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March 06, 2011

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Readers’ Forum

Dr Manmohan Singh: A puppet on a string I was shocked to see the helplessness of Dr Manmohan Singh regarding 2G Spectrum Scam, in an interaction with television editors. It is unfortunate that Dr Singh has admitted that he had to compromise national interest due to compulsions of coalition partners. Despite being an economist his statement that the loss from the 2G Spectrum Scam is too less as compared to the subsidies is an attempt to defend corruption. His explanation on the 2 G Spectrum Scam is not at all convincing. At a time when the country is reeling under scams we needed an assurance from Dr Singh, but he gave an apologetic explanation. The honest taxpayers of this country wants to know, is saving his coalition government more important than the interest of the nation and its hard earned 1.76 lakh crore? Will Dr Manmohan Singh call this public service? Is Dr Singh answerable to the nation or only to the UPA government? If Dr Singh cannot handle his disperate flock, he should have the grace to step down and let a stronger man lead the country. He is a leader of the government and if he takes the credit for its achievements, he should be bold enough to own up the failures too. Dr Manmohan Singh is only concerned with his own image and not the spreading corruption all around. He must realise that a person is known by the company he keeps.

-MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

I am an Organiser fan My age is 65 years. I have been reading Organiser since I was 15 years old. During this 50 years of association with the Organiser family I have noticed that sometimes very good articles are printed in the issue. I would like to request you that kindly select special articles form every issue at the end of the year and take out a special book consisting of such articles, so that they can be used by research scholars or people who are interested in such type of articles.

-AK DIWAKARAN, Trissur, Kerala-680 567

Manmohan accepts corruption Dr Manmohan Singh has admitted that corruption is prevalent in the country and is a ‘serious threat’ to the country’s economic growth. Hence it would not be wrong to say that the PM has failed the UPA government and the nation. I would say that the ‘squeaky clean’ Prime Minister must take the lead and step down so that a firm and effective government can run the country. No Joint Parliamentary Committees or courts can remedy the situation. The involvement of the UPA ministers in corruption cases, 2G Scam, Commonwealth Games, Adarsh Housing Society, etc shows the way the UPA government is running the country. It is a matter of collective responsibility of the government of the country headed by Dr Manmohan Singh. He is equally responsible for his ministers. How honest he personally is, is not a matter of concern but how much the ministers under him are corrupt is a matter of great concern.

- RAMINDER SINGH, B-234, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-1

India needs a strong Prime Minister India needs a proactive Prime Minister with firm determination. Dr Manmohan Singh is more of an economist than a politician. He was never in politics. Politics has been thrusted upon him. His excessive emphasis on the GDP suggests that he feels that it is the panacea of all problems, including terrorism. Further he is supported by such Cabinet colleagues who are least bothered about the sufferings of the masses. The UPA government has failed in both the fronts, i.e. checking the price rise as well as terrorism.

-GIRDHARILAL AGRAWAL, 26, City Apartments, Jaipur

Gadkari undertakes a tour for understanding Chinese model (Organiser, 20.2.11) I would like to congratulate Shri Nitin Gadkari who is trying his best to improve India’s relations with China. However it is quite surprising that Communist in China are keen to speak to BJP leaders, their Indian counterparts refuse to have any truck with BJP leaders. Shri Gadkari is correct in saying that Communism has fallen in its own backyard.

-MAYA MISHRA, C-403, Anand Lok Soicety, Mayur Vihar-I

LDF government blamed for Sabarimala tragedy (Organiser, 6.2.11); The Sabarimala tragedy is a planned massacre orchestrated by the Communist Government of Kerala. Consider these facts at Pulmedu, there was no electricity, no communication facilities, no lighting, no medical facilities and barely four policemen to control about three lakh Ayyappan devotees. The Kerala Government knows very well that lakhs of Sabarimala devotees converge at Pulmedu to witness Makara Jyoti each and every year and yet the CPM Government deliberately took a criminal negligent approach this year. Was this a ploy taken by the CPM government to dissuade Hindus from worshipping at Sabarimala Temple ?

