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March 27, 2011

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Readers’ Forum

Hindus in Kerala and Assembly elections: Elections to the State Legislative Assemblies of W Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Kerala are round the corner. On this background it is essential for the Hindu voters in Kerala to vote consciously, unitedly and concertedly as Hindus to avert the impending catastrophe which threatens to jeopardise their very survival in the State. International Christian organisations and jihadi groups are already dangerously active in Kerala to make the political situation more complex and more difficult. They have the blessings of both the Congress and the Communists. They have started throwing baits to the Hindu voters very discreetly ultimately to destroy the Hindus interests as they have always done. There is nothing ‘narrow’ communal’ ‘parochial’ etc. in thinking, feeling, acting and voting consciously as Hindus, as these parties imply when they use these choice expletives. They never use these words while addressing Muslim and Christina voters in the name of their religion. On the background of elections they announce special packages for Muslims as Muslims and never think that it is discriminatory and communal and narrow. Now the time has come to throw the Communists into the dustbin of time, as it has been done all the world over . In this matter the Kerala Hindu voters will do well to emulate the example of Shiv Sena in Mumbai. The city was a bastion of the CPI at one time. The Shiv Sena administered powerful kicks to the CPI and now in the political life of Mumbai, it is not seen even under a powerful microscope. The Congress is battling for survival. Remember that the Shiv Sena is a strong, staunch and defiant Hindu party. This can also be achieved in Kerala. All it requires is strong political will. The Hindus in Kerala should now wake-up and taking courage in both hands, assert that they are the rulers and not second class citizens of the State.

-Dr SURESH DHAYAGUDE, 4, Milap Society, Near Vakil Nagar, Erandvane, Pune 411 004

Hindus not tandoori chicken to be relished! (Organsier, 13. 3.11) I thought that as a responsible VHP leader Dr Pravin Togadia will never advocate India becoming a Hindu version of Saudi Arabia. But after seeing his advocacy of denying voting rights to those who are not Hindus. I have to change my view. It would only be showing the Hindu community in bad light that despite being 80 per cent of the population it has to resort to such fascist tactics to protect what Dr Togadia considers as Hindu interests. History exposed what happened to Hitler who denied any right to the Jews of his own country after demonising them first. I presume that no body in what is known as the Sangh Parivar contains VHP subscribes to fascism, but so long as the RSS and BJP continue to maintain a studied silence on Dr Togadia’s advocacy we will be compelled to revise our view. Again, in the same issue former RSS chief Shri KS Sudarshan is saying that Jawaharlal Nehru is a "foreign agent". As part of the parivar the RSS and BJP should tell us whether they too agree with these views as in the next month a good part of our people have to go to the polling station to cast their vote and it is better that we know early enough if the Parivar wants to emulate Hitler and Saudi Arabia. On an earlier occasion when Shri Sudarshan had made some disparaging remarks against Congress president Sonia Gandhi, the BJP and RSS unequivocally distanced themselves from that view; but there is only silence when such fundamentalist and fascist advocacy comes from a top Parivar leader of Dr Togadia’s standing.

-RAJENDRA PRABHU, D-601, Panchasheel Apt. Sector 4, Dwarka, New Delhi

Unjust, inequitable, morally wrong (Organiser, 13.3.11); It would not be wrong to say that there was nothing extraordinary exciting about the Union Budget for 2011-12. There are aspects of the budget that merit serious scrutiny and comment because they militate against the declared objective of the the UPA, more so the Congress, to make life easier for the aam admi and set right systemic faults through fresh reforms. It is a real let down for the masses. It has nothing concrete to alleviate their misery and address their needs. The cut in subsidies on food, fuel and fertiliser by Rs 20,000 crore is massive by any standard. It will make life more miserable for the poor. The propose cash transfer of subsidies for Kerosene, LPG and fertiliser to BPL familes is at best a token sop to offset the excessive favour shown to the corporate sector. The budget is deafeningly silent on the rise in prices of food and essential commodities, the need to release foodgrains in the market, revamp of the public distribution system, recovery of black money for tax havens and public investment in infrastructure.

-MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

Manmohan speaks like a typical babu (Organsier 13.3.11); It is now an accepted fact the Manmohan Singh is more of a puppet in the hands of the Congress president than as a PM. He works according to the finger movements of Sonia Gandhi. This is detrimental for the country and has already caused massive damage to the dignity of the PM’s office. Additionally, given the series of scams and corruption scandals that have emerged in recent times, along with allegations of money-laundering, the prevailing state of lawlessness in the country, the government’s failure to control prices, coupled with the presentation of budget that will serve to add to the burden of the people, UPA regime has lost the right to lead the country. Mr Singh who is a typical babu has become brazen and insensitive to the plight of the people.


