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May 29, 2011

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Readers’ Forum

Country wakes up against UPA corruption (Organiser, 24.4.2011);
The Pied Piper played the tune and all the rats followed him only to end up in the sea. Now Anna Hazare is calling the tune to all corrupt leaders. Will they come out of their castles where they are enjoying ill-gotten wealth and admit their guilt only to end up in prison? The corrupt in this nation are dime a dozen and that’s the state of affairs coursing along the length and breadth of this country Bharat. Corruption shows the depravity of society. Degradation of morals and above all lack of conscience and character in the people of our country. About Thomas Jefferson they say, “Scrupulous veracity were his qualities and if anyone approached him for a favour he could frankly and freely say No.” Is there one politician in our country who can be compared to him? We are a billion in Bharat but can we look up to anyone who can come up to his stature, inflexible firmness, and moral qualities? No creed or conscience or commitment or patriotism has a place in this country of ours. What is impeding the well-being of Bharat? Corruption. Why do others look down upon us? Corruption. Crores and crores of money are earmarked to reduce economic disparities, new projects and plans are chalked out, speeches galore are mouthed but have they been implemented? No. Only on paper. Gap between the rich and poor is widening. Soaring prices of essential commodities never seem to bother one section of society. Why? Most of the money allotted by government goes to fill the pockets of the corrupt. Who listens to the cries of the millions who strive and struggle through honest means to make both ends meet? Sonia Gandhi says that Anna Hazare’s complaints will be given full attention. Promises are made only to be broken. Committees and more committees are constituted. Discussions and debates go on and on. Assurances are given. The cat and mouse game goes on. Rich become richer by looting the country while the poor are fed on promises. Coffers of the corrupt fill up not the stomachs of the poor. Will Anna Hazare’s dream of a corruption free Bharat ever fructify? Will the government be rattled or buckle under Anna Hazare’s pressure? This movement just ebbs away into the void. How can anyone expect to root out corruption in Bharat with a week minded economist Prime Minister occupying the highest seat for eight years keeps twiddling his thumbs. Corruption has spread its tentacles like an octopus. Choking the very fabric of our country. Only deterrent punishment of the corrupt can to a certain extent restore the confidence of the people of Bharat. Are we expecting too much?

—SHANTA DYUTHIKAR, 39, 15th Cross, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru-3

Euphoria and Diplomacy(Organiser, 10.4.2011);
In the article Dr Pravin Togadia has rightly given various examples of “euphoric diplomacy” being practiced by the Congress government, only to please the enemies, all at the cost of national interests. But why to blame the present Congress leadership? They are all following Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru. Infact Gandhi patronised Nehru, only because Nehru followed “Euphoria diplomacy” to please and appease the enemies. Thus the real culprit and the root cause is Gandhi. How Gandhi and his followers have been demoralising the Armed forces for the benefit of enemies especially Pakistan would be clear form the following:- Soon after Partition in August 1947, Gandhi issued a statement that “ I refuse to call the profession of a sepoy honourable. Today, they should plough the land, dig wells, clean latrines”.—(Defence and Foreign Policies of India, by V. Longer, Sterling Publisher—A review published in The Tribune 25.6.1988. On September 5, 1947, Gandhi said “In the state run by him, there would be no police, no military.” (page-138 Mahatama by DG Tendulkar—Organiser 8.6.1997). On December 4, 1947 he again said, “Militarisation of India would mean her own destruction as well as of the whole world.” (page-213-Mahatama). Nehru offered almost half of Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan to please Pakistan. Lal Bahadur Shastri returned all the area captured by our brave soldiers by their blood, to Pakistan, even Hindu majority Tharparkar District of Sindh with around 90 per cent Hindus population, and our own parts of J& K, freed by our Army in 1965 war with Pakistan. And Indira Gandhi returned with great honour all the 93,000 criminal Army men of Pakistan, who had slaughtered 30 lakh Hindus in East Pakistan during 1971 war. Those criminals were entertained with very nice food, not even given to our own soldiers. They were all given a copy of Koran as a goodwill gesture, as if they had done very pious job by slaughtering 30 lakh Hindus. And while releasing the 93,000 criminal Pakistani soldiers, did not bother to get release our own prisoners from Pakistan, who are still rotting in Pakistani jails. East Pakistan was given to those very Muslims, who had been slaughtering Hindus on many occasions including during Direct Action in August 1946. Even Chittagong Hill Tract with 97 per cent Chakma Buddhists was given to the Muslims of Bangladesh. And Rajiv Gandhi ordered the Indian Peace Keeping Force to attack Hindu Tamils of LTTE, who were the victims of excesses by Sinhalese in Srilanka.

—ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Protect Garo and Rabha Hindus from Church onslaught (Organiser, 6.3.2011);
PM Manmohan Singh himself is not a Hindu but a member of “minority community” as per our own Constitution (Sikhs are not Hindus but separate from Hindus and are minorities). How a non-Hindu PM will heed to the Hindu’s petition? This petition itself is wrongly placed. Still let us hope that this petition will caution slumbering Hindus to wake-up and protect Hindus, either Garo and Rabha or any other caste form the onslaught of Church. The Congress rule is continuation of East India Company but still patriots are not taking this seriously. We have to educate innocent voters who vote for drinks and money to defy those imperialist rulers whose sole aim is to loot and ruin India with the help of foreigners.

—PRAMOD PRABHAKAR VALSANGKAR, Dwarakapuram, Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad-500 060

Swamy Ramdev’s campaign against corruption(Organiser, 17.3.2011);
Where there is a will, there is a way. Baba Ramdevji took a wise step by organising anti-corruption front. All honest nationalist, organisations/citizens should also join hand in this move. Since the movement has been started, positive results are coming to light. The Hon’ble courts, media, honest leaders, ministers, officers, etc, are all taking keen interest to highlight the menace of corruption and black money. As reported in leading newspaper crores of rupees has been lying in foreign banks for the last ten years unclaimed. Such type of money can be utilised for development activities. Money power in elections is being detected by the vigilant forces. If means are good ends will also be good. At present the movement is based in cities and towns only. In rural areas, the people are still uneducated and are not able to understand the real implication of corruption. Thus 70 per cent population of Bharat living in 6,35,365 villages must be approached through mass campaign so that they should not be exploited by the anti-national forces.

—LAKSHMI CHAND, Village-Bandh, Dist Solan, HP

You kill your people your people kill you (Organiser, 17.4.2011);
Dr Jay Dubashi makes the readers familiar with reality of Islam. According to him: “Islam is not much a religion—which, of course, it is—a political ideology, just like Nazism and Fascism... Under Communism and Islam, it is not enough to be good citizen; you also have to be a good Communist or a good Muslim. Just as every man who defies Communist holy book, Das Kapital is a traitor and has to be put down, every man, who does not accept the Quran is potentially a traitor and Kafir and therefore not fit to live.” Erudite Islamic scholar Anwar Sheikh supports Dr Jay Dubashi’s views. He writes: “ This is not a fiction but a fact because Islam is essentially the ambassador of Arab national interest, seeking to perpetuate it as Arab imperialism in the guise of religion.” Ayatollah Khomeini also substantiates Dr Jay Dubashi and Anwar Shaikh. He writes “Muslims have no alternative if they wish to correct the political balance of society and force those in power to conform to the principle of Islam, in an armed holy war against profane government. It will then be the duty of every able-bodied adult male to volunteer for this war of conquest, the final aim of which is to put Koranic law in power from one end of the earth to other.” Erudite scholar late Sita Ram Goel advises Hindus: “The Hindu society has to understand very carefully that what it is faced with in the from of Christianity and Islam are not religion but imperialist ideologies whose appetite has been whetted by running roughshod over a large part of the world.”

—KSHATRIYA DEOLAL, Koderma, Jharkhand

Why is Manmohan so fond of Pakistan? (Organiser, 15.5.2011);
This refers to the edit of Organiser. In the editorial it has been rightly written that, “It is high time, instead of behaving like a lotus-eater Manmohan Singh starts behaving like a Prime Minister having some grip on the affairs of the state.” But I can assure you that he will not take any action against the terrorists sitting in Pakistan because not only Dr Singh, the entire Congress Party apparatus and all of its successive governments at the Centre can never take any concrete action against Pakistan; the reason being the message given by Mahatma Gandhi at the time of vivisection of the country in 1947. It runs like this: “Pakistan is your younger brother. Whatever it does to you, treat it as a childish prank and ignore it. Under no circumstances you should even think of harming it in any way.” Since in the lexicon of the “secular” Party, Gandhiji’s words are respected as Ved Vakyam, and hence, are to be implemented in to-to.

