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May 15, 2011

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Kids’ Org
Karma and its reward

By MV Kolhatkar

KAIKADI is a name of community. They maintain a team of donkeys and make the services of these animals for carrying goods to odd places available on demand. During free hours they blow trumpets at the ceremonies.

Bhushan was a youth from the Kaikadi community. He had a modest team of just two donkeys. He himself toiled with these animals for a living. One of the donkeys was fair. Bhushan called him Gore. The nickname of Gore was Laddu. The other donkey was black in complexion. That donkey was named as Kale. The nickname of Kale was Guddu.

Bhushan loved these animals. He used to call himself as a third donkey.

Once there was an acute famine in the whole region. Bhushan did have a hard time. He could not make both the ends meet. Out of dire pressing financial needs Bhushan had to sell one of the donkeys. So Bhushan sold Gore i.e. Laddu to an owner of a circus. The owner paid Rs 500.00 to Bhushan by way of the price of the donkey.

Laddu had a hard time with the circus. The ringmaster trained Laddu for gymnastic items. The ringmaster used to hit Laddu hard with a stiff bamboo stick and compel him to assume difficult postures. After nearly four months Laddu started performing a few items in the circus programme.

One and a half year passed away. Laddu was accustomed to the feats. He had lost freedom of any kind.

One day Laddu had just been away from the tent in the morning to finish his morning calls. Luckily Laddu happened to meet Guddu who had come grazing at that spot. Laddu went running to Guddu and embraced him. Both the friends were meeting after a long time. They expressed their joy by biting each others neck gently with teeth.

“How are you my dear friend?” asked Guddu to Laddu.

“Oh I have various pleasures like good food, clean water, bath, etc. but I am not happy at all here as I have no freedom” said Laddu.

“People applaud you. How do you say you are unhappy?” asked Guddu.

“In the arena I am happy. But inside I am hit hard. I have developed a phobia for stick. No sooner I happen to see a stick anywhere. I start shivering” said Laddu.

“Dear friend, luckily you have come out of the tent. Why not run away with me? We will go back to our owner Bhushan who is a kind hearted fellow.

Laddu was silent far a minute. He said thereafter, “I do agree that my earlier owner Bhushan is a nice fellow. I also say I am absolutely unhappy in the circus. Even then I will not run away. I will continue with the circus come what may.”

Why? Tell me the reason” said Guddu.

Laddu blushed awhile. He then said in a soft voice, “Dear friend, it is true I have lost freedom here. It is equally true that the ringmaster beats me in season and out of season. But listen, immediately after my items in the circus play are over, an extremely beautiful girl comes dancing in the arena. She performs very difficult feat of balancing and walking over a tight rope tied at a great height. Spectators hold their breath while watching her feat.”

“So what?” asked Guddu.

“All that time I am expected to be present there standing by the side of the ringmaster while the balancing feat goes on, the ringmaster frequently utters a threat addressed to that beautiful girl busy with balancing in these words, oh beauty on the rope, perform well. In case you slip far a while, I will get you married with this donkey standing by my side. Be aware and the ringmaster goes on repeating the threat,” said Laddu.

“Oh I see!” exclaimed Guddu.

“My friend, I am sure that a day will definitely dawn when that beautiful girl will fall from the rope. In that case, I alone will have the pleasure to become her husband. What else does anybody desire? A hand of beautiful girl is the sweetest dream which I will get fulfilled one day or the other. The present bandage is just a passing phase – a price I must pay for the richest prize in the near future”, said Laddu.

Little friends, in Chapter 5, stanza 12 of Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna says, do thy duty with all the sincerity. Never get attached to fruit. Attachment to fruit leads to untold slavery.

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