Chinese provincial government of north-eastern Heilongjiang declares emergency to control Coronavirus

Chinese provincial government of north-eastern Heilongjiang declares emergency to control Coronavirus..

Turkish Muslim Televangelist Harun Yahya jailed 1,075 years for sex crimes

The bearded 64-year-old was detained in 2018 along with more than 200 other suspects as part of a crackdown on his group by the financial crimes unit of the Istanbul police. He was sentenced to 1,075 years for crimes including sexual assault, sexual abuse of minors, fraud and attempted political and military espionage, the private NTV broadcaster reported..

Maori Elders invited for the International Conference of the Elders of Ancient Traditions & Cultures

The International Centre for Cultural Studies (ICCS) is organising the 7thInternational Conference of the Elders of Ancient Traditions and Cultures on 20thand 21stFebruary 2021 with the theme “Ancient Cultures Championing Humanity”..

WHO experts' team to visit China on Jan 14 to probe origins of Coronavirus

The state television CGTN reported quoting China's National Health Commission that a team of WHO experts will conduct a field visit to China on Thursday. The team of expert is visiting China after more than a year since the virus outbreak..

Our Diaspora is our face to the world and champions India’s cause on the global stage: President Shri Ram Nath Kovind

Our Diaspora is our face to the world, and champions India’s cause on the global stage. It has always come to India’s aid, whether it is for advocacy regarding international issues of concern to India, or contributing to the Indian economy by way of investments and remittances, said the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind while addressing the valedictory session of the 16th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention today (January 9, 2021) via video conferencing. ..

United States lifts all restrictions on its ties with Taiwan

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Saturday that the United States is ending decades-old restrictions governing official contacts with Taiwan, a move likely increase tensions between Beijing and Washington in the waning days of President Donald Trump's presidency..

Twitter permanently suspends US President Donald Trump's account

US President Donald Trump has been permanently suspended from social network app Twitter due to the risk of further incitement of violence...

Student protest erupts in Istanbul against Erdogan over rector appointment in Boğaziçi University

Students and teachers of Boğaziçi University clashed with police over the political appointment of rector for the university. Melih Bulu – who stood as a Justice and Development Party (AKP) parliamentary candidate in 2015 – was appointed rector of Boğaziçi University by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in a presidential decree issued on 1 January and sworn into office on Tuesday..

Bangladesh demands Apology from Pakistan for its war crimes in 1971

Bangladesh has demanded an apology from Pakistan for the war crimes committed by the Islamic Republic during the liberation war in 1971...

LeT terrorist and 26/11 mastermind, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi sentenced to 15-year imprisonment in Pakistan

The 26/11 Mumbai terror attack mastermind and Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi was on January 8 sentenced to 15 years by an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan..

Trump concedes defeat, says new administration will be inaugurated on January 20

Trump’s acceptance of the election results comes at a time when his supporters had swarmed into the U.S Capitol to protest against Electoral College vote. In their confrontation with police, 4 people had died and 52 were injured...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for a peaceful transfer of power in the U.S as massive violence hits Washington

Condemning the violent protests which happened at the U.S capitol carried out by the Trump supporters, PM Modi said that the democratic process cannot be allowed to be subverted through unlawful protests and called for a smooth transfer of power. He tweeted, “Distressed to see news about rioting and violence in Washington D.C. Orderly and peaceful transfer of power must continue. The democratic process cannot be allowed to be subverted through unlawful protests.” The supporters of outgoing President ..

United States: At least 4 dead, 52 arrested in Capitol riot after Donald Trump's supporters storm Washington

The death toll in the riots and violence by Donald Trump's supporters has risen to four. Quoting local police, The Associated Press said four people have died as Trump supporters occupied the US Capitol in Washington DC...

Chinese Communist Party’s new resolution aims to control dissent, freedom of expression

In yet another move to stop anyone from dissenting against the government, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) introduced new laws that banned its cadres from expressing opinions and dissenting views, reported the South China Morning Post (SCMP). An article written by Jun Mai stated that the revised rule book said that cadres can make complaints about their superiors, but were forbidden from airing their opinion public and were also banned from expressing opinions that are not consistent with the decisions ..

