The message of exit polls: 6 messages from voters to politicians, writes Arun Jaitley

If the Exit Polls are read along with the 2014 election results, it would be clear that there is a huge maturing of Indian democracy taking place..

Exit polls predict a clean sweep for BJP; Political parties hold meetings to discuss the post-poll scenario

As the last phase of elections concluded on Sunday, eight surveys conducted by various agencies predicted that the BJP-led NDA will return to power with a comfortable majority..

Freedom of Speech Curtailed

The case against BJP youth leader Priyanka Sharma has reignited the debate on freedom of expression in West Bengal since the Trinamool government assumed powerNiladri Roy The threat to Opposition forces within West Bengal keeps surfacing through attacks on opposition leaders. On May 13, Union Minister Babul Supriyo alleged that TMC goons pelted stones at his security personnel's vehicles near West Bengal's Basirhat. The rage and anarchy that earlier seemed sporadic now seem far more systemic ..


Elections in West Bengal have never been as violent as they have been during this time. After curbing free speech and freedom to campaign, now even legends are at stake in Mamata’s Bengal as her goons demolished even Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar’s statue to save her citadel Debu Chowdhury from Kolkata   Ever since Mamata Banerjee has taken over the reins of West Bengal, political violence, illegal trade, religious appeasement and ‘syndicate raj’ have increasingly bared ..

Dear Mamata Banerjee, You should do to others what you would like others to do to you

Mamata Banerjee's shameful public conduct during the Lok Sabha campaign, her untrolled tantrums and uncouth abuses of PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah, does not behove a CM of a state. By displaying such extreme behavior she has failed to be a role model for women holding responsible positions.- Dr Mrs Hilda Raja   Watching and listening to Mamata Banerjee in her last pre-poll rally I hung my head in shame as a woman.I am not going to say anything worse or .I just want to remind ..

An Open Letter to ‘The Economist’

Blatant Interference in Indian Elections— Jagdish Sewhani, New York  The EconomistI am writing to you with regard to the op-ed published by you “Under Narendra Modi, India’s ruling party poses a threat to democracy.” As an avid reader of The Economist, I have experienced a deep decline in the journalistic standards and ethical values, which once was considered a prestigious publication.   As a person of an Indian origin, living in New York for the past ..

The Hinduphobia

If there is Islamophobia in the West, Kafirophobia in the Muslim world, then let us also accept there is Hinduphobia in Bharat setting the election agenda. Can it now be properly deciphered? Dr. Pramod Pathak   On the evening of May 14, the whole country witnessed the massive peaceful road show of BJP president Amit Shah on the streets of Kolkata. People in procession chanted “Jai Shri Ram”. As the procession reached near the university campus, student brigade of TMC attacked the ..

Decoding the 2019 Campaign

While analysing the Election Campaign 2019, one should not forget that the central theme of the entire campaign by opposition ‘alliance’ was creating Hindu-phobia. The Congress hypocrisy and its double standards of Temple Tourism and demonising Hindus all stand exposed. While the people responded to the welfare schemes introduced by the BJP government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged as the symbol of modern and awakened Bharat on its eternal Hindu identity that believes in acceptability ..

Islamic State group targeted Kerala RSS leaders, HC judges and senior police officers: NIA tells Court during Kanakamala IS case trial

According to reports, the terrorist group targeted Valsan Thillankeri and other senior RSS functionaries in the state. But they could not act on it due to the presence of police security which was provided to Valsan Master. Valsan Thillnkeri is a senior RSS leader in Kerala and a member of RSS Kerala Prant Karyakari..

A Stable Government and Coalition Politics

Regional parties which stand absolutely no chance of forming a government at the Centre or in a State on their own strength, are much too happy to join sides with big parties in the fight so as to be able to share a piece of power after a collective victo..

Rahul Gandhi embarrassed publicly by Oxford Dictionaries. Attempt to snipe at Modi backfires

Rahul Gandhi's repeated attempts to taunt and ridicule Modi have backfired every single time. Congress Presidents yet another attempt to ridicule Modi using a non-existant word has ended with him being shamed publicly on Twitter by non other than Oxford Dictionaries.Oxford Dictionaries reply to Rahul Gandhi's tweet on a non-existent word  Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi posted a picture on twitter in which he referred to the word 'Modilie' while addressing Modi indirectly and wrote that 'There’s ..

A rattled Mamata imitates Kejriwal; TMC goons attack Amit Shah's rally, Vandalise Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar's statue

Elections in West Bengal have never been as violent prone as it has been during the campaign this time. Mamata who came to power claiming that she will put an end to the Left brand of politics, seems to have not only emulated everything the Left stands for but has even went further. While the Left indulges in politics of murder and fear behind the scenes, TMC with the arrogance of power has been attacking its political opponents in public and in the glare of media. Mamata who often speaks about democracy ..

Opium for the Communist Class

We need to understand that it is very difficult for the Communists to reconcile to Hindu culture and dharma as they have been trained to call religion as opium of the masses. Their hatred for Hindu religion comes from this training. Because of their Western training and viewpoint, they can’t differentiate between Dharma and religionI am so happy that Comrade Sitaram has finally talked about Sita-Ram and the Mahabharat though he and his party believe that all this is pure unadulterated myth. ..

CPM Started TMC Perfected

The brutal attack on Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh’s convoy by Trinamool Congress workers on May 7 shows the frustration and high-handedness of Mamata BanerjeeNiladri Roy The political violence in West Bengal assumed the ugliest form on May 7 when the convoy of Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh was attacked in Purba Medinipur's Khejuri by Trinamool Congress workers. According to reports ..

Petition against defamatory article against PM Modi in TIME Magazine

An online petition against Time magazine has been filed on Change.org for its defamatory article against PM Narendra Modi. The petition says that the article is not only factually incorrect and questions the wisdom of Indian electorate who elected him in 2014, but the author is also wrong on most of his arguments, may it be economy, development, women empowerment or Hindu- Muslim divide.  An online petition has been filed against the Time magazine for its defmatory article against PM Modi Th..

