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January 02, 2011

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Sonia has much to explain before attacking the Sangh

THE recent open and direct attacks that Sonia and Rahul Gandhi launched on the majority community of India have peeled the final veneer off the foreigner-led Congress Party’s crooked political game plan. It is now clear that all campaigns against the Hindu organisations and the witch-hunt of Hindu leaders going on for the past six years were orchestrated from behind by the Congress leadership.

A section in the Congress has been going all out in support of the terrorists, visiting their strongholds and extending sympathy and support to them. Those who are calling the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) fascist either do not know the meaning of the word or they do not know a thing about this nationalist organisation. It is the Congress leadership that has been following a ghetto policy. It interestingly was their leader’s family who allegedly had connection with Mussolini, who was an ideological half-brother of Hitler.

Calumny is the only political combat the Congress is familiar with. Though the RSS has been exonerated of all charges, Congressmen continue to accuse the RSS of involvement in Gandhi murder. The RSS has survived three bans imposed by Congress governments because the organisation’s patriotic credentials were upheld by the court of justice. Digvijay Singh accuses RSS of selectively killing Muslims and following the Nazi policy, though in independent India the only community that has faced genocide is the Hindu community in Kashmir with the tacit and passive indulgence of Sonia’s Congress. Another was the anti-Sikh pogrom led by the Congress in 1984. In fact, Digvijay’s abuse was scoffed at even by the Israelis. His is a case that calls for massive defamation suits from all over the country.

The Congress Party is rattled by the series of scams tumbling out. These have also exposed that the government, "nominally headed" by Manmohan Singh as Ram Jethmalani says and actually run by Sonia Gandhi is a coterie of the rich and the unscrupulous. Jethmalani, renowned lawyer and now a BJP MP has pointed out in India Today (December 27, 2010) that there have been several reports confirming that millions of crores of rupees are stashed away in banks abroad. Schweitzer Illustrierte, the most popular magazine of Switzerland had named 14 politicians from developing countries who had deposits in Swiss banks. Rajiv Gandhi was among those named. Despite repeated demand from the opposition parties, the government has not sought the information on the names of people who have clandestine accounts in Swiss banks. Dr Subramanian Swamy has filed at least three cases of smuggling and impropriety against Sonia Gandhi. The cases are pending in courts. In one petition Swamy has sought to know if Sonia and her children are still Italian citizens.

Recently, the Punjab and Haryana High Court turned down a petition by a citizen who had sought to know the religious faith of Sonia Gandhi. This information was refused to him in an RTI and he had gone to court. The point is, why is Sonia Gandhi so secretive about her faith, while every Indian fills it in all kinds of forms? The same goes for Rahul and Priyanka too. In a secular country, religious affiliation does not matter, until it crosses the personal level and enters the public domain, as has happened with Sonia Gandhi and her family.

Ever since Sonia Gandhi came into public life, as daughter-in-law and wife of India's Prime Ministers, there has been a shadow of foreigners around her. Recall the controversy over the presence of foreigners, her relatives, aboard fighter ships holidaying in Andamans. Then there was Quattrocchi. Now, for years, her family members have been living in India, for months together in obvious violation of visa rules.

The Wikileaks reports have revealed how Rahul Gandhi emphasized on the ‘threat’ to India from the imagined Hindu fundamentalists in conversations with American leaders. His mother found such solace in the wife of an American governor that she ‘opened’ her heart to her and said things she had never mentioned to anyone else!

The high-pitched attack on the RSS and other Hindu organisations is an indicator of the fear that is gripping the Congress Party. Sonia family has turned out to be congenital Hindu haters. The selective charging and arrest of Hindu leaders in the name of various bomb blasts has now an established pattern. They are all people who are working in the area of a Hindu awakening, fighting lured conversions to Christianity and the cultural invasion that followed it. Most of the members of the ATS working in the states, led by IPS men are taking orders from Delhi. It is to be noted that all the people charged and jailed come from areas where massive conversion activities had been going on unabated till they entered the scene.

The UPA has been a minority-centric government. Under it, the terrorists and anti-nationals are having a free run. Investigations and cases into bomb attacks are stymied for want of evidence, which is a direct result of lack of political will. On the other hand, respected Hindu leaders are picked up and jailed under non-bailable charges. Hindu organisations are maligned through campaigns carried out in the pliable media. It is high time the bluff of the Congress Party’s communal double standard is called by the nationalist forces.

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