SCO countries pledge to cooperate against terrorism, radicalism in NSA meeting

During the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meet in Dushanbe on June 23, National Security Advisors of member countries pledged cooperation in the joint fight against international terrorism, extremism, and separatism..

With Covid Cases Rising Again in Indonesia and Costa Rica, China’s Covid-19 Vaccine, Sinovac, Under Scrutiny Again

Costa Rica declined a delivery of the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine, Sinovac, last week. Chinese scientist George Gao had earlier expressed concern over the efficacy of Chinese vaccines but was censored..

Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Newspaper Apple Daily Shut Down After China Freezes Its Assets and Arrests Editors

Apple Daily announced the June 24 edition would be its last, and it will not update the website from midnight of June 23. Nearly all the top leadership of the publication is in jail..

If China Doesn't Cooperate in Investigating Origin of Coronavirus, Will Think of Ways to Deal With It, Says US NSA Jake Sullivan

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the US would rally support in the international community to build pressure on China to cooperate...

In No Mood To Give In, China Nominates Wuhan Lab, At The Centre of Leak Theory, For Top Science Award

China’s Academy of Sciences on June 19 shortlisted the Wuhan Institute of Virology, its director Shi Zhengli and deputy director Yuan Zhiming for science award...

Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza Strip

The Israeli Air Force launched airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on June 16 after Palestinians in the besieged enclave sent ‘incendiary balloons’ into southern Israel..

Pak apex court saves Karachi Dharmashala from demolition on Hindus’ plea

Land sharks had an eye on the property which is situated in the heart of Karachi. The court issued an order preventing authorities from the demolition of the property for constructing a commercial complex..

New regime takes charge in Israel, pledges to work closely with India

There is a change of guard in Israel. A new regime under the leadership of Naftali Bennett has taken charge...

Not only grapes, but even mangoes can also be sour: 'Pak Mango diplomacy' gets a snub

In circa 2010 Indian leaders, diplomats and journalists who travelled to Islamabad for a series of bilateral meetings and the SAARC conference were gifted mangoes by the then Interior Minister Rehman Malik...

Naftali Bennett becomes Israel's PM, will the new Coalition change Global Equations due to the strange alliance?

Israel is in the News in 2021 for three reasons. Firstly it vaccinated and fought COVID-19 at the root and was successful...

PM Modi congratulates new Israel PM Naftali Bennett, lauds outgoing PM Netanyahu for his role in strengthening India-Israel partnership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday congratulated Naftali Bennett on becoming the new Prime Minister of Israel...

Blatant Racism at BBC: After Showing Footages of Pyres in India for Hours, Apologises for Broadcasting Footage of Footballer Christian Eriksen Receiving CPR on Ground

Footballer Christian Eriksen had collapsed on the field Saturday. He received CPR on the field and was rescued by the medical team...

China feels heat on Covid19: G-7 and India stress on 'reforming' global health mechanism

China feels heat on Covid19: G-7 and India stress on 'reforming' global health mechanism..

FDA Asks Johnson & Johnson to Discard 60 Million Doses of Its Coronavirus Vaccine Manufactured in the United States

Fifteen million doses were discarded earlier, bringing the total number to 75 million doses. Fate of another 100 million doses hangs in the balance...

New Study Finds HCQ Increases Covid-19 Patients Survival Rate by 200%, Lancet Study Which Raised Doubts Over HCQ’s Efficacy Was Later Withdrawn

Then US President Donald Trump had batted for HCQ but WHO had sabotaged the study about efficacy of HCQ...

Myanmarese condemn Beijing for acknowledging the military coup

Democracy aspiring Myanmarese people represented by over 425 civil society organizations lately expressed their strongest condemnations against the People’s Republic of China..

Pakistan National Assembly Adopts Bill to Give Right of Appeal to Kulbhushan Jadhav Who is on a Death Row

The International Court of Justice has stayed the order of the Pakistan Military Court in 2019 which has sentenced Jadhav to death...

China Ups Pressure on Pakistan to Find and Return 2000 Uighur Families Who Have Fled Xinjiang to Avoid Prosecution

China is Pakistan's all-weather friend. And Pakistan can’t afford to upset China...

Chinese Nationals, With Help from Indian Fraudsters, Duped 5 Lakh Indians of More Than 150 Crore Rupees

Delhi Police busted the online syndicate which was duping money using Power Bank, ZCoin, Sun Factory and EZPlan apps..

G7 to Call for Fresh Probe into Origin of Covid-19, Evidence Suggests Leak of Virus from China’s Wuhan Lab

US President Joe Biden behind the fresh push for the WHO led investigation into the origin of Covid-19..

