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August 28, 2011

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Readers’ Forum

Promoting communalism in the facade of fighting it (Organiser, 17.7.2011)

The proposed ‘Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill-2011’ fully exposes the double standards and divisive vote-bank politics of the Congress party and the UPA government. This very government had annulled some years ago TADA and POTA Acts passed by the earlier NDA government led by the BJP on the ground that these Acts were being misused. But there was not a single instance of misuse of these Acts. Not only that, this very UPA government has refused to ratify the GUJCOCA Act passed by the Gujarat government on the same ground though it is modelled on the MCOCA Act passed by the Maharashtra government which is in force in that State. Both TADA and POTA were very effective in dealing with terrorism and MCOCA still is effective for that purpose. But the UPA government buckled under the pressure of the Muslim lobby and the pseudo-secularist gangs repealed these Acts. Now the same Congress Party and UPA government is introducing the ‘Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill-2011’ with the clear mala fide intention of misusing it to the fullest extent to persecute and harass innocent, tolerant and non-resistant Hindus on merest suspicion and anonymous complaints. It is based on Pakistan’s infamous ‘Blasphemy Act’. This Bill is violative of the universally accepted principles of natural justice and is against the letter and spirit of the Indian Constitution. Therefore, it deserves to be rejected. All people who are genuinely interested in fighting terrorism should oppose it tooth and nail because it targets the innocent and stimulates the aggressive jihadi and evangelical gangs to undertake more terrorist programmes under its protection. India will have no right to call itself a secular country if the proposed ‘Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill is 2011’ is passed.

—Dr SURESH DHAYAGUDE, 4, Milap Society, Pune: 411 004

Glory and Splendour The poem titled Glory and Splendour’ published in the ‘Reader’s Forum’ page of Organiser, 10.7.11, is very unique and inspiring for the youths. This poem is filled with the spirit and teachings of pujya Swami Vivekananda. We are hopeful to read some more poems like this in future also.

—SRIKANT, Mandsaur, RSS office

When will fanatics change? Expulsion of Maulana Vastanvi from Dar-ul-Ulum is most unfortunate. Appreciation of Shri Narendra Modi for his all-round developed plan of Gujarat is considered as sin. Appointment of Maulana Vastanvi was considered as a sign of change in the attitude of Muslim intellectuals, but it seems that the communal and fanatical elements in the Ulum have once again shown their true colours. Let us hope that sane and secular thinking wins the heart of Muslim youth and induce the ulemas to join the mainstream of national culture.

—SH BHIDE, 879, Sadashiv Peth, Pune:411 030

Organiser: Projecting the problems of Hindus I like to read Organiser as it is the only Hindu weekly journal which writes openly about the problems which the Hindus are facing . The Indian government has been brutal in Baba Ram Dev’s fight against corruption and theft of millions of our money now lying in foreign banks. I read with great interest the article, ‘UPA sabotages India’s thorium energy quest’ written by MD Nalapat in the issue dated 26.6.11 of Organiser, about the betrayal of our programme to create huge and cheap energy through the use of thorium in our fast breeder reactors, which the Indian scientist can construct. The article is very informative.

—KN DEWAN, Wentworth Park, London, N3, IYG

Futile Indo Pak talks To have talks with Pakistan is as good as to follow mirage. Once again foreign ministers of Indo Pak had dialogues for restoration of peace. It is nothing but waste of time, energy and public money. Shri SM Krishna should inform the country about total number of peace dialogues held during 64 years prolonged period and its fruition. Outcome is big zero. Pakistan is playing a drama of peace. It’s disposition is contemptible. India has got clinching evidences against Pakistan for its involvement in subversive activities carried out through its cat’s paw. Congress led UPA government continued its Pak appeasement policy by releasing Pakistani prisoners one day prior to the arrival of new FM of Pak as a goodwill gesture. But SM Krishna could not open his mouth about the atrocities on religious minorities in Pak especially on Hindus and Sikhs. Nor he demanded immediate release of Sarabjit Singh who has been languishing in Pakistan jail since the last 20 years. It is a shameful act on part of SM Krishna .

—SRIDHAR V KULKARNI, Kalyan (West) Maharashtra

Mumbai under attack again (Organiser, 31.7.2011);

Again, the terrorists struck in Mumbai on Wednesday 13/7 after the Wednesday 26/11-08 in a sequence to destroy the economic zone of the country along with targetting particularly the Gujarati community as to retaliate the 2002 riots. Candidly, the much hype created by Congress over Gujrat riots following the Godhara carnage and creating the concept of saffron terrorism for its political gain, emboldened the jehadis from within and from across the border to strike. Also as per anticipation the UPA government has been involved in so many scams and keeping itself busy in countering and quashing the anti-corruption activities, heedless of the national interests regarding security, and the terrorists lurking for strike with greater and greater intensity. Further, the investigations, shallow consolations and compensations as usual wouldn’t console the anguished, agonised as well as outraged people of India. How long the nation will continue to be oozing or will its image will always be of a wailing nation. Conclusively, stringent measures must be taken to fight against terrorism putting the partisan politics aside and we must stand united to trounce terrorism as nation stands supreme.