—ARUN MALANKAR, [email protected]

Media and Narendra Modi(Organiser, 24.4.2011);
Initially it was Anna Hazare who had praised Narendra Modi. Now an intellectual, an author and a youth icon like Chetan Bhagat has praised Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi for all round development of Gujarat. This should put to shame all the biased and pseudo-secularists in the country who have been continuously criticising Shri Modi and making him responsible for the Godhra riots. Blinded by bias and sycophancy—many of them are now members of the National Advisory Council—refuse to see what the world has long acknowledged. That Gujarat is now synonymous with development has been endorsed by business leaders from across the world as is evident from the number of MoUs singed at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit in 2009 and in January this year. Shri Modi’s integrity is universally acknowledged. It is interesting to note that these human rights activists maintain a defeaning silence with respect to scams and scandals involving Congress leaders. Going by what Anna Hazare got in return for praising Modi’s administrative and government skills and his rural development programmed, Chetan Bhagat should be ready for a similar backlash.

—MANAV CHANDNA, B-203, Derawal Nagar, Delhi-110 009

Learn from US how to deal with terrorists Osama hated Americans all his life , but at the end of his life , he saw nothing but Americans . The way he was killed by Navy Seal Commandos, was not only spectacular, but was also very meaningful too. Commandos could have dropped the bombs at his Pakistani hide-out , killing him instantly without even him knowing ,what really had hit him. But that would have been a meaningless end of the show without climax. Meaningful was the fact that he saw an American soldier killing him. Meaningful was the fact that he knew exactly who arranged his meeting with his God and how? Meaningful was the fact that he found himself helpless along with his Pakistani protectors when face to face with American power. For the last one decade, he hid from Americans but in the end he trembled to know the fact that Americans have arrived. True to their meaning of Sea-Air-Land, Navy Seals killed Osama on land, carried him through the air and dumped his body in sea. Mission accomplished. No tears. Whereas India’s message to Islamic terrorists is : Be appeased , have fun. America’s message to Islamic terrorists is : Be afraid, have fear.

—ROSHAN SRIDHAR, [email protected]

A letter from Australia I was extremely happy to know that Aashaji Bhat (52)was elected the first non-Muslim sarpanch in Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat elections. I congratulate Smt Bhat on her election as a sarpanch. Her election will go a long way in strenghtening the national integration in J&K. Smt Bhat is a Kashmiri Pandit. Guru Teg Bahadur sacrificed himself for the Hindu Dharma and the Kashmiri Pandits.

—AMAR JIT SINGH GORAYA, 30 Gillmartin Dr Griffith NSW, Australia 2680

Online stamp by Department of Posts Indian Posts Department has decided for online issue of postage stamps so that people may not have to visit post-offices. At the same time, some other measures are necessary to popularise postal-services which is facing a tough competition in present era of courier services. Idea of ‘My Stamp’ concept started at INDIPEX-2011 should be made a permanent feature but with certain modifications. Rather than selling stamps under ‘My Stamp’ at premium (rupees 150 for 12-stamp sheet of rupees five), these should be on face value on some minimum print-number. Scheme will motivate big users of postal-services (or even courier-services) to use the concept as advertising or sale-promotional strategy where even messages/advertisements may also be allowed to print in place of photos of those opting for personalised ‘My Stamp’ sheets. Moreover instead of having differential tariffs for local and non-local ‘Speed Post’ service which at present is rupees 12 and 25 respectively for first 50 gms, a common tariff of say rupees 15 per 50 gms weight-slab may be introduced. Both the suggestions of ‘My Stamp’ and unified ‘Speed Post’ tariff if simultaneously introduced, will make users of courier-services diverted back to postal-service with a ensured and reliable service.

—MADHU AGRAWAL, 1775 Kucha Lattushah, Delhi- 110 006

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