US President Joe Biden Overturns Donald Trump’s Order Banning the Chinese Apps; orders resumption of services of TikTok, WeChat, Alipay

President Joe Biden passed the executive order on Wednesday..

Nigeria Bans Twitter, Former US President Donald Trump Says More Countries Should Ban Twitter & Facebook

Trump says he should have banned Facebook when he was president ..

India's growth rate at 8.3 percent to be second to China, says World Bank

The World Bank has said that India would be the second-fastest-growing major economy, behind only China...

Xi Jinping consolidates 'control' but PLA is 'acutely unprepared' for conflicts, says US Congress report

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made significant gains in consolidating his hold on the Communist Party but 'reorganisation and disruption' has perhaps made the PLA acutely unprepared for conflicts...

A US Lab Had Expressed in May Last Year Strong Possibility of Covid-19 Leak from Wuhan Lab

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California had presented a paper in May last year concluding there was a strong possibility of Covid-19 leak from Wuhan Lab in China ..

Maldives Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid Elected President of UN General Assembly by Huge Margin, Indian Diplomat Nagaraj Naidu Could be Shahid’s Chef de Cabinet at the UN

India had declared its support to Maldives’ candidacy about six months back..

Imperialistic China's Mind Games and Tweeplomacy

The microblogging site Twitter, blocked in China, hosts hundreds of accounts of Chinese officials. The government has withheld access to its millions of users for a company that is allowing its platform to be used by the same government to be heard to the world outside...

World Must Wake up to China’s Climatic Disaster in Tibet before it is too Late

International webinar on “Environmental Destruction in Tibet by China and Implications for Asia” on World Environment Day..

Hungarians Protest Against Chinese University Campus in Budapest

Fudan University of China is planning a campus in Hungary’s capital Budapest. Many feel it will promote Chinese authoritarianism..

Hindu traders in Pakistan's Balochistan receive threats from Islamic Terrorists

The Hindu traders and shopkeepers in Pakistan's Balochistan province are receiving life threats by Islamic fundamentalists after the killing of a businessman, Ashok Kumar. ..

Colombo Port City Project: Chinese ‘String of Pearls’ threat looms large in IOR

The developments in the island nation and India's immediate neighbour have surely been on the top of the menu in the world of international politics. ..

Release all media workers in Myanmar: PEC

As the imprisonment of scribes and other democratic activists under arbitrary laws becomes a new normal in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma)..

“No Regrets in Pursuit Thirty-two years ago”, says Dr Chin Jin ; Chinese Speaking territories see no major Tiananmen Square events due to Crackdown and COVID

For the first time since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, there were no formal commemoration events held in the Chinese-speaking world for the anniversary due to the crackdown by the Chinese government in Hong Kong and COVID restrictions in Taiwan...

China on the Grip of Fear: Talking about Nuclear War

If China is accountable in the US Investigation of Lab Leak Theory on Corona Virus or Wuhan Virus or China Virus. ..

Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine Ineffective? UAE & Bahrain See Rise in Cases After Inoculating Their Population With Sinopharm, Both Now Using Pfizer As Booster Dose

Chinese vaccine Sinopharm has been granted emergency use approval by WHO, although data about its efficacy is not available..

Anthony Fauci Emails Reveal There Was Discussion About Covid-19 Virus Leak From Lab in China’s Wuhan, But Fauci Dismisses It

Leading infectious diseases expert from US Dr. Anthony Fauci knew about lab leak theory in the early days of Covid-19 pandemic..

The malevolent dragon : From Tiananmen Square to Belt and Road Initiative

This article is the first piece in a three-article series that will talk about China’s malevolent expansionary plans under the garb of its much touted and advertised Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). ..

Revisiting Tiananmen Square

The China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) is a think tank affiliated to the Ministry of State Security, which happens to be China's top intelligence body. ..

SJM brings world leaders to build a consensus for patent-free vaccines; Webinar in collaboration with Gautam Buddha University and other global institutions organised

The Online International Webinar on the Strategy for Dealing with Pandemic for Equitable Access to Vaccines and Medicines against Covid-19 was organized jointly by Gautam Buddha University, Howard University USA, Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Haryana Higher Education Council, Kurukshetra University, Swadeshi Swawlamban Trust...

Nestle’s internal report says 60% of its products unhealthy for consumption

The world’s largest consumer food and beverages company Nestle has been facing criticism after an internal presentation revealed that a majority of its mainstream food and beverages portfolio is unhealthy...