—D VERMA, Lucknow

From lords to mere lads When the Indian cricket left for England, they were presumed to be the lords of test cricket. After the Lords’ Test, they have been proved to be mere street lads of test cricket. The reasons for the devastating, shameful debacle are not far to find. First, the body language between the two cricket teams showed that the Indians were sloppy, non-committed and relatively lethargic. There were no signs of grit, determination and do-or-die attitude among Indians. Even the physical structure showed that the English cricketers were more energetic and athletic while the Indians were comparatively pot bellied and have hardly exercised earnestly. It was a chaltaa hain attitude. Secondly, they did not seem to have a professional game plan to play under diverse and adverse English conditions. Thirdly, when one watched the Test, one got a feeling that each Indian player was playing for himself and expected other teammates to salvage the damage done. A five-day match has a totally different plan. But the ODIs and T20 have damaged the mind-set about five-day test matches. Lastly, our players should understand that every team in the world is improving its performance and studying the lacunae in the opponents. They do not bask in the past laurels and become complacent. Each match has to be played with the same fighting spirit of not underestimating the opponents nor overestimating our strengths. Sadly, whether it is cricket or bomb blasts, we wake up only when we are thrashed, humiliated and made mockery of. Only after that we sit to break our heads to decipher what went wrong and what are the remedies. We are slow in learning and implementing long term game-plans and strategies.

—HARISHCHANDRA PARSHURAM, Flat 34, 3rd Floor, Queens View, Juhu Road, Mumbai: 400 049

Hebalkar highlights similarities between South American and Indian cultures (Organiser, 29.5.11); This is not a discovery but a rampant thought that most of the primitive cultures have been based on ‘Idol worship’ which have roots in ‘Ancestors worship’. Worshipping the sun and the earth as the source of vital benefits is also of the same nature. The human nature is such that it has tremendous love for one who benefits it more without any strings. Since the parents and the nature along with the major portents of benefits i.e. sun and the earth serve the human race without their own reciprocal benefits, the human beings started worshipping them as a mark of appreciation or thanks giving. But everyone of us knows that the Almighty created mankind, the nature and its manifestations—sun and earth, etc.. Hence all of our appreciation, thankfulness, salutation and worship must be to God alone who made our kind parents and the benevolent nature. If we had a king doing all the good for us should we thank him or his courtiers?

—TANVEER FATIMA, Sandesh Bhavan, Lakkad Kote, Chatta Bazar, Hyderabad: 500 002, AP

Rahul Gandhi again shows his immature instincts Once again Rahul Gandhi has substantially displayed his rather impulsive and immature instincts. In fact this time his comments about the Mumbai blasts are not only offending to the victims and their families, but even shocked the grieving nation. As a politician; if he is indeed a politician, he should have given a stern message to our enemies that we will not be detered by their inhumanely and cowardice actions! But he has preferred not wise enough to do so.

— BK CHAUDHARI, Royal W Cresc, The Oakalls,B60 2TJ,Worcestershire: UK

Gita: Must for every one (Organiser, 17.7.2011);

It is really a matter of pleasure to know that ex-Prime Minister of Turky, a Muslim, had faith in Gita and used to read it daily during Second World War. Gandhiji treated Gita as his mother. To day, former President of India Shri APJ Abdul Kalam is a great admirer of Gita. Similarly Shri Deepak Chopra has been very famous for his largely attended discourses on Gita , by the people of all religions in USA. Today Gita has become well known scripture all over the world and has created great interest among intelligentia. But most disgusting part is that in India the secular and Islamic communalists are calling it as saffron and communal agenda, when it has been proposed to be part of school curriculum. They do not realise that Gita was a source of strength to freedom fighters. Moreover Gandhiji always recommended it to youth. Does Gita preach hatred? No, this philosophy was bestowed upon human beings by Lord Krishna long before the advent of Islam and Christianity in India, which are the cause of communalism and separatism. This scripture is for the benefit of all irrespective of race, caste, creed and facts. That is why, it is becoming popular in the world. Will secularist like to understand this?