SFI Torture, Kerala Girl's Suicide Attempt

 SFI Torture, Kerala Girl's Attempts Suicide (Representative Image)  Reports pour from Tiruvananthapuram University College of suicide attempt by a girl student due to fascist and anti-woman actions of SFI activists. The girl did not return home from the college on May 3 hence her parents had lodged a complaint. Police found her lying down unconscious. The first year Degree (Chemisty) student had cut the vein in her wrist causing profuse bleeding. She had left a suicide note behind. ..

ABVP starts huge Voter awareness campaign for increasing voter-percentage and electing a strong government

ABVP started a vast 'Voter awareness campaign' at various public places including Markets , Parks and major metro stations for increasing vote-percentage and electing a strong government.  ABVP is reaching common citizens through its Voter Awareness Campaign to increase voting percentage The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has started a large-scale ' voter awareness campaign ' at different public places in Delhi, keeping in view the general elections in Delhi on 12th May. ..

Terrorists gun down BJP leader Ghulam Mohammad Mir in Anantnag. Joins the long list of nationalist voices killed by cowards sponsored by Pakistan

Ghulam Mohammad Mir is another nationalist voice in the valley finished by the terrorists. Hope the people who cried & wrote columns after column for Burhan Wani & his terrorist gang will take trouble to write at least a tweet for this sane voice from the valley.   - Ajmal Shah   Gul Muhammad Mir, District vice president of BJP in Anantnag, was shot dead by terrorists on May 4th Wars are dirty, but dirtiest of them all is the proxy war. Our country has a ..

Fascism peaks in Mamata's Bengal. 3 arrested for Chanting 'Jai Sri Ram' near Mamata's Convoy

In a video that has gone viral, Mamata can be seen stepping out of her car and angrily castigate those who chanted 'Jai Shri Ram' (Image courtesy: kolkata24x7.com)  As Lok Sabha elections enter the 5th phase tomorrow, campaigning has been at its peak all across the country as it is in West Bengal. However, adding to earlier reports of intolerance against BJP campaigners, CM Mamata herself has displayed her intolerant attitude towards Hindus and BJP supporters yet again.  Mamata Banerjee's ..

Rahul Gandhi’s UK firm caught in web of lies received undue favors from the UPA government in Scorpene Submarine deal

In an expose with far reaching consequences for the Nehru clan, it has been revealed that Congress President Rahul Gandhi's business partners from his UK registered Back Ops Limited received undue favors from the UPA government in Scorpene Submarine deal.   IndiaExpose, a online portal, on May 2nd exposed the loopholes in the documents of Registrar of Companies in United Kingdom. As per the IndiaExpose article, documents submitted by Rahul Gandhi’s company Back Ops Limited to ..

Yechury has ended up with his face in the mud - A Rejoinder to Comrade Sitaram Yechury

We need to understand that it is very difficult for the Communists to reconcile to Hindu culture and dharma as they have been trained to call religion as opium of the masses. Their hatred to Hindu religion comes from this training. Because of their Western training and view point, they can’t differentiate between Dharma and religion. I am so happy that Comrade Sitaram has finally talked about Sita-Ram and Mahabharat though he and his party believe that all this is pure unadulterated myth. ..

Tripura Congress vice president Tapas Dey arrested for sharing fake news against Chief Minister Biplab Deb

Tripura Congress vice president Tapas Dey arrested for sharing fake news against Chief Minister Biplab Deb..

Begusarai will vote for development and against anti-Nationals. Here's why

Begusarai will vote for development and against anti-Nationals. Here's why!..

Maharashtra, Maha-Alliances and Maha-Stakes

PM Modi and ideological alliance of BJP-Sena are the factors that has successfully turned Maharashtra from perfect model of Congress System into a perfect inclusive Hindutva model..

Bogus Voting by CPM reportedly caught on CCTV

 CCTV footage which allegedly shows CPM workers indulging in bogus voting as charged by BJP and Congress   Malayalam TV channels have aired the CCTV visuals of bogus voting by two - three women, allegedly beonging to CPM. BJP alleges that it took place in CPM strongholds. K. Sudhakaran and Rajmohan Unnithan, Congress candidates in Kannur and Kasaragod constituencies respectively, have filed their complaints before the Chief Election Commissioner in this regard. Complaints read that ..

All are equal, some are more equal than others in Kerala - Dr. KS Radhakrishnan

All are equal, some are more equal than others in Kerala - Dr. KS Radhakrishnan..

Entire Hindus of a village barred from voting in Mamata's WB

It is most shameful for a democracy when entire Hindus of a village in Raiganj, West Bengal, were not allowed to cast their vote in phase two of the polling held on 18th April. The Mamata Banerjee government has been openly flouting democratic values. The constitutional obligations have been undermined with impunity and the election commission and media outlets have been conspucuously silent.- Salil Gewali   What has been happening in the West Bengal during the TMC rule is beyond ..

How to run waste-free election campaign? BJP candidate Kummanam Rajasekharan sets a new model, takes Swachh Bharat Mission to new heights

BJP candidate from Thiruvananthapuram Kummanam Rajasekharan has decided to make carry bags and pillow covers from the shawls he has received during receptions, and convert the banners and hoardings into grow bags..

#ModiAgain fame Aabhas In Conversation with Organiser

In Conversation with Aabhas Maldahiyar, the author of #ModiAgain, on his journey from being a communist, to an AAP activist, to a staunch Narendra Modi supporter and background story of writing the book #ModiAgain..

Another lie of Rahul Gandhi exposed. Lies about summons in RSS defamation case in affidavit. Complaint filed to EC

Just when the Supreme Court has issued a contempt notice to Rahul Gandhi for his remarks on Rafale verdict and falsely implicating the top court, it has come to light that the president of the Indian National Congress could have as well lied in his election affidavits filed in Amethi and Wayanad Lok Sabha constituencies..

