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March 13, 2011

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Readers’ Forum

Manmohan Singh directly responsible for government’s mistakes (Organiser, 6.3.11); Like Rip Van Winkle waking up from his long sleep our Prime Minister woke up to confront a plethora of scams, corruption cases, policy muddles, inflation, etc and decided to go on TV to explain his position but unfortunately he tied himself up in knots. "Too much improvisation leaves the mind stupid" says Victor Hugo. PM was neither cleaver nor frank as he left the listeners groping in the dark. Wriggling through hackneyed questions form the media our expert economist proved himself to be a poor performer in governance or in answering questions. The mind boggling sums involved in scams and corruption has left our PM living under an overburden. No one can pull him out of the morass. The interview made clear and certain that PM had lost his grip long back and was trying hard to cover up the mistakes and follies his cronies had committed with or without knowledge. When will he admit that this tangled web of scams and corruption has stifled the growth of our economy. Anyone in his right senses, the citizen of Bharat should ask our expert economist PM whether the state of affairs prevailing now is terminal or curable? Anger, frustration and resentment are growing. Rich have become stinkingly rich; the middle class is struggling with inflation running a new high and of course the poor have never mattered or come into the picture, nor cared, left to be forgotten. They don’t even have the strength to shout for a the alleviation of their problems. A cry in the wilderness. We are not impressed Mr Prime Minister nor are we confident that your are capable of solving the grave problems facing the nation.

-SHANTA DYUTHIKAR, 39, 15th Cross Malleshwaram, Bengaluru-3

Brute Kashmiri policemen misbehaved with brave BJP workers in Srinagar This refers to the report in Organiser, 13-2-11. The situation as described in the Kashmir Valley, is no different from, what it was in Pakistan in 1947, where the Muslim police and military joined and cooperated with the Muslim mobs to attack the Hindus and the Sikhs. This is so inspite of the fact, that tricolour flag contains 33 per cent green representing the Muslims, who were hardly 10 per cent in 1950, when it was adopted as national flag. Above all, this flag was decided by the Congress leaders who are now opposing it at Lal Chowk. The worst thing is, that these Hindu haters, stone throwers on security forces, are getting thousands and thousands of crores of rupees for development and subsidies from the tax paid by the Hindus living in rest of the India, and poor and helpless Hindus of other states are kept deprived form development. To appease the Muslims, even Army is being degraded and demoralised. As per news in the press (see The Tribune dated 7-2-2011), it has been mentioned that "the army today apologised to the Kashmiri people, for its mistake". And what was the mistake? While patrolling in the area a youth was asked to stop for security check up. But he didn’t stop and started running away under suspicious circumstances.Since he ignored the warning of the Army, he was shot. A time has come to tell all concerned, that 20 crore Muslims are willing to live in India. If some of them in Kashmir Valley do not want to live in India , they should go to Pakistan , and no talks on Kashmir be held in future.

-ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

On "Think it Over" I am a regular-reader of the weekly Organiser. I really enjoy reading your column ‘Think It Over’ and practically it is the first article, I read on receiving the weekly by post. What I like most is the topics you choose for your perceptive treatment and making them thought provoking. In my view, it is a must for any thinker-writer! I do read, in "Reader’s Forum", Shri Anand Prakash’s letters, too, challenging your facts as well as your conclusions. His effort too serves everybody’s interest, including the columnist’s. I do like your style, as well as affirmative views. As a ‘Think it over reader’, I am taking the liberty of sending to you my yearly report, shared with my relatives and friends, rather globally. Actually, we Hindus are failing in making people understand the fundamental foundation and structure of Hinduism and how it differs form other religious thoughts and systems? Please keep on challenging your readers with your weekly column!

