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May 08, 2011

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Readers’ Forum

Congress did bungling in DDA also: Congress will never stop doing malpractices, howsoever strong is the public protest. Corruption is in its blood. The recent scandal is that of allotment of DDA houses. Delhi’s BJP chief Vijendra Gupta has rightly alleged that the DDA which is under the control of Sheila Dikshit has completely failed in solving the housing problems of the low and middle income groups in the city. It has become a profit making organisation. The DDA is recovering rupees six lakh for Janata flats. Can poor people actually pay such a high price for these flats? A toll of 7,55,075 people had applied for 16,118 flats. After the so-called draw of lots 7,38,967 applicants were rejected. The PM and Urban Development Minister should tell how much these people will have to wait for getting the houses. Further the DDA has done bungling even in the draw of lots for these flats. Can three members of a family (i.e brother and sisters) get the flats in a serial number? But this has actually happened. One Poonam Gautam, Rahul Gautam and Preeti Gautam who are children of a person named Surendra Kumar, have been allotted flats in the draw of lots. The number of their applications are 1070441, 1070442 and 1070443 respectively. The DDA’s last housing scheme in 2008 was also marred in allegation of scams.

—RAVINDER SINGH, B-19, Sector-64, Noida

The shrinking options before Congress (Organiser, 1.5.2011); The writer has rightly stated in his article that “ the fading away of Rahul aura is not just conjectural, it is visible in the public sphere.” The Congress looks rudderless in the Assembly polls coming up in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu as there are no charismatic leaders of the party in these states to impress upon voters and sway their sensibilities. The party’s experiment with Rajiv Gandhi as an election mascot has failed to yield encouraging results so far. Despite his rigorous campaigning during the Assembly polls in Bihar and Gujarat, the Congress suffered a near complete wash-out in both states. People in Gujarat were not impressed by his diatribe against Gujarat Chief Minister whose towering personality dwarfed him. In Bihar too, his scathing attack on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar alleging that the State government has failed to utilise the Central funds for development boomeranged. His road shows in UP also failed to impress the voters. The Congress party will do well only if it leaves the path of dynastyism and groom some strong leaders in the states. With the gloss wearing out, Rahul Gandhi’s political flight seems to be sputtering on the tarmac before a take-off.

—MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

Digvijay’s canard against Savarkar (Organiser, 17.4.2011); Syed Shahabuddin is quick to catch the harsh note released by Digvijay who is convulsing under a severe grip of vote bank hysteria. Both have attributed Savarkar for the Hindu-Muslim divide and the resultant Partition of India. As a matter of fact, till his last breath Savarkar advocated and yearned for Akhanda Bharat . The hymn to holy river Sindhu composed by him soon after the Partition shows his deep agony over the vivisection of the country. All through, Savarkar pleaded that faith or ways of worship may differ and they are bound to differ. But that does not make anybody non-Hindu. His acid test for characterising anybody a Hindu was plane, simple and perfectly logical. What he said was that whosoever who considers India as a fatherland (Pitrubhoomi) and a holy land (Punyabhoomi) will be called a Hindu. This acid-test was uniformly applicable to so-called Hindus and non-Hindus too. Muslims are seen uttering salute and embracing each other off and on. Even they bow down at waist while saluting commanders, emperors and saints. However, a good number of them are reluctant to say Vande Mataram. This reluctance clearly indicates that they are not ready to consider India a Punyabhoomi (holy land). The refusal of the Congress party to raise Vande Mataram to the pedestal of National Anthem is one such shameless example of attempt to appease the Muslims.

—MV KOLHATKAR, 16, Jeevanch Chaya Colony, Opp. Civil Hospital, Satara 415 001, Maharashtra

Human rights violation of minorities in J&K(Organiser,9.1.2011); Ajay Bharti has rightly given brief description of genocide of the Hindus/Pundits in Kashmir Valley, in his article ‘Human right violation of minorities in J&K’. Infact the term ‘Human Rights Violation’ is too soft, used as substitute for genocide. There have been three very big genocides of the Hindus in India in 20th century, apart form a number of smaller ones. The first occurred during 1947, in areas now forming Pakistan, from where the entire Hindu and Sikh population had to flee for safety, leaving behind everything. This resulted in slaughter of about ten lakh Hindus and Sikhs, and abduction, rape and dishonouring of one lakh girls and women. Mahatma Gandhi bluntly told the deputations of refugees, that they should die there, as no training was required for dying, and should not come to India (see page-33, Delhi Diary—A collection of speeches by MK Gandhi, from 10.9.1947 to 31.1.1948 Navjivan Publishing House, Ahmadabad). Gandhi’s advice to the Hindus was that —“if Lahore is dying, die with it”—(page-49, Memoirs of an Ambassdor—Kewal Singh—Partition and Aftermath. Second genocide occurred in 1971 in East Pakistan, where 30 lakh Hindus were slaughtered by Pakistan’s Muslim Army, and 5 lakh women abducted and raped. These 93 thousand criminal Muslim army men were entertained with very nice food by Indira Gandhi, and ultimately sent back to Pakistan with honour, by offering a copy of Koran to each of them. The third genocide, which has been mentioned by Shri Bharti, occurred in Kashmir Valley and is still continuing. For all these genocides, Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Congress leaders are directly responsible. More such genocides await the Hindus if they do not wake up and unite.

