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January 02, 2011

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Readers’ Forum

Nitish Kumar scrapes LADS Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should be complimented for his yet another reformation move to scrape the existing allocation of funds under the Local Area Development Scheme (LADS) for the MLA’s and the MLCs. Many MPs and MLAs tend to generously fund their favourite organistions through this scheme, even if the fund is not meant for public welfare. The Union government should follow suit as even the Planning Commission has observed that MP LADS, a similar scheme for parliamentarians, is a fount of corruption.


Another positive move by Nitish Kumar In keeping with his promise to strike at the root of corruption in the State, Bihar CM has asked his Cabinet colleagues to declare their assets by December 31. Although I am not in politics but I would like to congratulate Shri Nitish Kumar for taking such a bold step to remove corruption. By doing this Nitish Kumar has initiated a crackdown on corrupt officials. The details of the assets of his Cabinet colleagues would be made public and made available on government website. Nitish Kumar has 29 ministers and all of them have welcomed the move. Many of them has even termed the move as revolutionary and hoped that other states too would follow the suit. Infact Shri Nitish Kumar himself has declared that he would declare his asset first as ‘charity begins at home first’.

-ISHAN, 83 Hutchins Road, Bengaluru-560 084

Stop witch-hunt against Narendra Modi The UPA’s sanctimonious attitude towards Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is shocking. They do not recognise his role in busting the Indian Mujahideen network because of their narrow political views. Despite the SIT’s clearance, the Gujarat Chief Minister is routinely attacked by all the political parties. This witch-hunt must stop.

-ASHISH RAI, by email

Don’t blame BJP for stalling Parliament One cannot solely blame the BJP for the loss of Rs 40 crore as the Opposition parties stalled the functioning of the Parliament for about three weeks. The UPA government as well as the Congress are equally responsible for it. It is a shame that not a single sitting of the Winter Session of the Parliament could work because of the politicians negligence. If the government was not ready for JPC probe, it should have found some other solution to silence the Opposition. I totally blame the UPA, who is responsible for this huge loss to the national exchequer and not the BIP.

-RANJANA UPADHYAY, Gumati No 5, Kanpur

Stop blame game The blast in the holy city of Varanasi claimed a child’s life and injured more than 30 people. But it seems that the State government as well as the Centre has learnt only one thing from this blast, i.e how to put blame on each other. This is not the time to put blame on each other but to introspect and book the culprits. Proper security arrangements should be made so that such incidents are not repeated.

-MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

India and Saudis can improve ties but for the US shenanigans (Organiser, 25-4-10); This refers to "India and Saudis can improve ties, but for the US shenanigans" by MD Nalapat. It is not understood, as to why Shri Nalapat is so inclined for friendship with Arabs and Pashtunes, even Indian Muslims, that he is trying to put the entire blame on British and USA. He is simply trying to hide the sins of those, who plundered and slaughtered the Hindus for one thousand years, never felt sorry for it, and still continue to do so, both directly and indirectly. It is simply foolish to blame the British for creating Pakistan. If there were no Muslims, there would have been no Pakistan. Can anybody on earth challenge this truth? The next question is, that who created Muslims in India? Certainly neither the Britishers nor the USA. They were created by the rulers and invaders like Aurangzeb and Ghauris and Ghaznavies. Were Ghauris, Ghaznavies and Aurangzeb instigated by US or Britishers? The reply is simply no, because USA did not exist at that time, and Britishers were not in the picture. The fact is, that the teachings of true Islam instigated and encouraged the Muslims to commit all those crimes against the Hindus. Shri Nalapat has not only very poor knowledge of historical facts, but is also blind in his hatred for the US and the Britishers, who are far far more civilized and reasonable people. He also wants to hide the sins of Congress leaders, who have been playing anti-India and anti-Hindu game for narrow selfish motives. He has also showered praise on Pashtuns. I myself come from that region before the creation of Pakistan. They may behave like human beings some times, but as soon as they are intoxicated by the philosophy of Islam, they become brutes. We always lived their under the shadow of fear of attack by Pathan tribes, called ‘Vazirs’, who would come, only to loot, burn and kill Hindus anytime they could find an opportunity.

