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May 15, 2011

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Pakistan stands exposed!

By Dr Pravin Togadia

AMERICA blamed Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda for 9/11 attack on New York in 2001. Afghanistan was attacked to hunt Osama down. Pak – Afghan border was ‘droned’. After 10 years in 2011, America suddenly (?) killed the most hunted Osama in Pakistan – the country that the same US declared as its ‘ally in the fight against jehadi terrorism’. Pak maintained all these years that Osama was not in Pak – the same way Pak maintains from March 1993 after Mumbai bomb blasts where thousands were killed, that Dawood is not in Pak! And now, the same way after 26/11 Mumbai attack Pak says attackers are not in Pak whereas Lakhvi, Hafiz Saeed and ISI are part and parcel of Pak. David Headley and Tahavvur Rana whom the US court has almost convicted for attacking Mumbai originate from Pak and kept on visiting Pak and US with multiple entry visa which the US rejects for our simple students!

US said - Osama attacked on 9/11 and the world agreed. Bharat said jehadis from Pak attacked Mumbai on 26 / 11 and Dawood – the attacker of Mumbai of 1993 has been hiding in Pak – but the same US and therefore the UN and therefore Europe shunned Bharat. Shunned by them, Bharat bowed down to Pak and kept giving them dossiers of proofs! US is a sovereign state and so is Bharat. If US has every right to go after the country it believes attacked it, then so does Bharat. Killing Osama was the right thing to do. But why the same logic is not applied to jehadis who have been attacking various other countries? First of all, has Bharat government even thought of attacking Pak because Pak has been waging jehadi war against Bharat? Never – of course, for votes. Diplomacy, inter-country inter-people relations are all fancy words that do not bring back thousands of people in Bharat killed in various jehadi attacks from the past 1,000 years. It is easy to say ‘forget past, look up for future and development.’ There cannot be any sustain development until there are jehadi attacks on the nations, economies and societies. Therefore, it is time for Bharat’s government to immediately put together all diplomatic brains without wasting any more time and pull a strategy to attack Pak and destroy all jehadi camps there. Killing Dawood and other jehadis hiding in Pak is the foremost duty of Bharat government and then only people of Bharat should now go for any election.

Well, I know it is easier said than done. China and other Islamic nations are surely with Pak.There is no guarantee that US would not go with Pak even after killing Osama on Pak soil without Pak’s help. But this is the real acid test for Bharat’s government and all diplomats to rally other nations’ support to attack Pak as Pak is now a proven ‘Terror State!’

The UN always claims to keep watch on all nations so that they do not disturb other nations’ sovereignty. Yet, US entered Pak with its own army without Pak knowing about it and killed Osama. Great! But the same rule applies to Bharat. If US can attack a jehadi on Pak soil, then Bharat has every right to do so and the UN must rally its support behind Bharat or else, object to what US did.

US attacked Iraq with the UN directives as US and UN claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Head of Iraq was killed, Iraqis lost their lives and lands. Now it has been proven without doubt that Pakistan is a country with PEOPLE OF MASS DESTRUCTION and the same Pak is aided by American weapons, fighter planes and loads of dollars! We will not get into terming it as ‘funding Pak’s jehad against Bharat’ but only then, when US helps Bharat attack Pak immediately to kill jehadis who attacked Bharat various times.

Euphoria of Osama killing will settle in the US. Obama’s 2nd term as a President may be ensured by this. Anyway he was losing his popularity fast and he had to pull something fast. And what’s better than killing jehadi Osama! Nobody saw he attacking US on 9/11, nobody saw US killing him on May 2, 2011 and nobody (other that a few US army, navy men!) saw Osama being buried in the sea! But great to believe they did so. We believed them when they said they went to the moon; didn’t we? Fine. Then it is the duty of the world, the UN and the US / Europe to fully believe what Bharat always knew and said. Pakistan has been the land of jehadi terror and Bharat has a right to attack Pak – at least NOW! Bharat has more credible tradition of speaking truth as compared to the US. It is unbelievable that Pak didn’t know that Osama hid near its military base for six years without their help and similarly, it is impossible to believe that US does not know that Pak, its Government and its ISI planned and implemented jehadi attacks on Bharat for the last many years.

It may be US strategy to create such actual or virtual wars between countries for selling their weapons. But Pak’s jehad against Bharat is not as simple as that. With or without US, all Islamic nations always have waged jehadi war against all other nations that are not Islamic – be it Bharat, Israel or US. Spain was almost captured by jehadis but crusade saved Spain and the rest of Europe from jehadi clutches. Not to justify crusade, but history can not change. It is time for Bharat to attack Pak immediately and it is time for the world to declare Pakistan as a terror state. The UN should throw Pak out from all its committees. All other nations should sever all their diplomatic, political and financial ties with Pakistan. What was done to Iraq in the name of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, the same should be done to Pak for ‘People of Mass Destruction’.

But killing Osama or attacking Pak is not the end of jehadi terror. It is the ideology that is jehad. Until that ideology exists, the world is not yet free from jehadi attacks. A long shot, but if at all there has to be a Third World War, then it should be and it would be to finish jehad from the world. Until then, let President Obama relish his 2nd term on the dead body of Osama which the world hasn’t seen.

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