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March 15, 2009

Page: 1/43

Vol. LX, No. 36, New Delhi, March 15, 2009

Withering State Of Terror Hub
Attack on Sri Lankan players shows Taliban hold on Pakistan
Attack on Sri Lankan cricketers exposes Pak perfidy

By Shyam Khosla

TURMOIL in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal?countries whose domestic troubles have a serious bearing on our security?is a big challenge to Indian diplomacy particularly at this point of time when the nation is in the process of electing a new government.    more >

War Against Terrorism Outsourced?II
Pak Army, Jehadi, Taliban Nexus

By Balbir K Punj

THE Pakistani army has all along been abetting the militancy in Kashmir hoping to use the jihadis to deliver ?a thousand cuts to bleed India? as the army could no longer hope to defeat the Indian security forces.    more >

The Moving Finger Writes
What if Pakistan is crumbling?
By M.V. Kamath

NOTHING in recent times has been more stunning than the acceptance by Pakistan or the charge that the jehadi attacks on Mumbai on 26/11 were planned and subsequently launched from Pakistan soil, and that some of the perpetrators were from the Lashkar-e-Toiba.    more >

Cattle smuggling and infiltration

THE nation is paying a heavy price for the indifference of the centre towards ongoing illegal infiltration from Bangladesh. Investigations have revealed that the number of illegal Bangladeshis in India is more than a 100 million and they have become a serious threat to the country?s national security.    more >

Develop cutting-edge defence industries
By Bharat Verma

TO develop cutting edge defence industries, New Delhi must eschew the inherent divisive tendencies. Instead of consolidating Aero India 2009 as the foremost Asian aerospace show, we reduced its functional importance by taking away two aspects integral to it.    more >

Military option against terror camps
How prepared are we?

By Brigadier (Retd.) Arun Bajpai

HAVING half heartedly mentioned military option twice it is good thing that Indian political masters of the UPA Government have now finally given it up as an riposte for 26/11.    more >

Sangh Samachar

Really, Congress deserves all ?credit? for Slumdog?s Oscars?Modi

IN remarks dripped with sarcasm, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi says the ?real credit? for Slumdog Millionaire?s Oscar glory should go to the Congress suggesting that but for the party?s rule for several decades there would not be any slums to be made into a movie.    more >

Launch of Interlinking of Rivers
Why only on general election eve?

By Arabinda Ghose

LARGELY ignored by the English language print and electronic media, Prof. Saifuddin Soz announced before media persons on February 27, 2009 ...    more >

Bangla infiltrators in women traffic
Hindu girl kidnapped by Bangla Muslims, sold outside

By Debasis Tripathy in Bhubaneswar

THE mushrooming growth of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration has not only endangered Orissa?s coast line but it has also created panic among the native villagers.    more >

Congress is just the reverse of BJP
Gehlot stops even social security schemes started by Raje

By Lokpal Sethi in Jaipur

VASUNDHARA Raje lead BJP government, did not shelve any of the developmental schemes, started by the previous Ashok Gehlot led Congress government.    more >

Swami Ramdev?s agricultural revolution
By Ravindra Saini

AFTER teaching millions the ?miraculous powers? of Yoga, Swami Ramdev has now embarked on a new proj?ect to bring about krishi kranti (agricultural revolution) in the country and help farmers prosper.    more >

Back in the Hindu fold

AROUND 300 Christians belonging to 60 families at Vikasnagar in Dehradun returned to their roots i.e. Hinduism on February 25. The home coming ceremony was organised at a temple by Dharam Jagran Vibhag.    more >

Cornered Achuthanandan surrenders to Pinarayi
By S Chandrasekhar

TOTALLY letting down lakhs of Malayalis who poured into the streets of Kerala, spontaneously, when the Pinarayi controlled CPM state committee denied him a ticket for contesting 2006 Assembly polls, VS Achuthanandan, Chief Minister, ...    more >

Three-day national seminar on health in Dehradun
Benefits of health policy must reach the last person of the society?Sureshrao Joshi

By Ravindra Saini

THE health policies should be formulated involving the medical experts. The over all objective of any policy should be to extend the benefits to the last person of the society.    more >

A good teacher is one who inspires

This is an extract from the speech of Sri Ramachandra Gowda, Hon?ble Medical Education Minister, Government of Karnataka, delivered in Calicut, Kerala on February 14, 2009.    more >

Government control of temples weakening Hinduism?II
Shackling Hindu faith

By JG Arora

THOUGH a secular state can neither reward nor punish any religion, shackling Hindu religion through State control of temples continues all over India except in Himachal Pradesh ...    more >

The muck we teach our children
A conspiracy to distort history and de-nationalise students

By Himanshu Shekhar Jha

EDUCATION at the school stage in India today suffers from a number of ills which are difficult to detail within the compass of a few words. Each evil needs to be addressed separately and elaborately.    more >

Dr Hedgewar Arogya Rath launched in Uttarakhand
By Ravindra Saini

UTTARAKHAND government launched special mobile medical facility for the people of the State. Named after RSS founder Dr Hedgewar, the Arogya Rath, will look after the health needs of the people in remote areas.    more >

