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March 22, 2009

Page: 1/42

Vol. LX, No. 37, New Delhi, MARCH 22, 2009

Third Front witching time
Chaos reign supreme on poll eve
Why the Left will never win in India?

By Aditya Pradhan

THE Third Front this time around, is being pushed hard by out-of-circulation politicians as a viable alternative to the Congress or BJP led coalition government at the Centre post-elections. more >

Ebbing sway of Church
On Stem Cell Research Obama defies religious orthodoxy
Obama signs executive order reversing Bush?s legacy on Stem Cell Research

By Aditya Pradhan

THIS week US President Barack Obama decisively and demonstrably turned back the Republican legacy on morality by lifting restrictions on federal funding on embryonic Stem Cell Research. more >

Think it Over
The reconstruction of Nalanda
By MSN Menon

GIVE me Light! Give me Enlightenment! Such has been and is the daily prayer of the Hindus from Vedic times. The fire of knowledge, assures Krishna in the Gita, ?turns all karma into ashes.? more >

Why the Congress is gung-ho

POWER has its own logic. It is euphoric and those without it will never understand. The Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari participating in a television debate boasted that the poll outcome is a foregone conclusion as the country?s polity has become ?unipolar?. more >

Why the fiscal package is ineffective
By Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala

THE fiscal package implemented by the Government does not appear to be delivering. The rupee has declined to an all-time low of Rs 52 to a dollar. more >

Vijay Sankalp Rally in Dehradun
Advani calls for regime change to punish inept UPA

From Ravindra Saini

LAUNCHING the BJP?s huge ?Vijay Sankalap Rally? in Dehradun?s Parade Ground, former Deputy Prime Minister Shri LK Advani urged the voters to punish the Congress for its anti-people and anti-nation policies. more >

Hindu vote bank is necessary to save India?Vishwesha Teertha Swami
From R Guru Prasad in Bengaluru

A large number of people of Bengaluru assembled at the National College Ground to listen to over a dozen swamijis of different mutts across Karnataka. more >

Sarsanghachalak Shri KS Sudarshan condoles the death of Giridharilal Bhargava, MP

RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri KS Sudarshan condoled the death of veteran BJP leader and six times MP from Jaipur Giridhari Lal Bhargava. more >

Poll spending can bring boom in economy
By Gopal K Agarwal

ELECTIONS have been declared. They will take place between April 16 and May 13, 2009. As the elections are approaching there is a frenetic reaching out to all the political spectrum. more >

When ?Aazami Taliban? raided Lucknow
By Anand Mishra ?Abhay?

IT was a fine morning turned into tumultuous one when two ?Ulema Express? trains jam-packed with fanatic skull capped youths and bearded mullas from Azamgarh arrived at NER Railway junction, Lucknow under the leadership of ?Ulema Council? on February 20. more >

ABVP's management festival
A lesson in saving jobs during meltdown

By R Mallikarjunrao

CHETANA 2009, a State level management festival was held under the auspices of ABVP on February 20, 21, 22 at Osmania University, Hyderabad. more >

Resentment grows against Gogoi on Guwahati serial killings
By Nava Thakuria

THE public resentment against the failure of the authority to nab the serial killer of at least seven pavement dwellers in Guwahati has surfaced slowly but steadily. more >

This is how CPM takes it on Hindu temples!

KOCHI: Kerala State Electricity Board which cancel ?Power cuts? during Bakrid and Christmas but neglect special days of Hindus had send a whopping amount of three crore rupees to Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) for the recent Sabarimala Pilgrimage season. more >

A Kerala story of election soup of crab-sidle
Pension to jehadi training ustads

By Dr CI Issac

THE appeasement of minorities at the expense of the majority, the Hindus, has covered another milestone in the history of Kerala?s political evolution. more >

Revisiting Congress? favourite pastime
By Chaudhary Sandeep Datta

THEY say public have a short memory. And, perhaps that?s why voters can always be ditched and befooled even if it means making them forget their daily pains and pleasures while living in Delhi, especially ahead of elections. more >

Looking for the "real" Islam, if any
By Shyam Khosla

AN informal discussion among a small group of concerned citizens at the residence of a legal luminary in Delhi recently threw up several issues of import to the society and the nation. more >

Freight corridor to the Lok Sabha poll
By Shivaji Sarkar

GIMMICK is something Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav is known for. more >

The inept teacher
By Ratnadeep Banerji

SEVERAL people were crossing the Ganges in a boat. more >

Constitution envisages only a Lok Sabha member as PM
By Justice Dr M Rama Jois

TWO important questions relating to the interpretation of provisions of the Constitution namely whether for being a Prime Minister of the country, the person concerned should be a Member of the Lok Sabha or for being a Chief Minister of a State the person concerned should be a Member of the State Legislative Assembly merits consideration by the Supreme Court. more >

First Prem Kapoor award presented to Mohan Chand Sharma

THE first Prem Kapoor award, instituted in the memory of the late Prem Kapoor, was jointly presented to the late Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma who sacrificed his life while fighting against terrorists at Batala House in New Delhi and noted social activist Shri Prabhati Lal. more >

