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May 15, 2011

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Would Sonia take the nation into confidence?: Sonia Gandhi must be congratulated for assuring Anna Hazare and the nation that she is committed to fight corruption; she would not shield anybody nor would she thwart any inquiry. At this moment of greatest concern about corruption, she would set an example of accountability and suspicion of dispelling Ram Rajya (which Rajiv Gandhi promised while launching the 1991 election campaign from Ayodhya) if she releases a “white” paper dealing with all the allegations against her.Indians are generous enough to forgive and forget and would be happy if truthful confessions are made. The never-dying, widely circulating informations about her could be laid to rest, if a Sonia “White” paper is released to the nation by her.

—Dr TH CHOWDARY, 8, P&T Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad- 500 009

Organiser issue of 17.4.2011 This refers to the letters of Syed Sahabuddin and Shakil Ahmed on “Digvijay’s canard gainst Savarkar” and “Democracy is a far cry in Islam” in Organiser. Syed Sahabuddin, inter alia, states that India was, is and shall be a multinational state. I beg to differ with this word multi-national because it is a typical communistic definition. The right words would have been multi-religious and multi-lingual. It may be conceded that though VD Savarkar’s ideology was ideologically sound, but he had a poor following and thus his ideas didn’t succeed too much. On the other hand, MA Jinnah was a resounding success especially after his call of Day of Direct Action on 16.8.1946 the result of which frightened the Congress leaders to agree for the Partition of British India. Syed Sahabuddin concedes that the Constitution of India does not discriminate among citizens on the basis of religion. Why such a liberal Constitution was not promulgated in Pakistan? But one finds that under the present UPA dispensation, i.e. when the Prime Minister says that minorities have the first right to resources, he violates the Constitituion by rendering Hindus as second class citizens with implementing Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission reports. May I invite Syed Sahabuddin’s comment on the drastic reduction of Hindu population in Pakistan from 22 per cent in 1947 to less than 1 per cent now whereas in the corresponding period, the Indian Muslim population increased from 10 per cent to 15 per cent and in actual numbers, it quadrupled. Shakil Ahmed finds fault with Dr Jay Dubashi’s article for inadequate knowledge of Islam. Granted Dr Dubashi’s inadequacy, what prevented Shakil Ahmed to clarify the matter? For his information democracy is for, by and of the people whereas Islamic polity is government of Allah whose last Prophet was Mohammed. Since no one can see Allah, the polity is controlled by Mullahs. Therefore democracy and Islam are not compatible.

—SARATCHANDRA PANDA, [email protected]

Hindus too have feelings (Organiser, 24.4.2011); Shri Anand Prakash in his letter has laid the blame on Muslims for initiating the tragic and inhuman cycle of communal violence on the eve of India’s Independence. The figure he has given about Kolkata is highly exaggerated. He has stated that 20,000 Hindus were butchered and 15,000 wounded by the Muslims in Kolkata in just two days. The actual figure of causalities covering both the communities run to less than a thousand or so.

—SYED SHAHABUDDIN, D-250, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110 025

India’s corruption and crime money parked in tax havens (Organiser, 27.2.2011); This article in an eye opener to innocent electorates, voting again and again to the looters of the nation just for some money, drinks and birayani at the time of elections. Even a layman is aware since long that Congress I politicians are receiving kickbacks from foreign countries in purchase of defense equipments, or raw materials etc. from them and this bribe money is kept in foreign banks in secrete accounts to avoid visibility to general public’, in other words the electorates. The BJP’s Taste Force Report on black money is just like a FIR. Let anybody form Congress-I challenge this and prove this wrong? They will never dare it. Not only BJP as a politcal party but even Baba Ramdevji Maharaj has also been pinpointedly exposing these politicians who have cheated and looted the nation. But Congress-I is shameless and is a party of traitors. It will try to hide or divert public attention from this. I urge upon every patriotic soul and democracy lover to take-up the task of routing out these corrupt and criminal politicians whose names are known to all. The list includes Nehru family including Sonia Gandhi and all the top politicians of Congress. I decry and condemn this Himalayan loot and hope these sinners will be politically liquidated in the coming elections.