WHO disappointed over China not granting permission to coronavirus experts to enter Wuhan

The World Health Organisation has expressed disappointment over China not yet granting permission to international experts to visit Wuhan to probe the origin of Covid-19. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, the members of the international scientific team on COVID-19 have already begun their journey, but Chinese officials have not yet given the necessary permissions...

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanks for India's invitation, cancels Republic Day visit as UK locks down

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a telephonic conversation on Tuesday, Jan 5, with his UK counterpart Boris Johnson...

Impasse between Qatar and Saudi Arabia ends, Saudi ‘to open airspace, Water and land border’ Qatar

In a major political development that could put to rest some of the problems in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is all set to reopen its air, water and land border with Qatar. The announcement was made by Kuwait’s Foreign Minister citing a deal towards resolving a political dispute that led Riyadh and its allies to impose a boycott on Qatar...

Where is Jack Ma? The billionaire’s future looks grim after his criticism of the Chinese system

Chinese billionaire and the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma has been missing from the public eyes after he criticised China’s regulators and its state-owned banks for slowing down innovation. Jack Ma has not been spotted in public for the last two months and was also missing from the finale episode of his own talent show titled Africa’s Business Heroes...

Islamist hate preacher Zakir Naik backs demolition of Hindu temple in Pakistan, says 'temples should not be allowed in an Islamic country'

Wanted criminal and Islamist ‘hate preacher’ Zakir Naik has supported the demolition of an old Hindu temple in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, saying temples should not be allowed to be constructed in an Islamic country...

Computer science students keen to learn Sanskrit for coding, says University of Toronto faculty

Computer science students keen to learn Sanskrit for coding, says University of Toronto faculty..

UN Mission Employees lured to Islam by Pakistan Army Colonel in Congo, internal inquiry ordered

    A senior Pakistan Army Colonel is accused of converting UN Mission Employees to Islam in Congo. According to the sources, the Colonel named Saqib Mushtaqi approached some Christian employees of the UN mission in Congo and asked them to convert to Islam. Islam is a minority religion in this Central African country. He is a contingent deputy commander part of United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO).  Taking note ..

How to overcome the health challenges of the New Year 2021

As 2020 has been the year of Covid-19 health challenges, can 2021 be the year of the solutionS? To do so we need not only vaccines, drugs or critical care units, but a more responsible, sustainable way of life in harmony with the world of nature and with our own individual nature. This requires natural healing traditions in all their forms, especially Yoga and Ayurveda in the context of Vedic knowledge. ..

Indonesian Fisherman catches Chinese submarine drone near Selayar Islands

Indonesian Fisherman catches Chinese submarine drone near Selayar Islands..

China’s vaccination drive raises suspicion; people cite lack of transparency

China has vaccinated more than a million people in the high-risk category and the National Health Mission has set the target to vaccinate 15 million police officers and medical personnel by the mid-February. Zheng Zhongwei, chief of a State Council task force on vaccine research, development and inoculation told a State Council press conference on December 21 that all injections would be..

Hindu temple demolished by an Islamist mob in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

  An angry Islamist mob has attacked and razed down a Hindu temple in the Karak district of Pakistan’s Kyber-Pakhtunkhwa province on Monday. According to sources, a Muslim cleric from Karak instigated Muslims against the Hindu community and demolished the temple. In a video that went viral from the locality, demolition of the temple can be seen clearly.  About the incident, Human Rights activist Ihtesham Afghan tweeted “A Hindu temple was demolished by religious extremists ..

Zhang Zhan sentenced four years in prison for reporting about Wuhan virus

Zhang Zhan sentenced four years in prison for reporting about Wuhan virus..

Each year 1,000 girls forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan: Lockdown accelerates forced marriage and conversion of minor Hindu, Sikh & Christian girls

The U.S. State Department this month declared Pakistan “a country of particular concern” for violations of religious freedoms — a designation the Pakistani government rejects. The declaration was based in part on an appraisal by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom that underage girls in the minority Hindu, Christian, and Sikh communities were “kidnapped for forced conversion to Islam… forcibly married and subjected to rape.” ..

