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April 19, 2009

Page: 1/35

Vol. LX, No. 41, New Delhi, April 19, 2009

Fact and prejudice in Varun Gandhi episode
The bias of the state and EC

By OP Gupta IFS [Retd]

THE Election Commission of India (ECI) has no jurisdiction over citizens of India; and, only after the Presidential notification calling for election has been issued the ECI gets jurisdiction over those citizens who file their nomination papers before a Returning Officer.    more >

NDA Prime Ministerial candidate LK Advani?s appeal
Let us ensure ?Bharat Mata ki jai!?
Build India, defeat divisive forces
BJP is committed to its ideology. The glory of Bharat Mata our mission.

The nation is all set for the elections to the 15th Lok Sabha. Once again, these elections have presented the people of India with an opportunity to decide the fate of our great nation.    more >

A Matter of Economics
Neo-nationalism: The last stage of globalisation?
By R. Balashankar

CHINA cannot stop swearing by Communism though it has adopted western capitalism in its entirety. Similarly, the G-20 proclaimed that globalisation is still the most dominant economic idea though countries are increasingly turning protectionist and state ownership, in factors of production, has never been so critical as it is today.    more >

Why is EC silent on Lalu and his ilk?

UNION Railway Minister and UPA poster boy Lalu Prasad Yadav, yelled in an election rally in Kishanganj, Bihar on April 6, ?Had I been the Home Minister of the country, I would have run a roller on Varun Gandhi for his remarks offending the feelings of 17 crore Muslims across the country?.    more >

Modi makes an impact on Orissa
Only BJP can ensure stability and growth?Narendra Modi

From Deepak Kumar Rath in Rourkela

SPEAKING at mammoth rallies at Sambalpur and Rourkela, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that a determined leader and strong and decisive BJP government at the centre is the need of the hour to protect the security of the nation and ensure an all-round development.    more >

Money laundering and tax havens
By Gopal K Agarwal

IN my childhood I read: ?India is a rich country inhabited by the poor.? This statement always pricked my consciousness and when I read India?s Planned Poverty by Shri Daya Krishna, I was filled with self-pity. My conclusion is that corruption is the root cause of India?s poverty.    more >

Sangh Samachar

BJP manifesto for Lok Sabha Elections 2009
To build a prosperous, powerful nation

INDIAN civilisation is perhaps the most ancient and continuing civilisation of the world. India has a long history and has been recognised by others as a land of great wealth and even greater wisdom.    more >

Determined leader, decisive government

Executive Summary
Putting poor first
1. All Below Poverty Line (BPL) families to get 35 kg of rice or wheat every month at Rs 2 per kg. This will be available against Food Coupons redeemable both at Public Distribution System (PDS) and private outlets.    more >

Desecrations of Hindu Saint's statue
NSS-SNDP support makes BJP candidate stronger in Kerala capital

By S Chandrasekhar

VIDYADHIRAJA Chattambi Swamiji is to the 20 per cent Hindu Nair community of Kerala, what Sree Narayana Guru is to the 20 per cent Hindu Ezhava community of Kerala. Both of them were contemporaries and jointly stemmed the erosion of Hindus to Christianity and Islam.    more >

Misuse of state power, draconian laws
Mayawati unleashes a reign of terror

By Shivaji Sarkar

IF not terror, it is a terrible sense of fright that rules the minds of the critics of UP Chief Minister Mayawati. The Press is not excluded.    more >

Second phase of Patanjali Yogapeeth inaugurated
Happiness is in freeing oneself from all passions?Baba Ramdev

By Ravindra Saini

RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat said the RSS fully supports the issues raised by the saints for the betterment of the nation. He was speaking at a function held at Patanjali Yogapeeth in Haridwar on April 1.    more >

Agriculture alone can sustain itself
Role of weather in general elections

By Arabinda Ghose

SINCE general elections are to begin soon, political parties understandably are busy choosing candidates first before drafting the election manifestos.    more >

The Muck in NCERT
NCERT textbook highlights Macaulay who downgraded India

By Himanshu Shekhar Jha

INSTEAD of making our children proud of India and its glorious past the NCERT textbook tries to create a suicidal and absolutely false impression in their mind that Indian culture and educational system are inferior to their counterparts in the west.    more >

