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February 22, 2009

Page: 1/41

Vol. LX, No. 33, New Delhi, February 22, 2009

Sarkaryavah interacts with scientists in New Delhi
Thorium technology can solve India's energy problems
Restore the pristine glory of scientific India

By Pramod Kumar

RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Mohan Bhagwat appealed to the scientists of the country to fast-forward the work on thorium technology so as to make the country self-sufficient in the field of energy. If we develop the indigenous technology then we will not have to go for nuclear deal with other countries. They will come to us for signing the deals. Shri Bhagwat was interacting with a group of scientists in New Delhi on February 10.    more >

?Our victory is an endorsement of our development agenda?Shivraj Singh Chouhan

In his first interview after the spectacular victory in the state assembly elections, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan talks to Sanjeev Varma about the priorities before him and elaborates on his dream to make his state fully developed in all areas of human welfare. He states that Madhya Pradesh of late is attracting a lot of investor interest. Exceprts:    more >

The muck in the textbooks
NCERT is hostage to an academic mafia

By Sudarshan Kumar Kapur

THE UPA has succeeded in persuading more state governments to accept the NCERT texts. A report on Monday (January 5, 2009) said 12 more state governments have accepted to teach NCERT texts in their schools.    more >

CBI as an extension counter of Congress?

THE CBI has sold its soul, senior advocate KTS Tulsi is reported to have commented on February 10, after the central investigating agency, CBI told the Supreme Court that it acted under the centre?s directive in seeking to bail out Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav in the disproportionate assets case.    more >

Hindu Jagran meet in Thiruvananthapuram
Hindu ideals prove beacons of modernity?Ranga Hari


INAUGURATING the three-day national ?Hindu Jagran March? meet at Thiruvananthapuram on February 6, RSS ideologue and former Akhil Bharatiya Bouddhik Pramukh Shri Ranga Hari said the world was realising the significance and uniqueness of Hindu Samskar and Sanatana Dharma, as the only solution to current global crisis. Puja was conducted and chanting of Vedas and Gayathri Mantra were invoked in US Senate.    more >

Karnataka government to bring anti-conversion law

Karnataka has become the heaven for the Christian groups for forced religious conversions. While large scale conversions are taking place in the urban areas of Bengaluru, Mysore, Davangere, Kolar, Chitradurga, mass conversions are happening in remote villages throughout the State and many incidents are going unnoticed. Hence the demand for ?Anti-Conversion Law? is increasing.    more >

Sangh Samachar

Tribute paid to Deendayalji on his death anniversary
Six senior leaders honoured

By Deepak Kumar Rath

DR. Syama Prasad Mookerjee and our ideological guru Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya have placed lofty ideals before us. These ideals have inspired us throughout our long and arduous political journey, giving us strength and showing us the path at the most trying times.    more >

Book on Shri Guruji in Malayalam released

THE special souvenir of swadesh Hindi daily of Bhopal ?Rashtra Rishi Guruji? was released in Thiruvananthapuram on February 8, at Sanskriti Bhavan, by Suresh Rao Joshi, Sahsarkaryavah, RSS and Bharateeya Vichara Kendram director and senior Sangh ideologue P Parameswaran.    more >

Steeped in corruption Pinarayi challenges party CM

THERE is a Malayalam saying ?The man hit by lighting, was bitten by a deadly snake. Similar is the pathetic predicament of the Kerala CPM.    more >

Karnataka is gearing up for Lok Sabha elections: ?Operation Lotus? again
From R Guru Prasad in Bengaluru

TO strengthen its base in the run-up to the Lok Sabha polls with the objective of winning at least 22 out of the 28 Lok Sabha seats from Karnataka, State unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party has resumed Operation Lotus.    more >

Controversial Congress land allotment in Rajasthan
By Lokpal Sethi in Jaipur

AT the time of taking a decision to order an inquiry into the alleged allotment of a prime piece of land by the previous BJP government to Deendayal Upadhayay Memorial Trust at a nominal price, Ashok Gehlot lead Congress had not the slightest inkling that its opponent would take no time to bring out skeletons from their own cupboard.    more >