Bangladesh to move another batch of Rohingya Muslim refugees to Bhasan Char Island

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abdul Momen told Reuters earlier this month that the UN should first assess and verify how conducive the environment in Myanmar's Rakhine state was for repatriating the refugees, before carrying out an assessment of Bhasan Char. Several attempts were made by the UN to repatriate Rohingya refugees to Myanmar had failed since the refugees refused to go back to the Rakhine territory...

Rising influence of Turkey in J&K alarms security agencies

   Trying to be the global head of the Islamic world, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been constantly trying to interfere in the Kashmir issue. Massive funding by the Turkish Islamic organisations for carrying out anti-India activities in Kashmir and state-sponsored TRT news peddling news against India, have alarmed the Indian security agencies. These activities have increased post after the abrogation of article 370 and the decreased number of militancy in Kashmir valley. ..

GILGIT BALTISTAN (G-B): In the Eye of Storm

Lt Gen Dushyant Singh     ● Strategic importance of GB needs no elaboration. Situated on the gateway to Central Asian Republics (CAR) along the Wakhan corridor (WC), it provides unfettered access to China to Gwadar port through China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a $66 billion venture. CPEC seeks to provide a solution to the Malacca dilemma of China. Further, due to favorable Sino-Russian partnership, China may also enhance its benefits from the vast energy and ..

Afghanistan asks China to apologise for operating terror cell in Kabul

   In a huge diplomatic setback to China, Afghanistan security forces have busted 10-member Chinese module operating a terror cell in the capital city of Kabul. There are reports of the Chinese administration persuading the Ashraf Ghani to windup the case since this incident has generated global suspicion on them. These Chinese citizens were detained by Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) on charges of espionage and running a terror cell. Two people out of the ..

Pakistan’s CPEC dream hits Chinese roadblock: China slowly retreating from Pakistan’s Belt and Road

CPEC project is facing continuous attacks from the Balochistan rebels and the corridor has to pass through a larger length in the province..

FBI accuses Zoom executive of leaking information to CCP

In a big development that could washout tech app Zoom’s credibility, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has accused ZOOM of leaking information to the Chinese Communist Party and also interrupting calls that go against Chinese interests. Zoom’s executive Xinjiang Jin is accused of terminating accounts of several American citizens and interrupting video calls about the 1989 massacre..

US Senate passes landmark Tibetan Policy and Support Act 2020

In a historical move, US senate passed the Tibetan Policy and Support Act 2020 (TPSA) which states that decisions regarding the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama are exclusively within the authority of the current Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhist leaders and the Tibetan people. Any interference by Chinese government officials will be met with serious sanctions and be deemed inadmissible into the United States. ..

Chinese aggression boomerangs; massive power cuts hit three provinces, people suffer

Chinese aggression boomerangs; massive power cuts hit three provinces, people suffer..

PM Modi bestowed highest military award by Prez Trump

New Delhi: President of the United States of America Donald Trump conferred the highest decoration, The Legion of Merit, Degree Chief Commander, to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 21. ..

Karima Baloch, the Baloch activist who once sought PM Narendra Modi's help, found dead in Toronto

  Baloch activist Karima Baloch has been found dead in Toronto, Canada according to a report published in Balochistan Post. She has been living in Canada as a refugee after having escaped from Pakistan in 2016.Karima Baloch was a critic of the Pakistani government and had actively worked to highlight human rights violations perpetrated upon people in Balochistan. Karima Baloch had placed emphasis on fighting for the rights of Baloch women, and highlighted how the legal system and religious ..

Saudi Arabia removes anti-Israel and anti-Zionist contents from textbooks to normalise relations with the Jewish nation

Saudi Arabia has begun the process of removing anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist contents from the country’s textbooks for the coming school year, a report by the Jerusalem-based Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education has found...

Legendary Freedom Fighter Bagha Jatin's statue defaced in Bangladesh

    Dhaka: The statue of legendary freedom fighter Bagha Jatin has been defaced by miscreants in Kushtia district, Bangladesh. The Police has subsequently arrested two students of a local madrasa along with two teachers in connection with the incident.  The incident was immediately followed after a prior incident when a statue of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was vandalised in Kushtia district earlier this month. Bangladesh has been mired in a big controversy sparked by ..

