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April 03, 2011

Page: 1/41

Vol. LXII, No. 39, New Delhi, APRIL 03, 2011

Minority status for Centre-funded Jamia
The decline of secularism as minorityism
Hindus robbed of seats in Jamia Millia too

By OP Gupta, IFS (Retd)

IN December 1988 the Jamia Millia Islamia University was elevated to the status of a ‘Central’ University by an Act of Parliament. As a Central University it has been offering constitutionally guaranteed 22.5 per cent reservations to SC & ST Hindus in educational seats and employment; and, steps to introduce 27 per cent reservation for OBC Hindus were in the process.    more >

The Indian Express report
“Indian envoy refers to Sonia as ‘Christian’, reference is deleted”

By Maneesh Chhibber

FOR the Congress, the subject of Sonia Gandhi’s religion is a touchy one and generally off-limits when it comes to official communications.    more >

Secret report on fake notes blames Pak, its staff
By Ritu Sarin

NEW DELHI: A secret Government report, that claims to be based on a “million intelligence inputs,” has named officials in the Pakistan High Commissions in Dhaka and Kathmandu as being responsible for not only manufacturing but also distributing Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN).    more >

Shiela Dixit, you cannot privatise water

IN Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dixit has a queer logic. Any arm of the government not working must be privatised. Electricity was privatised to stop loss of power in transmission. The gas project is a partnership venture.    more >

Cynical obfuscation of “Cash-for-Votes” scandal
Only SC monitored investigation will satisfy people

By Shyam Khosla

LAME excuses and half lies traded by the Prime Minister to obfuscate the “cash for vote” scandal have severely undermined his credibility or whatever is left of it. Initially, he made himself unavailable to comment on the highly explosive issue pertaining to bribing members of Parliament to win the Trust vote in 2008.    more >

Fake currency racket busted
Notes printed in Pakistan; police suspect ISI hand

HYDERABAD: Police on February 13, 2011 arrested three persons from Kurnool who procured fake currency notes, printed in Pakistan, from Uttar Pradesh and were circulating them in Hyderabad.    more >

Sangh Samachar

New methods of incentivising proselytization
Cash prize for Hindus to throw photos of Hindu Gods
Extra money for wearing cross lockets

By R Guru Prasad

IT is said that marketing is an art of making people ‘buy’ without knowing ‘why’ and Christian missionaries are proving it right. Christian missionaries have adopted the latest marketing strategy to hood wink the gullible, poor, uneducated Hindus in Bangalore by offering cash prize for those who dump the photos of Hindu gods and replace with photos of Jesus in their houses.    more >

BJP fights against discrimination
Backbone of state economy, yet Jammu is discriminated

From Khajuria S Kant in Jammu

BJP MLAs stormed the J&K Assembly on March 8, protesting continuous discrimination against Jammu region. They said despite being the backbone of state’s economy, Jammu region is being discriminated by the rulers.    more >

Communal politics on enemy property

By Pramod Kumar

THE Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Second Bill, 2010, introduced in Parliament on August 2, 2010, is in controversy. According to legal experts, the Bill ignores the larger interest of the country and has been redrafted by the UPA Government under pressure from Muslims.    more >

A booklet on the conspiracy against RSS

UNDER the Vishesh Sampark Yojna Document series VI, the India Foundation, Delhi, published a 30-pages booklet. Published under the title, Investigate the Conspiracy against RSS, the booklet contains English and Hindi copies of the recent letter written by RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Sureshrao Joshi to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on February 9.    more >

Ayodhya Verdict: A Historian’s perspective

India Foundation, Delhi, has released a collection of several speeches delivered by Dr Koenraad Elst, a Brussels-based well-known Indologist, on Allahabad High Court verdict on Ayodhya.    more >

Gita is the source of all existing religions
Islam akin many ways to Sanatan Dharma, says noted Muslim Sanskrit Scholar


SEVERAL principles laid down in Gita and Koran, both the sacred books are surprisingly similar, noted Sanskrit scholar Dr Mohd Hanif Khan Shastri has said.    more >

EVMs should become indigenous
India should start making microprocessors instead of importing them

By Dr S Kalyanaraman

NINE months after the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) made public its intent to spearhead a national initiative on India Microprocessor, a public-private programme, forming a special purpose vehicle called Zerone Corporation, ...    more >

Fake Indian Currency (Rs. 16k crores) and money laundering
Excerpt from: 2011 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) — US Dept. of State

IN December 2005 India signed the United Nations Convention against Corruption (the Merida Convention), and the GOI has taken steps at both the policy and law enforcement level to limit corruption.    more >

