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February 20, 2011

Page: 1/37

Vol. LXII, No. 33, New Delhi, FEBRUARY 20, 2011

Congress is undermining Mamata in West Bengal
Might even strike clandestine deals with CPM

By Asim Kumar Mitra

COME what may there is no other choice left for Congress except to beg or borrow the partnership of Trinamool Congress in the forthcoming assembly election of West Bengal. There are apparently three reasons for this perception: One, Congress boss Sonia Gandhi wants that there should be an alliance with TMC as its leader Mamata Banerjee has been identified as the only leader who can successfully throw the CPM out of power.    more >

Narmada Kumbh
Kumbh will strengthen social harmony in Bharat

From Virag Pachpore in Mandla

RANI Durgavati Puram: The historic Ma Narmada Samajik Kumbh (social congregation) was formally inaugurated with the saints, shankaracharyas, mahamandaleswars and social leaders giving a clarion call to the entire Hindu society to foster national unity, facilitate social harmony and inculcate a strong patriotism to make Bharat Vishwa Guru –the World leader.    more >

Thinking Aloud
Why is China itching for a fight everywhere?

The next great war is going to be between America and China. China is actually spoiling for a fight, though it doesn’t show it. The presidents of the two countries met in Washington last month but the Americans admit in private that the summit didn’t go very well.    more >

Narmada Kumbh and the manufactured evangelical protest

The Narmada Samajik Kumbh, a purely cultural event is being politicised and demonised so much that it makes one feel as though the Hindus cannot even gather for a legitimate cause.    more >

RSS Sarkaryavah Bhaiyaji Joshi’s letter to PM
Investigate conspiracy to kill RSS leaders

I am constrained to make a demand on your valuable time justified by the seriousness of the subject of this letter. Stated briefly, the purpose of burdening you with this letter is to bring to your attention the deliberate attempts to distort, even pervert and politicise, the ongoing investigations into the bomb blasts at Malegaon, Ajmer and Hyderabad and to cast false aspersions on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).    more >

Sangh Samachar

The Only Place In India Where Food Is Cheap
From RBL Nigam

These items are meant for "POOR PEOPLE" and is available at Indian Parliament Canteen    more >

A unique Ganapati temple consecrated near Mangalore
A place for Hindus to congregate

By R Guru Prasad

A large number of devotees thronged a historical and unique open-air temple ‘Southedka Ganapathi’ near Mangalore on the late evening of February 7 where the popular annual feast ‘Moodappa Seva’ ( immersing the presiding deity Ganapathi with specially prepared sweets made with jaggery and rice, only to be distributed as prasadam later) held.    more >

SIT says no ground for action against Modi
Biased media wants to indict the CM

By Shyam Khosla

SECTIONS of media and “secular-liberal” crowd that are obsessed with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and hell-bent to demonise him are bedeviled by the findings of the Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by former CBI Director A K Raghvan.    more >

BJP document on black money
Bring the black money back, expose the culprits


“ALL-round corruption and recovery of black money from foreign countries is one of the biggest concerns of the countrymen today and therefore it is the important agenda of the BJP,” said BJP national president Shri Nitin Gadkari while releasing a research report on the issue of black money.    more >

BJP chief in China
Gadkari undertakes a tour for better understanding of Chinese model

By Ashok Tandon

BJP president Shri Nitin Gadkari’s proactive approach in dealing with the Chinese leaders during his goodwill visit to Beijing has earned him laurels in diplomatic circles.    more >

Alexandria Library Restoration
A lesson for Nalanda University revival

By Priyadarshi Dutta

WHILE Egypt is the flavour of the season with an ‘Ozymandias’ fighting for his survival in the Nile Valley, an event in the Gangetic plain captured some attention.    more >

Court asks CBI to explain how Aseemananda’s confessions were leaked
By Pramod Kumar

A Delhi court on February 4 asked the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to explain how Swami Aseemananda’s ‘confession’ on his alleged role in Ajmer blast became public.    more >

BJP Telecom Consumer Cell Submits Memorandum to TRAI

Directly compensate the telecom consumers harassed by unsolicited telemarketing SMS or calls    more >

