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May 15, 2011

Page: 1/40

Vol. LXII, No. 45, New Delhi, May 15, 2011

Jail the 40 2G thieves, Mr Prime Minister
By M D Nalapat

THE 2G scam has its 40 thieves, and if the country is to escape the pit that is being dug for it by the crooked, it is necessary that these forty spend at least six to ten years in jail each.    more >

Special Report
Nepali Christian converts demand burial ground near Pashupatinath Temple

By Gourishankar Sahoo and Ranjan Pradhan

THE crisis started in December 2010 when a ban was imposed by Pashupati Area Development Trust, the Government Authority responsible for the upkeep of world famous pilgrimage place Pashupati Khetra (Sleshmantak Van).    more >

Thinking Aloud
UPA expertise in goof-ups
By Dr Jay Dubashi

THINGS are never straight forward in India, particularly in politics, which is itself a crooked business. In the case of PJ Thomas, there are so many kinks you do not know whether you are coming or going.    more >

Why is Manmohan so fond of Pakistan?
Justice still eludes Indian victims of Pak sponsored terror

WITH Osama bin Laden getting killed in his hideout in Pak territory near its Abbottabad military complex in a unilateral US action, ...    more >

The ethnic cleansing of Hindu Reangs in Christian Mizoram

By Jagdamba Mall

AS per 2001 census, the total population of 4,34,140 Reangs is scattered in three neighbouring states of Mizoram, Assam and Tripura.    more >

Hoping against Hope: Reangs return to Mizoram

By Nava Thakuria

INDIA, one can give nomenclature as the land of displaced people, supports both domestic and international refugees.    more >

Panel discussion on Gandhiji’s Hind Swaraj
Hind Swaraj is the essence of Gandhiji’s life—Dattatreya Hosabale


"THE life of Gandhiji, right from childhood to old age, was full of struggle. But he never deviated from morality and ethics.    more >

Congress dumps Freedom of Religion Bill passed by BJP in Rajasthan
By Lokpal Sethi in Jaipur

THE government has finally decided to drop the Freedom of Religion Bill, passed twice by Rajasthan Assembly during the BJP regime to curb the religious conversion in the state.    more >

Booking for Amarnath Yatra begins
VHP opposed to curtailing Yatra duration

From: Khajuria S. Kant in Jammu

ASSERTING that Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) would not tolerate curtailment of the period of Amaranth Yatra, its international general secretary, Parveen Bhai Togadia said Bajrang Dal activists would guard the yatra, if the State Government is unable to provide security to the pilgrims.    more >

Annual function of Sewa Bharati, Kashi
Work for the uplift of deprived people—Sitaram Kedilaya

By Loknath, VSK, Kashi

“SERVICE removes the feeling of ego. Those people who have love and compassion in their heart for the society should sit together with the deprived people and try to wipe out their tears.    more >

Sewa Bharati Award conferred on Dharmadhikari Dr Veerendra Hegde
VSK, Bengaluru

MAHARASHTRA Governor Shri K Sankaranarayanan presented the Sewa Bharat Award to Dharmadhikari of Shree Kshetra Dharmashthal Padma Bhushan Dr D Veerendra Hegde for his immense contribution to nation building through social service.    more >

Ashok Singhal to be honoured with fourth Dharmashree Award

VHP president Shri Ashok will be honoured with fourth Dharmashree Award.    more >

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch demands ban on Endosulfan

IN a letter to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on April 25 the Swadeshi Jagran Manch demanded ban on Endosulfan, a pesticide infamous for its high toxicity, which is highly dangerous for humans, in the forthcoming Stockholm Convention.    more >

Training camp of Kalyan Ashram workers engaged in rural development work

A ten-day training camp of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram workers engaged in rural development activities was organised at the Gou Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra in Nagpur.    more >

260 people return to Hinduism in Andhra Pradesh
Hindu Vishwa

A total of 260 people belonging to six villages under Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh returned home on April 10.    more >

Pathsanchalan by Bal swayamsevaks in Kashi
By Loknath, VSK, Kashi

HUNDREDS of Bal swayamsevaks conducted a pathsanchalan in Varanasi on May 1.    more >

Commemorative volume on Dr Saheb Singh Verma

Many people had close relations with the late Dr Saheb Singh Verma. During his decades long social and political life people met him in connection with different activities.    more >

Proselytising in the name of social service—II
Of fear, iconoclasts and saints

By Anirban Ganguly

FEAR has always been one of the principal weapons of Christian proselytisers. In India these have been effectively and extensively applied on the unsuspecting Hindu, especially in the rural setting.    more >

Anna Hazare’s campaign against UPA corruption reminds of JP movement
By Girish Chandra Mishra

WE are proud of winning World Cup in cricket, but can we be proud of growing corruption day-by-day by leaps and bounds? Scams after scams are coming into light.    more >

BJP launches countrywide campaign on PAC issue
PAC exposed the Congress Achilles heel—Dr Murli Manohar Joshi