Malayalam news channels spread fake news over EVM: One arrested for making false allegations against EVM

A voter namely Abin Babu, who raised false complaint that the vote he polled in booth number 151 of Vattiyoorkkavu Assembly Constituency in Thiruvananthapuram HPC has gone to another candidate, was arrested after his allegation proved to be wrong when he was allowed to caste test vote..

Manifested Errors

The major economic proposals of Congress manifesto appear to have been drafted by a well-meaning bard with fanciful notions of ‘El Dorado’ than by a hard-nosed, number-savvy economist with a penchant for matching ideas with execution, in what is essentially an imperfect world with scarce resourcesShri Balaji TV Before analysing the Congress manifesto, there is a need to understand how the economy works. A simplified example has been used to explain the same, with the goal of ease ..

Will Regret and Apology suffice for contempt of SC?

Will Regret and Apology suffice for contempt of SC?..

The Game Changer

Amidst the competition for electoral predictions, there seems to be unanimity that Communist parties of India are losing ground in their bastion. Will Sabarimala turn out to be a waterloo moment for the Leftfront in Kerala?SP Puthiyedam Election season is upon us and it is the grandest festival in our democracy. It is the turn of the entire nation to choose the dispensation they want to steer the country’s fortunes for the coming five years. All indicators point to the continuation of the ..

Dirty and Destructive

Frustrated TMC mobilises Bangladeshi films actors, Ferdous Ahmed and Gazi Noor, to woo the Bangladeshi infiltrators in electionsPolitical analysts in West Bengal have been reflecting on conundrum for a while—how a foreign national, holding a business visa, would actively participate in the election campaign for a political party? Ferdous Ahmed, a Bangladeshi film actor, has been accused of his active participation in the TMC election campaign at Raiganj parliamentary constituency. TMC used the ..

Hindu Hatred versus Hindu Perseverance

Political survival of Congress will be in jeopardy unless it radicalises Muslims and build a pseudo narrative on Hindu Terror to affect the same. Congress knows that a Hindu can never be radicalised and hence it has to perpetrate such agenda. Their sinister design will now be tested on the anvil of the democratic process as Sadhvi Pragya, epitome of Hindu perseverance will combat Digvijaya Singh, warlord of the Hindu-hate fiefdomAs Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will take ..

Conspiracy, Courage and Candidature

Sadhvi Pragya’s electoral battle in Bhopal against Digvijaya Singh symbolises courage and conviction to fight against the concocted theory of Hindu Terror. It may well be the start of a journey for one and the end of a journey for the other On December 7, 1984, Union Carbide boss Warren Anderson, who had been arrested by the Bhopal Police for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, was released on the direction of the Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh, Brahmaswaroop. He was flown off in a State plane out of ..

Significance of Sadhvi Pragya’s Candidature

The candidature of Sadhvi Pragya assumes significance as it comes at a time when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his election rallies had also accused the opposition parties of coining the term 'Hindu Terror' when the UPA was in power.   As BJP announced Sadhvi Pragya Thakur as its candidate from Bhopal, controversy triggered as she is currently out on bail and has been accused of Malegaon blast in 2008. Suddenly the question of propriety has been thrown into the fray by the ..

AAP extends unconditional support to Communists in Kerala, suspends its state convener for announcing support to Congress

AAP extends unconditional support to Communists in Kerala, suspends its state convener for announcing support to Congress..

Amit Shah storms Pathanamthitta with mega road show

Despite heavy downpour, Amit Shah’s road show drew a huge crowd in Pathanamthitta, the holy land of lord Ayyappa..

BJP Govt will work faster to achieve the dreams of the common people in next 5 years: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused the Congress of building a false narrative around electronic voting machines and demonetisation..

Will do everything to protect traditions - PM Modi in Triruvananthapuram

PM said that his party and government would go to any extent for safeguarding the traditions which are thousands of years old..

After Muslim League, CPM goons attack Thushar Vellappally's campaign convoy in Malappuram

Thushar Vellappally's convoy was attacked again in Malappuram district. This time it is by CPM goons and the incident took place in Poongod. Five NDA workers are hospitalised with injuries...

Muslim League extremists attack NDA Wayanad candidate Thushar Vellappally in Malappuram

The assailants vandalised the car of Thushar Vellappally. Several NDA workers have also been injured in the attack. Wandoor of Wayanad Constituency is a part of Malappuram district, where Muslims are a majority..

Blatant communalism by Educational Institution in Kerala: Imposes religious Prayers in the name of minoritism

A Medical College Hospital in Kollam makes recitation from Quran compulsory in all institutions under it..

VHP demands action on Farooq, Omar Abdulla and Mehbooba Mufti for Communalising Art 370 and 35A and undermining sovereignty and integrity of the country

  Sri Alok Kumar, Advocate and International Working President of VHP, Sri Vinod Bansal, spokesperson of the VHP Sri Vagish Issar, Working President, Delhi have signed the press release. Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has requested the Election Commission of India to initiate action under the model code of conduct against the leaders of political parties threatening/undermining the sovereignty, integrity and social harmony of the nation for political gains. Keeping in mind the statements ..

Islamic fundamentalists backed by Congress block Defence Minister Niramala Sitharaman's roadshow in Thiruvananthapuram

Communally charged Islamic fundamentalists blocked Nirmala Sitharaman's roadshow in Poonthura, a Muslim dominated area of Thiruvananthapuram district on April 17 evening..

Rahul wants to replicate ‘Amethi Model of Development’ in Wayanad; BJP will ensure constitutional protection to belief and traditions: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“Rahul Gandhi is not contesting from Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency to send a message to the South, but for "appeasement politics", said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday while addressing an election rally in Thiruvananthapuram..

BJP worker killed in West Bengal

BJP worker killed in West Bengal..

