Trump invites India to join G7 as Britain proposes new alliance of 10 democracies to break China’s monopoly

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to re-configure G7, the group of seven advanced economies in the world, to expand G7 to G10 or G11, intends to include India along with Australia, South Korea, and Russia..

Yesterday Tibet, Today Hong Kong, Tomorrow Taiwan! China's national security law a death-knell for Hong Kong

China introduces a new national security law in Hong Kong that aims to crackdown on human rights and political activists ..

Murder of George Floyd - Black lives gasping for breath in USA but police brutality shows no mercy

Being black in America almost seems to be a death sentence, latest being the death of George Floyd. How many ‘black’ deaths will it take until racial profiling and undervaluing of black lives by police finally ends?..

COVID-19 in New York: Indians turn out to be messiahs for corona affected and frontline warriors

‘‘Messiah usi ko toh kahte hain hum/ Khushi baant le le jo auron ke ghum.’’ At a time when the whole of the World is grappling with the global pandemic COVID-19, the Indians, as is their culture and tradition to do humanitarian work wherever they are, are doing what many of their contemporaries can only think of in one of the severely affected states of United States of America i.e. New York..

‘Don’t link repatriation of Chinese with the border situation’ says China; CPC mouthpiece downplays the 'escalation of the border disputes' news reports #IndiaChinaStandoff

“China clearly has no intention of escalating the border disputes with India, so its assistance to its citizens should not be over-interpreted"..

Pakistani Muslim attacks Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara in UK, leaves message threatening Sikhs to support Jihad in Kashmir

A Pakistani Muslim was arrested on Monday (May 25) for vandalising Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara in England's Derby. ..

Pentagon report says Pakistan continues to harbour Taliban, Haqqani Network to counter Indian influence

“According to the DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency], Pakistan’s strategic objectives in Afghanistan continue to be countering Indian influence and mitigating spillover of instability into its territory,” the report said..

China threatens to place Apple, Boeing, and other US firms on ‘unreliable entities’ list

China is threatening to “restrict or investigate” several major U.S. companies, such as Boeing and Apple, in retaliation against U.S. action Friday to block shipments of semiconductors to the Chinese company Huawei..

Chinese news portal discloses 500,000 of Wuhan's residents to be infected with Corona; Deletes news quickly as Chinese netizens ridiculed their government

Chinese news portal discloses 500,000 of Wuhan's residents to be infected with Corona; Deletes news quickly as Chinese netizens ridiculed their government..

Sewa4Community - A collective of Hindu organisations in USA render great service in its fight against COVID19

A collective of Hindu organisations and individuals in the USA have come under one umbrella as Sewa4Community which are working in as many as 11 different spheres to aid the country's fight against COVID19...

Foreign Media and Fake News against Bharat

Fake news and biased reporting by foreign media are vitiating the atm¬osphere in India and perpetuating false perceptions abroad ..

Muslim migrant influx is the beginning of the invasion of Europe

Muslims are gradually increasing the size of migrants in the European nations thus paving the path of the Islamic conquest of the West. According to statistics, over 25 million Muslims live in the 28 member states of the European Union (now Britain is out of the EU)..

#Interview All religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan are treated like slaves and devoid of equal rights: MQM leader Tariq Jawaid

International Community should wake up and look at the Atrocities committed by Fascist, Islamist Radical Terrorist Punjabi Army in Pakistan who are doing the enforced disappearances of all the Ethnic non-Punjabi and committing the genocide of millions of Mohajirs, Sindhis, Baloch, Pashtuns, Hazaras, Ahamadiya Muslims & religious minorities of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and all other minorities..

"Repeated missteps by you and your organisation have been extremely costly for the world", US President in his letter to WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros

"Repeated missteps by you and your organisation have been extremely costly for the world", US President in his letter to WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros..

China gets cornered as WHO nods probe into Covid19 origin

China gets cornered as WHO nods probe into Covid19 origin..

Coalition of over 100 countries including India demand independent inquiry into coronavirus outbreak

Coalition of over 100 countries including India demand independent inquiry into coronavirus outbreak..

Nefarious designs of Chinese President Xi Jinping

With the two term limit on his Presidency removed making him President for Life, Xi JinPing has become all powerful and free to follow his expansionist regime as evident in South China Sea, Africa, and also the use of the COVID19 pandemic to increase China's footprints across the globe...

Pakistani Malala does not care for non-Muslim girls in her own country

In the “holy” Islamic month of Ramadan, a 14-year-old Christian girl, Myra Shebaz, was abducted by a group of Muslim men led by a man named Muhammad Naqash in Pakistan’s Faisalabad..

