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January 18, 2009

Page: 1/39

Vol. LX, No. 28, New Delhi, January 18, 2009

Misleading textbooks fail to inculcate nationalism in students
Falsifying history for political gain

By Himanshu Shekhar Jha

THE NCERT Syllabi particularly those which are related to history and political theory taught in secondary schools in the country bear eloquent testimony to the fact that the UPA government is out to destroy Hindu dharma and culture.    more >

A Matter Of Economics
Satyam is what is missing in new economy
By R. Balashankar

IT is only in India that we are not brand conscious. Every other country is. China is. Russia is. France and Germany are. And brand America, which is now under attack for its financial market muddle and double-talk on democracy will renew itself.    more >

Hasina almost equals the record of her late father
Mujib?s Awami League had won 170 of 171 seats from East Pakistan


THE near clean-sweep in the elections in Bangladesh in December 2008 by the Awami League led by Hasina Wajed is reminiscent of what this party had achieved in the general elections in East Pakistan in 1970 for the 300-member National Assembly .when Yahya Khan was the military ruler.    more >

Maoist outrage on Pashupatinath

THE Maoist onslaught and occupation of Holy Pashupatinath, the holiest of the holy Shiva temples, undoubtedly one of the ancient most centres of Hindu pilgrimage, in the world, located in Kathmandu, Nepal, has outraged the Hindus all over the world. That the Maoist Prime Minister has after almost two weeks following protests from world over made amends and restored the daily rituals to the traditional Indian...    more >

Romila Thapar?s Kluge Prize
Distorting Indian history to win foreign acclaim

By Dr Gautam Sen

ROMILA Thapar has been awarded the Kluge Prize for Lifetime Achievement in the Study of Humanity for ostensibly creating ?a new and more pluralistic view of Indian civilisation, which had seemed more unitary and unchanging, by scrutinising its evolution over two millennia and searching out its historical consciousness?.    more >

Maoist outrage on Pashupatinath
By Arabinda Ghose

THE Government of Nepal, now led by the Maoists, has decided to discontinue employing priests from India?s southern States at the Pashupatinath temple,...    more >

Sarkaryavah Shri Mohan Bhagwat in Delhi
?The success of Sangh work is measured on its impact on national life?

By Pramod Kumar

"HINDUTVA is the remedy to all ills. If all the people who know and understand Hindutva get united, all the problems of the country will be resolved in a very short span. The RSS has been working to unite all such people for the last 83 years.    more >

Sangh Samachar

Hornbill festival has lost its path
By Jagdamba Mall

HORNBILL festival was basically conceptualised in 2000 to showcase the traditional Naga culture as an attraction for tourists. It was also to become the official annual festival that coincided with the statehood anniversary of Nagaland, which falls on December 1.    more >

Indian American community protests Mumbai carnage

INDIAN American community held a strong demonstration on December 21, 2008 in New York, outside the UN office against Pakistan sponsored Islamic terrorism and asked the UN to declare Pakistan a terrorist state.    more >

Pandering to morbid Muslim mindset
By Shyam Khosla

THE ?secular-liberal? brigade seems to have lost all sense of national security and social harmony in its mindless pandering to morbid Muslim mindset.    more >

Don't be blind to Hamas terror while commenting on Gaza strike
By Ravi Shanker Kapoor

THE Manmohan Singh Government has, for the nth time, disgraced itself by almost siding with the murderous jehadi group, Hamas, in the recent conflagration in the Middle East.    more >

Atulay shames India on terror
By Prof Kapil Kumar

THE year 2008 will be remembered for many things, both good and bad, hilarious and disastrous, bravery and cowardice, developmental and destructive, but will also be remembered for the most shameful act of the minister of the Central Union Cabinet.    more >

Antar Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad turns 30
A trusted friend of PIOs

By Pramod Kumar

REGISTERED as a society under the Societies Act in January 1978 with the late Dr Dharam Vira as founder chairman, Antar Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad, Bharat (ARSP) completed 30 years of its existence this month.    more >

Open Letter to Prime Minister by Darshan Lal Jain
?Rename roads after national heroes?