Cash Haul at DMK leader aides house and godown leads to cancellation of polls in Vellore

Cash Haul at DMK leader aides house and godown leads to cancellation of polls in Vellore..

Karnataka Home Minister rakes up separate Religion debate again before polls

Karnataka Home Minister rakes up separate Religion debate again before polls..

A Case for the Proscription of Communism

A Case for the Proscription of Communism..

CPM & Congress resort to violence against BJP candidates

CPM and Congress have again resorted to violence and verbal abuse against BJP candidates in Kerala. There were two attacks against the convoy of vehicles belonging to the election campaign of Ms Shobha Surendran, NDA candidate and national executive member of BJP. The first attack was at Pallikkavil, Varkkala in Tiruvananathapuram district. The convoy was stopped by CPM goons led by their local leaders. They threatened Shobha Surendran and stopped her from delivering her speech. The police who arrived ..

DMK Supporter kills 75-yr old man for campaigning for Modi

DMK Supporter kills 75-yr old man for campaigning for Modi..

Honesty Vs Dynasty

As the farmers of Rajasthan protest in the streets demanding loan waiver that the Congress had promised during assembly elections, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is busy in campaigning for his son, Vaibhav Gehlot, from Jodhpur Agnima Sharma from Jaipur   The stage seems all set in Rajasthan for the Lok Sabha elections with two major parties, the BJP as well as the Congress, going busy in aggressive campaigning. While the BJP is communicating via its developmental projects and is channelising ..

Will Sabarimala be a Game-Changer?

Sabarimala movement is the most tumultuous agitation the state has witnessed since the ‘Liberation Struggle’, which stormed against the first EMS-led Communist regime in 1959Parliament election is neither a bolt from the blue nor a surprise at all, but a natural process the right thinking voters have been awaiting. They have been waiting for the golden opportunity to use their most powerful weapon, the electoral mandate, against the fascist rule of Pinarayi Vijayan’s CPM-led LDF ..

Battle for Bastion

Though the BJP banks on the popularity of Narendra Modi and his work during the last five years, the fielding of Amit Shah from Gandhinagar has made the things easierJaywant Pandya When I am writing this piece, it is the second last day for filling up the nominations. Yet, the Congress has to decide for 8 candidates, while BJP has not decided its candidate for Ahmedabad East seat. The situation shows the uncertainty prevailing in both the parties.  When Congress declared four Gujarat ..

Hymn-chanting ‘annoys’ Kerala Chief Minister; CPM leaders disconnect power supply to Temple

Meanwhile, a video clip has gone viral on social media that features Pinarayi Vijayan observing silence when azaan rang out in the middle of his speech..

Goan Catholic Priest bares his poisonous fangs: Calls Amit Shah a "demon" and says Manohar Parrikar's invited "wrath of God"

Goan Catholic Priest bares his poisonous fangs: Calls Amit Shah a "demon" and says Manohar Parrikar's invited "wrath of God"..

“I hope to lead the youth to a more progressive and sustainable India”, Tejasvi Surya, 28 yr old BJP candidate from Bengaluru South

“I hope to lead the youth to a more progressive and sustainable India”, Tejasvi Surya, 28 yr old BJP candidate from Bengaluru South..

Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan seems to be plumbing to new depths of depravity

Senior Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan is once again in the news and again for the wrong reasons.In a video that went viral on social media recently, Azam Khan is seen as appealing to his followers to not be scared of district collectors. Azam Khan, who is also a close associate of SP chief Akhilesh Yadav and is widely regarded as the Muslim face of SP.   While speaking in an insulting tone, Khan said that one should never be afraid of the (Tankhaiye) salaried class and recounted ..

Muslim Professor creates India’s first Cyber library on PM Modi

Muslim Professor creates India’s first Cyber library on PM Modi ..

HD Kumarswamy surpasses Siddaramaiah in Muslim appeasement

Silently withdraws grave cases against rioting Muslims..

BJP set to retain its seat share in first phase : Interactive map shows the real picture

A projection of 2014 vote share but distributed according to 2019 alliances shows that in spite of losses in Andhra and Telangana, BJP seems to retain its seat share of 32 in the first phase of voting while TDP seems to suffer the biggest reversal due to break up of alliance with BJP. This is an interactive map. Click on the year or the constituency to see the details. The interactive map projects the 2014 Vote share according to 2019 alliances. According to that the BJP will lose the Secunderaba..

NIA arrests JKLF chief Yasin Malik in terror funding case

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik was arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday in connection with terror funding case..

IT Raids: Legitimate action against corruption is not vendetta, writes Arun Jaitley

"Legitimate action against corruption is not vendetta" by Hon'ble Union Minister Shri Arun Jaitley..

Jammu Cries for Equal Voting Rights

Injustice was done to people of Jammu in 1951 when Constituent Assembly was framed and without any authentic number of population the representatives were selected and got elected. That injustice still continuesGD Sharma In the 19th century, Maharaja Gulab Singh, a valiant Dogra soldier and statesman par excellence, had succeeded in building his kingdom from the debris of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s empire after the latter’s demise. He falls in the line of great historical kings like ..

Development Vs Fake Promises

The main fight at all the seats is between the ruling BJP and Congress Uttarakhand is ready for polling in the first phase on April 11. Like previous polls in 2014, this time also the main fight is between ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress. Two BJP stalwarts, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari and Major General BC Khanduri, are not in the fray this time. The BJP has fielded state party president Ajay Bhatt from Nainital and senior leader Teerath Singh Rawat from Garhwal this time. Senior Congress ..

Communist terror attack on BJP convoy in Dantewada: BJP MLA Bheema Mandavi, four others killed

On last day of campaigning, a convoy of BJP leaders was attacked by Communist terrorists in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada on Tuesday evening. BJP MLA Bheema Mandavi and four others were killed in the attack..