US head nurse faints after taking Coronavirus vaccine shot during press briefing

  Tiffany Dover, a head nurse at Chattanooga, Hospital in Tennessee, fainted during a press briefing after taking a Pfizer-BionTech's coronavirus vaccine. The Head nurse was addressing media from CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee informing them that her team was among the first ones who were receiving a vaccine against coronavirus. However, while taking up questions during the media interaction, she suddenly fainted and was helped out by a doctor. The incident was ..

Communist China jailed record number of Journalist to hide the truth behind Coronavirus

Communist China jailed record number of Journalist to hide the truth behind Coronavirus..

Jihadist group Boko Haram claims responsibility for abducting 400 Nigerian students

Jihadist group Boko Haram claims responsibility for abducting 400 Nigerian students..

With 35 lakh members, Vidya Bharati Purva Chhatra Parishad becomes world’s largest alumni association

With 35 lakh members, Vidya Bharati Purva Chhatra Parishad becomes world’s largest alumni association ..

Vilification of Swastika has to stop

Hitler himself used the term Hakenkreuz for that dreaded symbol of hate which happened to have similarity with swastika. Theory of Aryan invasion and a common homeland of Aryans is long discredited, however, the association lingers on. The Swatika must be contextualized back into the history of tradition with right connotations and binding it with a single, monochromatic interpretation has to stop..

Release detained journalists, says EU to China

Release detained journalists, says EU to China..

CCP members have infiltrated to UK firms, consulates; claims report

CCP members have infiltrated to UK firms, consulates; claims report..

Google reveals the reason for 45-minute-long crash: blames ‘internal storage quota issue’

      Google online services yesterday (December 14) suffered disruption. The services, including Google's enterprise tool Workspaces, were down for customers across the world. The affected apps and services include Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Slides, Gmail and YouTube. The outage lasted around 45 minutes. The outage lasted almost 45 minutes across all Google services with users unable to login. Most of the services are now back online. Users ..

Indian Ambassadors’ Group pens open letter on Canada’s appeasement politics

   While Canada has become the home turf for the separatist Khalistan movement, Indian Ambassedors’ Group has penned an open letter about Canadian political parties using Sikhs as a vote bank. The group lauds Canada’s vibrant culture and society, but they are sceptical about the Liberal Party’s tactical support for pro-Khalistan groups. The letter says, “It is well known that the separatist and violent Khalistani elements carry out anti-India activities, ..

Staring at Vaccine Famine?

Rich nations–where 13% of the global population live–have booked 52% of vaccines. Equipped with better manufacturing and supply capabilities, India can emerge as a beacon hope for the world..

Gunman who opened fire at Christmas concert in New York shot dead

  A man was shot dead by police after he opened fire near crowds who had gathered to watch carol-singing outside a New York church on Sunday, December 13. New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot Shea said no one was injured during the shooting on the steps of the Cathedral of St John the Divine in Manhattan. A choir that had just finished Christmas carolling at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine was lingering atop the cathedral steps when the suspect, who had two handguns, ..

Maharaja Ranjit Singh's statue vandalised again in Pakistan

Yatharth Sikka     The statue of 19th Century Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh renowned as 'Sher-e-Punjab' has been vandalised for the second time since its unveiling in 2019 at the Lahore Fort, officials said on Friday, December 11. The nine-feet tall statue of the Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh was unveiled at Lahore Fort on his 180th death anniversary in June 2019. Barely 2 months after its unveiling, the statue was vandalised by two religious miscreants, Adnan ..

Khalistanis vandalise statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Washington; Anti-India slogans raised outside the Indian embassy

    Khalistan supporters and anti-India notorious elements on Saturday, December 12 defaced the statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside the Indian embassy in Washington. The Embassy has strongly condemned this act while lodging a strong protest with US law enforcement agencies. A car rally was organised by American Sikhs in Washington DC in support of farmers who are protesting against the recently enacted farm laws in India. Soon protest was hijacked by the separatist ..