Get your facts right before you stump on two-nation idea! (Organiser 27.2.11);The article by Shri OP Gupta rightly says that Quran teaches hatred and violence against non-Muslims. Therefore Muslims have never been in peace with others anywhere in the whole world, including of course India, where they have been inflicting extreme cruelty on the the innocent Hindus for more than thousand years and did not spare even children, women and infants. They continue to do so even today as is evident form the recent court’s judgment "Godhra train burning case", in which 59 Hindu men, women and children were burnt alive by Muslims, simply because they were Hindus. The pity is that Indian brand of secularism demands, that every time Hindus are subjected to such cruelty, they have to utter that "Islam teaches brotherhood and peace" and that "all religions are good and only some misguided individuals commit terrorism". These type of good certificates give more and more encouragement to Muslims to commit more crimes against the Hindus, to enable them to have a sure place in Heaven, where they are promised by Quran to get all type of luxuries including 72 beautiful girls (Huries) forever. Again, Veer Savarkar or any other Hindus leader never asked for Partition of India on communal lines, because Hindus have emotional attachment with their motherland, although it was in the interest of the Hindus to accept Pakistan with complete exchange of population, as advocated by Jinnah and Muslim League. Dr Ambedkar was the only leader, who had advised the Hindus to accept Pakistan with complete exchange of population but he was denounced as being pro-Pakistani by Congress leaders. Due to treachery by Gandhi, Nehru and Congress leaders, Muslims have two Pakistans, one in the West and other in the East, called Bangladesh.

-ANAND PRAKASH, 72/sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

The price of honesty (Organsier, 13.2.11); This refers to the review of the book The Honest Always Stand Alone by CG Somiah published by Niyogi Books under the heading "The price of honesty" by Jayant Patel. The reviewer refers of CG Somiah as a retired bureaucrat who retired as Auditor General. This would give one an impression that the author of the book is still alive. According to the tribute paid by S.Subbaraman, formerly of Archaeological Survy of India, who was his schoolmate in Kollegal, CG Somiah is no more. The tribute appeared in The Star of Mysore, a local daily published from Mysore. It is understood that he passed away at Bengaluru, where he had settled down after retirement, in the month of September 2010. The book has been reviewed in some newspapers towards the end of 2010 but no reviewer has made a reference to his death. Your columnist "Narad’ under the column ‘Media Watch’, every now and then, bemoans the absence of obituary columns when some prominent person passes away. Here is an instance where even the death of an eminent individual who belonged to the IAS and who held important positions in the Government of India like Home Secretary, Vigilance Commissioner, and Comptroller and Auditor General went unreported in the mainstream media.

-MK NARAYAN, 934 5the Block, Belcolony Layout, Vidyaranyapur, Bengaluru-560 097

A tribute to CG Somiah, former CAG of India If I am joining those paying tribute to the memory of Shri CG Somiah, former CAG of India, in your columns, rather late, it is only because it took some time for me to overcome my feelings enough to be able to write. There are perhaps many among us, whom we can recognise as being good but there are very few who can be described as great. Shri Somiah was indeed one such person. The true hallmarks of greatness are simplicity and grace. Shri Somiah had these in an abundant measure. The eminent official positions he held sat very lightly on his shoulders. Perhaps not many people know that he was only the second person from Karnataka to rise to the constitutional post of CAG, after Shri V Narahari Rao, who held this post in the early years after independence. We Kannadigas can be even more proud of the fact that he was the first Indian to become Chairman of the UN Accounts Committee. Earlier, he was the Home Secretary, Government of India, at a crucial period. His book of memoirs entitled The Honest Always Stand Alone was released by Dr Abdul Kalam on the July 15, 2010 at Delhi. The book was reviewed in Organiser, dated 13.2.11 and in Star of Mysore by no less a person than the editor. It is written in a racy, almost conversational style, talking of even great achievements in a matter of fact way, without a trace of the self-congratulatory tone that marks autobiographies, usually. There is a chapter in the book "Blessing from Kollegal". It was there (which happens to be my home town) that he attended school for the first time, his earlier education having been at home, since his father, a forest officer, used to be posted in out of the way places. We were schoolmates there and classmates later in Loyola College, Madras. In this chapter, he remembers the Head Master of the school, who used to encourage him. I wonder how many big people would be so humble and show such genuine gratitude. Once, when I met him at his residence in Delhi, he expressed a fond wish he had of going over to Kollegal once and going around our old school, incognito. What child-like simplicity and affection! About him it may be truly said "When will there be another like him?" Let us pray for this noble soul.

