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June 14, 2009

Page: 1/34

Vol. LX, No. 49, New Delhi, June 14, 2009

Government sleeps as
Country protests Oz racist brutes

By Prof Prasanna Deshpande

WILL anyone believe the Australian ambassador’s version of the mindless attacks on Indian students in Australia that those attacks were an act of burglars trying to rob off the Indian students and not racist attacks? The envoy only tried to soften the gravity and brutality of the matter. more >

ABVP, BJYM lead India's protest

THOUSANDS of ABVP activists staged demonstrations across the country condemning attacks on Indian students in Australia recently. There are reports of organising massive demonstrations from Bengaluru, Delhi, Ahmedabad and many other parts of the country. more >

Thinking Aloud
Difference between Indian government and US
By Dr Jay Dubashi

MANY people in the world, particularly the blacks and the browns, identify with the American President, Barack Obama, so much that they consider him as their President. After all, he looks like them, has more or less the same background, and also talks like them. more >

The focus now is on education and road

IT is good that Dr. Manmohan Singh has begun his second innings with a promise to focus on education and infrastructure. The ruling party has at last identified these as powerful engines of growth and promised increased public spending to propel investment in these areas. The PM has chosen two of his relatively brighter cabinet ministers to handle these areas. more >

RSS relief work in Sunderbans
Sangh reaches where LF govt. failed

By Ranjit Roy

HINGALGANJ: It was a nightmarish experience for 50-odd swayamsevaks who were desperate to reach Hingalganj Jetighat criss-crossing other inaccessible riverine villages in the Sunderbans after Aila cyclone battered and ravaged Bengal’s famous archipelago of islands on May 25. more >

Sangh Samachar

Ideology versus good governance
By Dr Gautam Sen

TOO many commentators supposedly sympathetic to the BJP are evidently suffering over-exposure to NDTV. They are unthinkingly repeating the refrain of the breathless young fillies and deodorant salesmen, masquerading as anchors, who are captivated by page three fantasies of unrestrained inter-religious dalliance and other intolerable drivel. more >

Sick of Marxist doublespeak people of W. Bengal voted for TMC
By Asim Kumar Mitra

THE people of West Bengal have given a conclusive kick to the CPI(M) and its allies during the recent Lok Sabha polls, which they deserved much earlier than now. But the vehemence of that kick has been so strong that they have been still in a fix to find out the actual reason for it. more >

Tagore’s Spiritual Heritage

By Mithun Dey

IN his book Sadhana, Rabindranath Tagore relates an experience of meeting two Hindu ascetics. He asks them why they do not go out into the world to preach the sacred word. One of the ascetics replies, “Whoever feels thirsty will of himself come to the river. more >

The saga of Sarada Script
By Ratnadeep Banerji

THE use of Sarada script was confined to the north-western part of the Indian subcontinent. It evolved from Western Brahmi in the ninth century AD, around a millennium back in the North Western Frontier Province of Dardistan, Kashmir, Jammu, Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. more >

CRPF to adopt Sanskrit college in Imphal

CRPF will adopt Radha MadhavSanskrit Mahavidyalya, Nambol, said IGP of CRPF (Nagaland and Manipur sector), VPS Panwar while speaking at the inauguration function of a computer block of the College in Imphal on May 24. more >

The majority, minority debate
By BP Mishra

INDIA is a Hindu majority state or minority state may be a matter of difference in opinion because there are so many sects quite different from each other in their rites, philosophy, and rituals. more >

Custodians of the universe – III
Digpals: The rulers of earth

By Ratnadeep Banerji

The one without colour appears
By the manifold application of his power
With many colours in his hidden purpose. more >

Yeddyurappa makes a mark in one year
From Deepak Kumar Rath in Bengaluru

THE first BJP government of Karnataka in south India completed its first year on May 30, 2009. more >

Vishwa Mangal Gow Gram Yatra to begin from Kurukshetra on Vijayadashami, 2009
A pilgrimage to save the national heritage

By Pramod Kumar

PREPARATIONS for Vishwa Mangal Gow Gram Yatra are in full swing across the country. more >

Cover Page


A law to make legislators accountable
By Madhu Deolekar, ex-MLC

DEMOCRACY, in the ultimate analysis, means, ‘self-rule’. That is why, the democratic form of government is preferred to any other form of governments such as monarchy or dictatorship. more >

The Moving Finger Writes

A Mahatma for the aggrieved
By M.V. Kamath

WITH the take-over of all the northern and other Tamil-majority areas of Sri Lanka and the killing of Prabhakaran by the Rajapaksa government, one gory chapter in the history of the island has come to an ignoble end. more >

Think It Over

Can Buddhism become the universal religion?
By MSN Menon

YES, it can. In fact, it is the only religion that has the potential to become one. All religions were tribal in origin. They carry the tribal stamp even today. Which is why they are not acceptable as universal religions. How can I, a member of the Hindu civilisation, the greatest in the world, give it up for the tribal religions of the Middle East? more >


Power of the Indian mind and Sri Aurobindo’s vision of India and the world
By Jagmohan

EVERY nation has its own special attributes. The special attribute of Germany is its organisation, of the US its enterprise, of Japan its adaptability and of Great Britain its balance. more >

Book Reviews by Manju Gupta

Essays on Gods own land
Shinie Antony: Kerala, Kerala, Quite Contrary, Rupa & Co. Pp 255, Rs 195.00

Cricket as a way of life
Vijay Santhanam and Shyam Balasubramanian: If Cricket is a Religion, Sachin is God, HarperCollins Publishers, Pp 200, Rs 195.00

The tragedy of Vidarbha
Nixon Fernando: The Tragedy of Farmers’ Suicides in Vidarbha: A Lesson and a Ray of Hope, Rupa & Co., Pp 108, Rs 95.00

Book Reviews by M.V. Kamath

Insight into media in politics and public space
The Media Politics and Public Life: Geoffrey Craig; Allen & Unwin; Pp 228, Rs 295.00

Extremist Islam as a political weapon
The Politics of Extremism in South Asia; Deepa M.Ollapally; Cambridge University Press; Pp 239, Rs 295.00


Lecturing BJP
By Ravi Shanker Kapoor

FORMER US President John F Kennedy once said, “Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” But this famous quote does not hold well in the peculiar circumstances occasioned by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) rout in general elections: more >


India as a global leader
By PC Dogra IPS (Retd)

WE are talking of India becoming a superpower in a decade or two. Shall we analyse as to where do we stand today? We are no doubt a young nation as compared to other nations of the world. more >

Open Forum

BJP has a bright future
By Chaudhary Sandeep Datta

THEY say, we should always derive positive message from whatever or whomever we come across and just ignore the rest. Today, it looks most of the people have started to write off BJP’s chances of resurgence forever. more >

Readers’ Forum

Religious conversion and interfaith dialogue (Organiser, 26-4-2009);

Pseudo-secularist politicians included Sanatana Dharma as a religion in the list of religions with equal rights to propagate, etc, without verifying their characteristics, and thus, non-equals were made equals. more >

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