NRI protestors get Azadi from Saudi Arabia; Deported for protesting against CAA-NRC

      A number of Non Residential Indians were deported from Saudi Arabia for protesting against Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens, reported Arab media. These protestors were ‘inspired’ by the Shaheen Bagh gang, but forgot that in Arab Islamic nations there is no freedom to protest. NRIs living in Jeddah had come out with placards to show their dissent against the Indian government. But eventually, their support for the Islamist protest ..

France Proposes Law To Arm Itself Against Islamist Separatism

 Agrah Pandit      France has brought out a new draft law to arm itself against the growing threat of “radical Islamism” and thus protect French republic from “Islamist hydra” that promotes violence. Originally named the “anti-separatism” bill, it is given a softer name “draft law to strengthen republican values” after the criticism. “The enemy of the Republic is a political ideology called radical Islamist which ..

Muslim Grooming Gangs: 32 men charged with almost 200 sexual exploitation offences against 8 girls as young as 13 in West Yorkshire

      Police probing an alleged grooming gang have charged 32 men with almost 200 offences against girls as young as 13. The alleged offences date from 1999 to 2012 against eight girls in Kirklees, Bradford and Wakefield. Police say the men are charged with a number of offences - including rape, sexual activity with a child, trafficking and false imprisonment. There are 196 counts among the defendants in total against eight girls aged between 13 and 16. The ..

Did we create God or God created us? Maria Wirth answers atheists

It's a question, which atheists often ask. It was on quora: "did we create god or god created us?"..

Pakistan selling Hindu and Christian girls to the Chinese rich, says IRF Ambassador Sam Brownback

US Ambassador-at-large for the International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback has accused Pakistan of selling Hindu and Christian girls to the rich people from China. The IRF ambassador has tweeted “Hindu and Christian women from poor and marginalized communities in Pakistan are vulnerable to traffickers falsely promising marriage to wealthy Chinese men. Once married in China, these women are often isolated, neglected, abused and, at times, sold as prostitutes.”..

Pro-Uighur body to organise protest against China on International Day of Human Rights

 East Turkestan National Awakening Movement, a pro-Uighur body, will hold protests in various countries on the International Day of Human Rights on December 10 to bring the world’s attention towards China’s violation of its citizen’..

LRO exposes free bible distributors ‘The Gideons International’ , alleges massive fraud

LRO exposes free bible distributors ‘The Gideons International’ , alleges massive fraud..

U.S enlists China, Pakistan among 8 other nations for "systematic, ongoing, egregious violations of religious freedom"

U.S enlists China, Pakistan among 8 other nations for "systematic, ongoing, egregious violations of religious freedom"..

Indian-Origin Health Expert Anil Soni Appointed First Chief of the WHO Foundation

Indian-Origin Health Expert Anil Soni Appointed First Chief of the WHO Foundation..

Huge Demonstrations in Nepal demanding the restoration of Hindu Monarchy

     At a time when Nepal is slowing becoming a feudatory of China, pro- Monarchy sentiments are on the rise. Massive demonstrations were held at the Nepalese capital city of Kathmandu for the restoration of Hindu Monarchy. Nepal was the Hindu Kingdom till 2008 when the monarchy was abolished. In the previous rallies slogans such as “monarchy must return to save the country” and “country above party” were raised. Slogans such as “King, please ..

New revelation on China’s organ harvesting industry; over 25,000 people killed for organs a year

     China is notoriously known for exploiting its minorities and suppressing its dissidents. Over the past few years there are multiple reports coming out about China taking off organs from certain sections of their society without their consent. These organs are said to be illegally transported to foreign countries for transplantation operations. The Chinese government earns millions of dollars by selling these organs, or what is popularly known as ‘organ harvesting’...

Facebook’s WoW project to guard Muslims, misuse of concession anticipated

     Social Media website Facebook is overhauling its algorithms to detect hate speech against Muslims, Black and LGBRQ community members, hence ending their old ‘Race-blind’ practise. The overhaul, which is known as the WoW Project and is in its early stages, involves re-engineering Facebook’s automated moderation systems to get better at detecting and automatically deleting hateful language that is considered “the worst of the worst,” according ..

