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September 06, 2009

Page: 1/37

Vol. LXI, No. 9, New Delhi, September 6, 2009

Sangh won't enter politics.
BJP capable of settling its problems
Jinnah Responsible For Partition—Mohan Bhagwat

The RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat has clarified that the Sangh will not directly involve itself in politics and that it was for the BJP to settle its problems. On Jinnah controversy, Shri Bhagwat said that the Sangh considered Jinnah responsible for the Partition of the country.    more >

Sangh not for politics

ON Shri Arun Shourie's suggestion that ‘RSS should take control of BJP’, RSS Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh Dr Manmohan Vaidya said in a press statement issued in New Delhi on August 25 that ‘the RSS after elaborate discussion has decided its goal of man-making and social organisation. Running a political party is not the task of the Sangh. It is the duty of the BJP to run it properly, remove the shortcomings, if any, and take it forward. The Sangh can only provide them any suggestion or help if they ask for it. The Sangh extends such help to all other organisations. The Sangh will continue to do its work of social organisation that it has been doing.’

Delhi airport roof crash exposes UPA’s pet themes
By Naresh Minocha

THE United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government’s pet themes of public private partnerships (PPPs) and transparency are tumbling one after another. Be it Delhi Metro, be it toll roads, be it airports, ...    more >

Board Exam. A Rational Approach

THE UPA-I was notorious for its comatose, narrow-minded approach to education. UPA-II on the reverse has an HRD Minister brimming with new ideas. Most of them are innovative, agreeable and long overdue, but in the federal system difficult to implement.    more >

Sangh Samachar

If Hindus become united, India will become strong, glorious—Mohan Bhagwat
From Khajuria S Kant in Jammu

"WE have forgotten that Hindus from Ramesh-waram to Amarnath are one and let us start within ourself for maintaining this unity among the Hindus”, said Sarsanghachalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Shri Mohan Bhagwat while calling for transformation of India into Vishwa Guru Bharat.    more >

Fake currency and its linkage with crime
Origin of fake currency and its use

By Joginder Singh, IPS (Retd)

INDIA has become the victim of an other kind of terrorism from its neighbour, Pakistan. It is economic terrorism in printing and circulating counterfeit Indian notes. The Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI’s role in printing and circulation of fake Indian currency notes has never been a secret.    more >

Prof. JS Rajput awarded the Jan Amos Comenius Medal

FIVE years after the UNESCO decided to honour Prof. J S Rajput, former Director, NCERT, with the prestigious Jan Amos Comenius Medal for his outstanding achievements in the fields of educational research and innovation in July 2004, the New Delhi office of UNESCO handed over the Jan Amos Comenius Medal to Prof. Rajput in a quiet ceremony.    more >

The quest for a new economic order
By Dr Priyesh

THE modern economics (Western Economics) we teach in Indian universities has more than 200 years of history and it started with the publication of Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith in 1776.    more >

Significance of Eighteen
By VN Gopalakrishnan

THERE is special significance to Eighteen in Hindu scriptures. The Puranas and important Upa-Puranas are 18 in numbers. There are also 18 Dharma-shastras. The epic Mahabharata has 18 Parvans (chapters) so are the Bhagavad Gita, the Song Celestial.    more >

Zero budget natural farming is the remedy

By Subhash Palekar

It has been proved now that chemical farming is a preplanned world-wide conspiracy introduced in third world countries by global exploiter system to exploit their economy, soil, water, environment and human health.    more >

Self-Help Groups by Sewa Bharati in Tamil Nadu
An effective way of rural women empowerment

By Kesava Vinayagan

SELF-Help Group (SHG) is a programme implemented in Tamil Nadu about 12 years back by Sewa Bharati. After a decade it has become a silent revolution of economic empowerment and socio-political system of the State.    more >

Sanskrit can become the language of the masses in rural areas
By Shreesh Deopujari

THE overall development of the villages throughout the country should be a major issue because the majority of the population of the country lives in the rural areas.    more >

Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati
The preacher of Swadeshi and Organic Farming

By Debasis Tripathy in Bhubaneswar

GLOBAL warming and sedate monsoons were not focussed at that time. Yet, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati was hopelessly ahead of his time. Way back in 1969 when he first arrived at Kandhamal with a dogged determination to make local agro-sector a successes, few fathomed his vision.    more >

Bullock-driven energy devices
By PL Toshniwal

THOUSAND years old Indian economy and the basic needs of our life have been moving around the cow and her progeny. Take for example agricultural and fertilizer, food and nutrition, fuel, transportation, medicinal use and houses.    more >


