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May 29, 2011

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The triumphant return of Jayalalithaa
Aam Aadmi’s anger throws Karunanidhi and Congress out

By V Shanmuganathan

NOW the election results are finally known to all. There is a fresh air and new hope in Tamil Nadu. The triumphant return of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazahagam in the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections has ended corrupt DMK rule. AIADMK General Secretary Jayalalithaa was categorical in saying that her party would score a resounding victory.

In general, ordinary people were disgusted about corruption, nepotism, violence, misuse and abuse of power. It is clearly a vote against Karunanidhi and their family members’ misuse of power to promote family interests at the cost of the people.

The voters turned out in unprecedented numbers and exhibited their accumulated anger against unrestrained corruptions, against the family rule, against the failure of the government to manage the power crisis and price rise of essential commodities and against shocking contempt for the rule of law. DMK regimes welfare scheme like “One kilo rice for one rupee” and attraction of colour TV sets etc. were over-powered by the Government’s incompetence in dealing with the states electricity shortage.

The analysis of Tamil Nadu Assembly elections 2011 shows that the people of Tamil Nadu wanted a change and they voted out the DMK Government. Though there are many reasons for the DMK defeat, the main and primary reasons are the rivalry of his own family. Prominence of one could not be tolerated by the other. Jealous and enmity among the sons and daughters of Dayalu Ammal and Rajathy Ammal resulted in the total failure of the DMK rule.

A quick analysis of the elections 2011 shows the vote swing from the DMK to the AIADMK alliance when compared to the previous elections.

The AIADMK led by Ms. Jayalalithaa and her alliance partners got 61 per cent vote share in the TN assembly elections 2011.

The DMK and its alliance managed only 39 per cent in the concluded assembly elections. This gives a percentage difference of 12 per cent in favour of the AIADMK alliance.

AIADMK which contested in 160 constituencies secured a poll percentage of 39 per cent with 1.44 crore voters voting for them.

The DMK which contested in 119 constituencies managed a vote share of 82.34 lakh with a poll percentage of 22 per cent.

Vijayakanth’s DMDK party managed to do well in this election with poll percentage of 7.88 per cent and 29 lakh vote share in this election.

Congress which fared poorly in this election secured a low poll percentage of 9.3 per cent.

BJP was not received well by the people in spite of hard work done by them. BJP contested in 194 constituencies and secured 8, 20,767 votes. It has just 2.62 per cent of vote share.

Many people say that DMK defeat in 2011 elections was predicted but no one thought they can win only 24 seats. Many factors effected DMK defeat in the assembly elections such as Raja 2G spectrum, dominating cine world, killings of fishermen in the mid sea, no concerted action to alleviate the sufferings of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

During the rule of DMK, there are many places where power supply was available only for few hours daily. DMK was not doing enough for power generation. But the demand for electricity was increasing every day. People started feeling that electricity may become more and more scarce.

Not only that. People were disgusted about the authority of power that flowed from the unconstitutional sources. There were interferences in the administration by his family members.

Karunanidhi’s third wife Rajathy Ammal, son Alagiri from Madurai and daughter Kanimozihi acted like separate ruling administration in all levels in Tamil Nadu. Most of the schemes implemented by DMK government was only with the interest of family members.

In Karunanidhi’s five-year tenure, he promoted his son as Deputy Chief Minister, daughter as MP and another son as Central Minister. The results gave a big blow to Alagiri’s ambitions, All the seats in M K Alagiris Madurai area was lost to AIADMK allies. Even Karunanidhi’s calculations went wrong as Stalin himself was struggling to win.

People have brought back Ms Jayalalithaa, a strong leader, for a successful third term as Chief Minister backed by a four-fifth majority in the legislative assembly.

In the first two terms, apart from other problems, Ms Jayalalithaa proved herself as a good administrator. The implementation of economic reforms, new Veeranam water supply project for Chennai, successful rain water harvesting, arrest of sandal wood smuggler Veerappan had characterised her administrative ability.

People now expect her to put the State’s shambled economy back on the rails. And weed out corruption in the administration. There is a serious anxiety among the people to end perennial power cuts. She has to plan and erect new power plants on coal, nuclear, natural gas, and hydro electric, solar energy and wind generators. Both conventional and innovative methods must be tried through out the state.

Bringing down the prices of essential commodities is really a serious challenge for her ability.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi greeted her and participated in the swearing in ceremony. Shri Modi said that “Madam Jayalalithaa is committed to development of the State. She fought corruption and won the elections. Ms Jayalalithaa’s win will have an impact on the national political scenario.” Cho Ramaswamy and other media people must be complimented for the rejection of DMK rule that could not differentiate between right and wrong.

It is going to be rough and tough for the DMK with Jaya becoming CM, Congress seeking to switch sides, CBI, IT, ED are closing in on Karunanidhi’s family in the 2G Spectrum corruption cases.

The ordinary Tamil Nadu voter has given an extra ordinary message to the nation, that no political party can wash away its wrong doings, breach of ethics and malpractices by offering money to voters.

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