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May 17, 2009

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Readers? Forum

A nation without vision (Organiser, 19-4-2009); We seem to have become a nation that has lost its way in its march towards the future. After sixty years when we were partitioned by the British for leaving India on Hindu-Muslim population basis to please the Muslim League leaders, the communal feeling to brand Hindus as communal is growing now. The Congress led by the Nehru-Gandhi family is responsible for this state of affairs in India. The Congress has ruled India for more than sixty years and now All India Muslim League is secular and Hindus have become communal. The main reason for this situation is the Hindu leaders who call themselves ?secular? and always propagate wrong theories to succeed in their missions. From the day India got freedom, Congress leaders started patronising Muslim and Christian leaders and gave them extra benefits. Almost all the Muslim League leaders, who did not go to Pakistan, became members of Congress and even Muslim League became secular and participated in governments run by the Congress?first in Kerala and then in central government. Hindus were declared communal. Hindus were blamed for demolishing the Babri structure in Ayodhya without knowing the real facts that the structure was constructed after demolishing the Ram temple by Mughal ruler?Babur?and it was never used as a masjid by Muslims. The demolition became a tool for pseudo-secular Congress government to criticise Hindus and the results were: Demolition of lot of temples in Pakistan and India, the Godhra incident, in which about 59 Hindu karsevaks were burnt alive in a train, serial bomb blasts in Mumbai in 1993 by Dawood Ibrahim and his gang killing hundreds of people and damaging property worth crores of rupees, without any action against them. Gujarat riots were the after-effect of the Godhra incident, which are still being used by the ?secular? brigade to defame and denigrate Hindus of Gujarat and Narendra Modi. Till today not a single ?secular? Congress leader have named the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb for demolishing the Shiv temple in Varanasi, Mathura?s Krishna temple and other temples during his reign. Now the problems for Hindus living in partitioned India are: (i) Christian missionaries are spending huge amount of money to convert them to Christianity, (ii) Muslims living in India are allowed to have four wives and no restriction on producing children, while Hindus are supposed to adopt family planning. The Hindus will become a minority in India after sometime and will have to be converted to Christianity or Islam like in Bangladesh and Kashmir. Where will then they go to remain Hindus?

239, Dharamkunj Apartments, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi

Simple language: I think you publish Organiser to exhibit the scholarly wisdom of a few writers, who use thesaurus to select and use the most difficult and uncommon words, forgetting that it is read widely by those people associated with RSS and BJP. What is more surprising is the fact that it is not available on any newspaper stand in a big city like Thane. I am a regular subscriber to Organiser, because I am an RSS swayamsevak. Please ask your writers to use simple language, commonly used by the common man, so that the main objective to spread your views can be achieved.

A-5, Shree Audumbar Co.Op. Hsg. Society, Jayantilal Wadi, Lalbaug, Thane

(We appreciate your suggestion. If you can specify the items or writers you find unfriendly to the reader, we will be able to make amends.?Editor)

Opportunistic alliance (Organiser, 3-5-2009); The NCP leader Sharad Pawar?s recent statement that they do not want Maharashtra to be another Gujarat in reference to the communal riots that occurred in Gujarat seems to obliterate the fact that it was during his own rule in Maharashtra that the infamous Mumbai serial blasts took place way back in 1993. Such utterances are only a guise to hide their inept handling of the state economics, which has witnessed wheat scam involving an Australian company, which supplied red wheat not fit for consumption even by the pigs. And to remind the Agricultural Minister that it was during his tenure that the number of suicides by farmers in Maharashtra went from a few hundreds to above thousand per year.

B1-404, Saraswati Society, NG Acharya Marg, Chembur, Mumbai

The bias of the state and EC (Organiser, 19-4-2009); This article on Varun Gandhi by OP Gupta is very informative. The equally energetic article is written by Anand Mishra 'Abhay' (22-3-2009). A booklet should be produced containing such articles to be distributed among the masses so as to enlighten them about the facts, not known to many of them.

1251/8C/CHD, Chandigarh

*   *   *

One bribed journalist said that Varun Gandhi?s imprisonment was a drama scripted by him and Maneka Gandhi. Such corrupt journalists are really helping the Islamic terrorists? plan of genocide of Hindus and showing their corrupt minds by calling the victims of Islamic terrorism ?cruel conspirators?.

by e-mail

NSS-SNDP support makes BJP candidate stronger in Kerala capital (Organiser, 19-4-2009); The BJP is really trying hard for a victory to its state president from the state capital. But it is a fact that there is perhaps no other state that can be compared to Kerala when it comes to electoral contests and outcomes. The thin band that separates most winners from losers, and the high elasticity in voter preference both exhilarate and frustrate electoral crystal gazers. The 2009 Lok Sabha election promises to be no different, the only rider being the undercurrent of anti-incumbency that seems to be jolting the CPM-led Left Democratic Front.

Kunnamkulam, Trichur, Kerala

Left in Bengal likely to suffer a jolt in Lok Sabha elections (Organiser, 12-4-2009); It?s an irony that the ruling CPM-led front is trying to take credit for industrial drive to woo voters mainly in urban and semi-urban areas while the Trinamool Congress is using its resistance to farmland acquisition as the main campaign mantra, predominantly in the rural belt. If forcible land acquisition acted as a catalyst, the years of failure of the Left in providing good governance is an issue that has upset the middle-class Bengalis. The governance failure in virtually every sector?roads, health, education, nutrition, infant mortality, poverty, etc?will surely haunt them in the elections.