Hindu couple forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan's Sindh

In yet another incident of religious intolerance against religious minorities in Pakistan, a Hindu couple was forcibly converted to Islam at a local mosque in Sindh's city of Nawabshah. ..

Pakistani physician in America indicted for jihadist plot

A federal criminal complaint almost lost in the nation’s Corona-19 virus crisis alleges that Masood planned from the day he arrived in America on his H-1B visa in February 2018 that he would use the rare access it afforded to learn something useful about his enemies so as to conduct violent jihad in line with his perceived religious duty..

As China facing biggest Credibility Crisis, Taiwan repositioning itself globally: World responds positively to Taipei's call

Amid the fast spread of the Chinese virus across the globe, India is pushing for Taiwan at the World Health Assembly meeting as an observer nation..

Local epidemiology should guide focused action in ‘new normal’ COVID-19 world: WHO

Amid rising cases of COVID-19 and as countries in WHO South-East Asia Region ease lockdowns in a graded manner, WHO today said careful assessment of local epidemiology should guide future actions to combat the virus...

London High Court rejects Vijay Mallya's plea to appeal against extradition order before UK Supreme Court

London High Court has rejected fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya's plea seeking to challenge his extradition to India before the UK Supreme Court..

COVID-19 could be around for a long time, says WHO Executive Director

New coronavirus clusters have surfaced around the world as nations struggle to balance reopening economies and preventing a second wave of infections, while executive director of World Health Organisation, Dr. Michael Ryan said yesterday that COVID-19 could be around for a long time...

Saudi Arabia to enforce nationwide 24-hour curfew for Eid holiday

Saudi Arabia will enforce a 24-hour curfew across the country during the five-day Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday. The was taken in the wake of the corona crisis...

#Shocking China pressured WHO to delay global Coronavirus warning: Report

The Der Spiegel reported the January 21 conversation between Jinping and WHO leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, quoting Germany’s federal intelligence service, known as the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). ..

Pakistan sponsored attack on Newborn Babies: India strongly condemns barbaric terror attacks against innocent civilians in Afghanistan

Saying that the month of Ramzan should be a period of fasting, prayer and reflection, India has called for an immediate cessation of terrorist violence and cooperation to deal with the humanitarian situation arising from the spread of coronavirus in Afghanistan...

'Obamagate' brings in debate back on Pulitzer Prizes

Donald Trump's charges against the nexus of Democrat politicians and international media houses to undermine US interests proves that Pulitzer like prizes are only hyped by vested interests...

The notorious blasphemy law and the religious minorities in Pakistan

Let us now look into the past track record of Pakistan’s gradually slipping towards radical Islam and how the country has been repeatedly using its notorious blasphemy law against the members of religious minorities as well as few moderate Muslims..

Jamaat-e-Islami more dangerous than Muslim Brotherhood

Asked which is more dangerous, the Muslim Brotherhood or Jamaat-e-Islami, Smith replied that the latter is today more worrisome. “Jamaat-e-Islami’s franchise groups, its friends in the U.S., have been more influential, have gotten more funds, have gotten more respectability and have been more involved in shaping policy then Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups."..

China silencing relatives who lost their families to Wuhan Virus and want to sue CCP, through hush money and police interrogation

A Chinese activist has revealed that residents of Wuhan where the virus originated want to sue the Chinese Communist Party but are either being lured away with money, interrogated or even threatened...

CCP vs Chinese people: “CCP may face Tiananmen-like global counterattack” says Internal Chinese government report

CCP vs Chinese people: “CCP may face Tiananmen-like global counterattack” says Internal Chinese government report..

China brings anti-Racism regulation; tries to cover-up racist atrocities & cases of human rights violations of Africans in China

China relationship with Africa is on the verge of collapse after numerous instances of institutionalised racism came to the fore. With many countries already displeased China's increasing clout due to Belt and Road Initiative, the backlash can be severe for the Communist country...

ISI crackdown on activists continues in Pakistan: Pakistan assassinates exiled Baloch journalist, Pakhtun national leader

Even during Ramzan, Pakistani agencies continue the killing spree of political dissidents, journalists and activists. In short intervals, the ISI has assassinated a prominent Pakhtun leader Arif Wazir and an exiled Baloch journalist Sajid Hussain. ..

Dossier by Western Intelligence Agencies charge China with deliberate cover-up on bat virus program and subsequent leak

The 15-page dossier states that to the “endangerment of other countries”, the Chinese government covered-up news of the virus by silencing or “disappearing” doctors who spoke out, destroying evidence of it in laboratories and refusing to provide live samples to international scientists who were working on a vaccine...