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to be the Chief Guest on Republic Day 2021

    India has invited Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson to be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day celebrations on January 26, 2021. If Johnson confirms his availability and takes up the invitation, he will be sixth from the UK to be Republic Day chief guest. Prime Minister Modi in a telephonic conversation invited him to be Republic Day chief guest on November 27. UK PM Boris Johnson, on his bit, invited PM Modi to the G-7 summit in the UK next year. ..

India summons Canadian envoy over Justin Trudeau's remarks

  New Delhi: Irked by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's continuous remarks on farmers' stir in India, High Commissioner of Canada here, Nadir Patel, was summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs on Friday and a Demarche was made. The envoy was informed that comments by the Canadian Prime Minister, some Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament on issues relating to Indian farmers constitute an "unacceptable interference" in India's internal affairs."Such actions, if continued, ..

Prime Minister Modi calls for ensuring opportunities for 'Divyangs' on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Prime Minister Modi calls for ensuring opportunities for 'Divyangs' on International Day of Persons with Disabilities..

Hong Kong Democratic activist calls for Indian sanctions against Chinese regime

 -Ganesh Puthur     Hong Kong democratic activist Honcques Laus, in a letter to the Indian Minister of External Affairs Dr S Jaishankar has requested India to suspend extradition treaty with the Hong Kong and impose sanctions against Hong Kong and Chinese regimes. In the letter, Honcques Laus said "I, as a Hong Kong democratic activist, would like to extend an invitation to India to suspend the extradition treaty with the Hong Kong tyrannous regime, and impose more sanctions ..

Rise and spread of radical Islamic terrorism in the West, writes Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Human rights for a proven ISIS jihadist? Yes, in the Western countries, not only several members of ISIS and AL Qaeda have already returned and melted into the societies, some of them even are using the shield of human rights as the best possible tools of returning to their countries...

“In memory of the man of pleasure”; Alcoholic drink named after the founder of Islamic Pakistan

“In memory of the man of pleasure”; Alcoholic drink named after the founder of Islamic Pakistan..

Twitter shows its bias once again, suspends 37 accounts for criticising The Church

Ganesh Puthur    Micro-blogging site Twitter has reportedly suspended 37 handles for tending #ChurchUnsafe4Women. The trend saw around 95,000 tweets coming from 2500 Twitter handles. Twitter is accused of unilaterally acting without seeking any explanation from the individuals whose accounts were blocked. Netizens had slammed the mysterious nature of the functioning of the Church and criticised the way Church treat their Women. There are multiple reports of nuns being sexually ..

Condition of Christians inside the Palestinian areas

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury    Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who is known for his hesitation and inability to make historical decisions have become more aware than ever that the Palestinian Authority (PA) would not survive for long without help from Israel. Meanwhile, a vast majority of the Arab nations that subsidised PA have visibly abandoned Palestinians aspirations for statehood and decided to normalise relations with Israel, while some of them have already established diplomatic ..

Prime Minister Modi to skip SCO Summit, Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu will chair the meet

     New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will skip the first Summit-level Meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation to be held under India’s Chairmanship, since New Delhi gained full-membership of the organisation in 2017. The Summits are held annually generally at the level of Prime Ministers of SCO and deal primarily with the trade and economic agenda of the organisation. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will also give the SCO Summit a miss ..

‘Iran has become Mossad’s street corner’: Iran blames Israel for killing of nuclear scientist

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has blamed Israel for the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Fakhrizadeh was described by Western officials as the “father” of the Iran’s atomic weapons programme...

Co-Founder Larry Sanger calls Wikipedia “a huge moral hazard”, says that the website is turning into a ‘monocultural establishment organ of propaganda’

According to him, Wikipedia has become more opinionated and partisan. It is one among the most popular anonymous website and anonymous persons can be easily corrupted by the government and criminal enterprises. He also said that credible sources are becoming narrower in Wikipedia. The Academia, which is more inclined to the left, vetoes any of the articles or narratives that challenge its intellectual hegemony...