Saudi Arabia Minister Defends Order to Lower Volume of Mosque Loudspeakers, Says Faithfuls Don’t Need Reminders

The Islamic Affairs Minister in Saudi Arabia defended the order to lower the volume of the mosque loudspeakers. ..

Chinese Communist Party to Honour PLA Soldier Died in Galwan Valley Fight

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee will honour one of the Chinese soldiers who lost his life during a faceoff with brave Indian jawans who were posted on the Indian border to repulse Chinese incursions in the Galwan Valley in June 2020...

Has the 'neo-communist' China already triggered post-Covid Cold War 2.0?

One argument, to begin with, is that the United States of America and even its allies have been complacent about the potential threats from China. ..

Rebuttal to the International Press on India’s handling of Covid-19

Let’s turn the clock back to 2020. For many months, the world’s top health body, WHO, unequivocally discouraged the wearing of face masks by the general public. ..

Hardline Cleric Rizieq Shihab, Who Had Fled to Saudi Arabia After Facing Pornography Charges, Sentenced to Prison in Indonesia for Flouting Covid-19 Protocols

A court in Jakarta sentenced hardline cleric Rizieq Shihab to eight months in prison for flouting Covid-19 protocols in Indonesia. ..

Hamas vows to actualize Iran’s agenda of a Jew-free Middle East

Hamas vows to actualize Iran’s agenda of a Jew-free Middle East..

Nobel peace laureates call for Myanmar’s lady activist’s unconditional release

Voices for the release of Burmese activist and media person Thin Thin Aung are gaining momentum as five Nobel peace laureates have joined the chorus. Expressing serious concerns over the continued detention of the women’s human rights defender..

US President Joe Biden Revives Call to Investigate the Origin of the Covid-19 Virus, Asks China to Participate in Fair Investigation, China’s Wuhan Lab at the Centre Again

US President Joe Biden Revives Call to Investigate the Origin of the Covid-19 Virus, Asks China to Participate in Fair Investigation, China’s Wuhan Lab at the Centre Again..

Embodiment of the Spirit of Nationhood

Embodiment of the Spirit of Nationhood..

Taiwan Not Invited to WHO Meeting After Lobbying by China

Once again giving in to Chinese lobbying, WHO did not allow Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) which kicked off Monday...

Samoa’s First Elected Female Prime Minister Who Promised to Scrap China-backed Port Project, Not Allowed by the Incumbent to Take Oath

Samoa’s first elected female Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa was locked out of the parliament Monday and not allowed to take oath by the incumbent Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoni. ..

Responsibility in Honouring the Gaza Ceasefire

Hopefully, the ceasefire will end the cycle of violence initiated by the terrorist organisations from Gaza..

A new roadmap amid Politics 'as usual' in Nepal

Ideologies and past precedents possibly do not matter much in a world where the mantra is a better living condition for the common people. ..

Three Wuhan Researchers Had Fallen Sick With Covid Like Symptoms in Nov 2019, Much Before China Disclosed Covid, Reveals US Report

Three Wuhan Researchers Had Fallen Sick With Covid Like Symptoms in Nov 2019, Much Before China Disclosed Covid, Reveals US Report..

Israel welcomes Bangladesh 'removing travel ban', Dhaka says its much ado about formality

New Delhi: Israel has welcomed the decision of Bangladesh authorities to 'remove' travel ban to the country and hoped even diplomatic ties would be established soon...

Not Confident That Covid-19 Developed naturally, Says Chief Medical Advisor to US President Joe Biden and Infectious Diseases Expert Dr. Anthony Fauci

Not Confident That Covid-19 Developed naturally, Says Chief Medical Advisor to US President Joe Biden and Infectious Diseases Expert Dr. Anthony Fauci..

Israel-Palestine Issue: A glimpse into the conflict

The recent intifada has led to sizable human and material destruction revealing the magnitude of animosity that exists among groups that reside in the state of the middle east...

Event Alert: Topic- ‘Israel under attack by Radical Islamic Terror Organisations’ on 22nd May 2021 at 7:30 PM

Event Alert: Topic- ‘Israel under attack by Radical Islamic Terror Organisations’ on 22nd May 2021 at 7:30 PM ..

US State Alabama Lifts the Decades Long Ban on Yoga in Public Schools

Alabama, a southeastern state in the US, Thursday lifted the decades long ban on Yoga in public schools. Republican Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill...

Op-Ed: 'Responsibility in honouring the Gaza Ceasefire' by Jonathan Zadka, Consul General of Israel to South India

As the hostilities from Gaza halt overnight, we enter a very delicate and sensitive period in hope that the terrorist organizations in Gaza will indeed honour the ceasefire, and stop the indiscriminate rocket attack against Israel’s civil population...

