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March 08, 2009

Page: 1/53

Vol. LX, No. 35, New Delhi, March 08, 2009

Overdose of booster fails to stimulate
UPA requites with high deficit, vanishing jobs and economic mayhem
Requiem to a sops and bluff regime

By R Balashankar

EVERY ministry under Manmohan Singh is shy of spending the money allocated for implementing their schemes. So from Defence to Education to Surface Transport, Shipping, Rural and Urban, are queuing up to return the unspent money.    more >

Meltdown effect on Slumdog awards?
US seeks to engage India like never before

By Aditya Pradhan

Slumdog Millionaire winning eight Academy awards has to be seen in a different light than just plain and simple quality of movie-making. The US has always had a way of winning markets through other means than the obvious. Beyond the glitter and the glamour of winning the Oscar there seems to be a concerted effort on the part of the US to reach out to India.    more >

Special Report
J&K after poll
Cong-NC opportunist tie-up plagued by internal feud

By R C Ganjoo

RELATIONS do matter in politics. This general saying was reflected recently in the installation of Omar Abdullah as chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. His taking over the reins of State is purely based on Congress-National Conference (NC) old relationship since ...    more >

Vanishing jobs, falling income, government in denial.

FOR months now, the labour organisations in the country have been clamouring for governmental initiative for job protection. The largest labour organisation in the country, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh(BMS) recently petitioned the centre to work on a bailout package for employment generation rather than industry bailout.    more >

Sanskriti Sangam in Nagpur
A unique experiment to boost unity in diversity

By Virag Shrikrishna Pachpore

?As per the Mayan calendar we are approaching the Zero Year. This is the period of renaissance, and a day will come soon when everything will get vanished and the New Sun will start rising,? said Elizabeth Araujo, a senior activist from Guatemala representing age-old Maya tradition.    more >

Selective idea of freedom of expression and Indian liberals
By Dr Vijaya Rajiva

INDIA has always been at some turning point or other in its several millenia of history on the planet. There have been conquest, invasions, occupations. Within the subcontinent itself the thread of continuity has been maintained by something called Indian culture.    more >

Supplement on Development of Sikkim

War Against Terrorism Outsourced?I
Curtain drops on Pak perfidy

By Balbir K Punj

NOT withstanding repeated sabre-rattling against Pakistan, the fact is that the UPA Government has conveniently out-sourced the fight against terrorism to the US. In turn, America is busy co-opting Pakistan in this operation.    more >

CPM tyranny through cell rule
By S Chandrasekhar

ACHUTHANANDAN and Pinarayi may be fighting to the finish like Roman Gladiators or Japanese Sumos but CPM has converted Kerala into a lawless primitive State, where daylight quotation murders, violence against women, children and elders rule the day.    more >

"Nund Rishi caught in terror politics"
Fanatics communalise even names

From Aditya Raj Kaul

WHAT is in a name. Well,everything, if you believe the Kashmiri "mainstream" politicians. The recently inaugurated Srinagar International Airport is caught in the name calling business.It might sound strange to most of us that a name should make so much a difference.    more >

CPM protects mafia in Kerala

WE have heard of Chandan Babu and Sanjay Gandhi who were alternate powers behind Jyoti Basu and Indira Gandhi?s throne respectively.    more >

Fourteenth Shri Guruji Awards presented

THE fourteenth Shri Guruji Puraskars were presented to Asian Agro Foundation, Deendayal Research Institute, New Delhi and women boxing champion Smt Meri Kom of Manipur.    more >

Seventy per cent of reservation benefit is cornered by 18 per cent converted Vanvasis
By Jagdamba Mall

THE converted Vanvasis were only 9 per cent of the total Vanvasi population in 1947 in the country. Today, this population has increased to 18 per cent within the span of 60 years, thanks to the rapid conversion crusade launched by church with the help of their foreign masters.    more >

CPM's Modi obsession
By S Chandrasekhar

CONTROVERSIES never die for CPM Kannur MP AP Abdullakutty. CPM is always in the forefront organising bandhs, hartals gheraos and violent agitations.    more >

Government control of temples weakening Hinduism
By J G Arora

A PART from Pak-Bangla terrorists and demographic invasions, another problem tormenting India and its heritage is the outrageous government control of all prominent Hindu temples.    more >

Smita Salaskar and Shirish Karkare at Sangh function
The government owes an explanation for terrorist attacks


"WHY India has been a repeated target of terrorist attacks? Why terrorism is not tackled at the roots itself? Who is responsible for these terrorist attacks?    more >


The Moving Finger Writes

Is Congress for pub bharo?

