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June 07, 2009

Page: 1/36

Vol. LIX, No. 48, New Delhi, June 07, 2009

EVMs are not tamper-proof
By Dr Subramanian Swamy

THERE is much talk today about the possibility of rigging of the electoral outcome in the recent general elections to the Lok Sabha. These doubts have arisen from the unexpected number of seats won by the Congress nation-wide, and these doubts are accentuated by    more >

BJP lost on organisational weakness
By Lokpal Sethi in Jaipur

FALSE illusion, clubbed with overconfidence, cost BJP heavily in Rajasthan, where it was reduced just to 4 seats in the Lok Sabha as compared to 21, which it had won in 2004. Soon after party’s defeat in the Assembly elections, the leaders of BJP sat    more >

The Mirage Scandal
From Rs 4 crore to Rs 150 crore
By MD Nalapat

A year ago, because the British manufacturers did not any more have the plant needed to make modifications, the Jaguar aircraft of the Indian Air Force were refitted at HAL, Bangalore. The average cost per aircraft for making them airworthy and fighting    more >

Thinking Aloud
India is getting younger, richer
By Dr Jay Dubashi

INDIA is one of the very few countries in the world that are getting younger, not older, every day. Almost all other countries, particularly in the west, are getting older, so old, in fact, that they are worried how long they will last as countries,    more >

The new shape of the UPA

FINALLY, Indian democracy is of the family, by the family, for the family.

It took almost a fortnight for the new Manmohan Singh government to take shape. It is a cabinet of continuity, Congress overconfidence, domineering ambitions and perhaps nothing else.    more >

Election Analysis
Yeddyurappa leads BJP to big win
From R Guru Prasad in Bengaluru

PEOPLE of Karnataka have whole heartedly accepted agenda of the first ever BJP government in the South and blessed Yeddyurappa again. This time with more love and affection. Out of 28 seats BJP won 19 seats and lost 2 seats in a narrow margin of    more >

Congress shelving good BJP schemes
Gehlot government against women empowerment

By Lokpal Sethi in Jaipur

IT seems that the Congress government in Rajasthan is bent upon to shelve the good schemes started by the previous BJP government, even those which were appreciated by the UPA government at the center.    more >

Mamata Banerjee can bring Railways back on track
By Arabinda Ghose

IT is apparent why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had named only six ministries after the swearing on May 22 which were allotted portfolios. The Ministry of Railways to be presided over by Mamata Banerjee    more >

BJP turns tables on Congress in Himachal
By Ambacharan Vashisht

THE Lok Sabha poll results in the country have been much below BJP/NDA expectations. But it was the four States of Gujarat, Himachal, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka which kept the BJP flag fluttering high.    more >

Madhav Nepal turns a new chapter
By Arabinda Ghose

THE nearly fortnight-long uncertain period which had begun in Nepal with the resignation of Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, came to an end with Shri Madhav Kumar Nepal being elected unanimously by most    more >

Ayyappa Temple celebrates ‘Vaishakha Mahotsavam’
Organises Vishnu Sahasranamam Yajna

By VN Gopalakrishnan, Powai, Mumbai

SHREE Ayyappa Seva Sangham, Powai, Mumbai celebrated Vaishakha Mahotsavam at the Shree Ayyappa Vishnu Temple from April 26-May 24, 2009. The month-long festival was commenced with the Vishnu Sahasranamam    more >

Banabhatta: Littérateur of yore - III
Kadambari - The oeuvre of epitome

By Ratnadeep Banerji

’VANI Bano Babhuva ha’ suffices that language manifested through poetic expression was born in the person of Bana. His magnum opus Kadambari stands out the most acclaimed as well as the best prose romance    more >

Shrinking Hindu community in Pakistan
By N Krishna

THE Hindu community in Pakistan, already reduced to an insignificant minority, is further dwindling. What happened to the Hindus there soon after Partition is continuing even now.    more >

Sangh Samachar
Annual function of Viswa Sanskrit Pratishthan at Kozhencherry
Sanskrit is the language of Indian civilization

"THE life and the survival of the rich traditions of the country have their roots in the uniqueness of Sanskrit,” said Sri Sannidhanam Sudarsana Sarma, Vice Chancellor of Tirupati Vedic University.    more >

Veteran Pracharak Vishnu Kumar passes away
The man behind RSS service activities

VETERAN Sangh Pracharak Vishnu Kumar who practically materialised the service concept of RSS in Delhi, passed away on May 25. He was 76. He was unwell for the last a few months. He was undergoing treatment    more >

Durga Vahini training camp concludes
Instilling a sense of patriotism into women

"DURGA Vahini was formed to boost-up the morel of women so that they feel secure, culturally sound and socially uplifted. The objective of organising week-long training camps throughout the country,    more >

