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September 20, 2009

Page: 1/35

Vol. LXI, No. 11, New Delhi, September 20, 2009

UPA in denial
Lethargic govt finds solace in committees
Group of ministers, empowered committees in place of governance

By Naresh Minocha

THE government has reduced governance reforms to setting-up of empowered group of ministers (EGoMs) on each and every issue. The EGoM-mania is contrary to the recommendations of Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC).    more >

Computers Unlocking Mysterious Indus Valley Script
By Dr S Kalyanaraman

FOUR thousand years ago, an urban civilization lived and traded on what is now the border between Pakistan and India. During the past century, thousands of artifacts bearing hieroglyphics left by this prehistoric people have been discovered.    more >

Thinking Aloud
Jinnah's Indian fans
By Dr Jay Dubashi

MOHAMMED Ali Jinnah died sixty years ago but his ghost still haunts India, or at least some Indians, who, for some reason, seem to have fallen under his spell. One of them once described Jinnah as a secular man, and another has written a book in which he holds not Jinnah but Nehru responsible for India’s Partition.    more >

Politics of Environment Protection

THE Union Environment Ministry is behaving like the proverbial cat on the wall. One never knows which way it will jump. The Ministry headed by Jairam Ramesh, famously being called ‘mentor’ of Rahul Gandhi, has already taken three U-turns on the issue of the NOIDA Park, being built by Mayawati as her “historic” contribution to the society.    more >

Combating the Congress absurdity and the secular injustice
By Dr Babu Suseelan

IN the recent annals of the bogus secularists, few moments have been as startling as the Railway Minister Mamata Banerji’s statement for special concession and privileges for the Muslim students.    more >

Rural marketing and its significance
By Mithun Dey

RURAL marketing involves delivering manufactured or processed inputs or services to rural producers or consumers so as to soak-up the huge size of the untapped rural market. In today’s congested and difficult markets, both local and global, all FMCG as well as other companies search for new opportunities, consumers and markets.    more >

Sangh Samachar

Veteran communist KR Gouriamma praises VHP
By S Chandrasekhar

KR Gouriamma, one of the strongest leader of the undivided Communist Party and later CPM, since early forties, once remarked, “If Police lathis had the power to induce child birth, I would have given birth to several children.”    more >

The time to Act
Saving the girl child

By Dr Vandana Sood

INDIA is moving fast in the 21st century towards an economically progressive nation. But has anyone spared a thought for thousands and lakhs of women who are still mercilessly killed in order to fulfil the Indian desire for a male issue?    more >

Biography of Shri Balramji Dass Tandon released
Balramji Dass Tandon is a role model for young politicians—LK Advani


BIOGRAPHY of veteran BJP leader of Punjab Shri Balramji Dass Tandon, Balramji Dass Tandon: Ek Prerak Charitra, was released in Chandigarh by Leader of the Opposition Shri LK Advani. Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Prakash Singh Badal presided over the function organised at Tagore Theatre.    more >

Andhra imbroglio
Emergence of a rival family

By Shyam Khosla

SONIA GANDHI put her foot down to send across a strong message to party leaders and legislators in Andhra Pradesh not to dictate terms to the “high command” on the selection of a successor to the late Chief Minister YSR Reddy.    more >

Saksham launches Audio Book Reader, making learning easier for visually challenged
A boon for visually challenged students

By Pramod Kumar

SAKSHAM, a national organisation dedicated to the all-round progress of physically-challenged persons, launched the first-ever Audio Book Reader (ABR) for the visually-challenged students in New Delhi on September 7.    more >


Engrossing reading on quantum physics and how it came about

By Vaidehi Nathan
Quantum, Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality, Manjit Kumar, Hachette India, Pp 448, Rs 495.00

Common sense in leadership
By Manju Gupta
Common Sense Leadership, Roger Fulton, Macmillan Publishers India Ltd, Pp 133, Rs 145.00