Hingane Kh., Muktanagar, Pune

*   *   *

The people of West Bengal are fed up with the violence, intimidation and oppression of the Left cadres, especially in the rural areas. They have created deep-rooted corruption in every sphere of life in the state. The communists? rule of over 30 years has made most of the CPM leaders of the state despots and corrupt. This attitude came to the fore during the time of forcible land acquisition in Nandigram and Singur. Furthermore, in their effort to woo the Muslim vote bank, the CPM has always played a major role. It has never taken the issue of Bangladeshi migration seriously, which has created a huge problem for the people of the state.

Kali Bari, Tarapur, Silchar

Mollycoddling Madhani is not secularism (Organiser, 12-4-2009); In its desperation to garner Muslim votes, the CPM is not only working with the anti-national parties but also persuading other communal outfits in West Bengal and Kerala. In fact, it has been experienced that communist parties in India do not follow their own ideology. We see communists in the name of Leftists do not oppose the Congress party?their main opponent in Kerala and West Bengal. They do not oppose Lalu?s RJD and Mayawati?s BSP though there were serious allegations of corruption against Lalu and Mayawati, both of whom always use the card of casteism. Even these Leftists shed crocodile tears for the poor proletarians but always invite big companies and investors to the states of West Bengal and Kerala and do not oppose missionary and Islamic organisations, which are patronised by the capitalistic people. The people of India must recognise the fact that there is no need at all of communal, principle-less communist parties or communists in India.

Mangal Pur, Jajpur, Orissa

Crush terror network (Organiser, 5-4-2009); The resolution on terrorism adopted at the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha of RSS held in Nagpur from March 20 to 22 is a very vital document. Today terrorism in the name of one particular religion is haunting humanity. The principle question is: Do we follow a ?zero tolerance? policy against terrorism? After all, India?s terror death toll in the past five years is second only to Iraq. The second question posed is whether we remain absolutely unconditionally critical of terrorists? The answer is a frank no! Rather, India?s collective progressive consciousness is dominated by the Stockholm syndrome. So, we have the pseudo-secularist writer and activist Arundhati Roy maliciously justifying the Mumbai attack as a consequence of Indian Army?s supposed ?deplorable? human rights record in Kashmir. The Leftists who are teeming everywhere being votaries of revolutionary terror are principally sympathetic to violence against the Hindu bourgeoisie.

Sribash Datta Lane, Howrah

*   *   *

Instead of collectively condemning terrorism as the worst crime against humanity with a most dangerous ideological core, we find Islamic terrorism being uncritically compared to the communal riots with the simplistic premise that both supposedly feed on each other. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Communal riots often follow a period of building communal tensions, yet post-riots when tensions have eased, both communities go back to their own way of life. Of course, the root cause of communal conflict in a pluralistic society is exclusivism of monotheistic faiths, which accentuates social tensions by trying to impose their hegemonistic views, thinking and culture on the ?others?.

Tilakpur, Sultanganj, Bhagalpur

*   *   *

Indian terror experts have not been able to quantify the threat from sections of Indian youth outside J&K because of a fear in political circles that such an exercise for quantification might have an adverse effect on the Muslim vote in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Similarly, there is no dearth of Naxalite sympathisers even in elite academic institutions who vituperate legitimate anti-Naxal groups like the Salwa Judum. Such moral vacuity on the part of our ?progressives? is intolerable and unacceptable.

34, Janakpuri, Secunderabad

A reading on Hinduism (Organiser, 5-4-2009); I found this book review very enlightening. If a man knows his own self, he knows other beings and God. What is my ego? Ponder deeply, and one will know that there is no such thing as ?I?. As one peels off the skin of an onion, one finds it consists only of skin; one cannot find any kernel in it. So too on analysing the ego, one will find that there is no real entity that one can call ?I?. Such an analysis of the ego convinces one that the ultimate substance is God alone. When egotism drops away, divinity manifests itself.

Stafford, Betway 8, Houston, USA

A conspiracy to distort history and denationalise students (Organiser, 15-3-2009); Himanshu Shekhar Jha has blamed NCERT for distortion of history. In NCERT?s textbook on history for class XII, Gandhiji has been quoted as saying, as per his views in Harijan Sevak (12-10-1947), ?to confine oneself to Hindi or Urdu would be crime against intelligence and patriotism?. Thus Gandhiji made Urdu at par with Hindi, and the study of English above both of them. It is clear that NCERT is faithfully following the path shown by Gandhiji.

72/Sector-8, Panchkula

A tribute to Subhas Chandra Bose (Organiser, 8-2-2009); Dipin Damodharan has correctly assessed the contribution of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in the struggle for independence of India but he has made a slight mistake in the name of the Governor of West Bengal who hosted Clement Attlee at the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata. Phani Bhusan Chakraborty (not AP Chakraborty) was the temporary Governor of West Bengal when Attlee came to Kolkata and stayed at the Raj Bhavan. He asked Attlee why did the British leave India after the victory of the allied forces in the World War-II? Attlee frankly admitted that the heroic exploits of the Indian National Army led by Subhas Chandra Bose brought about the change of loyalty among the British Indian army, navy and air force, which compelled the British to leave India.

Gutri, Gaighata, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

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