-DINESH NAIR, e-mail: [email protected]

Annual Tirath YatraThis is with reference to an article, ‘Keep the honour of the national flag’, Organiser, 6.2.11. Hoisting the national flag at the Lal Chowk in Srinagar on Republic Day should be converted into an annual pilgrim yatra, like pilgrim yatra to Amarnath for the Hindus. It is regrettable that the government banned the hoisting of tricolour in Srinagar. Since Jammu and Kashmir is an inalienable part of India hoisting the national flag at the Lal Chowk is not a crime. We should continue our efforts and should continue our annual yatra to Lal Chowk in Srinagar until terrorism in the State is completely wiped out

-AMAR JIT SINGH GORAYA, 30 Gillmartin , Dr Griffith NSW, Australia 2680

Should we follow an Italian A recent article entitled "Corruption in Italy, a step a head" (The Hindu 8.2.11), refers to the similarity between the Italian and Indian political class which consists of corruption, nepotism, cheating, lawlessness, etc. Should we not in India, ponder over whether it is wise for our political class to continue to be dominated totally by an Italian?

-CBD RAO, 39, 15th cross Road, Mallehwaram, Bengaluru-560 003

Sheila punishing Delhiites Sheila Dikshit, had said that people of Delhi are all moneyed people so they can pay more taxes for events such as CWC. What she actually meant was that Delhiites should pay more bribes, donations and part with a least 50 per cent of their money so that she and other people like her can get fat on doles. She really deserves all credit for creating a Delhi where crime is the order of the day.

-R K MEHRA, by email

A boost to BS Yeddyurappa There is no doubt that the latest order of the Karnataka High Court to disqualify five rebel legislators will provide a big boost to Karnataka Chief Minister. Further this will also be a big blow to the Congress and the Karnataka Governor HR Bharadwaj who wanted to dethrone BS Yeddyurappa at any cost. Further the BJP MLAs should stop throwing mud on each other and jointly work for the growth of the party.


Mamata-Maoist nexus West Bengal is facing a severe threat form the Communists. The Maoists are setting up bases in West Bengal and are trying to topple Bharat. The Opposition leader in WB, Mamata Banerjee is in full support of the Maoists. It is a shame that some political parties are helping this opportunist leader who is ready to sell the country for gaddi. Nobody is daring to take her head-on. Congress leaders are busy in scams and giving speeches while our jawans die in the jungle, and Mamata cheers the Maoists. These opportunists are the biggest threat our country is facing. I am sure the Hindus will fight for Bharat.

-MANAS SHASTRI by email: [email protected]

WikiLeaks exposes US The secret cables leaked by the WikiLeaks (salute to Julien Assange) has exposed the true colour of US government, in so far as India is concerned. The leaked cables exposed Hilary Clinton’s sarcastic comment about India’s aspiration to the permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council; US withholding vital information related to Indian internal security ; Pak terrorists hatching conspiracy to assassinate Gujarat chief minister, Narendra Modi. The leaked cables also revealed the financial and military aid the US has been gratuitously offering to Pakistan in the guise of containing terrorists. The leakage of these kinds of information gives lies to the US claim that by leaking such secret documents WikiLeaks have endangered the life of certain individuals; rather, it should be appreciated that by its bold action of leaking the cables, WikiLeaks have saved the life of many people. All patriotic Indians should call upon the UPA government that it should ask the Pak government to take action against such terrorist outfits who want to assassinate Modi.

-R GOPALAKRISHNAN NAIR, Ettumanoor, Kerala

Saudi Arabia on alert There are reports that Saudi Arabia is on alert for a possible Al Qaeda attack during Haj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, appears to be a very confusing prospect for those who believe that Islamic fanaticism boarders on a ‘hate theory’ - an abhorrence for anything that undermines the supremacy of their religion. If teaching the ‘kafirs’ a lesson or two for their insolence may drive hoards of militants on a jihadic mission to annihilate the enemies, what is their justification in planning a terror attack during a religious journey that every devout Muslim is deemed to undertake during one’s lifetime? It would amount to a show of aggression against one’s own brethren, an act in contradiction to their own laid down principles. The desire to topple the kingdom’s royal family, whom they see as western-stooges, may have prompted the Al Qaeda to target Saudi Arabia. But in all fairness, should this revenge-drama be played out on thousands of innocent pilgrims? This clearly shows that ‘terrorism’ is the foundation of ‘Muslim’ religion in which they don’t even spare their own people.

