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Taliban are guided by Pakistan's special forces, says Afghan First Vice President Saleh

WebdeskJul 13, 2021, 08:21 AM IST

Taliban are guided by Pakistan's special forces, says Afghan First Vice President Saleh

Kabul: First Vice President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, on Monday said that special units of the Pakistani army are guiding the Taliban.


According to Tolo News, Saleh stated on his Facebook page that the Taliban are divided into three divisions from an organizational standpoint, the first of which is led by Pakistan's special anti-terrorist teams.


In part of this article, he wrote: "From an organizational point of view, the strength of the enemy is divided into three parts — The first section deals with trained personnel directly guided by special Pakistani counter-insurgency units/nuclei from Peshawar-Quetta and elsewhere. Google communication tools and maps make it very easy. The second part is the local parts that work under the name of the military commission, and they do not play many roles except by extorting money from the people and imposing parties on the local people. The third part is the recent recruits and summonses, who have no morals."


The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan created a very immediate vacuum, "but that government forces were in order," said Saleh, reported Tolo News.


Further, he added that if the Taliban gain more land, they will still not be able to rule the country, and the people are suffering in areas under Taliban control.


Some members of the House of Representatives said that men and women must take up arms and stand up to preserve the system and the achievements of the past decades, reported Tolo News.


Mir Rahman Rahmani, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said, "I ask all respected lawyers to stand bravely by your people and fight the enemy for your material and spiritual possessions."


"Let's unite and stand by the security forces," said Reyhaneh Azad, a Daikundi MP.


The Members of Parliament accused the Taliban of violating the human rights of the people in several districts they have just reached.


"Why are the UN, human rights organizations, silent on the Afghan issue?" said Gul Ahmad Nourzad, a Nimroz MP.

Earlier, Taliban strikes on Ghazni city's security outposts were pushed back on Sunday morning.


Courtesy: ANI



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Americans are unreliable

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