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Historical Context & Contemporary Relevance

Make no mistake; the Khilafat Movement has relevance because the mindset that set it in motion 100 years ago is still at work. Here’s first part of the series of articles on Khilafat movement..

The Phenomenon called MS Dhoni

The Phenomenon called MS Dhoni..

Satyagraha in Karnataka: During the Emergency

The tumultuous times of the Emergency was also the period which showcased the determination of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) to fight the hegemony of Indira Gandhi and its tenacity to involve common people to work for the nation. Karnataka was no exception to this. RSS leaders in the State had planned a multi-pronged approach to tackle the Emergency. While many swayamsevaks worked clandestinely to ensure that any communication and news reaches intended people on time, many took on the government ..

Days of Fear and Fortitude

If we want democracy to take roots in our country and to make freedom secure for ever we must teach courage at all levels, from infancy to manhood..

“RSS stood between the dictatorship and democracy"

Forty three years have passed since Smt Indira Gandhi informed the nation in the morning of June 26, 1975 that “The President has proclaimed an Emergency. This is nothing to panic about.” However, what followed in the next 21 months was a story of vengeance against the political opposition, curtailing of freedom and rights, atrocities by design, targeting by will and imposition of one-leader’s will! It is significant to understand that a history of events like Emergency which came as ruination of ..