- ANAND PRAKASH, 7, 2/sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

India and Central Asia (Organsier, 3-10-10); Shakil Ahmad should accept that Lord Buddha’s preaching was for ahimsa. In Islam killing of animals is not prohibited. Buddha prohibited it. Therefore it beyond imagination that last deciphile of Lord Buddha’s thought had already appeared and human race is in process of salvation embracing Islam! Sword of Islam, enthusiastically praised by Allma Iqbal (Tego ke saye me ham pal kar jawan huye hain) has played the role all over the world including Bengal and Kashmir, definitely not the influence of prediction of Lord Buddha. Maharshi Dayanand, through his famous work a Satyarth Prakash made the Hindus aware how the great Akbar got mischief played with Bhavishya Puran and Kalki Puran. He even got Allopanishad written in the language mixed with Arbic Sanskrit words. Hence Hindus will never deliberate over such concoctions of Bhavishya Puran or any spurious contents in different Purans. Shakil Ahmad and his likes should get rid of such wishful thinking. Bhavishya Puran mentions, Akbar, Babar, Mahmud Tuglaq, Allauddin Khilji and like so many. Is it expected in original work done by Ved Vyas? Shakil Ahmad has unduly blamed columnist, his information is based on Timur’s own confession in his Malfuzat-i-Timuri of Timur. Timur’s courtiers informed him that there were more than 100,000 prisoners with them. They advised Timur to make the prisoners food for sword. Timur accepted their advice and gave order to put prisoners to death. He wrote:-"When this order became known to Gazis of Islam they drew their swords and put their prisoners to death. 100,000 infidels, impious idolaters were on that day slain." Timur’s confession is more credible than the statement of fanatic historian Badauyuni.

-KSHATRIYA DEOLAL, Ujjain Kutir, Addi Bunglow, Jharkhand

Too much of freedom In India we have freedom to do anything and everything and get away with it. Terror elements are pampered and nationalists are portrayed as terrorists. Some high level officers are allegedly involved in scams both from civilian side and defence sides. How can we live under this kind of a situation where instead of all round development all round corruption prevails. Today no one dares to talk of corruption because the crusader is crucified. A revolution for a disciplined life is the need of the hour.

-M L NARAYANAN, FF-103, Ashwini Apartment, Nehru colony, Anantnagar, Nagpur-440 013

Be practical The fake empress or emperors will rule Hindus till the time they (Hindus) dont understand their duty towards their dharma. They should learn from the examples of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Baji Rao, Ahilyadevi Holkar, Guru Govind Singh, Guru Teg Bahadur, Swami Ram Das, Swami Dayanand, Swami Vivekanand, Veer Savarkar etc., who throughout their life fought for protecting the Hindu dharma. We have great heritage. Veer Savarkar had even suggested seven shackles of Hindus to be broken. I would like to add eighth shackle in the list-that shackle is concept of Sarvadharmasambhava-Hindus have to come out of the mirage of this term. It is going against them. It is an axe and they are cutting their own legs using this axe. Muslims or Christians dont talk about Sarvadharmasambhava become they are self centered towards their religion, only Hindus talk about it without even reading what is written in Quran or Bible or without studying what is their history.

-RAJESH PATIL, by email: [email protected]

Atheism in India This refers to letter ‘Atheism in India’ by Shakil Ahmed, Organiser dated 14-11-10. Sanatana Dharma, popularly known as Hinduism, has the widest sweep in thoughts comprising from (i) atheism (ii) agnosticism (iii) belief from one God to 33 crore gods and goddesses. True, the atheists constitute a microscopic minority but there was and is no oppression or suppression of them by believing Hindus. This is tolerance. I do not agree with Shakil Ahmed that atheism is escapism. It requires tremendous amount of courage to become an atheist against the general current of theism. The holy war of Sri Ram and Sri Krishna referred to in the letter were righteous wars i.e., fight against injustice and not for defence, promotion or destruction of any faith.

-SC PANDA, 1/2 HIG BDA Colony, CSPur, Bhubaneswar 751 016.

Spectrum scam is too big to swallow (Organiser, 28-11-10) Kudos to the editorial, ‘Spectrum scam is too big to swallow.’ You have rightly written that, "We are living in an era of politicians who openly display insatiable greed and audacious appetite for public wealth. But what we have in the 2G spectrum is the mother of all scams. It involves practically everybody from top to bottom in the government-all those who matter in public life, politicians, bureaucrats, corporate houses-and the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi cannot escape blame if not culpability." Many of us in the diaspora are stunned to watch the developments. You may already have seen the explosive letter that Dr. Swamy has sent to the PM. It is now in the public domain. Bharat has been reeling under one scam or other under the venal and corrupt government. As you rightly point out it could have been dealt with during UPA 1 itself.

-Dr VIJAYA RAJIVA, by email

Corruption an entertainment for political parties The word ‘Corruption’ has become an entertainment to political parties and even to common man. One can say it is a time-pass. The two national parties of the country-the Congress and the BJP-should rise above party politics and ensure that corruption is rooted out from the system at the Centre as well at the State level. If at all there are some genuine leaders still present, they should ensure that aam admi who pins his hopes on his representatives’ commitment and sincerity towards the service of the nation does not feel cheated by the politicians who are corrupt.

-BALDEV SINGH, 26 Gujaranwala, Punjab

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