombings and what they mean. We should deal with it the same way the Americans did with it. Unless we do so, history will not forgive us, just as history has not forgiven us for the lapses of our demoralised leadership at the time, who were so hungry for the trappings of power that they happily signed on the dotted line, gifting a big slice of the country to aggressors.

US President George W Bush did not appoint a toothless committee and ask them to investigate why the New York police failed in their duties and how to punish them. He straightaway alerted the military and within months sent the armies into Afghanistan – because bin Laden was operating from there – and, just to be sure, Iraq. He destroyed the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and took his revenge, as self-respecting nations do, when they are humiliated.

That’s not all. The man who followed him in the White House, Barack Obama, kept the pressure on Osama bin Laden and sent planes deep into Pakistan to seize and kill him. He was after all the man who had boasted of bringing down the twin towers and killing three thousand innocent men and women, including nearly 50 Hindus. Obama’s men shot bin Laden point blank and dragged his corpse down the steps into the waiting helicopters. And the whole world cheered.

And what have we done? We have not caught anyone, not because we do not have helicopters but because we do not have guts. How can you expect a man like Manmohan Singh to send planes into Pakistan to catch the thugs there, when he is actually busy sending delegations for holding talks with them? And all we are doing is arguing whether the men behind the bombs in Mumbai belong to Lashkar-e-Toiba or the Taliban or the so-called Indian Mujahiddins, as if they were all different people. They are not different organisations; they are the same people with different names.

Let us not get into the question whether they are different or the same. For us, they are the same. All Islamic organisations are the same – they are all Islamic, with the same aim, destabilisation of non-Muslim societies which they can later pick and destroy. And they are all aided by Islamic countries like Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, for these countries are also the same, when it comes to fighting non-Muslims.

Let us be quite clear in our mind what we are up against. We Hindus have become too soft over the years and have come to accept our fate as God-given. We talk about destiny, and too little about our duty to this land of ours and also to the Hindu society. Mahatma Gandhi raised this softness to a philosophy, in which all we have to do is, cultivate our little patch of land in the village, spin some rough cloth on a rickety charkha, and keep a lathi in the corner.

The world is a cruel place for there are too many beasts prowling around. They have atom bombs (which they have no compunction in using), they have tanks and missiles and above all, they have millions of fanatics at their command, for whom death is a way of life and destruction is almost an art.

Hindus have always suffered from poor leadership. And it is also the Hindus who have let us down. It was Nehru & Co. which sold India down the river, claiming all the time he was not a Hindu, but a Muslim. He also said he was an Englishman. In fact, he was everything but a Hindu, for he despised everything Hindu. Such a man we made our first Prime Minister. Can you imagine a Jew becoming the President of the United States or a Muslim becoming King of England?

Princess Diana was bumped off by her own people – in fact, her own family – when they discovered she was flirting with a Muslim. And here we worship Muslims and offer them the throne.

The latest terror in Mumbai has nothing to do with intelligence or negligence or police carelessness. It is not, as I said, a law-and-order issue. It is a political issue and can be resolved only at a political or military level. There can be no solution to the problem unless we remove the political leadership at the top and takeover the leadership ourselves – that is, the Hindus. This country is Hindu and must be ruled by Hindus. Unless that happens, our future is grim.

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