Homage to Dr Chilukuri Subrahmanya Sastry

LEADING educationist and social worker Dr Chilukuri Subrahmanya Sastry passed away in Vishakhapattnam on May 15. The last rites were performed by Sri Rama Sastry, son of his younger brother in Vishakhapatnam.    more >

Things said, lies told, truth hidden

THERE have been things said, lies told, truth hidden in the course of electioneering in the last few weeks but the most damming indictment of the Congress was one self-inflicted by the party when the CBI advised the Interpol to withdraw its Red Corner Notice against the Italian middle-man, Ottavio Quattrocchi known as a close friend of the Sonia Gandhi family. Thanks to this advice, Quattrocchi is no longer a fugitive. Now it has thoroughly exposed the CBI’s lack of credibility and the intentions of the family in power.    more >

Think It Over

Is there a case for compulsory voting?
By MSN Menon

THERE is. Why? Because persuasion has failed. Once in five years, a citizen is expected to vote for a new government at the Centre. And he is given a day off to do so. If even after this, he has no sense    more >

Interview of the Week

"If there is any threat to Nepal it is from China" - Indresh Kumar

RSS National Executive Member and senior Pracharak Shri Indresh Kumar keeps a close watch on the developments in the whole Himalayan region. He is the inspiration behind many organisations working for    more >

Kids’ Org

Custodians of the universe - II
Digpals: The rulers of directions

By Ratnadeep Banerji

THE world’s egg divided itself into two parts, the one of silver, the other of gold. The silver part became the earth, the golden part the sky. The outer cover of the egg became the mountains, the inner    more >

Readers’ Forum

Indian policy choices in a hostile world

This refers to Mr Mohammed AA Barri, Charge d’ Affaires, a.i., Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi’s rejoinder. I congratulate Dr Gautam Sen for his brilliant article, which occasioned a rejoinder    more >

Open Forum

World should wake up to global jehad
By Anandshankar Pandya

THE Mumbai terror attack by Pakistani Islamic jehadies, fully trained and equipped by Pakistan’s terrorist intelligence agency the ISI, and with the contribution of Pakistan army and naval units is a war    more >

Learn from Nature

The habit of sharing
By Dr Daisaku Ikeda

Who am I? Who are you? We are, above all human being- each worthy of respect and dignity, each capable of doing great good in the world…    more >

News Analysis

Role of media in 2009 polls
By Shyam Khosla

A free, fair and fearless media is an essential component of a democratic polity. In elections, it is required to inform and educate the voter on issues involved, the policies and programmes of political parties and candidates and their track records    more >


A history of Indian time
Book Reviews by Manju Gupta

Indian Time Reckoning in Broader Perspective, Vijay Mohan Kumar Puri, Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Yojna Samiti, Pp 178, Rs 100.00    more >

Master the time

Time Mastery, John K. Clemens and Scott Dalrymple, Macmillan Publishers India Ltd, Pp 210, Rs 245.00    more >

Let’s go with the flow
By Ashish Joshi

Doing Nothing: Coming to the end of the spiritual search, Steven Harrison, Wisdom Tree, Pp 132, Price not mentioned    more >

A study of world ethnology
By Ashish Joshi

World Ethnology from 6,000 BC, G Jayasena, Research Books, Pp 168, Rs 400.00    more >

Khushwant Singh’s confessions
Book Reviews By Manju Gupta

Why I Supported the Emergency; Essays and Profiles; Khushwant Singh (Compiled and edited by Sheela Reddy), Penguin Viking, Pp 296 , Rs 450.00    more >

It’s like peeling of onion

An Immortal Story; M. Sreekumar; Rupa & Co., Pp 219, Rs 195.00    more >

Buddhist tales for our age

Buddhist Tales in Modern Times;Stories of the Soul, Ven Gyomyo Nakamura; Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd, Pp 144, Rs 150.00    more >


BSP the biggest loser in UP
BJP leaders Yogi Adityanath, Dr MM Joshi, Rajnath Singh and Varun Gandhi won by huge margins

By Subhash Singh

In the 15th Lok Sabha elections, in Uttar Pradesh, except Congress, all political parties including ruling BSP are the losers. Congress bagged 21 seats, BSP 20 seats, SP won 23 seats, BJP won 10 seats, Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) 5 seats and independent    more >


Only Swadeshi and Hindutva can revive BJP
From Mukund Apte

WE Hindus can’t leave our basic ideology of Hindutva and Swadeshi for secularism (literary meaning anti-religion) and globalisation of Congress or socialism of Communists or there will be no difference. Indian nationalism has its base in Hinduism and    more >

The Moving Finger Writes

Congress win a fluke or real?
By MV Kamath

TILL a few days prior to the elections, the Congress Party was lying low; as late as May 16, even The Hindu, not given to over-statement, was saying that “there is near certainty that the 15th General Elections will produce a hung Parliament”.    more >

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