—ANAND PRAKASH, 72/ Sectors-8, Panchkula-134 109

Curious secrecy on Sonia’s religion (Organiser, 3.4.2011); It is reported that Abhishek Singhvi was annoyed over the remarks made by the Indian diplomat, Meera Shankar , on Smt Sonia Gandhi’s religion. The diplomat was made to withdraw the comment on Sonia’s religion. She made the remarks to bring home the facts that India is a multi religious and secular country and one of the largest political party is headed by a Christian, Smt Sonia Gandhi. Does such remarks offend the Congress Party? Why should the religion of Sonia Gandhi be hidden from the public? There appears to be lurking fear in the Congress that such remarks may affect its prospects. If a leader belongs to a particular religion why not he/she boldly practice it. But the leaders of political parties appear not only pseudo secular but also unfaithful to their religion. Does going around temples, dargahs, mazars, churches and gurudwaras makes one secular? The other day we happened to read in the papers about the comment of a political leader as to how he adjusted with his Hindu spouse. He replied, tongue in cheek, that there is no problem since they keep religion to the private domain. One can understand such statement with reference to the state and citizen. But can religion be a private affair between spouses and parents and children? In Andhra Pradesh, the religion of former CM, Late YSR was not known to the majority of the people. He projected himself as belonging to Reddy caste, a dominant caste in Andhra Pradesh. YSR being a Christian and belonging to the minority community he misused his Reddy ‘tag’ for his political purpose. Indian voters need to be wary of such deceptive secularist.

—K DAMODAR REDDY, 9-6-365, Maruthi Nagar, Champapet, P.O. Vaishalinagar, Hyderabad-79

Sonia and her puppet players Antonio Sonia Maino, the Italian born, uneducated, Catholic lady has become the single most sinister force in Indian political life leading a group of Christians like Oscar Fernandez, Margaret Alwaye, Ambika Soni, AK Antony, PJ Kuriyan, KK Thomas, Victor George, and Omman Chandy to form a party within the Congress party. It is very dangerous for our country. The Hindus in the Congress are just appeasers of Sonia. They play the flute to her orders. Again slavery. This time the rulers are from Rome. The blood of our people has been sucked by these traitors. When will the 85 per cent Hindus would take control of their destiny. Hope now or never. Do we learn too late. Do we have no dignity. The Christians and Muslims in India have become so powerful and fearless, that the Hindus have become second class citizens. Hindus are humiliated in every sphere. Again the appeasement of minorities. Why are there no protest about Sonia’s corruption scandals? Why are there no protest on the plunder of Hindu temples, our very identity? Why do Hindus have to fight continuously for every injustice? Is it a crime to fight for Hindu rights? Are the Hindus scared? Why do we have to fight for our rights in Azad Hindustan. I cannot understand. Are we a hypnotised race or lack self-respect.

—RAKSHA AGGARWAL, [email protected]

Increasing funds for MPLADS It refers to Union government increasing annual allocation to rupees five crore per Parliamentarian toward MP Local Area Development (MPLAD) Scheme from present rupees two crore. Any such proposal, against opinion of Planning Commission, will burden exchequer with rupees 4,000 crore annually instead of present rupees 1,600 crore. This is despite that findings of an earlier Parliamentary panel constituted on a TV sting catching, Parliamentarians taking bribe to approve schemes to be funded through their MPLADS funds, endorsed views of Planning Commission that the scheme is a fount of corruption. Even the then Lok Sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee had echoed likewise to scrap the scheme. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has taken a lead in abolishing such a scheme in the State. Many MPs are over-generous to fund their favourite organisations for their projects from this scheme even though such funding may have nothing to do with public-welfare. It may be recalled that trusts floated by Election Commissioner Navin Chawla were found to be generously funded by MPLAD allocation of Parliamentarians from the ruling party. Our parliamentarians must have capability to get work done for public-welfare from existing administrative machinery including wisely using RTI Act rather than needing short-cut by way of corruption generating scheme!