Islands in Indian ocean face security threat? Rajnath Singh

?BJP is concerned over the security of islands in Indian seas. The gruesome terrorist attack on Mumbai city in November 2008 has made the people of India extremely concerned ...    more >

Dr Kathiria demands inquiry into Indian accounts in Swiss banks

DR. Vallabhbhai Kathiria, the veteran MP from Gujarat, demanded a discussion in the Lok Sabha regarding the money deposited in Swiss banks by Indians.    more >

Surya launches eco-friendly CFL lamps

SURYA Roshni Limited launched PH+ technology CFL lamps, which gives higher lumen and energy saving in CFL lamps.    more >


Thinking Aloud

Hoity-toity economic advisers won't tell you the problem
By Dr. Jay Dubashi

SIX months after the western economies started crashing, nobody seems to know how and why they are collapsing. The Economist, London, which gives the impression it knows everything and also has a solution for everything, has at last conceded that nobody appears to know ?what it is he or she is talking about?, including the magazine.    more >

A Matter of Economics

Queer logic of public money and private profit
By R. Balashankar

IINDIA?S reform economists are a funny lot. They don?t mind the czars of industry feted with public money but they cannot stand any kind of subsidy or bonanza for the poor living under the poverty line. They believe that if the industry is pampered and protected the economy will grow double digit and the trickle down effect will cancel out poverty.    more >

Politics Plus

A CM?s odyssey for justice
Shivraj walks the road to expose the ?Black? in the UPA

By Sangeet Verma

IT is with a negative poll strategy to damage the agenda of development that the UPA government has shrewdly cut coal supplies to the BJP-ruled states, ensuring that the power crises in these states looms large just before the general elections. And the common man of Madhya Pradesh is the worst-hit victim now.    more >

Think It Over

America and the Islamic world
By MSN Menon

TERRORISM is fascism. The terrorist believes that he alone is right, that others are wrong. This is the very anti-thesis of the democratic spirit. And yet, America, the epitome of democracy, fathered terror! It has sustained terror by protecting Pakistan, the source of all terror.    more >

Kids? Org

Restoration of Agni's power
By Manju Gupta

LORD Brahma, the Creator, decided to create Agni, the Goddess of fire. Agni had bright red with orange and yellow complexion and endowed with seven tongues which breathed fire.    more >

Health Watch

Vaccination for women and adolescent girls
You?re never too old to get immunised!

By Dr Sharda Jain

IN India, coverage of immunisa-tion is not 100 per cent. Fifty per cent of the adolescent girls never had complete immunisation. Keeping that in mind the campaign of vaccination for adult women and adolescent girls was started.    more >

Book Reviews by Manju Gupta

A compelling account of maternal love
Priya Mookerjee: My Guru in Disguise, Wisdom Tree, 209 pp, Rs 245.00

Networking a strategy for life
Andrea R. Nierenberg: Savvy Networking: 118 Fast and Effective Tips for Business Success, Macmillan India Ltd, 109 pp, Rs 195.00

A guide to tarot reading
Larra Shah: Miracle Cards: A Guide Book, Rupa & Co., 27 pp + 42 cards, price not given

A view on horoscope
500 Horoscopes and Bio-data of Eminent Persons of India and World, Dandapani Panda, author-publisher, Pp 520, Rs 350.00

Nazare, Ehsaas: Compilation of Hindi poems on life and love
Nazare (Hindi), S.N. Gupta, author-publisher, Pp 104, price not given

Media Watch

Slumdog Millionaire: Eight Oscars and a runaway box office

IF the editorial views of four English-language newspapers, one from Chennai, one from Bengaluru, one from Mumbai and yet another from Mumbai, represent the views of the average Indian citizen on the Oscars won by Slumdog Millionaire they make querulous reading indeed. Deccan Herald (February 24) felt that though AR Rehman ?is already considered a master composer in domestic cinema? his Oscar win ensures that he has now ?arrived truly and surely in the international arena?.    more >

Interview of the Week

BJD and BJP have complemented each other's popularity? KV Singhdeo

Shri KV Singhdeo, a scion of Bolangir royal family and senior BJP leader, is Urban Development Minister of Orissa. He is confident that this time not only he himself, but the BJP-BJD alliance would sweep the forthcoming elections for the record third time.    more >


Only aggressive Hindutva can fight terrorism ?Yogi Adityanath

YOGI ADITYANATH is a role model for Hindu youths in UP. The heir of the famous Gorakh Nath Peeth in Gorakhpur and BJP MP, Yogi is very vigorous and energetic. He has formed Hindu Yuva Vahini at the state level, which is mobilising the youths towards Hinduism.    more >

Readers? Forum

Hilarious pub-editorials and pub culture (Organiser, 15-2-2009);
?BIMAL PRASAD MOHAPATRA, Seemanta Engineering College, Jharpokharia, Mayurbhanj, Orissa
A few days back one central minister announced after the Mangalore pub attack took place that she will ask the mother of Pramod Muthalik of Sri Ram Sena, ?How did she raise her son??    more >

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