‘Mata Amritanandamayi taught me the life-changing power of giving,’ says Silicon Valley billionaire Marc Benioff, who donated £2 million to British charity to fight Covid-19

Benioff says, "It was Amma who introduced me to the idea, and possibility, of giving back to the world by pursuing my career ambitions."..

Communist ‘Crusade’ against Christianity: Chinese Communist Party vandalises more Christian churches, pulls down crosses

A shocking video surfaced on social media wherein a cross being torn down from the top of a church in the latest sign of a crackdown on Christianity in China ..

Quiet Diplomacy & Public Posturing: Is Trump using Anti-China narrative and Chinese investment for re-elections?

Since the Trump-Xi Jinping telephonic conversation, there have been exciting developments where China is increasingly invoked in the US presidential election discourse..

China bares its evil fangs: Threatens to halt medical supplies to Netherlands as it changed name of its Trade office in Taiwan

China bares its evil fangs: Threatens to halt medical supplies to Netherlands as it changed name of its Trade office in Taiwan..

The ground zero of Jihadism in Philippines

With the Philippines’ long history as a source of Islamist extremism in Southeast Asia, there are indications that the Islamic State is now seeking to extend its presence in the country..

Cyber-Proxy-War in the Name of Muslim Brotherhood

Cyber-Proxy-War in the Name of Muslim Brotherhood..

A Heartbreaking Story of Maharaja

This book is a heartbreaking story of how the most respected brand at one time has been reduced to utter penury and sunk into an irretrievable morass..

Pakistani Tablighi Jamaat leader blames ‘immodest women’ for Covid-19 in the presence of Imran Khan

In a pre-Ramzan live television programme, Maulana Tariq Jameel blamed ‘immodest women’ for causing coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan ..

Urdu Media Watch: Hate mongering against the nation continues

Gulf News, on April 13 published an article written by Swati Chaturvedi, with the headline – “COVID-19: And now it is ‘corona jihad’ in Modi’s hate-filled new India”, It further says, “While the Centre’s response appears ham-handed in contrast to some state governments which are prioritising communication and relief, the BJP has not lost sight of the end goal - demonising Muslims even in the middle of a pandemic as India extends the most draconian shutdown anywhere in the World by a further two weeks. ..

#Shocking Pakistan Army forcefully harvests organs from ethnic minorities: UN remains silent over Pak's brazen Human Rights violations

The Pakistan Army is forcefully harvesting organs from ethnic minorities in the Islamic country. According to investigative report, the Pakistan Army is actively involved in abducting people from ethnic areas of Balochistan, leaving no evidences of arrests, torturing them and forcefully harvesting their organs and then disposing them off. ..

India to head WHO Executive Board next month amid the global Covid-19 crisis

India will take a lead role at the annual meeting of the World Health Organisation (WHO) that is scheduled to take place at its headquarters next month. ..

More evidence of ISI involvement in Islamophobia propaganda surface: Pakistan uses Kerala Islamists in proxy war against India in West Asia to tarnish Government of India

More evidence surfaced today confirm that Pakistani spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence uses Islamist expatriates from Kerala to run ‘Islamophobia in India campaign’ in West Asia...

Demonisation of Hindus at Danger Level, Fuelled by Arundhati Roy and Others: Maria Wirth

Anyone who knows even a little about the mindset of Hindus knows that genocide is simply not in their genes. It never happened and it can never happen. Killing someone because he worships God under another name is for Hindus unimaginable and ridiculous ..

China as a Potential Hub for Future Pandemics

Majority of the Corona virus in the world (33/40) is found in China, which is the most populous nation in the world. Chinese food culture believes that slaughtering animals alive in front of the buyer conserves the freshness and nutrition of the meat but this enhances the scope of disease transmission...

Chinese Communist Party & COVID-19: China's desire for world dominance

Chinese Communist Party & COVID-19: China's desire for world dominance..

Unrestricted Warfare and the Quest for Global Hegemony

Exploring and analysing several considerations with remarkable insight and clarity, China has applied the strategy of 'Unrestricted Warfare' through a virus to destroy American global hegemony...

Tablighi Jamaat (Part II): A Trojan Horse for the United States, writes Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Within the United States, the cases of American Taliban John Lindh, the “Lackawanna Six,” and the Oregon cell that conspired to bomb a synagogue and sought to link up with Al-Qaeda, all involve Tablighi missionaries. ..