Illegal immigrants of Bangladesh are a threat to UP
By Subhash Singh from Lucknow

UP is facing a new threat from illegal immigrants. These intruders are basically the civilians of Bangladesh but they have been successful to get Indian identity cards like rashan cards, driving licenses, (Below Poverty Line) BPL cards and mobile connections, etc.    more >

Dharma & Religion
The nine ways of devotion to God
[Sant Ravidas Jayanti?February 9]

By Rajesh Pathak

NAVDHA Bhakti, as expounded in Ramcharit-manas, originally consists in the nine ways of devotion to God.    more >

Five years of Hindusthan Samachar
Serving newspapers in ten languages with over 200 subscribers


Hindusthan Samachar, the multi-lingual news agency revived in 2003, completed its five years.    more >

Maoist madness in Nepal and Hindu shrine Pashupatinath
By Dirgha Raj Prasai

THE Lord Pashupatinath temple is on the edge of Bagmati river in Kathmandu. The complex rises above the bank amid a mass of pagoda-style building. The temple moves to ancient rhythms.    more >

Sankalp Samaves in Sullia taluka of Karnataka
Organise Hindu society against alien onslaughts?K Suryanarayan Rao

By Shivarama Gowda

SULLIA, a remote taluka centre in coastal Karnataka, witnessed a mammoth RSS gathering on Republic Day. It also marked the 50 years of Sangh work in this taluka. The day was celebrated as Sankalp Samaves.    more >

Radiance of Krishna paintings
Krishnalila blooms around

By Ratnadeep Banerji

THE radiance of Krishna?s mundane life was on canvas display at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi?Experiencing Krishna through art. The exalting master-stroke of Raghu Vyas brought effulgent divinity on the terra firma. The pictures imbued with bhakti have a permeating effect.    more >

Fifteenth anniversary of Bhavya Jagjanani Darbar, Ghaziabad
Look after senior citizens, protect morality ?Swami Paranand Teerth


IT is a matter of shame that the people today do not pay adequate attention to senior citizens in the family and the cows. Cows are being slaughtered openly and the elderly people are insulted and neglected.    more >

Rani Gaidinliu in modern context of Naga society
By Jagdamba Mall

BORN to mother Kerotlenliu and father Lothuanang on January 26, 1915 at Lungkao village in Tamenglong district of Manipur, Rani Gaidinliu was a very different person from the very childhood.    more >

Save the lives of Tamils trapped in Sri Lanka: RSS
Following is the full text of the joint press statement issued by Sri RVS Marimuthu and Dr ML Raja, Sanghachalaks of RSS South and North Tamil Nadu, on February 10.

   more >

BJP National Council Meet, Nagpur
Remove the corrupt, incompetent UPA, gear up for installing NDA

From Deepak Kumar Rath in Nagpur

THE BJP practically launched its election campaign for the 14th Lok Sabha poll at its three-day national council meet in Nagpur from February 6, 2009.    more >

The Moving Finger Writes

Media and the politics of pub culture
By M.V. Kamath

THE post-Independence generation which mostly runs the Congress party and most of the media today may not know much about the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, often described as Father of the Nation and whose portrait adores our currency notes. The Mahatma was totally opposed to the consumption of liquor and Prohibition was a major item ??on the agenda of the Indian National Congress.    more >

Think It Over

Hindus: Time you woke up!
By MSN Menon

FOR a thousand years, the Hindus were under foreign rule?first under Muslims and then under the relatively civilised rule of the British.
This is unprecedented in human history. No people?certainly no great civilisation?have been kept in bondage for so long! The march of a great civilisation was arrested. Its roots were cut. And the memories of that age were lost. They were almost ready to embrace Islam. It is said that India would have been Islamised had it not been for the British advent.    more >

