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May 08, 2011

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The unending canard against Modi
By V Shanmuganathan

THERE are deliberately circulated news-items appearing in Newspapers to create confusion about the progress of Gujarat State under the leadership of Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Bhatt an IPS officer has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court, stating that “Modi wanted Muslims are taught a lesson.”

Another news-item says that, K Chakrabarti, Gujarat’s DGP at the time of posts Godhra riots, has said that Bhatt was ‘not present’ in the meeting with the Chief Minister held on February 27, 2002. Bhatt’s driver denies this statement. Another IAS Officer claims Modi’s Office instructed against proactive measures.

Hidden Hand
In general, the people who appreciate about the development of Gujarat are disturbed by reading such news items.

Whether the police officer and IAS officer are speaking themselves or some hidden hand is working on this.

Congress is suffering because of the success of Narendra Modi. It is unfortunate that Congress uses even CBI to strike political gains in many cases.

Gujarat:Symbol of Development
According to Narendra Modi, Gujarat’s biggest strength is development. It is taking place as a mass movement with the participation of people. Gujarat accounts for five per cent of India’s population and contributes 21 per cent to India’s exports and 13 per cent to the Industrial production. Gujarat has achieved sustainable development in the field of agriculture.

This special concern for farmers is improving the quality of life of the rural population by widening their employment opportunities and increasing their income. Gujarat is marching ahead in the agricultural production with the aim of creating greater wealth for farmers. Narendra Modi was asked about corruption in Gujarat during a discussion in India Today Conclave 2011; Modi said that corruption is in death bed and no chance to revive. It is true. Even an ardent enemy can not raise a finger against him on corruption.

The achievements of Gujarat are mainly due to the people of the state who are participating and working together with the state government sincerely and earnestly. The credit goes to the leadership, particularly Chief Minister Narendra Modi, its business sector, labour leaders and various social service organisations who have contributed to the all round development of State. If more state governments and even Central Government adopts Gujarat’s approach to economic management and governance, India would be in a better position to emerge as a super power.

Gujarat: Symbol of Harmony
Because of malicious propaganda, people ask another genuine question. Whether the Muslim Community in Gujarat is happy, contended and making progress? According to the report of the Sachar Committee appointed by the government of India clearly shows that the Muslims of Gujarat are progressing well in the field of education. They are provided ample opportunities and they are well cared for. The facts on their economic conditions dispel similar myths about their being discriminated or being denied equal opportunity.

In terms of literacy level Muslims in Gujarat stood at 73.5 per cent as compared to the national average of 59.1 per cent. In terms of per capita income, Muslims of Gujarat earn an average of Rs 875.00 which is more than the national average of Rs 804 per cent. Even in terms of employment and state government jobs, it is 5.4 per cent in Gujarat which is 2.1 per cent in West Bengal and 3.2 per cent in Delhi.

This factual position is echoed by none other than the Imam of the Jama Masjid in Ahamedabad, who reportedly commented some time back, that “Muslims have equal opportunity to prosper in the peaceful environment in Gujarat that Modi Government, has created. Modi has provided an atmosphere which is condusive for those who want to trade peacefully in Gujarat”.

It is very very unfortunate that vilification campaign is carried on against the positive, development oriented achievements of Gujarat. Modi is a full time devoted person working for the motherland. He has no self interest in any activity and no family or children to promote. His 24 hours activity is not to amass wealth but to work for the upliftment of the poor. He says that his soul is Gujarat and his God is India. He has demonstrated to the world at large that, he is working for a harmonious Gujarat without any discrimination of caste, creed of religion.

BJP General Secretary, Mr. Arun Jaitley was asked about the affidavit filed by a police officer in Kolkotta. There is no presumption that it is truthful. The job for investigating the truth has been entrusted by the Supreme Court to SIT appointed by it. There are a number of people in Gujarat who are actively working in the exercise of discovery of falsehood. So, every time a Supreme Court hearing is fixed or a SIT report is expected, you find that pre-empted, by some statements in the media or by an affidavit leaked to the media. I would only appeal to the people that there is a judicial mechanism looking into it, let us have faith and leave it to that mechanism”. Truth will triumph.

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