—PRAMOD PRABHAKAR VALSANGKAR, Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad-500 060

The BJP Task Force Report on black money is a valuable document(Organiser, 27.2.2011); Your editorial and the front page news, ‘India’s corruption and crime money parked in tax havens’ traces the truth for awareness of the nation. We should keep in mind that pen is mighter than the sword. The huge amount of Rs 25,00,000 crore of the tax payers must be returned to people of our country sooner or later. And we can be successful if constant efforts are made by all the patriots. The Hon’ble courts, Media, Parliamentarians, citizens social organisations, etc. are performing their duties and responsibilities to achieve the target. Baba Ramdevji had since long raised the issue for the knowledge of all of us. Now, it’s the duty and responsibility of the Opposition, the media and Hon’ble court’s to get the names of the culprits released which are being hidden under one pretext or the other. Thieves are thieves, they do not speak the truth till they are properly tried in the courts by legal experts.

—LAKSHMI CHAND, Village Bandh, Dist: Solan, HP

India’s colonial mind and its myth (Organiser 7.11.2010); The writer Shri MD Nalapat has rightly discussed in detail “the reality of the existence of Lord Ram” and has blamed “Nehruvian representatives of the colonial mind, who cannot accept that any person as noble as Sri Ram could have been actually born in this country”. He is quite correct. But the root cause of this is not Nehru, but Mahatma Gandhi, who patronised Nehru as a ‘Jem’. In his prayer meeting on January 20, 1948 Mahatma Gandhi said, “It should gladden their hearts to note that this beautiful land of theirs had produced such great men, endowed with such wonderful spirit of service and self-sacrifice. Jawahar is a real Jawahar (i.e. jem).” Gandhi very well knew, that this so-called ‘jem’ takes alcohol, non-vegetarian food even beef, was atheist and ridiculed Sri Ram and Ram Rajya, was a chain smoker, and had illegal relations with many women. In fact Mahatma Gandhi had no faith in all those virtues, which he so often preached. He was doing so only to befool the Hindus and create followings. Although he chanted Ram-Ram, and talked of Ram Rajya, but he did not believe in reality the existence of Sri Ram as a historical figure. In Harijan January 27, 1937, he says, “I do not mention the names of Sri Ram and Sri Krishna, because they were not historical figures..” Gandhi cheated the Hindus at every step, and appeased Muslims beyond limits, only to prove that he was the only leader of whole of India. He miserably failed and was a disaster for the Hindus and India. India has never produced such a person in its entire history.

—ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Congress Party and corruption are two sides of the same coin From the very inception of its formation in the year 1885 by one Britisher AO Hume, Congress was made to misguide and pacify Indians who had some time back came out of their First War of Independence, badly mauled and nurturing revengeful spirit for savage, barbaric brutalities perpetuated by Britishers upon them. The Britishers who wanted to continue their plunder of India with least resistance adopted the policy of dived and rule and Congress party was instrumental in their mission by sermoning non-violence unilaterally and one side only. The appearing of Congress on political scene in India delayed the departure of Britishers form India, by getting eliminated the revolutionaries, the Congress was working in collision with the Britishers. After Independence Congress is continuing working on the same pattern of deceiving and misguiding countrymen by divide and rule policy, by creating differences among different sects of Indian society and advancing popular false slogans and false promises. Congress is patently an anti-Hindu party and bent upon to destroy Hindu religion, Hindu culture by appeasing anti-national elements to garner votes at the cost of national security and rule of law. Since 1947 Congress have ruled the country for the maximum period and the present state of affair in the country is its gift to the country whether it is corruption, Kashmir problem of north-east states, price rise, sense of insecurity in the country or Hindu gashing and framing their leaders in false cases. The various investigation agencies of Congress Government carry no praiseworthy trust of their impartiality and dutifulness as they are prone to the influence of Congress Government and religiously accomodate their selfish motive for vote-bank policy. The first and foremost duty of a government is to safeguarded the life and property of its citizens. How much Congress Government has been able to save the life and property of Kashmiri Hindus? In fact Congress Government is neither acting as per Constitution nor as per rule of law ignoring sense of natural justice, and it has forfeited the right to govern the country and to be in power. There is an atmosphere of insecurity and uncertainity in the country with rampant corruption and unbearable price rise, etc. Perhaps India shall never produce more inefficient, corrupt, anti-people and anti-national Government then the present one. It is unfortunate that our dejure Prime Minister is not only elected by the people but he is proxy nominated by defacto Prime Minster Smt Sonia Gandhi, an Italian Christian lady who hold’s the real rein of power in the Government and both are implementing American agenda in the country, whether it is Kashmir issue dealing with terrorists or dealing with Pakistan.

