Defence Scan By Air Mshl PK Roy

1. ISRAEL SIGNS CONTRACT FOR SUPPLY OF SURFACE-TO-AIR MISSILESThe Indian Navy and Cochin Shipyard Ltd have signed a contract with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for provision of Naval Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile systems (MRSAM). The contract is worth US$ 93 million and involves provision of various systems for the MRSAM Air Defence System. These include follow up orders, maintenance and other services. Earlier last year, IAI had entered into contract with Bharat Electronics Limited to supply ..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy

1.COASTAL SECURITY EXERCISE ACROSS ENTIRE INDIAN COAST CONDUCTED The Indian Navy, in coordination with various other agencies conducted the largest ever coastal security Exercise ‘SEA VIGIL’ along the entire length of 7,516 km coastline and EEZ of India, to validate the efficacy of various measures taken since ‘26/11’. Even though smaller exercises involving individual states or those combined with adjacent states are being conducted on a biannual basis, such a national-level exercise is perhaps ..

Defence Scan By Defence Scan

 1. VISIT OF AUSTRALIAN CHIEF OF DEFENCE FORCE TO INDIAThe Australian Chief of Defence Force General Angus J Campbell, called upon General Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Army Staff and discussed issues of mutual concern, on the side lines of ‘Raisina Dialogue’. He also called on Lieutenant General Rajeshwar, Chief of Integrated Defence Staff and discussed important aspects of mutual concern.  The Raisina Dialogue, a multilateral annual conference is organised by the Ministry ..

India cancels scholarships of 2,000 Ghanaian students after students and faculty members pulled down the statue of Mahatma Gandhi

The cancellation of the scholarship comes after a group of students and faculty members pulled down the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the University of Ghana campus, claiming that Gandhi was "racist"...

30-year-old US church to be converted into Hindu temple

A 30-year-old church in Portsmouth, Virginia, in the United States, is all set to be converted into a Swaminarayan temple..

India and China agree to maintain peace in the border region

Prime Minister Modi and President Xi recognised the common threat posed by terrorism, and reiterated their strong condemnation of and resolute opposition to terrorism in all its forms and manifestations..

Who is Sabotaging the Repatriation of Bru Refugees?

After Central Government made a breakthrough on repatriation laced Bru refugees, the implementation of the same is being sabotaged on the ground. The question that remains unaddressed is whether the Bru tribe will ever be welcome to their home state of Mizoram after more than two decades of exile..

Report seeks action against sexual exploitation of UK Sikh girls by Pak Muslim gangs

The report states that Pakistani Muslim men in gangs have been grooming and abusing young Sikh girls for decades but ‘politically correct’ police 'recklessly ignored' the grooming gangs..

Travancore of Bharat: The First Asian Kingdom to Defeat a European Colonial Power

In 1741, Travancore scripted a glorious chapter in world history, becoming the first Asian Kingdom to defeat a European Colonial Power, when the formidable Travancore Nair Force of King Marthanda Varma categorically defeated the Dutch Force in the ‘Battle of Colachel’..

Let's visit the plight of minorities in Pakistan through Kartarpur Corridor

Pakistan is trying to hide its creepy face through Kartarpur Corridor. Its record on minority persecution is so dismal that the real intention of Pakistan is revealed even if it wants to hide it..

Raksha Mantri Launches ‘Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti’

Raksha Mantri Smt Nirmala Sitharaman formally launched ‘Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti’, in New Delhi on November 27..

Indo-China relations will have impact on entire world: Nirmala Sitharaman

Delivering the 7th Rutum Kamgo memorial lecture on November 11 Defence Minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman said five ‘S’ Samman (respect), Samvad (dialogue), Sahyog (co-operation), Shanti (peace) and Samriddhi (prosperity) should guide our relations with China..

“It is state-sponsored Genocide in Balochistan”: Italian journalist Francesca Marina

Francesca Marina, an eminent Italian scholar and editor in chief of ‘Stringer Asia’, who has visited Balochistan several times and regularly keeps a close watch on the happenings there, said what is happening in Balochistan today is not simply the human rights violation, it is systematic pogrom being carried out by Pakistan and a war leading to extermination of a culture..