-RAMESH MATHUR, 5-1-101, Makino Kitamachi, Hirakata City-5731 149, Japan

Muslims use the term ‘Secularism’ for expansion For Muslims the term ‘Secularism’ has got two meanings-Wherever Muslims are in minority, they say that secularism means that the state should have no religion and should not interfere in the religious activities of the citizens. On the other hand in countries where Muslims are in majority, Islam automatically becomes the state’s official religion and non-Muslims have only restricted rights there. Islam uses the term ‘secularism’ only for their expansion purpose. Muslim leaders and intellectuals in non-Muslim countries are deeply concerned about their ‘religious identity’ and expect everybody else to honour it and adjust with them. Large sections of non-Muslims constantly try to adjust with Muslims in their eagerness to maintain harmony and peace. The governments also try to pander to the Muslim demands as far as possible. But their demands and complaints never end. They always complain that their demands are not being fulfilled and they are being harassed by non-Muslims. As a result, Muslim expansion continues.


Bharadwaj plays the Congress agent (Organiser, 6.2.11); The Congress led UPA being in authority in the Centre, it is but natural that mostly persons with Congress background are appointed as Governors. To show his extra loyalty to and secure further favours from 10 Janpath, the Karnataka Governor HR Bharadwaj, in the past few months, has been engaged in destabilising the BJP Government headed by BS Yeddyurappa. He has been perusing a tirade against the Government there, without leaving any stone unturned to baffle it. On October 11, 2010, he recommended President’s rule in the State basing on some unruly scenes-not uncommon these days-during the 1st vote of confidence. But reportedly on account of the Centre’s displeasure on the move, Bhardwaj made Yeddyurappa undergo a 2nd floor test. Obviously, in a childish rage over the failure of all his pranks he resolved to mar the CMs career for good, by okaying his prosecution, now on the basis of complaints by two private law-practioners. It is all out melafied, null and void. He has to bear the sole responsibility to the crisis in the State that followed. In the considered opinion of the constitutional legal authorities the Chief Minister is responsible to the Legislative Assembly and it is for the Legislative Assembly to show a lack of confidence in him if it so chooses on the ground of his corrupt act. The Governor is a constitutional head and must act on the aid and advice of his Council of Ministers. In a Constitution Bench-decision of the Supreme Court in 2004, the Court had unequivocally said that unless the Council of Ministers disabled or disentitled itself to take a decision about whether the Chief Minister should or should not be prosecuted, the Governor ‘ may not have any role to play’. Even if the Governor invokes some residual power in himself, he must then offer to resign and then things will take care of themselves and the courts will then decided whether he has the power to order such a prosecution on his own. This is the constitutional position and leaves little chance of difference of opinion.

-SHASHIDHAR SHARMA, Sahitya Sudha Sadanam, 349, Dhanas (MC) Chandigarh

Dr Singh a weak, compromised PM (Organiser, 6-3-11); In his interview with the media, PM has cut a sorry figure by trying to equate the 2G Spectrum Scam with subsidy for fertilisers, diesel and foodgrains. It is unfair and unacceptable because causing deliberate loss of revenue to the exchequer is loot. When he has tried to rationalise the naked loot in the biggest ever scam, how can one trust his statement that the government is serious about tackling graft? More so, when the Congress is still continuing its alliance with the DMK, which has stood firmly behind former Telecom Minister A Raja, to keep the UPA government afloat. PM gave audiences to telecom companies which had complained to him about A Raja’s actions. However, he didn’t give time to find out what the policy said about spectrum pricing. He relied on the Finance Minister and A Raja and turned a deaf ear to the Law Minister’s advice to form an empowered group of ministers. On the one hand he uses ‘coalition dharma’, i.e adharma and on the other hand he promises that his government will stem out corruption. Mr Singh is trying to fool the public by indulging in sophistry on how if coalition partners are not accommodated, the country would have to go to polls every six months. By giving a new definition to coalition dharma he has just acted like Bhishma Pitamah of Mahabharat who unwillingly had to become witness to shameful incident of Draupadi’s strip-tease. Let us not forget that in 1998, former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee ran a successful collation government without compromising on anything

-MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

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