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September 11, 2011

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Readers’ Forum

Anna Arrests Congress(Organiser, 28.8.11) The credit for making Anna Hazare a hero goes to UPA government. It was the government’s ignorance of the voice of the Opposition i.e. the BJP and the general will that Anna who was till recently was unknown outside Maharashtra, attained the status of a national hero. Four months ago, Anna Hazare did not even had a fraction of the popularity he enjoys today. Had the UPA government listened to the voice of the people regarding corruption and black money, a situation like this would not have developed. The UPA government was under the wrong impression that it could do away with this nationwide movement much like what it did with Baba Ramdev. But unfortunately its ill-designed attempts to muzzle the voice of the people has not only failed but have also back fired.

MAYA MISHRA, C-403, Anandlok Society, Mayur Vihar-1, Delhi:110 091

Can Hindus vote strategically? This refers to “Can Hindus also vote strategically?”and “How Congress won Assam” in Organiser dated 5.6.2011. From the analysis of the pool results given it is clear that anti-Hindu political parties and Muslim political parties called as secular, have gained. Hindus have proved that they have no political wisdom even in adverse circumstances as existing in these two states, inspite of the hard work done to unite them by the RSS and the Sangh Parivar. Hindus lost Afghanistan and Central Asia (Gandhara and Kamboja have been mentioned as two Mahajanpadas of Aryavarta in ancient Buddhist literature) to Muslims long ago. Recently, we have lost Pakistan and Bangladesh to Muslims, and practically all Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists have been expelled, killed or converted. Even this truncated India, which is no more than one half of its original size, is not a homeland for the Hindus, but a Dharamshala or an inn, where Muslims enjoy more rights and special privileges, and it is considered a crime to be a Hindu. Muslim infiltraters from Bangladesh get readily absorbed by the government of India, but Hindu refugees from Pakistan and Bangladesh do not get citizenship for decades and have to apply again and again, although they have legal right to be an Indian citizen, after the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh as homelands for Muslims. Let us hope that Hindus would awake and unite otherwise bad days are ahead for them.

ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

No point advising Pak It is foolishness on part of the US to expect anything form Pakistan which itself is a major terrorist state. India is a major victim of terrorism in Asian subcontinent. Heavy price is still being paid for that. Despite innumerable concrete evidences produced before the world against Pakistan’s involvement in subversive activities in different part of the country and India’s perpetual demand that US should declare Pakistan as an terrorist state, was turned down and ignored. Why is US reluctant in this regard? The reason is obvious. US does not want India to become one of predominate force in the universe in general and Asian subcontinent in particular. It has been exploiting India as puppet and does not want perpetual peace in India. USA’s advise to Pak to fight against terrorism is as good as advise to burglars to take care of treasury. Is it not most shameful and highly objectionable act on part of USA to extend all sort of assistance to a terrorist state? Pakistan cannot survive without the aid of US. It’s existence is solely depended upon USA’s assistance.

SRIDHAR V KULKARNI, Kalyan (West) 421 301

Work of immature minds I was shocked to find a well known Kannada playwrighter condemning the Bhagavadgita as a cultural terrorism. Hindu terrorism is a new coinage spurting out of immature minds and attributing whenever a terrorist attack takes place. Imagination seems to be running riot in the minds of so-called secularists. The intellectual fount or should I say commonsense has dried up. A social ostracism against the Hindus is being let loose by the secularists. Madrasas are openly teaching the tenets of Koran which contain nothing but hatred and violence against one community. This goes deep into the psyche of innocent minds and later manifest itself in indulging terrorist activities targeting Hindus as well as their own people as it is happening in Pakistan. Majority of Muslims do not approve of this but are afraid to express freely out of fear of retaliation by their own co-religionists.

SHANTA DYUTHIKAR, 39 13th cross, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru

National Government at the Centre From the time, i.e. 16.8.2011 Shri Anna Hazare had gone on hunger strike for the Jan Lokpal Bill there was turmoil in the whole society which was very clear from the increasing support to the agitation started for the Jan Lokpal Bill. People have became restive due to ever increasing corruption, growing prices, scams, etc. How and who will correct this situation is a million dollar question before the people. I am a witness to the 15th day of August 1947 and since then experiencing and noticing the social unrest. We have to go to the root of the question and in my opinion to find out the solution some period will be required to debate, interaction, dialogue, meditation and for this interim period let there be a national Government on a pattern that was formed for a period upto the coming into force the Constitution of India and the First General Election of the year 1952.

SHREEDHAR NEELKANTH SABANIS, Srikripa Ahilyabai Chowk, Kalayan, (West)

Atatürk and triumph of nationalism over Islam (Organiser, 7.8.2011); This is with reference to the review of the book Atatürk: An Intellectual Biography. I am surprised at the very outset, the timing of appearance of the said book. At a time when a pro-Islam wind is blowing and Mustafa Kamal’s figure as the pioneer of Turkish nationalism is on decline, the biography of a hero of the past is not relevant. The revival of Turkish nationalism did not help the country to achieve the membership of the European fraternity and the stigma of the ‘sickman’ of Europe could not be removed.

