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WebdeskJul 28, 2021, 06:42 PM IST



                                                                                                                                         Surendra Kumar Gupta

The total negativity being practised by the opposition has stalled the work in Parliament and the developmental activities in the country.


The Anarchist way laid down by Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal while staying in power or opposition has shown a disastrous road map for a polity in our nation whose ill effects will have to be borne by people of the Country for the long time to come. The present-day politics in India has reached its lowest ebb because of the theatrics and deplorable actions of opposition parties, specifically Congress, TMC & AAP, to appease their Muslim voters, culminating in the National reform agenda lost in this din. The implications of the present polluted political discourse are long-lasting and disastrous for the Country as the total negativity being practised by the opposition has stalled the work in Parliament and the developmental activities.


Though BJP and Modi have got the second time mandate from the people of India in 2019 to govern Bharat for five years, the immature Rahul Gandhi, China supporter Communists, anarchists Kejriwal & Mamata Banerjee are playing the role of Duryodhana in Bharatiya politics. They are proving to be the villains for the reforms wheel of development and overall progress of the Country.


Providing an unnecessary long handle to so-called Farmers agitation was a well thought out plan of congress and other opposition parties to defame BJP & Modi to provide them with a tool to defeat Modi and BJP during the ensuing election of 5 states in 2022 and 2024 elections. The origin of farmers' agitation has its roots in a foreign land.


It is known that the Khalistan and anti-Bharat Jihadi elements staying in foreign countries are funding their Pawns in Bharat as disgruntled Sikhs of Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Jihadi, Communist & Urban Naxal agitators who took part in earlier CAA agitation and also the agents of Congress, RLD & Samajwadi Party to influence the ensuing U.P. election. Who can forget the anarchy exhibited by the toolkit guided Khalistan & Jihadi elements in Lal Qila on 26th Jan ’21 under the blanket of so-called farmer's agitation? They have now threatened again to repeat the same at Lal Qila on 15th Aug ’21.


Their demand to the central Government for taking back three bills concerning the farmers is a game of hate & defeat Modi is concealed and had no logic. Rather contrarily, these bills were eagerly awaited by the farmers for a long time, which will get them out of the pathetic situation under which they are pressed in the last seventy years. It is not understood why the Supreme Court is not taking suo moto cognisance of the Tyranny being unleashed by the so-called farmers on the inhabitants living at the three borders by blocking so-called roads and creating hurdles for their livelihood. These unruly elements are committing many crimes on inhabitants, including ladies and girls and even lady participants of agitation.


As far as the activities & dispensation of opposition parties in both of the houses of Parliament are concerned, during the current monsoon session, it is just the bankruptcy of their leadership. Instead of taking part in thoughtful discussions & performing brainstorming to resolve burning issues being faced by the Country, they are just not allowing both the houses to run. Instead, they are blocking the passage of important bills in both the houses of Parliament. The opposition parties are earning a bad name in the public's perception and decelerating their party’s anticipated performance in the ensuing state election. This roadblock is questionable and illogical since it is not letting our countrymen reap the benefits of the fast-growing economy and latest technology and needs an immediate resolution for Bharat’s uninterrupted growth.


Gone are the days when it was imparting an educative opportunity to the people when they listen to parliamentarians in the lower and upper houses of Parliament during the discussions on a particular issue or the Bill. But now, opposition MP’s are just exhibiting new ways and means to disturb the house and competing with other MP’s, showing that they can shout more loudly than others. Time has come that strict action is desired by the Speaker and chairperson of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively against the unruly MP’s for disturbing the houses.


Responsibility for running the Parliament lies on the shoulders of both the Government and the Opposition MP’s. How far these elements shall go to denigrate the political standard by their vulgarity and lowering down the level of debate to what extent is just unimaginable. When the entire world acknowledges and appreciates Indian PM’s efforts and contribution to the world’s affairs, the creation of bickering simultaneously at the home front by the vested interests and opposition parties denigrates the Image of India and its PM in the outside world.


The central government needs to overhaul its policy in dealing with agitators. Stern action has to be taken against the present-day leaders like Mamta Banerji, who has arranged the murder of 150 workers of BJP in her state, Rahul Gandhi, who is in collusion with the enemy, and Kejriwal, an appeaser of Muslim Vote bank and for their anarchist & unruly behaviour. Their policy has to be in line with the stern actions being taken by Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Aditya Nath in his state.


Why are the Khalistan agitators, who are not farmers, given such long rope? Why are the threats and anti-national narratives of their Communist & Urban Naxal leaders like Hannan Mulla, Yogendra Yadav, and Darshan pal tolerated and left free for their anti-national narratives? Why has such a cheap man like Rakesh Tikait, having no mass base in the villages, under control of at least Rs 200crs property, being left uncontrolled to speak on behalf of farmers in such a threatening voice with the Central and State Government? If a bill is required to be passed in the Parliament for stopping such anarchy on roads, let it be passed immediately. As per the constitution, the public has all the right to meet their basic needs with no hurdle created by agitators and anarchists.


(The writer is a former General Manager of BHEL & A Political Analyst)



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