-PACHU MENON, 117, Supreme Bombi Plaza,Damodar College Road, Comba, Margao, Goa - 403 601

Worry about Indian economy This refers to your editorial ‘Worry about Indian Economy’ in Organiser, 26.12.10. Many wrongs have been practiced by the Congress led UPA government , which have resulted in economic loot of India, have been detailed in the editorial. I would like to add, that, due to opening up of the Indian economy by Manmohan Singh about two decades ago, many unwanted things are being imported. We find that Indian market is full of imported toys, stationary items like pens etc. chocolates, confectionary, biscuits, garments, shoes, cosmetics and luxury items, tiles, sanitarywares and many non-essential items of various descriptions. Why we are wasting our foreign exchange on such items? Such imports would also effect our own industry and employment of labour. Again, why we are allowing foreign participation in those fields, where high techonology is not required, such as insurance, banking, food processing, to mention a few? Further why we are allowing chemical drinks like Coca Cola, etc. to continue to spoil the health of people and pump out huge profits to foreign countries. By opening up of our economy, Manmohan Singh has allowed open loot of India.

-ANAND PRAKASH, 72/ sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Muslims uses the term ‘Secularism’ for expansion For Muslims the term ‘Secularism’ has got two meanings-Wherever Muslims are in minority, they say that secularism means that the state should have no religion and should not interfere in the religious activities of the citizens. On the other hand in countries where Muslims are in majority, Islam automatically becomes the state’s official religion and non-Muslims have only restricted rights there. Islam uses the term ‘secularism’ only for their expansion purpose. Muslim leaders and intellectuals in non-Muslim countries are deeply concerned about their ‘religious identity’ and expect everybody else to honour it and adjust with them. Large sections of non-Muslims constantly try to adjust with Muslims in their eagerness to maintain harmony and peace. The governments also try to pander to the Muslim demands as far as possible. But their demands and complaints never end. They always complain that their demands are not being fulfilled and they are being harassed by non-Muslims. As a result, Muslim expansion continues.

-GIRDHARILAL AGARWAL, 26, City Apartments, Jaipur

Bharadwaj plays the Congress agent (Organiser, 6.2.11); The Congress led UPA being in authority in the Centre, it is but natural that mostly persons with Congress background are appointed as Governors. To show his extra loyalty to and secure further favours from 10 Janpath, the Karnataka Governor HR Bharadwaj, in the past few months, has been engaged in destabilising the BJP Government headed by BS Yeddyurappa. He has been perusing a tirade against the Government there, without leaving any stone unturned to baffle it. On October 11, 2010, he recommended President’s rule in the State basing on some unruly scenes-not uncommon these days-during the 1st vote of confidence. But reportedly on account of the Centre’s displeasure on the move, Bhardwaj made Yeddyurappa undergo a 2nd floor test. Obviously, in a childish rage over the failure of all his pranks he resolved to mar the CMs career for good, by okaying his prosecution, now on the basis of complaints by two private law-practioners. It is all out melafied, null and void. He has to bear the sole responsibility to the crisis in the State that followed. In the considered opinion of the constitutional legal authorities the Chief Minister is responsible to the Legislative Assembly and it is for the Legislative Assembly to show a lack of confidence in him if it so chooses on the ground of his corrupt act. The Governor is a constitutional head and must act on the aid and advice of his Council of Ministers. In a Constitution Bench-decision of the Supreme Court in 2004, the Court had unequivocally said that unless the Council of Ministers disabled or disentitled itself to take a decision about whether the Chief Minister should or should not be prosecuted, the Governor ‘ may not have any role to play’. Even if the Governor invokes some residual power in himself, he must then offer to resign and then things will take care of themselves and the courts will then decided whether he has the power to order such a prosecution on his own. This is the constitutional position and leaves little chance of difference of opinion.

-SHASHIDHAR SHARMA, Sahitya Sudha Sadanam, 349, Dhanas (MC) Chandigarh

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