After the allegations of being ‘China Centric’ - Trump stops WHO funding

"With the outbreak of the COVID-19, we have deep concerns about whether America's generosity has been put to the best use possible..

These are the celebrities following Tablighi Jamaat, the super spreader of the coronavirus

These include the former Presidents of Pakistan, Muhammad Rafiq Tarar and Farooq Leghari [Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari], and former President of India, Dr. Zakir Hussain who was also associated with this movement..

Tablighi Jamaat (Part I): The antechamber of fundamentalism and terrorism, writes Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

During the challenging situation of coronavirus pandemic, when the Indian government has been working hard in saving its huge population from being hit by Covid-19, a notorious nexus of jihadists, under the patronization of Pakistani spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) have declared #coronajihad, with the notorious agenda of infecting and killing hundreds of millions of Hindus thus finally bringing India under the flag of radical Islam..

'Disrespect for animals' caused coronavirus pandemic, says renowned British Primatologist Jane Goodall

Famous British primatologist Jane Goodall says the Coronavirus pandemic was caused by humanity’s disregard for nature and disrespect for animals. Jane Goodall pleaded for the world to learn from past mistakes to prevent future disasters..

COVID-19 pandemic has provided a window into how a bio-terrorist attack might unfold across the world: UN chief Antonio Guterres

Guterres described the battle against COVID-19 as the fight of a generation -- and the raison d'être of the United Nations itself...

Wuhan Virus or Chinese Communist Virus? Did CCP infiltrate WHO to manipulate the health disaster?

The global coronavirus epidemic has exposed the dishonesty not only of the Chinese Communist Party but also of the World Health Organization. It is time India deals both with the People's Republic of China and with the United Nations through complementary strategy...

China’s Great Game - Insatiable lust for Dominance At All Costs

China’s Great Game - Insatiable lust for Dominance At All Costs..

Tablighis create Corona havoc in Pakistan: After Malaysia and India, Pak authorities identify Tablighi Jamaat as the Super-Spreader

Approximately 70,000 to 80,000 members of the Jamaat had attended the religious congregation at the Raiwind Markaz on March 10..

Trump threatens to freeze funding for WHO - Says organisation is 'China-centric' and failed to alert coronavirus pandemic in time

Trump threatens to freeze funding for WHO - Says organisation is 'China-centric' and failed to alert coronavirus pandemic in time..

Britain pulls out of 5G contract with Chinese firm Huawei after test kits were found contaminated with Corona virus

Britain pulls out of 5G contract with Chinese firm Huawei after test kits were found contaminated with Corona virus..

Confront China with a strong and better foothold

We must leave the hope that Chinese government will work impartially in consonance of international hope and wishes. Sooner the world understands this, the better for the interests of each country...

Pakistan’s Corona Kabristan: 80 Acres of Separate Burial Ground in Karachi for Corona Death

Pakistan’s Sindh Government has created a new graveyard in Karachi, to bury those who would die from Corona virus. Till April 1, nine people killed in Sindh province due to the Chinese virus. The government has allocated land at Link Road- a road connecting Super Highway and National Highway in the city- for the graveyard, which is spread over 80 acres. The first Corona virus victim has been buried in this graveyard. According to Pakistani-based news channel overall 230 cases of Corona ..

Uyghur Muslims for sale! China pushes detained Uyghur Muslims into forced labour for foreign brands

Why is the Muslim world silent over the persecution of Uyghur Muslims?..

Japanese Deputy PM says WHO should be called 'Chinese Health Organization' - Decries its complicity in shielding China

Japanese Deputy PM says WHO should be called 'Chinese Health Organization' - Decries its complicity in shielding China..

The Great Game - China’s Insatiable lust for world dominance at all costs

China has been trying to usurp control over other countries by arm twisting, money power and coercive techniques. It is high time for the world to stand up to this bully once and for all for the sake of humanity and for a secure future...

Why Covis19 is #ChinaVirus?

he outbreak of the virus from China’s Wuhan city resulted in this pandemic only because the Communist country did not acknowledge and share the information with the world. China should not be allowed to absolve itself of its irresponsible behavior that has killed thousands across the world and put millions of lives at risk...

Time to isolate and ostracize China from the comity of nations

In an attempt to become all-powerful, China through its unviable and uncultured lifestyle and ruthless business practices, has pushed both the health of the world and economy to the brink. It is hightime the world too the threat from China seriously to save humanity...

Leadership Surge: Landscape of Challenges and Responses in global Crisis

Reasserting India’s leadership once again by convening a video conference of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) states to collectively rein in the threat of COVID-19 can be seen as a thoughtful drive to respond to China’s growing influence in the region..