‘Cancel culture’ forcing prominent American entertainers not to criticise Hamas over its actions against Israel?

As Israel systematically targets Sunni Islamist terror group Hamas, the number of actors, directors, producers, and other people associated with the entertainment industry in America have not extended any support to Israel as it fights to protects its citizens. ..

Radical Islam silently spreading in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan local jihadist group National Towfeek Jamaath (NTJ) was behind the deadly 2019 bombings on Easter Sunday that killed nearly 300 people and injured twice as many...

Israel- Hamas ceasefire comes into force in Gaza Strip

A Ceasefire came into force in Gaza Strip, bringing halt to fiercest fighting between Israel and Hamas. ..

Hamas vs the State of Israel - More than a geopolitical turmoil

This is the raw data of the barrage of rockets fired by Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (the "military wing" of a listed terror organisation, Hamas) over the territory of the State of Israel. In the process of protecting the very "Existence" of the Israel state, it is Israel's Iron Dome Aerial Defence System that has been successful in intercepting most of the terrorist's rockets...

Pakistan’s ISI Asks Its Proxy Social Media Accounts to Pose as Israelis and Attack India

Pakistan’s spy agency ISI has asked its proxy social media accounts to pose as Israelis and attack India. ISI is using more than 5000 fake Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ..

Corona Virus Originated in Wuhan Lab and Risk of Bioterror is Very Real, Says Secretary of State in Trump Administration Mike Pompeo

The US Secretary of State in the Trump administration, Mike Pompeo, said coronavirus originated from a lab in Wuhan. He added the risk of bioterror was very real. He criticised the Chinese Communist party for covering up the origin of the virus. The Chinese authorities did not allow the visiting team of specialists from the WHO access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology...

Israeli forces strike 9 rocket launch sites throughout Gaza

As tensions between Israel and Palestine continue to escalate, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said that they have struck nine rocket launch pads throughout Gaza on Tuesday. ..

China exploited pandemic to promote global image, peddled disinformation

The coronavirus pandemic has become an opportunity for Communist China to promote its image in world media coverage, reveals a recently released research study..

Adeel Raja, CNN Associated Pakistani Journalist, Tweets Anti-Semitic Msg “The World Today Needs A Hitler” in Context of Israel-Palestine Conflict, Later Defends It in Name of Freedom of Expression

Adeel Raja, a Pakistani journalist associated with CNN since 2013, tweeted “The World Today Needs A Hitler” in context of Israel-Palestine conflict. ..

France under Crisis: Soldiers warn "Concessions" to a Religion risk “civil war”

An Open letter’s, Signed by a number of retired generals as well as by at least 18 servicemen including four officers, published by right-wing magazine Valeurs Actuelles ..

Jews are attacked throughout the World by Jihadis for happenings in Israel

Anti-Semitism has spread through out the Islamic world like a cancer and it has crossed Nations through immigrants, refugees and war torn people. ..

Israel Targets Buildings Used by Terrorist Organisation Hamas for Operations Against It, One Such Building Housed Al Jazeera Office in Gaza

The Israeli Defence Forces have been only targeting locations which Hamas is using for operations against Israel. ..

Israel Iron Dome Defense System: Why causality is low despite Rocket attacks from Gaza

Israel is under constant threat internally and externally. Internally 21% of its own Palestine Arabs cannot tolerate the existence of Israel? ..

US to spend billions of dollars in technology for basic research to counter China

The United States Senate has cleared an effort by legislators to set up USD 110 billion in technology funding for basic research as a measure to counter China amid strained ties and fierce competition between the two countries...

Swaminarayan Temple USA – Labour Discrimination Charges Quashed, New Jersey Labour Department Finds U.S Firm Guilty

BAPS – Swaminarayan Temple, New Jersey was accused of labour and immigration abuse. Few people like Prof Audrey Truschke, Equality Labs went to the extent of accusing BAPS of caste discrimination against Dalits. ..

Hamas Apologists Vs An Indian Citizen: Here’s why we should oppose Islamic terrorist group Hamas and expose its fans in India

It all started with my WhatsApp status mourning the death of an Indian girl in Israel in the rocket attack by HAMAS Terrorists..

China exploited pandemic to promote global image, peddled disinformation

The coronavirus pandemic has become an opportunity for Communist China to promote its image in world media coverage, reveals a recently released research study..

Hamas and terror attacks on Israel during Ramadan: Is it to do with funding from the Arab world?

World was very impressed when it came to know that Israel had fought the China Wuhan Virus, by vaccinating majority of its people. ..

