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May 17, 2009

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Open Forum

The bane of India is its bogus secular brigade

By Manmath Deshpande

A bane of India and Hindus are our self-proclaimed ?secularists? who are in reality nothing but a bunch of spineless cowards?mental slaves of minorities?and are people who follow horrible double standards. These people have captured the Indian media?the TV channels and the English newspapers in particular. But the question arises-what ails these people? Why do they have so much of a bias against Hindus in general and the BJP and the RSS in particular?

An analysis of these people?s mentality is essential on this issue. For this we must read what the biggest champions of ?secularism??Hindustan Times editor Vir Sanghvi wrote in his article??One way ticket? after the horrific massacre of 59 Hindus?including 25 women and 15 children?in Godhra in 2002. After the brutal roasting of Hindus in Godhra the entire pseudo-secular brigade comprising journalists and non BJP politicians merely ?condemned? the incident for token and instead of blaming fanatic Muslims for it blamed the VHP and the Ayodhya movement for the killings. Vir Sanghvi writes in that article, ?Even if you dispute the version of some of the karsevaks that the attack was premeditated and that the mob was ready and waiting there can be no denying that what happened was indefensible, unforgivable and impossible to explain away as a consequence of great provocation.

And yet, this is precisely how the secular establishment has reacted...

And yet, the sub-text to all secular commentary is the same: the karsevaks had it coming to them. Basically, they condemn the crime; but blame the victims....

When Graham Staines and his children were burnt alive, did we say that Christian missionaries had made themselves unpopular by engaging in conversion and so, they had it coming? No, of course, we didn?t.

Why then are these poor karsevaks an exception? Why have we de-humanised them to the extent that we don?t even see the incident as the human tragedy that it undoubtedly was and treat it as just another consequence of the VHP?s fundamentalist policies?

The answer, I suspect, is that we are programmed to see Hindu-Muslim relations in simplistic terms: Hindus provoke, Muslims suffer.

When this formula does not work ? it is clear now that a well-armed Muslim mob murdered unarmed Hindus?we simply do not know how to cope. We shy away from the truth that some Muslims committed an act that is indefensible and resort to blaming the victims...

There is one question we need to ask ourselves: Have we become such prisoners of our own rhetoric that even a horrific massacre becomes nothing more than occasion for Sangh parivar bashing??

Here the most important of Vir Sanghvi?s sentence is, ?We (pseudo-secularists) are programmed to see Hindu-Muslim relations in simplistic terms: Hindus provoke, Muslims suffer.? That is the exact reason why we call Shri Sanghvi and his fellow companions as ?pseudo-secularists?.

Inability to judge any situation on merits, whether XYZ person attacked ABC person and killed him, or it was the other way round but simply judge it on the names of the persons ABC or XYZ or the identities of the persons Hindu or Muslim i.e. ABC provokes and XYZ suffers shows that the ?neutral? observer (in this case, the ?secularists?) is partial with prejudice and jaundiced vision.

This programming arises out of two causes:

1. Majority-minority: Everywhere in the world the majority oppresses the minority, except Nepal. Similarly close your eyes and blame Hindus who constitute a so-called majority which is badly divided into various sects and castes many of whom have no feeling of Hinduism and a strong hatred for Hinduism and Brahmins.

2. Mental slavery of Muslims: Fear of violence from Muslims because they tend to protest far more and far more unreasonably again admitted by Vir Sanghvi in his article on February 19, 2006 after the Danish cartoons.

They are not rationalists
These people claim to be?rationalists? and emphasise that they believe in reasoning rather than emotion. They do not believe in Ramjanmabhoomi without reason.(Despite Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) excavation proving existence in 2003). But these same people continue to lie and lie about the post-Godhra riots maligning the Hindus and the RSS despite knowing that the riots were not one-sided and hundreds of Hindus were also killed by Muslims even after Godhra. I once challenged a pseudo-secularist through email to prove me wrong on the Gujarat riots after hearing arguments, whether the Gujarat riots could be called a ?massacre? or mere ?riots? and the role of the Modi government. He atleast admitted, ?I agree that we should at evidence and rationally come to conclusions not on bias towards ideologies...But your arguments fall woefully short of what is needed for me to change my views on those riots and Narendra Modi..? But he did not (or rather could not) counter a single argument raised by me.

If these people were really rationalists they would have rationally seen their own reports of the 2002 riots which included attacks on Hindus and called the riots mere riots and not ?genocide?. In 2002 many newspapers did report attacks on Hindus in between, they, did let slip in the truth. When it comes to these riots all ?rationalism? is forgotten and emotion takes over with strong hatred for Narendra Modi . These people do not at all practice what they preach.

Rational thinking is questioning of all illogical beliefs. Mother Teresa was given sainthood for performing ?miracles? in curing a patient. Our secularists in the media should have condemned this and said, ?Give her sainthood for her services but not by claiming that she performed miracles?.

These days whenever the Ayodhya issue is raised these people say, ?This is the 21st century. Leave all that behind. Be rational? and condemn BJP for inclusing this issue in its manifesto. They expect Hindus to forget Ayodhya and vote on the basis of performance and development. Does this logic not apply to Muslims as well? What difference does it make to a Muslim whether a mosque is built in Ayodhya or not when Ayodhya has no significance for Islam but is as holy to Hindus as Mecca is to Muslims? Should not the secularists ask Muslims to forget this Babri structure issue, a structure which was long-abandoned since 1934 and vote as Indians and not as Muslims? Or even if they vote as Muslims shouldn?t they vote for performance instead of worrying about things like Babri structure? Here our secularists will not bother to do this or criticise parties like Samajwadi Party, Congress, RJD etc, for raising this issue before polls but criticise the BJP only.

