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January 23, 2011

Page: 1/40

Vol. LXII, No. 29, New Delhi, January 23, 2011

BJP National Executive Meeting in Guwahati
BJP to focus on fighting corruption
2G scam, CWG scam, Adarsh Scam and Sonia's Bofors connection

Author Name Comes here

"THE 20-month rule of UPA-II has proved to be a disaster. Everyday, the nation wakes up to new scams. From sports to civil supplies and telecommunication to civil aviation, the UPA-II has allowed every arena of governance to be exploited by scamsters. When the looters were emptying the government coffers, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was standing guard with his eyes closed and perhaps the hands tied,” said BJP president Shri Nitin Gadkari ...    more >

BJP is marching ahead
Highlights of BJP National Executive Meet

By V Shanmuganathan

* Two Hundred and Thirty four Executive members from Lakshadvip and Andaman up to Jammu and Kashmir participated in the two-day session.    more >

A feature: Vishwa Sangh Shibir 2010
An exposure to global, confident Hindutva

By Virag Pachpore

"THE turn of the century saw Hindus claiming their rightful place on the world stage. Hindu brethren all over the world rose to prominence by their merit and prowess. A resurgent Bharat achieved spectacular growth in industry, research and economy, and has truly become global player.    more >

Thinking Aloud
The diminishing of Parliament
By Dr Jay Dubashi

THE winter session of Parliament has ended without transacting any business. The usual pundits are busy working out the so-called loss suffered by the tax-payer and all kinds of sums are being bandied about.    more >

Why the canard of terror on Hindu?

THE Congress Party, some government agencies and the media seem to work in tandem to popularise the term “Hindu Terror”, since nothing of that sort exists in the public domain.    more >

Mumbai's real estate mafia
Corrupt Congress behind all land scams

By Aditya Pradhan

SMALL real estate developers openly admit during business conferences that they have to earmark Rs 200 per square feet for bribing government officials for approvals.    more >

Saffron all the way from metro to suburb
BJP launches a knit-India campaign


ABOUT half a kilometre from Netaji’s statue at the famous Shyambazar crossing, Kolkata, the colour on January 12 was saffron. The occasion marked the flagging-off of the Rashtriya Ekta Yatra launched by the BJP Yuva Morcha.    more >

Sangh Samachar

KG Balakrishnan exposed by Kerala SC-ST Federation

KOCHI: Kerala SC-ST Federation Advocate KV Kumaran, revealed explosive information about former Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan and his family.    more >

KGB scam: 2G scam radiation infects KGB. Next will be Sonia-KGB nexus
From Dr S Kalyanaraman

I want to know why KGB introduced a ridiculous staleness doctrine to ask Dr. Swamy not to press his case for disqualification of Sonia Gandhi.    more >

Classical language, a living tradition
World Sanskrit Book Fair in Bengaluru

By Rajesh Padmar, VSK Bengaluru

THE world’s first of its kind World Sanskrit Book Fair held at National High School Grounds in Bengaluru from January 7 to 10 has been a big success in terms of both to imbue spirit of Sanskrit enthusiasm at all levels and the number of book sold, along with a massive presence of Sanskrit lovers in the four-day historic event.    more >

Carnage in West Bengal
CPM shows its panic. Intimidating voters

By Asim Kumar Mitra

THE butchery of eight unarmed people in Netai village (3.5 kms from Lalgarh, under West Midnapore district) on Friday (January 7, 2011) in the open daylight has again opened up the brutal face of CPM.    more >

Former CJI under scanner
By S Chandrasekhar

RECENT developments including Radia tapes have demonstrated the crumbling pillars of legislature, executive and fourth estate in our democracy.    more >

Gadkari targets Congress Cronyism
By Pramod Kumar

“THE RSS is an organisation of pure patriotic people. To say that people who committed terror incidents were motivated by the Sangh is entirely ridiculous,” said BJP president Shri Nitin Gadkari.    more >

A Dussehra Competition
By Manju Gupta

THE festival of Dussehra has since long been celebrated with pomp and splendour in the erstwhile Mysore state, now known as Karnataka.    more >

A cultural confluence in music and spirituality
By V Shanmuganathan

DURING this winter season, inspite of cold weather and chillness, large religious gatherings are taking place spontaneously.    more >

BJP chief flags off Kolkata-Kashmir yatra for hoisting tricolour

A beleaguered UPA-II came in for heavy shelling from the BJP on Bofors issue with party president Nitin Gadkari directly implicating the Gandhi family for its links with Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi, and holding it responsible for giving the country the “most corrupt Government ever.”    more >