Remembering Justice HR Khanna
A beacon for civil liberty, judicial independence

By Adv PS Sreedharan Pillai

JUSTICE HR Khanna was the senior most judge who should have been elevated to the post of Indian Chief Justice during the days of Emergency in 1975. He was a judge who commanded the trust of all by his humility, scholarship and justice.    more >

Nanaji Memorial Lecture in New Delhi
Agriculture cannot become an industry in India—KN Govindacharya


NOTED Swadeshi thinker and ideologue Shri KN Govindacharya came down heavily on those policymakers who are trying to convert Indian agriculture into an industry.    more >

Bhagat Singh Revisited, released in New Delhi
A well-researched book on Bhagat Singh

By Pramod Kumar

IT was indeed a true homage to great revolutionary Bhagat Singh on his 80th martyrdom day in New Delhi on March 23.    more >

Cover Page

Thinking Aloud

In the Muslim world the armies call the shots
By Dr Jay Dubashi

I have strong doubts about the so-called revolution that is supposed to be sweeping the Arab World, which means essentially the Muslim world. Revolution is a strong word and takes you back to what happened in France two hundred years ago and in America about the same time.    more >

The Moving Finger Writes

Maoism: India’s Enemy Number One
By MV Kamath

THE greatest enemies of India today are Maoists and their supporters who think they are fighting for peoples’ rights but are actually trying to dismember India.    more >

Kids’ Org

A lesson for Durgam
By Manju Gupta

DURGAM was the son of a demon named Ruru. Though very strong, Durgam used his energy on negative activities like inflicting cruelty and spreading evil around him.    more >


Bliss it is to wait for Vishwanath darshan
By V Shanmuganathan

ON the early morning of Mahashivaratri Day, I was standing in the long queue to have the darshan of Kashi Vishwanath in Varanasi. There were many queues through different small lanes surrounding the temple. The temple is reached through a narrow street surrounded by colourful market place.    more >


Orissa at the time of the British
By Manju Gupta
Pathways of Empire, Ravi Ahuja, Orient Blackswan, Pp 362 (HB), Rs 695.00

A fast-paced thriller
By Ashish Joshi
The Thing about Thugs, Tabish Khair, Fourth Estate, Pp 244, price not given

A strategy to reduce meat consumption
The Meat Crisis: Developing more Sustainable Production and Consumption, Joyce D’Silva & John Webster (eds.), Earthscan, Pp 305, $ 39.95

Golden stories of an unsung hero
The Golden Gandhi Statue from America: Early Stories, Subimal Misra (tr.V Ramaswamy), HarperPerenial, Pp 192 (PB), Rs 250.00

A management success mantra
Corporate Chanakya: Successful Management the Chanakya Way, Radhakrishnan Pillai, Jaico Books,
Pp 318 (PB), Rs 275.00

A futile exercise to legitimise Islamist atrocities
A World Without Islam, Graham E Fuller, Hachette India, pp 328 PB, Rs. 595
By Dr R Balashankar

The dance of the elements
By Dr Vaidehi Nathan
The Dance of Air & Sea: How oceans, weather, & life link together, Arnold H Taylor, Oxford University Press, Pp 288 HB, £16.99

Rockefellers: The keepers of America’s art conscience
By Dr Vaidehi Nathan
America’s Medicis: The Rockefellers and Their Astonishing Cultural Legacy, Suzanne Loebl, HarperCollins, Pp 429 HB, $34.99

Business Portfolio

Corporate and SHG linkage
Why the corporate eschew social responsibility?

By Dr Devender Kawday

FOR our economy to grow there is an utmost need of corporate sector to concentrate on the rural India, as this will immensely assist them in developing their business.    more >


The ecological disaster in GM crops
By Achyut Railkar

THE researcher, Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company Mahyco and US biotech Giant Corporation Monsanto (MM) claim that genetically modified (GM) food reduces usage of pesticide during the growth of the output.    more >

Economy Watch

Silver may continue to sparkle
By Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala

PRICE of silver has jumped in the last year from Rs 28,000 to Rs 55,000 per kilo. Purchase of gold and silver is considered good way to store wealth. Often people think of Fixed Deposit in banks to be safe.    more >


Cultural nationalism and its role in development of a nation
By VK Singh

NATION may refer to any state or country having its own boundaries, but the most legitimate definition may be said to be, large number of people mainly common decent, language, history etc. usually inhabiting a territory bounded by defined limits and forming a society under one Government.    more >

Readers’ Forum

Why is Congress afraid of Swami Ramdev? (Organiser, 13.3.11);
—ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

The editorial has righty justified Swami Ramdev’s crusade against corruption and commended his work in awakening the people’s attention towards everything Indian.    more >

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