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May 17, 2009

Page: 1/35

Vol. LX, No. 45, New Delhi, May 17, 2009

Privatisation of welfare schemes
UPA?s glib promises on Health Security, Education For All

By Naresh Minocha

THE UPA government is short-changing aam aadami by privatising social infrastructure such as hospitals, educational facilities and rail passenger amenities. This, in effect, means slamming doors on his face as his access and affordability is limited only to the government facilities. Several cases of such privatisation deals are emerging both from the Centre and the States especially the ones governed by UPA or its allies including the estranged Left in the West Bengal.    more >

UPA style trickles down to it is

CAN a donkey and a horse together pull a cart faster and over a longer distance? The provocation for this issue is the UPA government?s grandiose scheme of super-imposing private sector management on State-run Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) under the public private partnerships (PPPs).    more >

Thinking Aloud

Communists: Neither here nor there
By Dr Jay Dubashi

WHAT has happened to communists? They are neither here nor there, not only in India but all over, the world eking out an existence on the margins of national politics, and reduced to political beggary of the most miserable kind.    more >


Death of Ideology; Overtaken by servile flattery

A unique feature of the campaign for the 15th Lok Sabha was the ruling establishment?s explicit unease with confronting national issues. The Congress tried its best to avoid any discussion on the UPA government?s five-year record in office.    more >

Volunteers of LK Advani Communications Office conduct field campaign

A team of about 30-40 volunteers of LK Advani Communications Office campaigned in the New Delhi region for the party. The volunteers, who have been managing the website and are involved in other micro-campaigns such as Advani @ Campus, moved from one location to another spreading the message of the party to different segments of the society.    more >

Sangh Samachar

Economics of populism
Cash transfer promise in Andhra Pradesh

By Nirmala Sitharaman

IN the context of election 2009, two words are uttered by most citizens in Andhra Pradesh?cash transfer. There are a few who refer to it as nagadu bhadali padakam.    more >

India?s Nepal policy dictated by the Left
The Left continues to write India?s policy on Nepal, writes Ravi Shanker Kapoor

INDIA?S neighbourhood is increasingly becoming dangerous. In the west, we have Pakistan which is under siege by the Taliban, who were fashioned by the country?s elite. In the south, there is Sri Lanka which is fighting a vicious civil war with the Tamil terrorists, a war whose flames have reached India and influenced its politics.    more >

Maoists get trapped in their own web
By Shyam Khosla

Maoist-led government that came to power in Nepal last year collapsed in just eight months, thanks to Maoists? crude attempt to foist a fake ?people?s democracy? on the republic by subverting democratic institutions.    more >

Polls over, Yeddyurappa shifts focus on governance
Corporation elections, ministerial reshuffle, development works and review meetings on agenda

From R Guru Prasad in Bengaluru

CM BS Yeddyurappa has finally returned to his office in Vidhana Soudha after a gap of 45 days. Especially when everybody thought CM may need a break from his long marathon of uninterrupted exhaustive election campaign , he set an example by returning to his office and conducting high level meetings on fertilizers, on going junior doctors strike, law and order etc., on day one itself.    more >

Hindus ask Europe to end
Roma apartheid and apologise for centuries of maltreatment


HINDUS have asked European Union and countries of Europe to urgently take steps to end apartheid of their Roma people, terming it as immoral and a dark stain on the face of Europe.    more >

Tiananmen survivor recalls Communist terror
By Audra Ang

THE demonstrations at Tiananmen Square began when students put-up posters praising deposed chief Hu Yaobang and indirectly criticising the hardliners who forced his resignation. Thousands marched in Beijing and Shanghai shouting, ?Long live Hu Yaobang! Long live democracy!?    more >

The bane of India is its bogus secular brigade
By Manmath Deshpande

A bane of India and Hindus are our self-proclaimed ?secularists? who are in reality nothing but a bunch of spineless cowards?mental slaves of minorities?and are people who follow horrible double standards.    more >

An appeal to voters
Shekhawat calls for support to BJP

Author Title Comes Here

My dear sisters and brothers in Rajasthan and the rest of India,
The process of electing the 15th Lok Sabha has begun. You will choose your representatives in the remaining phases of the elections on May 7 and 13.    more >

Think It Over

From affirmation to negation
Limits of Hindu tolerance

By MSN Menon

?DOUBT is the beginning of wisdom,? says Betrand Russell, the Philosopher.
The Rig Veda begins with doubts. A hymn says:    more >

The Moving Finger Writes

How to recover stolen money
By M.V. Kamath

FOR some weeks now, L K Advani has been proclaiming that if the BJP-led NDA coalition comes back to power, it would facilitate the recovery of black money stashed by many Indians in tax-free havens abroad, hopefully within a hundred days.    more >

Kids? Org

Nandanar merged with Lord Nataraj
By Ratnadeep Banerji

NANDANAR stands prominent amongst the sixty-three Nayanars. The Shaiva Siddhanta showers encomiums on their effulgent devotion to Shiva. God does not debar any bona fide person to seek him and call on him.    more >

Book Review
Poll Scene

Youth agenda and women charter give edge to Goel's campaign

AFTER presenting his ?Youth Agenda? the BJP National General Secretary and party candidate for New Delhi seat Vijay Goel expressed his concern over the status of women, specially housewives? social and economic security.    more >

Media Watch

The politics of shoe fling

FIRST it was Iraqi TV reporter Mumtazer al-Zaidi who created a storm by flinging both his shoes at the then US President George Bush at a press conference. Bush?s reflexes were remarkable: he ducked both the shoes with remarkable agility.    more >


Appreciating Sangh from an outsider's perspective
By Dr Vijay Rajiva

THE family of organisations (the literal meaning of Sangh Parivar) or more precisely the community of organisations-led by the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS), established by Dr Hedgewar in 1925) and its sister organisations and affiliates considers itself to be a movement ...    more >

Open Forum

Bad coin drives away the good ones faster
By Dr LS Madhava Rao

THE musk is in the deer and it seeks it (Musk) not and only goes in quest of grass. Indian culture is as old as the hills and has been handed over to us from generation to generation. Culture is a comprehensive term depicting the total behaviour of the personality at all times without losing connection to its roots.    more >

Readers? Forum

A nation without vision (Organiser, 19-4-2009);
?ISHWAR CHANDRA, 239, Dharamkunj Apartments, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi

We seem to have become a nation that has lost its way in its march towards the future. After sixty years when we were partitioned by the British for leaving India on Hindu-Muslim population basis to please the Muslim League leaders, the communal feeling to brand Hindus as communal is growing now.    more >

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