Chandrakant’s sacrifice, an irreplaceable loss for patriots: RSS condoles murder of J&K Sah Prant Seva Pramukh

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh condoled the brutal murder of J&K Sah Prant Seva Pramukh Chandrakant and his security personnel. Shri Chandrakant and his PSO Rajinder Kumar were killed in a terrorist attack at Kishtawar in Jammu and Kashmir today..

Patriotism Drowns All Other Issues

‘Ib ke chunav nahi, desh ki khatir jung hai’ sums up an elderly chaudhary in Shamli Ajay Mittal from Meerut   The Lok Sabha election this time is being fought in a changed atmosphere, an atmosphere charged with nationalist emotions, reminding one of nationwide Vidhan Sabha elections held in early 1972 in the aftermath of the 1971 Bangladesh war.     Shri Satya Pal singh and others carrying the body of jawan Pradip Kumar who was martyred in Pulwama attack    Trav..


People may be able to make their mind in the next few weeks. Unless they give their mandate in a clear cut manner, formation of a stable government is not possible Venkata Seshasai Deevi   Ours is a federal setup and governance in our country goes according to the principles of a federation. Rights and responsibilities are divided between the Centre and the states. In the same way, both the Centre and the states collect revenue from people. Whatever the revenue collected by the states is retained ..

Story of Gulliver & Lilliput Retold

The chances of BJP are so formidably bright that the opposition leaders thought it wise not to burn their hands. The sense of weakness is so pervading that Congress-NCP, after wrangling for seat sharing among them for a year, amassed a whooping 56 parties to join in the electoral battle Devidas Deshpande from Pune   Onthe day the world was observing April Fools’ Day, the Congress workers in Pune were out on the streets campaigning for the party and soliciting votes. That was a common ..

East Coast Holds the Key

BJP is making inroads into Coastal parts of Odisha, which was till now the stronghold of ruling BJD. That is why many senior BJD and Congress leaders are deserting their parties to join the BJP Dr Samanwaya Nanda   The General Elections-2019 in Odisha will be a close contest between Naveen Patnaik’s BJD and Modi’s BJP. That’s seen as a big change in people’s perception in a very short span. In the coastal districts, which elect more than half of Odisha’s 147 MLAs ..

Jammu & Kashmir: Islamic terrorists kill RSS Sah Prant Sewa Pramukh, his security officer in Kishtwar

Chandra Kant had been provided with an armed personal security officer after a review of threat he faces for his association with RSS..

“Temples should be managed by devotees, not government”: Supreme Court questions government taking over administration of temples

Attorney General K K Venugopal upheld the view of the Supreme Court that there should be no state interference in the management of temples, said the issue has to be examined by the court on how a government can take over the control of temples in a secular country..

Modi Fever In America

BJP’s offshore campaign in America kicked off with a bang with a huge event organized by the Indian American Community for Narendra Modi in New York. The campaign coincided with the 39th Foundation day of the BJP. The campaign which witnessed large number of participants also saw participation of many community leaders of New York. The entire venue was in high spirits with chants of ‘Modi Bar Bar’, ‘Abki bar 400 par’ filling the auditorium.  Jagdish Sewhani ..

Communist terrorists suffer set back as 34 Naxals including three women surrender in Sukma

The police termed the surrender of the Naxals in large numbers as a big success in the region, especially against the backdrop of the Communist terrorists’ Lok Sabha poll boycott call..

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Campaigning for first phase ends this evening; Today is last date for filing of nomination for fourth phase

Campaigning for the first phase of Lok Sabha polls will end this evening. 91 constituencies spread over 20 States and Union Territories will go to polls in this phase on Thursday..

Congress goons beat up journalist for clicking photos of empty chairs at party meeting

Muthuraj, a photojournalist from a Tamil weekly magazine was brutally attacked by Congress workers for taking photographs of empty chairs at the party’s election meeting in Tamil Nadu..

The Manifesto with Lies & Empty Promises

The Congress Party’s Election Manifesto is built around blatant lies and false promises to get back to power by fooling the gullible masses and appeasing minority communitiesShshank Saurav Congress President Rahul Gandhi released his party’s Election Manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections on April 2. It is sad to see the grand old party’s manifesto based on blatant lies and false promises. His vision document pompously titled, “Congress Will Deliver’ is poor ..

Corruption through FDI Route Haunts DMK

  When DMK leader MK Stalin is urging people to dethrone the ‘corrupt’ AIADMK government, family members of his own party leader Jagathrakshakan is caught having stakes in a Singapore-based company linked to record FDI of $3.85 billion in an oil refinery in Sri Lanka Venkatesan T S from Chennai    Scam, scandals, corruption, controversy and DMK seem inseparable from all these. The DMK has been accused of mass liquidation of Sri Lankan ethnic Tamils by betraying their ..

CPM resorts to political vendetta against young BJP candidates

he ‘Case Raj’ perpetrated by Pinarayi Vijayan's police during the peak of Sabarimala agitations seems to have returned in Kerala. Pinarayi’s government resorted to such fascist methods to suppress a mass movement. However, many thought that it would be over once the Lok Sabha polls are declared. But now it is evident that it has come back to haunt the state again...

Kerala Floods: 'It's a man-made disaster', Amicus curiae exposes CPM Govt, blames bad dam management, demands judicial inquiry

Amicus Curiae's report submitted before the Kerala High Court is matching to what BJP and other opposition parties have been alleging, the killer floods of August 2018 were manmade..

Voters’ Voice

A sustained campaign by Bharatiya Matdata Sangathan for voters’ awareness and Election Reforms in DelhiWith the objective of stirring voters for at least 95 per cent voting, the Bharatiya Matdata Sangathan (BMS) started its journey on January 14, 2015 from New Delhi. Though the major activities of the organisation focused on New Delhi and the national capital region, some individuals and associated organisations have started the activities in other states and major cities also. During the last ..