By Pramod Kumar

IN order to take the 2G spectrum and other scams involving Congress and UPA leaders to public, the BJP on May 5 launched a countrywide campaign.    more >

Ramayana: The Hymns of Himalaya by Akhilesh Gumashta released

“POSSESSING a higher Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) level will not be of much help if one does not have moral values and altruism. IQ and EQ can be acquired through books in schools, values of family and colleagues but the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) can best be acquired from Ramayana and Mahabharata,” said senior BJP leader Shri LK Advani while recently releasing the book, Ramayana: The Hymns of Himalaya, in New Delhi .    more >

Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee’s daughter is no more

Smt Sabita Banerjee, elder daughter of Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee, passed away in Pune on April 30. She was 86.    more >

VHP America mourns the passing away of Sri Sathya Sai Baba
By Vijay Narang

ON behalf of the Hindu American community of USA, Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA) extended its deepest condolence to the millions of devotees worldwide on the passing away of His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba.    more >

Seminar on Misuse of Criminal Justice System: Violating Human Rights
UPA is misusing investigative agencies—Dr Subramanian Swamy


THE Centre for Human Rights & Justice organised a seminar in New Delhi on ‘Misuse of Criminal Justice System: Violating Human Rights’ on April 29.    more >


The Moving Finger Writes

Somali pirates: Brigands of high seas
By MV Kamath

DOES anyone care what is happening in Somalia? For that matter, does anyone know where Somalia is and why, in the last six years, Somalian pirates are attacking foreign ships, capturing them and holding their crew as hostages?    more >

Kids’ Org

Karma and its reward
By MV Kolhatkar

KAIKADI is a name of community. They maintain a team of donkeys and make the services of these animals for carrying goods to odd places available on demand. During free hours they blow trumpets at the ceremonies.    more >


Some new light on worship and Indian Constitution
By MV Kamath
Worship: Essentials for Puja, Meera Sashital; Celestial Books, Mumbai (an imprint of Leadstart Publishing), Pp 150, Rs 95.00

A perspective on Tripura counter-insurgency
By Manju Gupta
Tripura’s Bravehearts: A Police Success Story of Counterinsurgency, BL Vohra, Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd, Pp 247, Rs 595.00

The bliss of reading Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore: The Jewel that is Best: Collected Brief Poems, (tr. William Radice), Penguin Books India, Pp 201, Rs 250.00

India’s Air power capabilities
By Manju Gupta
Dogfight: India’s Medium Multi-role Combat Aircraft Decision, Ashley J. Tellis, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Pp 142

Kashmiri exodus A must read
By Tej N Dhar
The Garden of Solitude Siddartha Gigoo, Rupa Publications, Pp 246 (PB), Rs195.00

A richly entertaining Kellerman plot
By Tej N Dhar
Evidence, Jonathan Kellerman; Headline/Hachette, Pp441(PB), Rs 295.00

A tale of passion, hatred and insurgency
In the Valley of Shadows, Abhay Narayan Sapru, Chlorophyll, Pp 170, Rs 245.00

A study of Indo-Russian strategic contacts
Shadows of Substance: Indo-Russian Trade and Military Technical Cooperation since 1991, Hari Vasudevan, Manohar Publishers & Distributors, Pp 254, Rs 695.00


Communist Double Speak-II
Bhagat Singh was never a Communist

By Chander Pal Singh

“WE oppose terrorism not because of any sentiment on the subject of violence but because we are convinced of its uselessness as a practical revolutionary party ... Individual terrorism is essentially a petty bourgeois policy ...    more >


World’s 9th most powerful person now accused of corruption: Will she fall?
By Cleo Paskal

NEW DELHI: Some of India’s biggest fish are getting caught up in the country’s fast-growing wave of anti-corruption activity. In what could be India’s equivalent of a judicial jasmine revolution, previously invulnerable politicians, business icons, and pillars of the community are all nervously keeping their lawyers on speed-dial.    more >

Media Watch

The Sathya Sai Phenomenon

THE passing away of Sri Sathya Sai Baba at the age of 84 at Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh on April 24, 2011 was treated as a major event in the history of India by practically every newspaper in the country. Page after page was devoted to the life and times of the sage.    more >


Pakistan stands exposed!
By Dr Pravin Togadia

AMERICA blamed Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda for 9/11 attack on New York in 2001. Afghanistan was attacked to hunt Osama down. Pak – Afghan border was ‘droned’. After 10 years in 2011, America suddenly (?) killed the most hunted Osama in Pakistan – the country that the same US declared as its ‘ally in the fight against jehadi terrorism’.    more >

Readers’ Forum

Would Sonia take the nation into confidence?:
—Dr TH CHOWDARY, 8, P&T Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad- 500 009

Sonia Gandhi must be congratulated for assuring Anna Hazare and the nation that she is committed to fight corruption; she would not shield anybody nor would she thwart any inquiry.    more >

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