Nepal is India's foremost friend, development partner, says Foreign Secretary

  New Delhi: Foreign Secretary Harsh V Shringla on Friday said, "India sees itself as Nepal’s foremost friend and development partner". Addressing a special function at the Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (AIDIA) at Kathmandu on the second day of his visit to the Himalayan nation, Mr Shringla said: "Developmental experiences that we share with you (Nepal) are developmental experiences that have proved successful and beneficial in our own country. Given our ..

New Zealand MP Dr. Gaurav Sharma Takes Oath in Sanskrit

New Zealand MP Dr. Gaurav Sharma Takes Oath in Sanskrit..

Hong Kong students arrested for protesting against China's draconian law: Top diplomats condemn erosion of media freedom in Asia's financial hub

Ganesh Puthur    China’s involvement in Hong Kong has taken away all the democratic rights the citizens of the Island including the right to protest. Three young protestors, Joshua Wong, Ivan Lam and Agnes Chow were remanded into police custody after they pleaded guilty for inciting violence during the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong in the previous year. Pleading guilty was their tactics to reduce the punishment. Law officials say that the three protestors could be sentenced ..

China shows its true colours, threatens Nepal’s opposition leader Jeevan Bahadur Shahi

 Ganesh Puthur    Nepal Congress Parliamentary leader Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, who recently released a report on the Chinese encroachment to the Nepalese territory in Humla, has made it public that he feels threatened by China’..

Sewa International receives award in recognition of community service during COVID-19

Sewa International, an Indian-American non-profit organisation, has been awarded a USD 50,000 Love Takes Action award from the New York Life Foundation, as a recognition for their ongoing efforts to help support communities across the United States during the coronavirus pandemic...

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu flies to Saudi Arabia to meet crown prince MBS and US Secretary of State Pompeo, say Israeli sources

According to the top Israeli government officials, PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of Mossad Yosef Meir Cohen flew to the city of Neom to meet Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman and US secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Amichai Stein, who is the correspondent at the state-ran Kann’s Diplomatic desk, over a series of tweets hasinformed the public about this secret meeting...

France initiates process to curb Political Islam, issues ultimatum to Islamists to accept 'Charter Of Republic Values'

Following the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in France, President of the Republic, Immanuel Macron has issued an ultimatum to the French Council of Muslim Faith. Earlier this week, he along with the French Interior minister Gerald Darmanin had met the leaders of French Council of Muslim Faith to demand them to accept a charter which opposed political Islam. They are given 15 days to respond and sources claim that the council will accept it fearing harsh measures from the Macron administration. ..

Mala Adiga to be US First Lady's policy director: Kannada connection in Biden's first appointment orders

        New Delhi: The future 'First Lady' Jill Biden's Policy Director will be Mala Adiga, an Indian American and who has also served during the erstwhile Barack Obama administration. "Adiga will work for a First Lady who has said she intends to prioritise education and military families," CNN reported. In fact, there is a Karnataka connection to Ms Adiga. She hails from Kakkunje Adiga family of K Suryanarayana Adiga, founder of the erstwhile ..

CCP-PLA technologically pushed back, cracks in the global order can be filled

 Dr Gulrez Sheikh    Apple introduced its first Mac comput­ers since 2005, with­out an In­tel mi­cro­pro­ces­sor. In­tel—has botched its tran­si­tion to sub-10-nanome­ter chips and are still behind. But, if In­tel is a few years be­hind, Chi­na’s lag may be closer to a decade. And if it wasn’t enough, to rub salt on the Chinese wounds, Apple is getting its processors from Taiwan. ..

Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib Al Hasan issues apology after receiving death threat for attending Kali Puja in Kolkata; says he’s a proud Muslim and Islam is religion of peace

"I want to make this clear. Shakib did not inaugurate our puja at all. We did not even invite him to inaugurate the puja. When we heard that he was coming to visit Kolkata, we wanted him to visit our puja stage once as a guest," Paul said...

Oxford University students vote to ban beef and lamb from campus canteens

If the Oxford university changes its policy, it would be following the footsteps of Cambridge University, which has already banned beef from campus canteens...

Terrorism poses the biggest threat to the world: Prime Minister Narendra Modi at BRICS summit

“The credibility and effectiveness of global institutions are being questioned. The reason for this is that there has been no change in these institutions despite the passage of time. These institutions reflect the mindset and realities of the world 75 years ago," the prime minister said...