Voter-ID Day Drive

The teams of the Foundation visit college campuses to educate youth and make their Voter IDsA hum Foundation is a Hyderabad-based young voluntary organisation. It strives and works for a better nation and a better world. It engages in policy advocacy, empowerment talks, awareness campaigns, skill building workshops, funding drives, training programmes, education classes, health camps and vocational training. This election season the Foundation has taken up the task of voters’ awareness and registrati..

Driving Young India to Vote

Democracy Warriors have just one purpose in mind—making sure that eligible youngsters register and vote— Anusuya Suresh  Democracy Warriors (DW) is a team of spirited individuals in Bengaluru who are working to create awareness about voting and helping with the voter registration process both online and offline. The team comprising of working individuals, students and homemakers has been striving to educate people on the importance of voting.  Democracy Warriors at work ..

Know Your Candidate

The channels group discussion on urban voters’ turnout and their low voting percentages compared to rural voters has been well receivedBol Hyderabad 90.4 FM is a campus-based community radio station located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The FM channel is completely managed by the students of the University of Hyderabad. While the FM channel is dedicated to student issues and subjects of the University, this election season the channel has been running daily shows directed at voter awareness. How ..

Strengthening Democracy

Team #DeshKeLiye has reached out to over 1 lakh people and got over 15,000 new registrations. It has also designed an election pledge asking people to verify their names in voter list and avoid last minute disappointments Team #DeshKeLiye is an initiative of a group of IT professionals & Entrepreneurs in Bengaluru with an objective of creating awareness about voting and increasing vote percentage. In this general elections, they have focused on increasing the number of first time voters and ..

“Don’t use Muslim League flags in Rahul’s rallies in Wayanad” Congress presses panic button as alliance with the Muslim communal party in Kerala can damage its prospects in ‘North India’

Congress local leaders have given strict instructions to the workers of its major ally Muslim League not to use the green flag as it could backfire in ‘North India’..

Why should women vote for Modi?

It would not be far-fetched to say that the change has come because of the well-thought-of policies of Modi government to have financial inclusion of women. Moreover, this is one of the biggest reasons why women, irrespective of caste, religion or status, should vote for this government to come to power once again As the whole of Bharat discusses the achievements of the present government right before the elections, there are those who have made up their minds to vote for Modi and of course, there ..

Myth of ‘No Jobs’ debunked, again!

CMIE has erroneously used a fall in investment proposals to project a decline in unemployment. Apart from CMIE, no other report suggests such a bleak picture of jobs in the country and we must take their data with a pinch of salt. Further, other surveys being showcased are hastily constructed conclusions at the best and fake news at the worstKaran BhasinThe last couple of months has seen an extended discussion regarding the situation of jobs in the country. This is not the first article that tries ..

The Stakes of Bharatvanshi

Today, New India’s Gen-Next—the Indian diaspora—is going all over the world with their head held high—a phenomenon that was almost impossible a decade ago. In just less than five years, the visionary leadership of Narendra Modi has ushered in a Naya Bharat which by 2030 will overpower China as the world’s second largest economyAvatans Kumarजननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी As this famous Sanskrit saying goes, mother and motherland are higher than even heaven in Indic ..

Congress’ ‘tukde-tukde’ Manifesto: A Charter to Weaken India

The Manifesto compromises national security and has sham and bluff promises with little detailed understanding of the subjects involved. It is an irresponsible document which has never to be implemented since Congress looks a certain loser...

Church authorities demolish Hindu Temples, steal Idols in Andhra Pradesh

Two old Hindu temples in Suryaraopeta, Kakinada rural mandal of East Godhavari, Andhra Pradesh were demolished by Church authorities using a JCB machine and later took away antique idols of presiding deities..

Jammu and Kashmir: National Conference President’s statement intended to create 'separatist psyche', writes Arun Jaitley

he National Conference President’s statement that we will demand the revival of the post of Wazir-e-Azam and Sadar-e-Riyasat is only intended to create a separatists psyche..

DMK caught red-handed with money in its godown

The IT department has raided the house and godown belonging to the close aides of DMK treasurer Dorai Murugan in Chennai and other places..

Amit Shah announces Thushar Vellappally as NDA candidate from Wayanad to take on Rahul Gandhi

Thushar Vellappally, president of Bharat Dharma Jana Sena (BDJS), the second biggest ally of NDA in Kerala, will contest from Wayanad..

Five years of Narendra Modi: A leadership of conviction, confidence and courage

Along with his ‘clean’ image, hard work, and visionary depth, the confidence and courage of Narendra Modi, obviously stemming from his conviction towards the larger development goals and enabling India to occupy the position of ‘POWER’ in the global politics, is knotty for the opponents and infectious for the rest..

The Article 35A misadventure: How it hurts the people of Jammu & Kashmir? Union Minister Shri Arun Jaitley writes

Article 35A was surreptitiously included by a Presidential Notification in the Constitution in 1954. It was neither a part of the original Constitution framed by the Constituent Assembly, nor did it come as a Constitutional Amendment under Article 368 of the Constitution which requires an approval by two-third majority of both Houses of Parliament...

The existence of Article 370 is against the dictum of “one nation, one law, one constitution, one flag and one anthem”

Article 370 was lapsed with the dissolution of J & K Constituent Assembly on 26.01.1957. Therefore, the existence of Article 370 and the Constitution of J&K is against the supremacy of the Constitution of India and contrary to the basic dictum of “One Nation One Law One Constitution One Anthem and One Flag”..

Islamist professor insults BJP candidate in Malappuram

Bharatiya Mahila Morcha Kerala state president Prof. V T Rema, BJP candidate in Kerala's Ponnani LS constituency, was subjected to insult by Assistant Prof. N.V. Mohammed Rafi of Malayalam University in Tirur, Malappuram district..

Former ISRO chief gets death threat from Jaish-e-Mohammed for supporting Narendra Modi

The letter warns that G Madhavan Nair will be killed unless he stops supporting Narendra Modi. Dr Nair received the letter, in the name of Jaish-e-Mohammed, on the same day he hailed the Prime Minister for successfully carrying out the test of Anti-Satellite missile..