Hindu suffering is of no consequence
Vir Sanghvi also wrote in his article that ?A ?rational reason? for this stance on Godhra is?If you report the truth then you will inflame Hindu sentiments and this would be irresponsible.?

These people have somehow managed to convince themselves this. In the Gujarat riots of 2002 about 40,000 Hindus were thrown out of their homes by Muslims and had to live in refugee camps. India Today reported in its April 15, 2002 issue? ?A young Hindu went to Himmatnagar area of Ahmedabad to do business and was found dead with his eyes gouged out.? There are many more such details of brutal killings of Hindus. The media has not given them publicity at all. Four RSS officials were brutally killed in Tripura a few years back an event totally unnoticed by the media.

These people have convinced themselves that ignoring Hindu suffering is correct because reporting it will inflame Hindus. In reality it is exactly the opposite. Hindus hardly ever retaliate. But Muslim suffering should be reported cautiously because if Muslim sentiments are inflamed they can resort to terrorism very easily in this age of global jehad.

Casteism is the biggest threat, ignore it
There is no majority community in India. It is badly divided in various castes. Does any organisation except those outside the RSS talk about unity among the Hindus? The RSS has been striving for the past 83 years to unite the Hindus. In what way is casteism better than communalism? As secularists they should oppose casteism, communalism and regionalism. But they focus only on the middle one and too on imaginary Hindu communalism ignoring the communalism of the most dangerous people, the minorities.

Parties like BSP, SP and RJD are all medieval minded casteist people. They have all along used caste to divide the Hindus so have almost all parties expect the BJP and the Shiv Sena. Does the media have a sense of hatred stemming from the guts for these people? Not at all, it doesnt even bother to issue a token condemning of this division among Hindus and praise the RSS for working for Hindu unity.

Far from dividing the society the RSS is the only organisation which works for unity among the Hindus. All others divide the Hindus. And the so-called division among the Hindus and the Muslims dates back a thousand years and will remain so until Muslim communalism persists.

And the less said about regionalism the better. The media is against Shiv Sena but doesn?t say anything about regionalism played by parties like DMK which burnt the copies of India?s Constitution.

Abuse upper castes
BSP said few years back, ?Boot the Brahmin, Bania and Thakur?. Such an anti-upper caste tirade was accepted by the media. Imagine if BSP had said? ?Boot the Muslims?. The media would have been livid. It is perfectly okay to abuse Brahmins, Banias, Thakurs and Hindus, but not Muslims. And even though BJP has said nothing like this about Muslims the media is extremely livid with the BJP with utter hatred as if BJP has said ?Boot the Muslims?.

Rationalise terrorism and condemn Hindu breaking of windowpanes
These people rationalise all indefensible Muslim fanatical acts such as the massacre in Godhra on grounds of some imaginary ?provocation?. They blamed Godhra on VHP terming it as a consequence of its Ayodhya movement The Hindus called it ?predictable?. An indefensive horrific roasting of 59 people including 25 women and 15 children is predictable but not the post-Godhra riots which were a result of this brutal massacre. That is what was clearly a backlash a result of provocation i.e. Godhra is called ?planned? but what was actually planned is called ?Result of provocation?.

These people have even rationalised terrorism by Muslims as a ?reaction to the Gujarat riots?. Tavleen Singh no admirer of Hindutva wrote in an article in July 2006 after the Mumbai blasts ?Now they are blaming it on Gujarat riots. Before that it was Babri demolition and before that it was poverty and employment.? She condemns pesudo-secularists for rationalising Muslim communalism. After the Danish cartoons episode of Prophet Muhammad some 32 people were killed the media rationalised these acts of murder. But when angry Shiv Sainiks broke windowpanes protesting against M F Husain?s paintings it was called ?Hindu Talibanism?. That is, Hindu acts of breaking windowpanes after intense provocations is called Talibanism but Muslim acts of murder are rationalised even without provocations on some imaginary provocations.

But Afghanistan gave death penalty to Abdul Rehman a first convert to Chritianity. This is legal in a country supposedly rescued by liberals from Taliban in 2006 for leaving Islam. What rationalisation of this can be done? So our newspaper editors buried their heads in the sand, barring Swaminathan Aiyar.

Contempt for tradition
These people have false ideas of what is the meaning of secularism. Gurucharan Das a pseudo-secularist himself wrote in The Times of India in May 2003, ?I was reading an ancient book when a friend came saw me and said, you haven?t embraced Hindutva, have you? I was left wondering,?Is reading an ancient book communal??? Gurucharan has criticised his fellow pseudo-secularists false ideas of secularism and cited examples such as teaching Ramayana and Mahabharata to school children by Headmasters in New Delhi for fear of being called ?communal?.

Can you ever imagine people like Prannoy Roy, Rajdeep Sardesai, Burkha Dutt, Vinod Sharma, Vinod Dua, Yogendra Yadav, Pankaj Pachouri, Shekhar Gupta etc, reading our ancient books like Ramayana, Mahabharata and teaching their lessons to their children? Or them donating money for organisations trying to protect our ancient literature? Do these people have any affection for say a language like Sanskrit which needs to be protected?

These people have a ?tremendous? logic of the BJP and the RSS because they genuinely believe that they are anti-Muslim and a threat to ?secularism?. They are not paid from aboad by Chritian missionaries to write and propogate against us. That is the first thing we must understand ?confused thinking is the reason, cowardice is the reason?but they are not paid. Also the society does need champions of minorities as well. There should be people to raise the cause of minorities as well. If the Best Bakery case was raised it should have been. But was not the brutal murder of a Hindu in Himmatnagar area of Ahmedabad worth reporting and the trial of this case?

We must strive hard to expose these pseudo-seclarists. Let us resolve to do so.

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