In the fifth paragraph and the intro of the article ‘Scientific validation of self-purificatory nature of Ganga’ by Arabinda Ghose (page 16, issue dated 30-08-09) the words ‘Ganga water’ should be read as ‘water’. The word Ganga was inadvertently added. The error is deeply regretted.—Ed.    more >

Haipou Jadonang: The great patriot from North-East
By Tasile N Zeliang

A decade ago, there was a cry of crisis of identity. Every now and then, political leaders, church leaders and social organisations said that the path which the Naga society had adopted would lead it nowhere and the image of the Naga society would continue to remain tarnished.    more >

Strengthening brotherhood between two southern states
From R Guru Prasad in Chennai

KARNATAKA and Tamil Nadu exhibited a novel way to stay united and set an example for the rest of India by unveiling the statues of their poets in other states.    more >


Thinking Aloud

Foot in the mouth syndrome
By Dr Jay Dubashi

THERE are people who cannot open their mouths without putting their foot into it. Congressmen do it all the time. But one never believed Manmohan Singh would do such acrobatics. He is a careful man—generally careful with his words.    more >


India has a moral stake in Baluch freedom
By K Vikram Rao

THE parliamentary debate on Baluchistan went astray unfortunately. The Members did not do proper homework. The issue here is not the mention of the word Baluchistan in the Gilani-Manmohan Singh joint communiqué at Sharm el-Sheikh.    more >

Police Reforms and India’s 1861 Model Police Force
By MD Nalapat

THOSE who knew him saw India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, as the quintessential “Brown Englishman.” Nehru typified the intention of Lord Thomas Macaulay, one of the architects of British rule in India, to create a class of Indians that, in the words of his 1866 “Minute on Education,” would be “Indian in blood and colour but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and in intellect.”    more >

The Moving Finger Writes

The problem with United States
By MV Kamath

WHEN will India stand up and tell the United States that it will no longer put up with insults? Why are we so weak-kneed that we meekly submit to any vicious attack on our religion and culture by foreign bodies, without fighting back?    more >

Economy Watch

Something is wrong with global stimulus package
By Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala

LEADERS of the G-20, with our Prime Minister in attendance, have made a huge $250 billion stimulus package to pull out the global economy from recession.    more >

Kids’ Org

Choosing a career? Think twice
By Dr Devender Kawday and Dini Menon

THIS article is especially for young ones, who are in a position to opt for a career. In this period of globalisation everybody wants to come up in a fast track mood, wants to earn money with short cuts. So here choosing a career does have its great importance or else may result into lot of set-backs.    more >

Health Watch

To avoid food and waterborne illnesses during monsoon
By Dr Vandana Sood

THE coming of the monsoons bring with them several food and waterborne illnesses like cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, dysentery, amoebiasis, worm infestations and even episodes of food poisoning.    more >


The Infinite story of Ramayana
By Manju Gupta
The Infinite Story: The Past and Present of the Ramayanas in Hindi, Danuta Stasik, Manohar, Pp 319, Rs 995.00

The ordeal of life set in political context
The Wish Maker, Ali Sethi, Hamish Hamilton, Pp 406, Rs 499.00

The unmaking of a composite culture
By Manju Gupta
The Valley of Kashmir: The Making and Unmaking of a Composite Culture?, Aparna Rao (ed.), Manohar, Pp 758, Rs 1250.00

A nostalgic narrative of distant neighbourhood
The Great Divide: India and Pakistan; ed. Ira Pande; Harper Collins; Pp 380, Rs 495.00

Unmasking a dictator
By MV Kamath
Musharraf: The Years In Power; Murtaza Razvi; HarperCollins; Pp 243, Rs 399.00


Stop all unproductive and socially non-contributory blah blah
By Dr Pravin Togadia

RECENTLY, along with a well-meaning socio-religious group, I went to Kashi and did darshan at almost 150 temples, which have different-looking and different-named over 60 Ganesh, 300 Shiva, 80 Durga, 6 Kartikeyan, 15 Vishnu, 15 Laxmi, 16 Bhairav, many Nagas and many Shiva ganas.    more >

Media Watch

Business of news and the price of modernity

IT is fashionable to defend the news media and insist that it has every right to freedom of expression and the government has no business to censor it. Nothing certainly can be more important than the right to speak out or air one’s views in public or in print. But surely a right cannot be misused?    more >

Readers’ Forum

The lure of Manimekhalai (Organiser, 5-7-2009);
—ANAND MISHRA ‘ABHAY’, Sanskriti Bhawan, Rajendra Nagar, Lucknow

The learned Tanveer Fatima appears to be one of those Islamic intellectuals who are hell-bent on falsifying history. For this, they can twist the facts and distort the truth to any limit. Perhaps she has not heard of Narad Bhakti Sutra, in which Maharshi Narad ...    more >

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