Kerala BJP Lok Sabha candidate KP Prakash Babu remanded to police custody for 14 days in Sabarimala case

Kerala BJP Lok Sabha candidate KP Prakash Babu remanded to police custody for 14 days in Sabarimala case..

The contest is between a decisive government and an indecisive past: PM Narendra Modi at Meerut rally

BJP Government has shown courage to carry out surgical strikes on land, sky and space, says PM Narendra Modi at a mega rally at Meerut today..

Postal ballot for exiled Kashmiri Hindus: ‘From inconsequential to consequential,’ a displaced Kashmiri Voter Writes

We have been able to enrol one lakh plus displaced Kashmiris, who can now vote from their original place of habitat in the Valley. No political party can ignore them, now. From inconsequential to consequential; displaced Kashmiri voter has come a long way..

Swastika symbol as broom an insult to Hindu heritage and nation; Pseudo-Secularists must stop their conspiracies for cheap Vote bank politics : VHP

Dr Jain said that the pseudo-secular brigade wants that there should be atrocities on Hindus and this one-sided video shows the anti-Hindu mentality of the seculars..

Four Communist Terrorists killed in encounter with security forces in Sukma

Four Communist terrorists were killed in an encounter with security forces in Sukma district, Chhattisgarh today..

Government believes in the principle of freedom in research: Not issued any directive to restrict choice of subjects for research: MHRD

Human Resource Development Ministry on Monday clarified that it has not issued any directive to restrict the choice of subjects for research, as reported in a section of media..

Is the Congress Party Now Paying the Cost for its Dynastic Character? Asks Arun Jaitley

If the current generation dynast is lacking in charisma, understanding and popular confidence, the crowd around the family gets increasingly frustrated. Is the Congress Party witnessing that?..

The Opposition’s ‘Caravan’ Achieves a New Low: From Falsehood to Forgery

Falsehood and forgeries can never influence a poll. Just as voters are wiser than politicians, they are also wiser than those who ride on the ‘caravan’ of falsehood and forgeries..

Scared of losing Amethi, Rahul Gandhi to contest from Wayanad seat in Kerala

A few days ago, a senior Congress leader had commented that even a 'broom' fielded under Congress name can win from Wayanad..

Strong Action against Terrorism in J&K: Yasin Malik's Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Banned

The Union Government in its pursuit of strong action against terrorism, on March 22, declared Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (Yasin faction) as an unlawful association under the provisions of Section 3(1) of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967..

450 School Service Commission Candidates on Indefinite Hunger Strike in West Bengal

The candidates are demanding that recruitments be made for vacant posts in schools across the state..

Police attack in Sabarimala: Ayyappa devotee hospitalised with serious injuries

Police unleashed atrocities against the devotees in Sabarimala Sannidhanam, the courtyard of the shrine, on Monday night, March 18. Now, Sabarimala Karma Samithi worker Ganesh has been hospitalised with serious injuries and internal shocks..

CPM-Congress alliance falls apart: West Bengal sees direct fight between BJP and Trinamool

With the proposed pre-poll alliance between CPM-led leftists and Congress falling apart, the Congress may fight in all 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal, alone..

‘Why I am a Hindu’ boomerangs on Congress: Election Commission takes cognisance of complaint against Shashi Tharoor for using the book cover to woo Hindu votes

Kerala’s Chief Electoral Officer Teeka Ram Meena said that the Election Commission has taken cognisance of the complaint against Congress candidate Shashi Tharoor (Thiruvananthapuram) for using posters of his book ‘Why I am a Hindu’ to woo Hindu votes..

Evolving Shades of Elections

The mammoth exercise of conducting elections in India has evolved over a period of time. New shades were added, some old faded away with times to the entire exercise of ensuring free & fair people-friendly elections SY Quraishi   The he Election Commission of India has gone from strength to strength in the constitutional and legislative history of India. It is an institution which the nation swears by. The reason behind this success is that the institution has been dynamic, always learning ..

Congress-led UDF joins hands with Islamic radicals in Kerala

The recent meeting between the leaders of Congress’ ally Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) and the leaders of Popular Front of India (PFI) and its political arm Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) vindicates this allegation..

Contrast Colours of Tamil Nadu

DMK and its alliance known for anti-Hindu, anti-Hindi stance for long, sought to make amends for its vituperative through Stalin. However, a issue-less alliance that hopes to thrive only on anti-Centre or anti-Modi narrative may not cut much ice with the voters this time.S.S.Mahadevan   KKamaraj and Muthuramalinga Thevar remained unmarried life-long and so had no issues. EV Ramasamy Naicker too had no issues though he married twice. As if to bring back the memory of those yesteryear celebrities ..

President presents Padma awards to 54 personalities

President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday presented the Padma awards to 54 noted personalities. ..

#MainBhiChowkidar After 'Chaiwala Jibe', Congress scores another self-goal: PM Modi, BJP leaders & workers change names on Twitter to Chowkidar

A day after BJP launched 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' campaign for the coming Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed his name on Twitter to 'Chowkidar Narendra Modi', with the party president Amit Shah, several Union Ministers and party workers following suit..

'Chowkidar chor hai jibe' insult to security guards: Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh seeks apology from Congress

The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh(BMS), the largest labour organisation in the country, demanded an apology from the Congress for its repeated "chowkidar chor hai" jibe..

TDP Accused of Data Theft; Democracy is now really in danger Mr. CB Naidu!

By Dr. Duggaraju Srinivasa Rao  Andhra Pradesh which is going to polls for the state assembly along with Lok Sabha elections is witnessing scandalous subversion of democracy much before the poll process began. This subversion is believed to have begun almost three years back as a preparation to retain power using dubious undemocratic practices using the official machinery, official information and also party sponsored data theft. That a three pronged strategy was adopted by the ruling TDP to ..