A philosophical journey with Dr Karan Singh
I Believe: A Philosophy for the Global Society, Dr Karan Singh; Rajpal & Sons, Pp 116, Rs 125.00

Inspiring thoughts from APJ
By Manju Gupta
Indomitable Spirit, APJ Abdul Kalam, Rajpal & Sons, Pp 254, Rs 350.0

A powerful novel from war zone Sri Lanka
Sam’s Story, Elmo Jayawardena, Penguin Viking, Pp 173, Rs 299.00

An interesting compilation of short stories
First Love, Brinda Charry, HarperCollins Publishers India, Pp 213, Rs 250.00

An intense narration of gripping emotions
Rupture, Sampurna Chattarji, HarperCollins Publishers India, Pp 349, Rs 350.00



Muslim Europe: The demographic time bomb transforming Christian continent
By Adrian Michaels

THE European Union (EU) is facing an era of vast social changes and few are taking notice of this. Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: A recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it.    more >

EU birth rate climbing
France leads Mediterranean states

THE birth rate in the EU27 is rising. In 2008 this rate reached 10.9 live births per thousand inhabitants, 0.3 more than in 2007.    more >


A new cycle of victimhood, courtesy UPA
State as promoter of new social inequity

By M.D Nalapat

ALTHOUGH Mahatma Gandhi is revered for his life's example, the culture of iconography and mythology that pervades India has thus far prevented a comprehensive evaluation of his errors.    more >

Revive Sanskrit to save Hinduism
By JG Arora

THERE is an apt adage admiring Sanskrit: “Bhashasu mukhya madhura divya geervaan bharati” (Among all the languages, Sanskrit is the best, sweetest and divine language). Literally meaning “refined and cultured”, Sanskrit is the divine language revealed through the sages (Sanskritam naam daivi vaak anavyakhyata maharshibhihi).    more >

Interview of the Week

I have no regrets, I am no dissident

The BJP lost all the five Lok Sabha seats in Uttarakhand in the recent polls, including the three it had won in 2004. Shri BC Khanduri had offered to resign immediately after the poll results. During his over two years term as Chief Minister, he implemented many innovative policies.    more >

The Moving Finger Writes

Who should run temple, church properties?
By MV Kamath

AN interesting debate has begun among India’s Catholics over land and other assets possessed by the Church, worth literally billions of rupees. A report in the media notes that some sections of the laity are objecting to the assets being administered by Bishops.    more >

Kids’ Org

Waxing and waning of the Moon
By Manju Gupta

SOMA, the Moon-God, married 27 daughters of Sage Daksha and began to live happily with all his wives. But his peace was short lived as his wives began to feel jealous of whosoever got more attention from Soma.    more >

Health Watch

Female foeticide
A Mindset Revolution Required

By Dr SS Agrawal

THE practice of female foeticide, which is unfortunately prevalent in our country, is truly the most horrific form of gender discrimination.    more >

Media Watch

VIP security and common man

AMERICANS, it seems, do not care two hoots for celebrities. Especially at airports. If somebody has to be frisked, he is frisked. We learn that sometime in the past, the late Edward Kennedy was frisked; so was another celebrity, Al Gore.    more >


Insensitivity Unlimited
By Pravin Togadia

IN my travel, I went to my childhood friend’s house. His eyes were red and looked as if he had just cried on something. I got worried and asked him. His 14-year old grandson standing there laughed his heart out and said, “Oho! Those tears are because of that TV serial!...    more >


Sangh makes India proud
Objective viewpoint of an outsider about the RSS

By KK Gupta, IFS (Retd)

HAVING made-up my mind to join some political party, I considered it most appropriate to study the books and other literature of various political parties in order to take a conscientious decision.    more >

Readers’ Forum

Shy society, shameless debate (Organiser, 19-7-2009);
—Dr LS MADHAVA RAO, Plot No 5, Phase-III, 668, Kamalapuri Colony Hyderabad

There is sanity, sanctity and rationality in choosing a suitable life “mate” not only to get biological urge satisfied,...    more >

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