NDA consolidates as UPA disintegrates
By Shyam Khosla

REJECTING a national alliance in favour of state-specific tie-ups with UPA allies turned out to be Congress party?s huge political blunder. It provoked several regional outfits to look for greener pastures elsewhere.    more >


The Moving Finger Writes

A nation without vision
By M.V. Kamath

TECHNOLOGY has its uses, but it has also disadvantages. And that has been most noticeable in the world of politics. Till television came on the media scene, the people at large hardly knew how a national leader looked. Mahatma Gandhi in his time was the icon of the masses but millions never got to see him personally or had any occasion to listen to him.    more >

Kids? Org

The jubilation of Hindu Jayantis

ARYAVARTA ever reminisces its vanguard of society who spearheaded its populace from tamas to effulgent jyoti. And now, we amritasya putra (as Vivekananda hails ourselves) offer obeisance to those sages, seers and avatars to reckon their benevolent munificence.    more >

Health Watch

Urban health services in India
Future perspective

By Dr SS Agarwal, MD

THE inherited phrase that India lives in villages, has left the urban health at the mercy of a few hospitals and private sector. The sheer neglect of the phenomenon of urbanisation and its negative secondary dividends telling on health left the urban population, especially the urban poor, with high morbidity, mortality and fertility.    more >

Book Reviews By Manju Gupta

Revisiting the tragedy of 26/11
Piercing the Heart: Unheard Voices of 26/11, Simran Sodhi, Rupa & Co., pp 68, Rs 95.00

Hydro power economics
Economics of Hydropower, Bharat Jhunjhunwala, Kalpaz Publications, pp 306, Rs 750.00

A literary saga of Sangh work in Punjab
Yugagardi (Hindi), Ashwini Gupta, Sukriti Prakashan, 503 pp, Rs 500.00

The rubrics of office survival
By Ratnadeep Banerji
The Simplicity Survival Handbook, Bill Jensen, Viva Books, Pp 312, Rs 295.00

A Biography of Benazir Bhutto
Goodbye Shahzadi: A Political Biography of Benazir Bhutto; Shyam Bhatia, Roli Books, Pp 130, Rs 295.00.
By M V Kamath

Trick of successful catering
Carol Godsmark: Starting and Running a Catering Business, Macmillan India Ltd, 247 pp, Rs 385.00


Conversion: Colonisation through faith?II
Soft Religions

I would now like to share with you what we have been discussing at the Buddhist Hindu Religious Leaders Summit (Phnom Penh, Feb.2009). It was brought to light that at any so-called International Interfaith Dialogue on Religions, Buddhist and Hindu voices often are not heard.    more >

Media Watch

Secularism is a facade to abuse Hindus

WHO said that secularism marks the distinction between one Indian political party and another? ?Secularism? is the most prostituted word in India and it has been most shamelessly exploited by many parties, most notably by the Indian National Congress.    more >


Trans World Radio-India compelling its employees to convert

INNOCENT and gullible Hindus are exploited by the Christian missionaries not only in remote areas but also in metro cities like the national capital, New Delhi. The racket of converting innocent Hindus to Christianity has been flourishing in Delhi and the surrounding areas for decades.    more >

Karnataka Poll Scene

BJP sure to improve its tally of 18 out of 28
From R Guru Prasad, Bengaluru

ELECTIONS to the 28 Lok Sabha seats will take place in two phases in Karnataka. While 17 constituencies will go to polls on April 23 in the first phase, elections to 11 constituencies are scheduled for April 30. Out of 28 Parliamentary constituencies, 22 are general while 4 seats are reserved for SCs and 2 seats are reserved for STs.    more >

Readers? Forum

Indian policy choices in a hostile world (Organiser, 29-3-2009);
?MOHAMMED A A BARRI, Charge d? Affaires a.i., Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi

Dr Gautam Sen in his article has asked India to renounce its existing ?no-first-use? nuclear weapons strategy, called for hinting at the prospect of Indian nuclear strikes against Chinese and Saudi cities and advocated feeding hostility between nations and instigating communal and sectarian conflict between Shias and Sunnis.    more >

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