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May 17, 2009

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Open Forum

Bad coin drives away the good ones faster

By Dr LS Madhava Rao

The bureaucracy who drafts rules and by-laws, prohibiting consumption of alcohol and drugs leaves large chunks of loopholes and ambiguities which serves as heavens to lawyers to defeat the prosecution and protect such offenders of moral laws.

The musk is in the deer and it seeks it (Musk) not and only goes in quest of grass. Indian culture is as old as the hills and has been handed over to us from generation to generation. Culture is a comprehensive term depicting the total behaviour of the personality at all times without losing connection to its roots.

India is a Punyabhoomi, Karmabhoomi and Yogabhoomi too. West is Bhogabhoomi and at this backdrop Mangalore (Karnataka) episode flashes my memory. What Sri Ram Sena did is cent per cent correct and justified also and it should be repeated wherever and whenever it happens.

There was a time when the touch by a Paraya Purush to a lady was a taboo. In the epic of Mahabharata what happened to Dushasan when he tried to unrobe Draupadi in the open royal court? What happened to Ravana vis-a-vis Sita in Ramayana?

The western society is open, incohesive and liberal and believes that when skin and skin combines there is no sin and whereas Hindu society is close, rigid and cohesive.

Please do not look at the problem through the prism of constitution and the law; for a law is an ass of moral policing. The decency and self restraint existed in the system from time immemorial. Time honoured customs and conventions are more powerful than man made laws. UK Government functions without any written constitution.

The higher class pubs, pops, mod culture, night call centers, key chain activities of exchange of wives for sometime are a blot on Indian culture. Doer lives a beast life. Beauty pageant shows, fashion shows, rave parties, pre-marital sex are the breeding grounds to get spoiled in no time. One should understand the creation of a male and a female and their goal and role to be achieved and not to indulge in vulgarity. A lady should be adarshavati and not a pradarshankari. Any progress devoid of ethical and moral values is barren and will lead to barbaric way of life.

I watched English TV channel programme on the subject of Valentine Day. It is a pity that majority of them are ladies and they spoke in favour of virtues of V-Day which is unfortunate. Everybody spoke and stressed on the liberty and freedom of individual.

The fundamental point is to know what type of males and females go to pubs etc. and obviously they are Page 3 personalities unknown to each other before. For what purpose do they go there? Evidently to have their carnal desires satisfied. Some people argue that violence should be avoided to stop this menace and Gandhian way to Satyagraha must be resorted which does not simply work. One should know the difference between lust and love and one day mischief and sacred and long conjugal life.

Modern dress codes adopted by modern ladies is obnoxious. Disarranged haircut with no vermilion (Tilak) on the forehead, no bangles on the wrist, no earrings and scantily dressed, breast dances, belly dances and hip dances do not go well and nauseating too from the point of view of Bharatiya Sanskriti. The parents have failed to check the behaviour of their matured girls and boys.

TV channels are hammering only one side of scene-i.e. police beating the girls and the boys. They do not publish or narrate the restrictions placed on the management before granting a license to them. Then only the enlightened public will come to know who is right and who is wrong. Paid electronics and print media have overplayed their card and failed to make a balanced approach between puritans and modernity.

The bureaucracy who drafts rules and by-laws, prohibiting consumption of alcohol and drugs leaves large chunks of loopholes and ambiguities serves as heavens to lawyers to defeat the prosecution and protect such offenders of moral laws. The judiciary also instead of being very stiff shows leniency and lets off the offenders of social laws. The net outcome is that the offenders are neither afraid of law, nor of judiciary nor of the police and hence the perpetrators are on the increasing scale without facing any deterrent.

In this scenario, union minister Renuka Choudhari?s comments over the incident are amazing. She alleges Talibanization of Mangalore city is taking place. She fails to understand the essence of Hinduism and Hindu culture and the role of women in Indian society. What is red-rag to a bull, Hindutva and culture is to for non BJP political parties.

There is sea difference between the tenets of Taliban philosophy and Indian philosophy. They are poles apart. Perhaps she does not have the leisure time to study and know them.

It is surprising why the VHP which prides to protect Hindus culture took a back seat to support Pramod Mutalik who is spear heading the movement to oppose and stop Valentine Day. Valentine Day is over but its indelible fear remains on the character and social structure of our young male and female characters. At least wake-up now to avoid a tainted life. Hats off to Pramod Mutalik for his tirade.

May I conclude with an appeal to all girls and boys to protect and defend your invaluable and blemishless culture like twenty four carat character purity gold at all costs and at all times.

(The views expressed in the above article are exclusively of the writer.)?Ed.

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