Rahul Gandhi has a 'Nervous, Unformed Quality', writes Former US President Barack Obama in his memoir

      Former United States President Barack Obama in his memoir ‘A Promised Land’ described Rahul Gandhi as “a student who had done the coursework and was eager to impress the teacher but deep down lacked either the aptitude or the passion to master the subject.” He has “a nervous, unformed quality about him,” writes Obama in his memoir. Congress president Sonia Gandhi also appears to find mention in the memoir. According ..

Catholic body from Vatican extends Diwali greetings to Hindus

    New Delhi: In a year that saw immense sufferings across the globe due to Coronavirus and irrespective of people's religious affinity, the Catholic church leadership from Vatican released a message to Hindus ahead of the Diwali festival that falls on November 14. It was signed by Cardinal Miguel Angel Ayuso, council president, and Msgr. Indunil Janakaratne Kodithuwakku, council secretary, the message for Diwali 2020 called believers among both Hindus and Christians to spread ..

Child sexual abuse in Catholic Church ‘swept under the carpet’, inquiry finds

Cardinal Vincent Nichols says he won't quit over damning child abuse report as Pope Francis had asked him to remain in the post!..

Islamic terrorists burn village shouting Allahu Akbar, behead over 50 people in Mozambique

As per the 2017 census, Christians made up 59.2% of Mozambique's population and Muslims comprised 18.9% of the population. 7.3% of the people held other beliefs, mainly animism, and 13.9% had no religious beliefs..

Google Doodle honoured legendary Indian writer, musician and philanthropist Purushottam Laxman Deshpande on his 101st birth anniversary

      Google Doodle is celebrating the 101st birthday of legendary Indian writer, playwright, musician, composer, actor, director and philanthropist Purushottam Laxman Deshpande, popularly known by his Marathi initials Pu La. The the doodle honoured the legendary artist with an illustration by the Mumbai-based guest artist Sameer Kulavoor. Who was Pu La?  Purushottam Laxman Deshpande, popularly known by his initials ("Pu. La.") or as P. L. Deshpande, was born ..

President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

"Immense pride not just for her chittis, but also for all Indian-Americans," PM Modi congratulates Kamala Harris..

Govt of India in touch with China on visa matters

     New Delhi: China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into the country by foreign nationals from India and some other countries including UK, Bangladesh and Philippines holding valid visas or residence permits in view of the coronavirus pandemic. “Foreigners with emergency or humanitarian needs to visit China, can submit visa application to the Chinese embassy/consulates in India. The entry into China with visas issued after November 3rd is not affected,R..

US Presidential Elections 2020: Trump or Biden? Who will have the last stretch?

The US presidential election is on, and the contest is keen between the Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump and Mr Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate. Many other parties might be contesting, or individuals might also be in the US presidential election due tomorrow..

Prime Minister Modi condemns terror attacks in Vienna, says India stands with Austria during this tragic time

Prime Minister Modi condemns terror attacks in Vienna, says India stands with Austria during this tragic time..

Pak faces another embarrassment, finishes last in IPU poll table

Pak faces another embarrassment, finishes last in IPU poll table..

Albanian historian Olsi Jazexhi says China's treatment of Uyghurs akin to Al Qaeda's treatment of non-Muslims, accuses Communist regime of trying to convert Muslims to Confucianism and Buddhism

There is no difference in how Al Qaeda treats non-Muslims and how the Chinese government treats the Uyghurs in Xinjiang in a bid to change their faith and demography, said Albanian historian Olsi Jazexhi. He was talking about his experience of his visit to the Chinese-occupied East Turkestan in 2019 in an interview...

Islamists target Hindus in Bangladesh in the pretext of anti-France protests

Communal Violence in Bangladesh in the Wake of Emmanuel Macron’s Stand on Charlie Hebdo Cartoons ..

Terrorist in 'medieval costume' goes on stabbing spree in Quebec City, kills 2 & injures at least 5 in Canada’s French-speaking province

Reports said that the man was dressed in medieval costume and armed with a “bladed weapon."..