Book Extract
Secrets of RSS : Demystifying the Sangh

By Ratan Sharda

IT is amazing that not much is known about Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in spite of one of the oldest mass Indian organisation, being around for 85 years and widely accepted as the largest NGO in the world.    more >

Current Scenario

…..Critics as also well wishers talk about the decline in RSS these days as reflected through its shakhas on open grounds and its presence in the middle class areas, its natural recruiting ground in its earlier phases.    more >

Pravasi Bharatiya Conference
PIOs in Malaysia clamour racial and religious discrimination

By Pramod Kumar

THE marginalised people of Indian origin in Malaysia, who lived there for about five generations, appealed to the participants of Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas International Conference organised in New Delhi from January 7 to 9, to save them from the racial and religious discrimination.    more >

Cover Page

The Moving Finger Writes

The on-going loot of Hindu temples
By MV Kamath

WHILE Congress leaders are hell-bent on damning the RSS – it is an old game that has long ceased to have any meaning – they seem to be unaware (or deliberately wish to ignore) that as late as on July 4, 2010 the right hand of a 53-year old Christian college professor (one TJ Joseph) was chopped off by Muslim fundamentalists, at Thodapurzha, Iduki district, in Kerala, for alleged blasphemy.    more >

Economy Watch

Growth hurts. Pinching price rise
By Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala

THE three challenges before the economy in 2011 are rising prices of fuel oil and agricultural goods; and large inflow of foreign capital. These are also the cause of present all-round increase in prices.    more >


What the winners do. They do things differently
By Manju Gupta
You can Win, Shiv Khera, Macmillan Publishers India Ltd, Pp 292 (PB), Rs 365.00

Defining ideas: For governance, leadership
By Ashish Joshi
Capacity Development in Practice, Jan Ubels, Naa-Aku Acquaye-Baddoo and Alan Fowler (Eds.), Earthscan, Pp 338, price not given

Self-help to spiritualism
The Old Man and His Soul, Farida Sharan, Akshaya Prakashan, Pp 148 (PB), Rs 180.00

An ode to nature
Untwine the Wind, Renee Ranchan, Konark Publishers, Pp 110 (HB), Rs 750 & £ 12

Evolution of capitalism: A study
By Jayant Patel
Economy and Society: Evolution of Capitalism, RR Suresh, Sage Publications Pp 319 (PB), Rs 395.00

Book Received
108 Investment Mantras: Time Tested Tips for Beneficial Investmant,

Author Name Comes here

Headline making: Scintillating aspects of newsroom
By Manju Gupta
Idea Exchange: Opinion Makers, Critical Issues, Interesting Times, Uma Vishnu (Ed.), Penguin/Viking, Pp 302 (HB), Rs 699.00

A case study in social work experience
By Vidhur Bhushan
Varieties of Activist Experience: Civil Society in South Asia, David N. Gellner (Ed.) Sage Publications, Pp 291(HB), Rs 750.00

A flawed approach to Indian identity
By Manju Gupta
Indian Identity Narrative and the Politics of Security, Gitika Commuri, Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd, Pp 315 (HB), Rs 795.00

Do it yourself on leadership
By Dr Vaidehi Nathan
The Heart of a Leader, Ken Blanchard, Jaico Publishing House, Pp 192(PB), Rs 195.00

Media Watch

“$ 2.2 billion secret funds of the dynasty in Swiss banks”

SENSATION, sensation, sensation! A most damning indictment of Sonia Gandhi has been made by S Gurumurthy in an article in The New Indian Express (January 3) that every Indian citizen should read.    more >

News Analysis

Corruption as core poll plank
Retrieve stolen money from tax havens

By Shyam Khosla

WILL corruption in high places emerge as a core issue in the assembly and parliamentary elections in the coming years as envisaged by the Bharatiya Janata Party?    more >


Where mind is corrupt, behaviour unethical
By Dr Pravin Togadia

TWO calamities are on in Bharat off late. One is of corruption. Similar calamity is of targeting selected community. Both these calamities are man-made. In the 1st kind of calamity of corruption, the root cause is greed. Greed of a human being.    more >

Readers’ Forum

Bofors ghost haunts Congress (Organiser, 1-16-2010)
Author Name Comes here

The top honchos of the Congress tried their best to bury the Bofor’s ghost, but the truth has nasty way of teaching a lesson by resurfacing when expected the least. The question is—Will the Congress leadership ever learn to respect the truth?    more >

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