Major clashes erupt in Israel's Lod, Netanyahu declares state of emergency

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared a state of emergency in Lod as intense rioting has erupted in the Arab-Jewish city amid escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine...

Palestinian Terrorists Kill Indian Nurse, Fire More than 700 Rockets in Israel, Indian Pseudo-Liberals and Islamists Condemn Israel and Express Solidarity with Terrorists

Palestinian terrorists have fired more than 700 rockets in Israel in the last two days. The attack killed Indian nurse Soumya Santhosh who was in Israel for the last ten years and was taking care of an old woman...

Palestinian Terrorists' Air Attack on Israel Kills Indian Nurse Soumya Santhosh

Palestinian Terrorists' air attack on Israel Tuesday night killed Indian nurse Soumya Santhosh. ..

Pakistani Taliban bomber captured in Afghanistan's Nangarhar

Amid the recent surge in violence, Afghan Intelligence operative have arrested a Pakistani Taliban suicide bomber in Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province..

Bombshell dossier: China has been “preparing” for WWIII fought with “biological and genetic weapons – including coronavirus”!

A report by The Australian on the Chinese bombshell dossier suddenly seems to be grabbing headlines, globally...

Pakistan suffers setback as trade with Afghanistan declines

Pakistan's exports to Afghanistan have declined in the current fiscal year, which is depriving the former country of a major market for its products and dwindling trade with its neighbour..

European researchers raise alarm over China's attempts to suppress criticism

Some of Europe's China researchers have raised alarm over the repeated efforts of Chinese organisations to stifle criticism as Beijing seeks to aggressively crackdown on findings that cast the country in an unflattering light...

Hefazat leader Mamunul has connections with Pakistani militancy group

Hefazat leader Mamunul has connections with Pakistani militancy group ..

A Military Study on Bat Viruses Was on For About Eight Years in Wuhan, Reports Daily Mail

A Military Study on Bat Viruses Was on For About Eight Years in Wuhan, Reports Daily Mail..

Massive Fire in Iraq’s Covid Hospital, At Least 82 Dead

Massive Fire in Iraq’s Covid Hospital, At Least 82 Dead..

Australia Cancels Agreements Under Belt and Road Initiative with China, China Calls It ‘Provocative’

Australia Cancels Agreements Under Belt and Road Initiative with China, China Calls It ‘Provocative’..

Norway raises alarm over unhindered exploitation of dual use technology by Pakistan

Norway on Monday raised alarm over unhindered exploitation of dual use technology by Pakistan to aid its nuclear programme. ..

Chinese Vaccines Not Much Effective Against Covid-19, Says Top Chinese Health Official

A top Chinese health official Saturday admitted Chinese vaccines against Covid-19 are not very effective. ..

US Administration Blacklists Seven Chinese Supercomputer Entities

In its first move against Chinese companies, the Biden administration has blacklisted seven Chinese entities from obtaining US tech. These entities are accused of building supercomputers to help its Military...

Wave of Islamization turning churches into mosques in the West

A disturbing wave of Islamization has been continuing in the western nations, including Britain, Canada, Australia and the US. ..

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists Plead Guilty After Bullying from China

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists Plead Guilty After Bullying from China..

‘SEWA with FEMA’ – Indian Americans Serving with FEMA in Philadelphia

Indian American volunteers from a group of 25 Indian Associations, Hindu Temples, and Indian Associations from Greater Philadelphia area...

Pakistan PM Imran Khan Preaches Austerity, Asks for US $2 Million Extra for VVIP Plane

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s lavish lifestyle has once again created political turmoil in the country. ..

The alarming rise of religious fundamentalist forces in Bangladesh

For the Bangladesh government, priorities are fighting the COVID pandemic and the unruly religious fundamentalist forces...

Bangladesh PM Promises Action Against Jamaat & Hefazat for Riots During PM Modi’s Visit

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised action against radical Islamist outfits Jamaat-e-Islami and Hefazat-e-Islam for riots during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bangladesh visit...

The TMC Nexus

Reports from Bangladesh point out that Trinamool Congress used its influence on the jihadi network to create mayhem and sabotage Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, despite overwhelming response it generated in the host country..

Jihadi Onslaught on Hindus

In the guise of protesting against the recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, radical Islamist elements in Bangladesh unleashed large-scale attacks on innocent Hindus, and destroyed hundreds of Hindu temples and properties. The violence was engineered by pro-jihadi elements to upset the bonhomie that exists between the two countries and to embarrass Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who has taken a stern stand against radicalisation. The Bangladesh administration has launched ..