Singapore-India Bilateral Maritime Exercise

Singapore-India Bilateral Maritime Exercise..

Trump called Pakistanis as Fools; Pakistan arrests Ayman al-Zawahiri’s daughter and son-in-law to show their allegiance

Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies have arrested Al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri's daughter and son-in-law Umar Jalal Kathio in a massive operation in Karachi..

“India is your best destination,” Prime Minister tells World’s FinTech Companies: Read his keynote address at Singapore FinTech Festival

"I say this to all the fintech companies and startups: India is your best destination," Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the keynote speaker at the Singapore Fintech Festival, said...

Freudian Slip Reveals the Mind! Pakistan TV Ran ‘Begging’ instead of ‘Beijing’ during Imran Khan’s Speech in China

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was on an official visit to China, with a begging bowl in hand, to seek financial support to help stave off a financial crisis..

New Study Claims Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal may have Plateaued, But Security Experts Remain Sceptical

Security experts, however, remain sceptical of the new estimate. “I am not sure of the assessments since there are always so many assumptions made when calculating the fissile material available – the burn in power reactors, the quality of uranium ore and so on. All external estimates put Pakistan as having more nuclear weapons," says a security expert at a Delhi-based think tank..

Which 9/11?

There are two 9/11s at a distance of a century. While the earlier date made an appeal of uniting the whole world and humanity into single brotherhood, peace, harmony and acceptance, the recent one propagated the message of violence, bloodshed, division and clash! Which 9/11 must be imbibed and embraced by the humanity? Swami Vivekananda and the 9/11 he represented left behind a legacy which was truly Hindu and Bharatiya and which accentuated the fact that love triumphs hate   At the heart ..

Rohingya Muslims: Agenda to disturb Peace of Jammu

The presence of the Rohingya Muslims in Jammu and nearby areas poses a threat to the national security, feel locals as they fear breach of peace and radicalisation in the region. “Atithi devo bhava” is the cardinal principle of Indian culture but when it comes to national security, one should think twice before blindly welcoming the guests. Same is the case with Rohingya Muslims...

The Cardinal Sins

The Cardinal Sins..

For Imran Khan, 'Muslims Bat, Marx Bowls'

Imran Khan’s ideation of governance in his victory speech comes as inanity which talks about a shuffling of Medina welfare state with Chinese Socialism. He didn’t get the contradictions, did he?   Chinese authorities in the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang have imprisoned tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Muslim Chinese in mass internment camps. This detention campaign has swept across Xinjiang in what a US commission on China in 2018 said was "the largest mass incarceration ..

Pakistan Elections: Army Wins, Democracy Loses

Elections in Pakistan have ended up weakening the state rather than strengthening, because the army frowns upon any attempt at democracy ..

Kargil and After: How Secure Are we Today?

A review of the progress made in India’s security calculus, subsequent to the recommendations of the group of Ministers post-Kargil Conflict ..

Lens and Pen in the Battleground

Kargil was the first war which Indian correspondents covered by going to the front and Army had to handle the situation on the battlefront. This led to serious deliberations over the role of media during war time   Many news media experts believe that embedded journalism provides a more accurate story of a war when compared to the traditional approach of news gathering via military briefings prepared for the pressThe changing landscape of media in the 21st century and especially in the current ..

Elections for a Puppet government

In the last decade or so the Pakistan Army has realised, to its absolute delight that it can enjoy all authority without any responsibility by installing a puppet democratic regime and that has become the bedrock of its political strategy..

'I wish you make the entire world a Hindostan!'

Tarun Vijay recounts his Persian experience while driving through major Iran cities..

Massive Protest in PoJK against Pakistan for Promoting Terrorism

Massive protests erupted in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir against the country's increased support of terrorism in the region..

USA Deadliest Country for Journalists? Five Journalists Killed in ‘Targeted Attack’

In a ‘targeted attack’, a gunman has opened fire at a local newspaper, Capital Gazette newspaper, office in Maryland, killing five journalists..