CONGRESS president Sonia Gandhi is reported to have said that she will fight the upcoming national elections on two issues: One concerning the attack on a pub in Mangalore and the other concerning the demolition of the Babri Masjid. The best advice that one can give to her is: Don?t. On both issues, she will pay for her folly.    more >

Think It Over

The lure of Manimekhalai
By MSN Menon

HOW was the greatest philosopher of Hinduism?Shankara?a man of the South, and not of the heartland of Hinduism?the Gangetic plain? Because the South was the centre of the greatest debates between Buddhists, Jainas and the Hindus. The South also produced Nagarjuna, the greatest philosopher of Buddhism. He was born in Kanchi, a seat of the Shankaracharya. Kanchi also produced some of the greatest Buddhist missionaries of India.    more >

Kids? Org

The cock crows
By Manju Gupta

AS a youngster, Yama, the God of death, was too full of himself. He would ride roughshod over everybody and do exactly as he liked. Wherever he went, he created some problem or the other. His mother tried to restrain him but to no avail.    more >

Play & Learn
A Clown


Swami Ranganathananda on Hinduism
By Manju Gupta
Swami Ranganathananda Reader, Rajiv Mehrotra (ed.), Rupa & Co., 476 pp, Rs 295.00

Juggling with business contracts
By Ratnadeep Banerji
Contract Management: Understanding Business Contracts; Akhileshwar Pathak, Macmillan India Ltd., pp 331, Rs. 495

A text on forensic science
Forensic Science: Modern Methods of Solving Crime, Max M. Houck, Macmillan India Ltd, 165 pp, Rs 485.00

The veneer of consummated life
By Ratnadeep Banerji
Life is Perfect; Himani Dalmia; Rupa & Co; Pp 311; Rs 195.00

Man is all about mind power
By Manju Gupta
It?s All in Your Head, Mark Pettus, Macmillan India Ltd, Pp 322, Rs 345.00

Worker's strikes and social tensions
Strikes: How to Avoid Them, P.D. Shenoy, Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd, 210 Pp, Rs 400.00

Special Comment

Cyber pornography
A dangerous source of socio-cultural pollution

By Acharya Vijay Ratnasundersuri

DO you know that milk has a very peculiar characteristic? It can be used both as an end product and as a raw material. The end product, when milk is used as a raw material, depends on what it is mixed with or what is added during the process.    more >

Sangh Samachar

Sarsanghachalak visits Jhiri village where everybody speaks Sanskrit
Reduce dependence on government?KS Sudarshan


Samskrit Bharati to teach Bhagwat Geeta

India needs indigenous model of governance

Seminar by WOSY on global terrorism

Demonstration by bank employees at Jantar Mantar

Birth anniversary of Shivaji celebrated in Delhi

Media Watch

Slumdog hype, national pride and social reform

LET us face it: There are no ?social reformers? in India. In fact, one wonders whether anyone is even aware of what ?reform? is. And that is the rub. Raja Ram Mohan Roy had no problem: suttee (or sati) was an evil that had to be eradicated from society.    more >


Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo
Renewal of the Indian mindscape

By Jagmohan

VIVEKANANDA and Sri Aurobindo were the two towering figures of the Indian renaissance who contributed most to the regeneration of the Indian mindscape and consequent reflowering of the Indian culture.    more >

Readers? Forum

Agenda for national renewal (Organiser, 1-2-2009);
?MS SUBRAMANIAN from [email protected]

The brilliant articles by eminent columnists appearing in the Republic Day Issue of Organiser deserve to be read by the BJP high command and the agenda for national renewal must be suitably incorporated in the party?s election manifesto for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.    more >

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