NATIONAL president of Rashtriya Yoddha Samarak Samiti, Shri Darshan Lal Jain appealed to the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh to undo the historical injustice done to the great personalities of the country and rename Babur Road as Maharana Sangram Singh Marg,...    more >

Don?t play politics on terror ?LK Advani
By Our Special Representative

IT was at the Ridge Maidan of Shimla on December 30 last year when Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal took oath as the Chief Minister for the second time after BJP romped home to success in Himachal.    more >

Citizens should act as soldiers and detectives
By Ravinder Raj

AS a surviving member of ever diminishing generation with the pre-Partition experience, I recall 1947 days when few Muslim children/students, below 16 then, raised two slogans in the street procession at Lahore...    more >

Idam na mam: Play on the life of Shri Guruji in Varanasi
Nationalism of Shri Guruji casts a spell on audience

By Lok Nath

NOTHING belongs to me. Everything of mine?body, mind or Sangh work?is for the society and the nation. Highlighting this feeling of the second RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Guruji, a play, Idam na mam, was staged at Nagari Natak Mandali Auditorium in Varanasi on January 7.    more >


Economy Watch

India offers great opportunity
By Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala

THE present global crisis can be looked at in two ways. The mainstream approach is that this is a truly ?global? crisis and all countries will sink or sail together through it. This writer?s view, on the other hand, is that we will be affected less than others and in the end this will see us emerge as winners.    more >

The Moving Finger Writes

Is the United States a true friend?
By M.V. Kamath

WHEN Margaret Alva spoke the truth, she was summarily deprived of the secretaryship of the Congress Party. When A R Autulay sought to plant a lie, he is being hugged to its bosom by the same party which wants his unpardonable remarks to be quickly forgotten.    more >

Think it Over

Congress and vote bank politics
By MSN Menon

FIFTY years ago a two-bed-room flat was available in Delhi for Rs 25,000. Today the same flat is going for Rs. 80 lakh! This is the measure of the growth of unearned income in India. The ?poor? have become millionaires. How has it happened? By allowing a permissive economy to play havoc with the life of the people.    more >

News Retrospective

Islamic largesse on media in eastern India
By Asim Kumar Mitra

OF late Islamic money and men have become extraordinarily active in the field of media in eastern and north-eastern India. Within a very short spell of time, the Islamic Journalists Society has started at least twelve newspapers including one daily newspaper in Bengali named Aajvikas and three 24-hour satellite news channels (They are Network 365 from Kolkata, Din 365 from Jharkhand and Dy 365 from Assam).    more >

Kids? Org

How River Narmada came to Earth
By Manju Gupta

SEATED on Mount Kailash, Lord Shiva was engrossed deep in meditation when Narmada emerged from his throat. She stood on his right foot and started to meditate, like Shiva. But Shiva was so lost in mediation that he was not aware of her presence.    more >

Play & Learn
Toys - GAILY decorated bottles can be put to many uses ? to serve as flower vase, containers for oil or vinegar or lotions and as candle-stands.

Book Reviews By Manju Gupta

Dialogue for harmony
Inter-Religious Communication: A Gandhian Perspective, Margaret Chatterjee, Promilla & Co., pp 200, Rs. 425.00

Mystic stories from Sindh
Love, Longing and Death: Mystic Stories, Amar Jaleel, Promilla & Co., pp 262, Rs 295.00

A saga of social renewal in pre-Independent India
Malapalli: Triumph of Sanga, Unnava Lakshminarayana, Sahitya Akademi, pp 382, Rs 200.00

Book Reviews By Ratandeep Banerji

China an undependable neighbour?
Are We Deceiving Ourselves Again?, Arun Shourie, Rupa & Co., pp 214, Rs 395.00

Honesty is punishable in polity
Plight of Honesty: The Untold Bureaucracy, Dr G. Sundaram, IAS (Retd.), Manas Publications, pp 418, Rs 495.00

Economic Outlook for 2009

Economic Outlook for 2009
Indian economy has the potential to bounce back

By Gopal K Agarwal

THE global crisis has many lessons for India. On one hand last year?s gloom in USA and Europe is dampening our sentiments, on the other hand 2009 can be a year of opportunities for India.    more >

Media Watch

No two reporters are alike

ALMOST six weeks after the terrorism let loose on Mumbai by Pakistani jehadists also known as "non-state" terrorists (the BBC merely calls them 'gunmen' as if they are hunting after foxes), Mumbai has been slowly limping towards normalcy. The Mumbai manoos is showing his strength. Instead of focussing on the jehadists, some of our commentators are at the throats of TV reporters for their alleged misdeeds.    more >


The Indian Left and Hinduism
By Dr Vijay Rajiva

THE world is indebted to that great thinker Karl Marx for his definitive critique of capitalism. But his entire philosophy cannot be readily accepted since much of it is a mix of various disparate elements which cannot be fitted into the history of many societies. One of these which is significant both for Indian Marxism and Hinduism is his Humanism.    more >

Readers? Forum

Angry nation seeks answers (Organiser, 14-12-2008);
?AMIT K GORANG, Seling, Aizwal

Finally, Mumbai wash liberated. Our heartiest salutations must go to our brave NSG?s, Army & police officials, who laid down their lives for the nation for 26/11, the most dreadful and dastardly attack with planning and precision on the country?s economic heart by Islamic jehadis.    more >

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