-S SUBBARAMAN (Formerly of Archaeological Survey of India)

A historic initiative for social harmony (Organiser, 20.2.11); The organisation of Ma Narmada Samajik Kumbh by the Hindu organisations is a step in the right direction. It is baffling, to say the least, why a purely cultural event like this with a commendable objective of fostering social harmony and national unity should attract criticism from Christian leaders and the Congress party. What are these people afraid of? Why are they trying to create confusion? For too long, Christian missionaries and their foreign backers have tried to undermine indigenous efforts at Hindus consolidation by raising the bogey of Hindu fundamentalism. While they continue unabated their agenda of converting tribals and other underprivileged groups using coercive methods, shameless enticements and phony logic, and effort by the mainstream to reassert themselves and break the shackles of mental bondage immediately invites adverse comments from them. While strict vigil need to be maintained against people involved in the conversion business and their sources of funding, we should not forget our duty towards those unfortunate brethren who are languishing in poverty and illiteracy. It is because of divisions within the Hindu society, in the first place, that proselytisers of all types have got a foothold. The need of the hour is, as RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat said, "to serve the deprived, neglected and illiterate masses of the Hindus society through education, love and selfless service". In the long run, this alone will put an end to the conversion business and create a robust, vibrant and progressive Hindus society.

-SANJAY KUMAR, F-87, Mohan Garden, New Delhi-110 059

Arab world takes a backward march This is with reference to the two columns in Organiser ‘Thinking Aloud’ and ‘Think it over’ issue dated 27.2.11. The former columnist has commented over the recent turmoils in the ‘Arab world’ and, the later compared ‘the cultures of East and West’. I do not know why, both of your learned columnists abhore ‘Islam’ so much? Dr Jay Dubashi’s remarks that Islam and dictatorship go hand-in-hand are unworthy to be quoted, yet I had to do this unpleasantly. The octogenarian writer MSN Menon found an excuse to denigrate Islam along with Christianity, saying: ‘They made their God into a punishing God’. He forgot the embodiments of mercy in the personages of both Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad. A punishing God would not have sent these apostles of mercy?

-TANVIR FATIMA, Sandesh Bhavan, Lakkad Kote, Chatta Bazar, Hyderabad-500 002 AP

PM puts false allegations As per the reported statement of the PM all the scams, including the 2G Spectrum and Antrix-Devas deal originated during the almost half-a-decade rule of the NDA from October 1999 to May 2004. This allegation raises a couple of pertinent questions: Why the subsequent uninterrupted reign of the UPA for the last 6 and ½ years did not smell a rat in these matters and if so, then why no steps were taken by the Congress-led coalitions to stem the rot? Secondly if the UPA II government is convinced about the complicity of the NDA regime in these scams, then let the entire case be handedover to the CBI and if found feasible, let the concerned ex-ministers in the then saffron-led ministry be prosecuted.

-ARUN MALANKAR, G-1, St Sebestian Classic CHS, Sunder Nagar No 3, Kalina, Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai 400 098

Bhajam Lal goes scot-free It is horrifying that 20 Sikhs which includes men, women and children were killed in the village of Chhillar near Riwari (Haryana) on November 2, 1984. No trace of the massacre was left. The FIR and the post-mortem reports of the dead were lost intentionally according to a Punjabi daily the Ajit. Bhajan Lal the then Chief Minister of Haryana is responsible for this massacre. He dispatched the police commandos from Madhuban ( Haryana) without uniforms who did this notorious deed. The Haryana Government records showed only three Sikhs were killed in Haryana during the anti- Sikh riots of November 1984. Earlier Bhajan Lal had humiliated even the high ranking Sikhs during the Asian Games in 1982. There must be an inquiry by a judge of unimpeachable integrity and the guilty must be brought to book. By doing this people’s faith in the rule of law will be restored.

-AMAR JIT SINGH GORAYA, 20 Gillmartin, Dr Griffith NSW, Australia 2680

Railway Budgetignores harships of commoners Railway Budget for the year 2010-2011 has nothing different as usual, with gimmicks and special favours for home-State of the concerned Union Minister presenting the budget. It has not touched practical hardships faced by commoners specially senior citizens when attendants are not allowed to receive them at platforms at many important stations, and are blackmailed by porters who charge enormous amount like rupees 100 per trip. Malpractices by other railway employees like begging for tips by catering staff or arranging reservation on ‘black’ through their contacts at Rail Bhawan are also not mentioned. Every Railway Minister ignores such practical hardships for fear of annoyance of porters/railway employees.

-MADHU AGRAWAL, 1775 Kucha Lattushah, Dariba, Delhi 110 006

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