—MADHU AGRAWAL, [email protected]

UPA is religiously following Gandhi The UPA government is faithfully following the dictum of Gandhiji, i.e. Bura mat dekho, bura mat suno and bura mat kaho (i.e do not watch evil, do not hear evil and do not speek evil.But keep on doing whatever scandal you are doing). If there is corruption anywhere don’t see it and turn your head in the other direction—so that the corrupt can keep on doing their job.

—RAMINDER SINGH, B-234, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase: 1, Delhi

The political conspiracy against Young India (Organiser, Youth Special, 30.1.2011); Shri Gupta deserves all praise for compiling the details of injustice being meted out to Hindu students, job aspirants and employees by Sonia Gandhi’s government for no fault other than their belonging to Hindu religion. Shri Gupta’s efforts will go in vain unless all Hindus are made aware of the blatant discrimination to which they are being subjected to by the government . Will the Hindu organisations take the lead and get the article translated into various regional languages and ensure that a copy thereof reaches every Hindu home.

—PR NAIR, D-8, Ratan Apts, TD West Road, Kochi-682 035, Kerala

Muslims use the term ‘Secularism’ for expansion (Organiser, 13.3.2011); The letter writer seems to be inclined to attribute to Muslims a dual attitude towards secularism. In fact secularism is an important aspect of the Indian polity. The chapter of the Fundamental Rights of the Constitution of India is generally described as the source of secularism as applied to the country. The jurists and the statesmen of the country define it as a term giving equal respect to every religion professed by the countrymen. Sarva Dharma Samabhava is the Sanskrit meaning given to the same idea of equal respect to all religions.

—TANVEER FATIMA, Sandesh Bhavan, Lakkad Kote, Chatta Bazar, Hyderabad-500 002, AP

A left handed tribute to Dr Hedgewar from an unexpected quarter(Organiser, 20.3.2011); Dr Hedgewar was really a great nation builder. He founded the RSS to unite the Hindus (Indians). A person who believes Bharat to be his Matrabhoomi (Motherland) and Punyabhoomi (Holy Land) is a Hindu. All of us who follow the Indian Samskaras are Hindus. I firmly believe in Garb se kaho hum Hindu hain.

—AMAR JIT SINGH GORAYA, 30 Gillmartin , Dr Griffith NSW, Australia 2680

Hindu land , holy land
Hindu temples , demolished
And images , humiliated,
Hindu land , pillaged
And women , dishonoured,
Hindu culture , trampled
And pride , wounded ,
That’s how Islam
Invaded our land .
Pulverized and crushed
Became Hindu society ,
Oppressed and enslaved
Became Hindu society ,
Debased and subjugated
Became Hindu society ,
That’s how Islam
Ruled our land .
Holy land of Vedas
Desecrated by alien creed,
Fire in my eyes ,not tears
Nerves at strain , Indeed , Anguish and anger , in my heart
So deep, so deep, so deep.

—ROSHAN SRIDHAR, Shelton, Connecticut, USA

Public victory “Where there is will there is a way.” Social activist Anna Hazara had a vision of mission to motivate the masses against corruption, corrupt practices and implementation of the Lok Pal Bill. His orthodox style of agitation i.e going on hunger fast unto death, motivating the masses and full support of the media yielded positive results and the Government had to bow in regard to the issue of corruption and the Lok Pal Bill. Shri Hazare’s concept of corruption free environment yielded support from all the sections of the society and without any age bar among the masses. Corruption, scams are rotting the economy and boosting inflation. Really it is public victory .


Wiki Leaks exposure on mercy petition in India Latest Wiki Leaks exposures on deliberate delay in decision to hang Afzal Guru seems to be correct by the way Union Home Ministry is acting now a days. It seems that Indian government has virtually taken an indirect decision to suspend death-sentence by going too slow in taking decision on pending 29 petitions. Recent enbloc turning of eight death-sentences into life-imprisonment by President of India was done in an unprecedented manner when Union Home Ministry recalled all these files for ‘review’. Earlier two successive Union Home Ministers had recommended rejection of all these mercy-petitions after even their decision to reject mercy-petitions got endorsed by Attorney General. After Supreme Court’s verdict, mercy-petitions must be only rarely accepted. Union government should take immediate steps to decide all pending mercy-petitions within a time-bound period of say three months. Delay in deciding mercy-petitions creates unnecessary emotions and provocation, apart from diluting fear against committing the crime. Also terrorists can repeat incidents like infamous hijack of IC-814 at Kandhar to get death-convicts like Afzal Guru and Kasab freed before being hanged in case of delayed decisions on mercy-petitions.

—SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL, 1775 Kucha Lattushah, Dariba, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110 006

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