Music as an expression of the divine Rashtriya Sangeet Utsav in Mysore

A four-day Rashtriya Sangeet Utsav was organised at Nada Mantapa, a palatial super structure dedicated to the cause of music at Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Ashram, Mysore (Karnataka) from 19th to 22nd February, 2009. more >

Inflated BJD claim on winnability rocks Orissa coalition
By Deepak Kumar Rath

THE BJP-BJD alliance in Orissa floundered on the unreasonable stand of the BJD that the BJP had become a liability and that Naveen Patnaik was so popular that he was in a position to win the election on his own. more >

Naveen makes evangelists happy
By Debasis Tripathy in Bhubaneswar

NAVEEN's sudden decision to snap ties with the BJP is being seen as a ploy to please the evangelists. more >


The Moving Finger Writes

Fall in cultural standards
By M.V. Kamath

SOMETHING is terribly wrong with Indian society. And unless a brave effort is made to look into this, the country as a whole may one day pay dearly for it. Violence is in the air. We see it every day. It is immaterial who was right or wrong in the confrontation between the police and High Court lawyers in Chennai in the last week of February. Under no circumstances should violence have replaced civilised dialogue. more >

Kids? Org

Like food like mind
By MV Kolhatkar

FINALLY, Arjuna girded up his loins and the war of Mahabharata which was dharmayuddha started with full zeal on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. During those times even the wars were fought adhering to certain principles laid down in the shastras. more >

Health Watch

Health service still eludes the poor
By Dr SS Agrawal

OVER the course of the past 30?35 years, we have witnessed profound changes in the provision of the nation?s health care services. In some respects, these transitions are similar to the economic revolution of the country. more >


Nuclear detente in Central Asia
By MV Kamath
The India-Pakistan Nuclear Relationship: Theories of Deterrence and International Relations, editor: E. Sridharan; Routledge, New Delhi; Pp 326, Rs 650.00

TEN murderers (for that is what they were) belonging to the ISI-sponsored Lashkar-e-Taiba created havoc in Mumbai during three days (November 26 to 29, 2008) killing some 200 innocent people causing a wave of anger throughout the length and breadth of India.

The secret of happiness in business
By Prof RN Pal
The Lost Art of Being Happy: Spirituality for Sceptics, Tony Wilkinson, Macmillan India Ltd., Pp 245, Rs 295.00.

THE world is full of miseries. It is natural that a man with life passes through both the phases of happiness and sorrow, relief and tension, co-operation and conflict, firmness and confusion, enmity, jealousy, sadness and friendship, pleasure and happiness while being a member of the society.


What ails female literacy in India?
By Vaidehi Nathan
Women Teaching In South Asia, edited by Jackie Kirk, (HB), Sage Publications, Pp 241, Rs. 495

Policy makers in developing countries, especially in Asia have adopted the strategy of employing increasing number of women teachers in schools as a way of increasing enrollment of girl child. While it may appear that this move has paid off, the teachers, the carriers of this torch are an ignored lot.

Ideas that can boost business
By Manju Gupta
101 Great Ideas to Boost Your Business, Kirti C. Desai, Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd, Pp 346, Rs 300.00

THIS book is meant for the business community which desires to obtain simple and adoptable ?prescriptions? for the health of its business.

Life and evangelism of Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa, Meg Greene, Jaico Publishing House, Pp 152, Rs 295.00

WRITING about Mother Teresa could not have been an easy job. This is because on a superficial glance she appeared one-dimensional, living a simple life devoted to her calling and faith.

Sangh Samachar

Sanskrit Parivar Milan by Samskrit Bharati
Sanskrit can be a link language

Bhaurao Deoras Sewa Samman presented to Yogendraji - FOC

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation gets BVP Utkrishtata Samman - FOC

National executive meeting of LUB - FOC

Book on Terrorism and the Indian Media
Media should be objective?Joginder Singh

Political parties must serve consumers? interest: Grahak Panchayat - FOC


Does bad weather make people poll wary?
By Arun Kumar Agarwal

POLITICAL parties struggling to find winning candidates and a strategy for the Lok Sabha polls due in April-May are already facing the heat?weatherwise. February is generally pleasant in almost all parts of the country with maximum temperature hovering between 28 and 33 degrees Celsius. more >


Hindu Rashtra, the conflict of civilisations and Le-Chatelier?s principle?II
Revisiting the basics

By AK Bhattacharya

The Hindu civilisation today stands at a crossroads. While it has been continuously and severely buffeted over the past three centuries by competitive civilisations from across the globe, for the first time it is left without ... more >

Readers? Forum

Government control of temples weakening Hinduism (Organiser, 8-3-2009);
?RAM GOPAL, A-2B/94-A, Ekta Apartments, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

Shri JG Arora deserves kudos for his informative article. The facts that avowedly a non-Hindu secular Indian government and state governments control all important Hindu temples and their income (not the mosques or churches), ... more >

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