—HS MEHTANI, 89/7, East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi: 26

Is India ruled by ‘a bunch of softies or nincompoops? India continues to be the target of terrorists and with each terrorist attack, the incompetence and inefficiency of the Government at the Centre is more than exposed. Of course, it is a different matter when it comes to deal with innocent and unarmed Hindus who assemble to voice their protest against corruption and black money. The way Baba Ramdev and his thousands of followers were subjected to police brutalities at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi showed how this UPA just for gaining political mileage in its all out efforts to stay in power could easily ride rough shod over Hindu sentiments and feelings and win laurels from pseudo secularists and baiters of Hinduism. After every terrorist attack, the latest being in Mumbai, the most favoured target of anti-national forces, as usual the weakest Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and his ‘friend, philosopher and guide’ Sonia Gandhi fly down to stand by the injured in hospitals to express their sympathy and the Union Home Minister, P Chidambaran, as usual looks clueless, but is smart enough to say that all terrorist groups, exported and home grown, are on the radar. And the search and then investigation follow, thereafter trial and it drags on. By then, another terrorist strike. Why can’t India take lesson from America, Britain, Spain and even Bangladesh? There has been no repeat of terrorist attacks in these countries. Israel is another classic example of how terrorists and their henchmen could be taught a lesson for life. Bangladesh caretaker government eliminated forever the dreaded terrorist outfit ‘Bangla Bhai’ which struck in all the 66 districts of the country simultaneously. Awami League led Government of Shiekh Hasina has not only acted decisively but firmly with all the terrorist groups and north-east militants. The most unfortunate part is that Congress has a leader who did not hesitate to call Osama as‘Ladenji’ when the whole world expressed its relief at his end. America has shown it has the guts and will to not only shoot dead a ‘terrorist’ but also bury him five fathom down the sea. After a train was bombed in Madrid in 2004, killing nearly 200 people, the masterminds and their cohorts of that deadliest attack in the west since the September 11, 2000 strikes against USA, only after 4 months of trial were sentenced to 40,000 years in prison, although under Spanish law maximum they can spend behind bars is 40 years. In our country, trial has to keep on running at huge public cost and even after the Supreme Court confirms death sentence of a convict, he has to be kept safe, hale and hearty, because winning election is more important than secure the life and property of countrymen. Those who die, a few words of condolence follow and those who loose their limbs and are maimed for life have no other option than to resign themselves to their fate, not of their making . Are we ruled by “a bunch of softies or nincompoops’?. Every sensible Indian might be searching for an answer.

—JYOTI LAL CHOWDHURY, Ukilpatty, Silchar, Assam – 7 88 004

Reviving rich heritage of India I felt very happy to learn that from the last about two decades, Bharatiya Prakratik Chikitsa and Yoga Sansthan is actively engaged in the wider fields of yoga and naturopathy in India and abroad focusing their development, demonstration, promotion, propagation, research, training and publication to revive the rich heritage coming down to us from our great seers, the beacons of great human learning and practical fruitful experience. The dire need of the day is to effectively and successfully fetch the desired relief to the suffering of humanity which is undergoing various troublesome complications and resultant disorders having crept into our bodies by stages.It is basically due to dreadful result of widespread fast food, vicious thinking, polluted environment, unchecked adulteration in edibles and haphazard haste in every day living. Remaining healthy is the greatest bliss of Mother Nature manifesting a pious canvass of Almighty God’s love in its purest form. The track leading to it needs concentrated attention with utmost priority. Simple and steady natural daily life routine with sincere attitude keeps human life energetic, preserve strength thereby increasing flow of smooth human life-spam. This many enable one to acquire bright divine light giving a clear message of ray of hope for the people caught in the pitch darkness of ignorance and despair. On the other side, staggering and unbridled way of life may lead one to a painful suffering ending up having led a purposeless life.

—MM PRABHAKAR, N-85, Dwarkapuri, Navin Shahdara, Delhi-32

Why not put PM under Lokpal? The government’s refusal to bring the PM and the acts of MP’s under the scanner of the Lokpal speaks volumes about its intentions. Ultimately a toothless Lokpal Bill will not be able to check corruption in high places. The argument that the PM’s office will suffer erosion of prestige and authority if it is brought under the ambit of the Lokpal is untenable. Already the office of the CM and other members of the higher bureaucracy have been place under the Lokpal. Has it damaged their prestige? If not then why should PM alone be provided immunity form Lokpal.


Jutice delayed is justice denied As per the news published on 3.5.2011, Justice JH Bhatia of Bombay High Court has expressed that session cases are also adjourned frequently without valid reasons. Similarly district government pleader also stated that lawyers tend to prolong cases. Thus there is delay in giving judgements or decisions by the courts. Here it is my humble request that let the action of the judges speak by avoiding the rise of their discretionary power and reject condonation of the cases which violate the Limitation Act in filing the cases. The objectivity and the strictness can be then followed by others. The concept of discretionary power is not having mandatory sense, but having voluntary sense, or it means freedom to decide. The basic concept of justice depends upon the justice in time and not at any time in course of time. Thus the kindness to forgive delay in filing the case must not add or increase delay in giving judgement in law suits filed within time or promptly. According to John Chipman Gray (1839-1915) the real creators of law are the judges, who draw their opinions especially from the moral convictions.

—Dr VW DESHPANDE, A5 Shee Audumbar Society, Dr Moose Road thone (W) 400 602

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