#InternationalYogaDay2018 Om Shalom Yoga! Israel Becomes Leading Yoga Destination

As Yoga gets global acceptance, in the Jewish state, Tourist Israel has launched the first wellness experience of its kind in the world. With guaranteed departures every week the one-day “Masada Sunrise Yoga” is a world first and has received initial interest from over 50 nationalities..

#TrumpKimSummit :Triumph for Trump

US President Donald Trump has followed his instincts while dealing with Kim Jong Un and not depended on the stale, failed advice of those under whose watch the North Korean issue was allowed to balloon into a deadly threat..

#Exclusive Five ISIS Sympathisers from Kerala Arrested in Saudi Arabia

Five Keralites from Kannur, including women, have been arrested in Saudi Arabia for supporting the international Islamic terrorist group ISIS..

Crocodile Kills Christian Pastor During Baptism

A crocodile has killed a Christian pastor while baptising indigenous people near a lake in southern Ethiopia..

India's Vision for An Inclusive Indo-Pacific: Seven Key Takeaways

Here are the seven elements with which Prime Minister Narendra Modi defines India's Vision for the Indo-Pacific Region:..

Indian Films Banned in Pakistan During Eid

Pakistan has imposed a temporary ban on the exhibition and screening of Indian films during Eid holidays..

When the Church Kneels Down Before the Communist Demigods in China

'Replace the photos of Christ with those of Xi Jinping!' How the Communists, who play appeasement card in India, treat the minorities in China..

#RohingyasKilledHindus Rohingya Terrorists Massacred 100 Hindus in Myanmar

On August 25, 2017, Rohingya terrorists executed around 100 innocent Hindus in Myanmar, abducted several women and children and forcefully converted them to Islam, says Amnesty International..

Informal Summit ends on a productive note: PM Modi and Russian President Putin vows to deepen relations

In a fruitful visit to Russia, PM Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin encompassed an extremely productive discussion over the relations between the two countries. The Black Sea coastal city noticed two strong superpowers coming together and reviewing a complete range of India-Russia relations as well as other global subjects during their first ever informal summit. ..

India to Promote Yoga and Ayurveda in North Korea!

VK Singh becomes the first Indian minister to visit North Korea in 20 years. Both countries decide to cooperate in areas like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, promotion of Yoga and traditional medicines..

Nawaz admits Pak role in Mumbai Attacks: Pak Military Calls Top-Level Meeting

In an interview with Pakistan newspaper The Dawn, the ousted Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sherif had admitted the role of Pakistan in the attacks on November 26, 2008..

VP Shri Venkaiah Naidu Voices Concern Over ‘Disconnect’ in ‘Connected’ World

Addressing diplomats and students in Panama City, Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu asserts India’s vision of a new world order is based on it’s ancient wisdom and values aimed at harmonious existence..

#PMModiInNepal Winning the Neighbourhood

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Nepal on May 11, 2018. This is his third visit to Nepal after becoming the Prime Minister. It is also the first high-level visit since the formation of the new.....

Modi meets Xi: Key Takeaways from Wuhan

The Wuhan summit signaled a well-timed and much needed effort to restore faith and stability in relations between two Asian giants. Key takeaways from the India-China summit ..

India and China agree to maintain peace in the border region

Prime Minister Modi and President Xi recognised the common threat posed by terrorism, and reiterated their strong condemnation of and resolute opposition to terrorism in all its forms and manifestatio.....

Mission Jeopardised?

Is the world heading towards the third World War ? The missile attacks of the US and its allies on Syria have triggered the debate amid grave apprehensions..

Modi visiting China: Pakistan worried?

What surprises Pakistan the most is the fact that even though India- China were locked in a 73-day military stand-off in a remote, high-altitude stretch of Doklam last year, now they are going steady to improve ties and bury the bad memories of the recent past..

Are India-China Relations heading for Significant Breakthroughs?

China and India are poised at the crossroads to shape reordering global order in various fields..