VS takes on UDF and Pinarayi
Ice-cream parlour scandal haunts Congress, Muslim League and CPM

By S Chandrasekhar

IN 2006 CPM state Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan embarked on a ‘Kerala Yatra’ to catapult him to the Chief Minister’s chair in May 2006 Assembly polls.    more >

One year of Vishwa Mangal Gou Gram Yatra
An experiment in cow as the pivot of rural economy

By Pramod Kumar

ONE year has passed since the Vishwa Mangal Gou Gram Yatra concluded in New Delhi with presenting a memorandum containing over 8.40 crore signatures to the President Smt Pratibha Patil on January 31, 2010.    more >


The Moving Finger Writes

Minorityism in India
By MV Kamath

The sharp differences that have arisen, allegedly among Muslim religious leaders as a result of certain remarks made on the position of Muslims in Gujarat by Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Vastani, Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom Deoband, raise many questions of relevance.    more >

Media Watch

Why do we have no good obituaries ?

IN the past one year several celebrities have passed away, but they all went practically unnoticed by the media. But the death of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi has struck a chord, it seems, in millions of hearts and the outpourings of feelings expressed in so many ways is indicative of the respect which he has commanded for over six decades.    more >

Kids’ Org

Punishment for Deception
By Manju Gupta

KING Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagar saw Tenali Raman enter his kingdom with a bejewelled box in his hands. On seeing this beautiful box, the king asked him, “Tenali, what are you carrying in this box? From where did you get it?”    more >

Lone Cock among Hens

IN King Krishnadeva Raya’s kingdom, it was customary to release a list of the top 10 highest income-tax payers.    more >


Pakistan, a Tinderbox
By MV Kamath
Tinderbox: The Past and Future of Pakistan, MJ Akbar; Harper Collins, Pp 342; Rs 499.00

The man who saved Kashmir and Bengal for India
By Tej N Dhar
Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Indian Politics: 1938-1953, Prashanto Kumar Chatterji, Foundation Books, Pp 381(HB), Rs. 795.00

Naipaul’s African safari
By Dr Vaidehi Nathan
The Masque of Africa: Glimpses of African Belief, VS Naipaul, Picador, Pp 325 (HB) , £20.00.

A Preview
Theoretical physics made easy, enjoyable

By Dr Vaidehi Nathan
The Beautiful Invisible. Creativity, imagination and theoretical physics, Giovanni Vignale, Oxford University Press in March

The invention that changed the world
By Dr R Balashankar
The Most Powerful Idea in the World, A Story of Steam, Industry and Invention , William Rosen, Jonathan Cape, Random House, Pp 370(HB), £20.00.

Does science have all the answers on Universe ?
On being, A scientist’s explorations of the great questions of existence, Peter Atkins, Oxford University Press, Pp 111(HB), £10.99

The bees can teach us management techniques!
The Wisdom of Bees: What the hive can teach business about leadership, efficiency and growth, Michael O’Malley,Penguin Books Ltd, Pp 214 (PB), £9.99.


President’s address to Parliament and governor’s address to Legislature
Need to change the practice

By Justice (Retd) Dr M Rama Jois

Frequent incidents of disturbance during address by Governor to joint session of Legislatures including the one which occurred recently in Karnataka, points out that it is because of the practice of making the ...    more >

Open Forum

Kashmir imbroglio
Integration diluted by Article 370

By Atul Sehgal

JAMMU and Kashmir has been culturally, geographically and historically an integral part of India. It has been home to sages and seers who chose to settle in the picturesque and serene surroundings of the Valley to meditate upon the Supreme Divinity and realise Him.    more >

Readers’ Forum

Dishonour to Tricolour
—RAMINDER SINGH, B-234, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-1

It came as a rude shock to all of us, the way the State police snatched the tricolour from the BJP workers who had managed to reach Lal Chowk to hoist the flag. Since India is a sovereign country and Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of it then how can the police stop any Indian citizen form hoisting the national flag on Republic Day or Independence Day.    more >

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