TANVIR FATIMA, Sandesh Bhava, Lakkad Kote, Chatta Bazar, Hyderabad- 500 002

Anna Avalanche (Organiser, 28.8.2011); This is with reference to an article ‘Anna Avalanche’ in issue dated 28.8.11. I don’t agree with the heading because what infact Anna has been fighting for today has been the voice of the BJP and the RSS. Long back both the BJP and the RSS had raised voice against corruption and black money. But unfortunately I feel they they were unable to generate mass appeal, in which Anna has been successful. Further both these organisations were declared communal by the so-called secularists. Anyhow I am happy that at least now people have realised that what the BJP and the RSS used to say and has been saying against the corrupt UPA government has come in forefront and people have realised that the UPA government is corrupt from head to toe. The government would do well to come out of its exaggerated notion of supremacy of total disregard of the fact that in a democracy the people are supreme and it is their will that shall prevail.


PM says he is not a lame duck (Organiser, 24.7.11); This is with reference to an article, ‘ PM says he is not a lame duck. So where do we go from here?’, Organiser, dated 24.7.2011. In this connection I would like to say that there is a big difference between saying and doing things. UPA government has created a chaos in the country, whether it is terrorists attack, allowing Bangladeshies to cross boarder, uprooting Kashmiries from the Valley, price rising by the government itself by regularly increasing fuel prices thereby increasing transport cost and cost of essential commodities, Maoists and Naxalities attacks, etc. The issue of black money and corruption has been taken by the honourable Supreme Court in its own hands, since PM failed to do anything. The media is also playing an important role by bringing the drawbacks of the government to the notice of concerned authorities but the government is showing indifference towards the needs of the people. The government is not realising the fact that the honourable Court and media have got pen power which is more powerful than sword. Is government realising this fact?

LAKSHMI CHAND, Village-Bandh, Dist-Solan, HP

Minorities Syed Shahabuddin time and again writes about India being a multi-religions, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual etc., country. Excepting fundamentalist and intolerant countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, there is no civilised country in the world which is not multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and multi-lingual yet all of them have an intense sense of single-nationhood. Tolerance does not deteriorate into encouragement of a sense of being separate and different and permanent stratification of various groups into sub-nations. Some minorities in India have no sense of territorial nationalism but ascertain their belonging to a trans-national community. Shri Shahabuddin sometimes talks about composite culture that India has and should cherish. What are now Pakistan and Bangladesh were also part of that large India which is said to have developed a composite culture. Why it denigrated, derogated and extinguished in Pakistan and Bangladesh and why should it flourish only in India? Is it a cover word for the continuance of disintegrationist faiths and mind sets? It is strange that 98.5 per cent of those who as voters rejected Indian nation hood and voted for the division of India and creation of a separate homeland for Muslims in the subcontinent are, instead of migrating to the land of their creation, not only are staying here but proliferating furiously and are claiming special rights and privileges as before 1947. If the rest of India will not realise the divisiveness and resurgence of the separatist mentality, this country would be heading for multiple partitions.

Dr TH CHOWDARY, 8, P&T Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad- 500 009

India’s Defence is in shambles
Our Air Defence Chief asserted that India is capable of carrying out operation like USA did in Abbottabad in Pakistan. But when an ocean-going merchant vessel pierces through the three corridors of barriers in Mumbai, making a mockery of our Navy, Coastguards and the Police, it appears that such claims are worthless. We have neither got political will nor administrative competence and expertise. Ironically, Shri Chidambaram, who has boasted remedial measures a number of times is now observing maunvrata!

BK CHAUDHARI, Royal W, Crescent, The Oakalls, B60, 2TJ, UK

Campaign against corruption in Civil Aviation Ministry
Many of us who have been following avation for some time have been seeing appalling levels of corruption over the past few years: the boom in the sector was accompanied by a corresponding increase in the scale and volume of corruption as well. During the tenure of Shri Praful Patel, the Civil Aviation Ministry had seen scams that can easily rival the 2G scam in magnitude. The story as I see it is the same as in the 2G scam: corporate and their lobbyists and friends in the media combine with corrupt ministers and babus to influence policy and pick up national assets for cheap. Fortunately, public outcry forced the government to act to clean-up Telecom by ordering a SC supervised CBI investigation into the scams that eventually led to the arrest of the minister and his corporate cronies. This is exactly what we want to see happening in Civil Aviation as well: this sector which has seen multi-crore scams as well is in the need of an immediate clean-up. If Raja can be arrested for the 2G scam, should other ministers be spared?


CAG report proves Sheila guilty
Sheila Dikshit should have resigned on moral grounds after details of the CAG report made their way into the public domain. The CAG is not the agency of any political party so its report cannot be ignored on the pretext of malicious intent. It is the highest statutory body which investigates public accounts. Even if Sheila Dikshit was not directly involved in corruption she must bear in mind that her resignation will ensure a thorough and unbiased investigation into the matter. Moreover Sheila Dikshit has also been indicted by the Shunglu Committee for her government’s shoddy execution of the Commonwealth Games project.

RAMINDER SINGH, B-224, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase:1

It will be hugely appreciated if letters from our esteemed readers for the ‘Reader’s Forum’ are either neatly typed or preferably emailed.

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