Kids? Org

The patriotic saint?Swami Vivekananda
By Rajesh Pathak

THE time when the nation had fallen into yet another shackle of slavery under the British yoke, there prevailed among the people the utter moral and intellectual confusions. Where, on one side, there were badly mushrooming mutually conflicting religious sects and sub-sects rabidly hell bent in deluding the people with their respective exclusivist theology and obscurantist rituals; ...    more >


One more book on history of Islam
By MV Kamath
Islam and the Muslims of India; Exploring History, Faith and Dogma; SS Gill; Penguin Books; Pp 207, Rs 299.00

THERE is no dearth of books on Muslims in India, and indeed, here is a wide range of scholarships available on the subject. To cite a few examples; we have The Destiny of Indian Muslims by S Abid Husain (1965), Muslim Politics in Modern India by Mushir U Haq (1970), The Muslim Dilemma in India by MRA Baig (1974), Indian Muslims Since Independence by Omar Khalidi (1996) and India?s Muslims Since Independence by Mushirul Hasan (2001). Scholarship on Islam and the Muslims of India is not lacking.

Displacement and development san rehabilitation
By Ratnadeep Banerji
Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd., B1/1-1, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110 044.

DISPLACING millions of people for the heck of development happens a casual affair for the state. But this draconian decree sets up upheaval whose repercussion devastates a throbbing societal edifice. The pariah, minority and the weaker section of the society including women and children get smothered into oblivion.

Did Jesus die on the cross or came to India?
By MV Kamath
The Rozabal Line: Ashwin Sanghi; Westland; Pp 373, Rs 250

THE two central tenets of Christianity are: virgin birth and resurrection. For Christians these are fundamental issues of faith, beyond challenge. Christ died on the cross, but briefly arose from his tomb to the utter surprise of his disciples.

Revisiting the hoopla of Indo-European Aryanism
By Ratnadeep Banerji
Aryan Idols: Indo-European Mythology as Ideology and Science; Stefan Arvidsson; The University of Chicago Press; Pp.354; Price not mentioned.

THIS book is a historiographic tour-de-force traipsing Indo-European grounds harping on a posteriority analysis of a contentious issue. For the last two centuries religious historians, archaeologists and philologists have dealt upon the menagerie of Indo-Europeans.


Chennai hosts first-ever Hindu spiritual and service fair

Hindu service organisations showcase their activities under one roof. FOR a religion like Hinduism, which is often branded as chaotic and unorganised; when people belonging to different organisations come together under one banner to promote civilisational harmony it is nothing short of spectacular.    more >

Media Watch

Irresponsible reporting and Press Council

LET it be said clearly: the time has come for the Press Council to get more powers to curb an irresponsible media. And it is heartening to hear Justice (Retd) GN Ray, Chairman of the Council, saying that deliberations are going on at a higher level ?to provide more teeth to the Council? and that, it is in turn ?giving thought to making tougher provisions? even when he apologetically admitted that ?we are very clear that we do not want to become a punishing body?. The question may be asked: ?If the Council is not a punishing body, what is its relevance??    more >

News Analysis

Congress-SP deal in Mulayam assets case and CBI
By Shyam Khosla

MULAYAM Singh Yadav and Kalyan Singh? both former Chief Ministers of UP? are recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. Once sworn enemies, they now claim to be ?friends?, their curious stunts causing ripples in political circles. While the latter?s self-goals leading to the destruction of his political status and image are baffling, it is not so hard to understand Yadav?s self-centred political antics.    more >


Vivekananda, Gandhiji and their concept of service-oriented Hinduism
By Jagmohan

ON Swami ?Vivekananda's? birthday, January 12, it may be both interesting and instructive to recall how he and Mahatama Gandhi viewed Hinduism as a service-oriented cultural force and how virtual abandonment of their views by the Indian State and society have cost the country dearly.    more >

Readers? Forum

The true Fourth Estate:
?BHATTU GANESH SHARMA, 98/4, 6th Main Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

I am an elder citizen, aged 77, and a regular reader of your esteemed magazine since 1995. It has given me education and enlightenment on many disciplines of knowledge and fields of life, showing the universal and perennial values of life enshrined in our Sanatara Dharma.    more >

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