—HL SHARMA, 997/B, St. No16, Sadh Nagar, Palam Colony, New Delhi-45

Miracle of Indian democracy where illiterates ride over the literates After military debacle in Nefa in 1962 at the hands of Chinese army, pressure mounted on Pundit Nehru to sack VK Krishna Menon, the then defence minister, but he was sticking to him like a leech. Pundit Nehru argued if Menon had to go then he should also go. Then Mahavir Tyagi, a cabinet minister remarked if that were the case then they had to think. Sensing that his neck will soon be under the chopper, Pundit Nehru relented and sacked VK Krishna Menon but, simultaneously hatched a plan to get rid of all the dissidents. To achieve that objective, he brought in a creature and installed him as Congress president. He came from an area where even the beggars spoke English but he neither knew English nor Hindi. In such a situation, he perhaps talked in sign language. The practice is still being followed. Under this practice, an au pair imported from Italy is currently being treated by the Congressmen as ‘Mother Superior’. An au pair is a young foreing person, esp. a woman, helping with housework etc. in exchange for room, board and pocket money, esp. as a means of learning a language. Her speeches are written by a clique and she is tutored by one of them as how to deliver it, sounding as if it is the voice of her dead mother-in-law to beguile the gullibles. She is from Cambridge city and not Cambridge University. To prevent such a buffoonery form visiting India in the future, it is suggested that a candidate for the Legislature or Parliament should, at least, be a matriculate. I won’t be surprised if the minions may stand in defence of this buffoonery and object to this suggestion.

—KK SHARMA, 29 Paxton Avenue, Slough. SL12SX, UK.

Kudos to Organiser I sincerely wish Organiser weekly all success for promoting patriotism among our countrymen and pray to Bhagavan Sri Krishna to achieve the ultimate goal of Paramvaibhavam to our beloved motherland Bharatvarsha

—AR DIVAKARAN, Adipp arambil Ramanilayam, AP Raman Road, Valapad-680 567, Thrissur Dist.

Public victory “Where there is will there is a way.” Social activist Anna Hazare has a vision of mission to motivate the masses against corruption, corrupt practices and implementation of the Lok Pal Bill. His orthodox style of agitation i.e going on hunger fast unto death, motivating the masses and full support of the media yielded positive results and the Government had to bow in regard to the issue of corruption and the Lok Pal Bill. Shri Hazare’s concept of corruption free environment yielded support from all the sections of the society and without any age bar among the masses. Corruption, scams are rotting the economy and boosting inflation. Really it is public victory.


Hindu land, holy land
Hindu temples , demolished
And images , humiliated,
Hindu land , pillaged
And women , dishonoured,
Hindu culture , trampled
And pride , wounded ,
That’s how Islam
Invaded our land .
Pulverized and crushed
Became Hindu society ,
Oppressed and enslaved
Became Hindu society ,
Debased and subjugated
Became Hindu society ,
That’s how Islam
Ruled our land .
Holy land of Vedas
Desecrated by alien creed,
Fire in my eyes ,not tears
Nerves at strain , Indeed ,
Anguish and anger , in my heart
So deep, so deep, so deep.

—Roshan Sridhar, shelton, Connecticut, USA

WikiLeaks exposure on mercy petition in India Latest WikiLeaks exposures on deliberate delay in decision to hang Afzal Guru seems to be correct by the way Union Home Ministry is acting now a days. It seems that Indian government has virtually taken an indirect decision to suspend death-sentence by going too slow in taking decision on pending 29 petitions. Recent enbloc turning of eight death-sentences into life-imprisonment by President of India was done in an unprecedented manner when Union Home Ministry recalled all these files for ‘review’. Earlier two successive Union Home Ministers had recommended rejection of all these mercy-petitions after even their decision to reject mercy-petitions got endorsed by Attorney General. After Supreme Court’s verdict, mercy-petitions must be only rarely accepted. Union government should take immediate steps to decide all pending mercy-petitions within a time-bound period of say three months. Delay in deciding mercy-petitions creates unnecessary emotions and provocation, apart from diluting fear against committing the crime. Also terrorists can repeat incidents like infamous hijack of IC-814 at Kandhar to get death-convicts like Afzal Guru and Kasab freed before being hanged in case of delayed decisions on mercy-petitions.

—SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL, 1775 Kucha Lattushah, Dariba, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110 006

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