Disappointed by his party's questioning of integrity of the armed forces, Congress National Spokesperson Joins BJP

“There's no place in it for self-respecting people”, says senior Congress leader and Sonia Gandhi’s close aide Tom Vadakkan..

Kerala has become Lynching Capital? National Minority Commission seeks Report on Lynching of Christian Youth in Kerala

The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) Vice-Chairman Shri George Kurian has sought a report from the Chief Secretary of Kerala, DGP, District Magistrate, Police Commissioner of Ernakulum on the lynching of Jibin Varghese, a resident of Thammanam in Ernakulam on March 10, 2018..

No Devaswom Model for Christians: Kerala Govt succumbs to protests from Christian groups, puts the Church Bill on back-burner

While the ruling CPM is leaving no stones unturned in tampering with Hindu traditions and temple affairs, Kerala chief Minister Vijayan assured the Church that it will not pursue the Draft Kerala Church (Properties and Institutions) Bill 2019..

‘India feels absence of Rafale. Country suffered due to selfish interests and politics over Rafale’ says Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi said during his tenure, 2.3 lakh bullet proof jackets were bought while previous Congress-led government ignored the proposal since 2009...

Union Cabinet clears amendment of Article 370, approves reservation for SC/ST and general category poor in J&K

The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the proposal of Jammu &Kashmir Government to issue "The Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019' by the President of India..

Govt imposes ban on Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir

Islamic fundamentalist group Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir was banned on Thursday under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for alleged anti-national and subversive activities..

Nation stands united as enemy tries to destabilise India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said India's enemy tries to destabilise it and wants to stop its growth by carrying out terror attacks and all citizens will have to stand like a rock to counter their evil designs..

All on-going Namami Gange projects will be completed within 13 months, Says Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari

Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari said, Rs 27,000 crore have been sanctioned for Ganga works in the last four and a half years, against just Rs 4000 crore in the last 50 years..

Prime Minister to dedicate the National War Memorial to the nation

The National War Memorial complex includes a central obelisk, an eternal flame, and six bronze murals depicting famous battles fought by Indian Army, Air Force and Navy..

The Article of Discrimination: What is Article 35 A? Here's why it should be scrapped

Article 35A was never presented before Parliament. This meant the President had bypassed Parliament in this order to add Article 35A..

Kerala Policeman posts anti-national content on Facebook, Says 'Kashmir' does not belong to Bharat

Janam TV Malayalam channel reports that a Kerala policeman Ashiq Abubaker of State Armed Police Forces has made a Facebook post insulting the country's army and questioning the status of Kashmir as an integral part of Bharat..

Our Fight is for Kashmir, Not against Kashmiris: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

"Our fight is for Kashmir, not against Kashmiris... Kashmiris have suffered the most due to terrorism, and the rest of the country must stand in their support," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a rally in Rajasthan's Tonk..

Why India should reclaim POJK now!

Indian strategic analysts should build future scenarios on PoJK through more conferences and publication of factual reports on PoJK to revisit the entire issue...

Anti-India Posters in Malappuram: Two Students Arrested on Sedition Charges

Kerala police, on Thursday, arrested two students from Malappuram for putting up posters saying 'Freedom for Kashmir' in the premises of a government college..

Article 370 – An Objective Appraisal

Article 370 was incorporated in the constitution of India as a temporary measure in view of the prevailing circumstances then. Pakistan had attacked Jammu & Kashmir and had illegally occupied parts of the state by aggression..

India to stop flow of its share of river water to Pakistan

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari announced that India will stop the flow of its share of river water to Pakistan..

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had no place in Rashtrapati Bhavan until 2018?

“If the President says that there was no painting of Shivaji Maharaj in the Rashtrapati Bhavan, it speaks a lot," said Shri Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati, the 13th descendant of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj..

Alliance Against Modified Bharat

There is a combination of external agencies and internal factors who are against the strong leadership in Bharat. All they want is a scrambled alliance of political parties who cannot take strong decisions but would wait and watch and delay decisions of national interest.TS Chandrashekar There is a warning which India has to think very intently as outside powers could try to change public opinion and generate mistrust among the common people during this year’s general elections. We call ..

Two Congress workers killed in CPM-Congress clashes: Rahul Gandhi condemns murders without naming CPM

Rahul Gandhi refrained from blaming the CPM for killings his party men as both the parties are forging a grand-alliance against BJP in the coming Lok Sabha elections..

#PulwamaTerrorAttack Fire that is raging in you, is in my heart too: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said, his heart is filled with grief and outrage, just like the people of the country, over the Pulwama terror attack that claimed the lives of 40 CRPF jawans..

Pulwama Terror Attack: Treacherous CPM and China, birds of a feather flock together, keep mum about Pakistan and JeM

The politburo of the CPI (M) has issued a statement condemning the attack. Social media point out apparent similarities between the statements of the CPM and China, for example, both China and the CPM deliberately refrained from naming JeM and Pakistan in their statements..

The Army of Prophet Mohammed aka Jaish-e-Mohammad: Know about the perpetrator of the cowardly ‘Fidayeen’ attack in Pulwama

The Army of Prophet Mohammed aka Jaish-e-Mohammad: Know about the perpetrator of the cowardly ‘Fidayeen’ attack in Pulwama..

‘Sacrifices of our security personnel won't go in vain’ says Prime Minister after Pulwama Terrorist Attack

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday termed the attack on CRPF personnel in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama as despicable and asserted that the sacrifices of security personnel will not go in vain...

#PulwamaTerrorAttack Do not air content which may incite violence, promote anti-national attitudes: I&B Ministry issues advisory to TV channels

The Union Government issued an advisory for private TV channels to not air any content which may either incite violence, promote anti-national attitudes or which contain anything affecting the national integrity, in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir..

RSS condemns Pulwama Terror Attack, urges Govt to take stringent action against culprits

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sarkaryavah Shri Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi strongly condemned the terror attack in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. In a statement, he paid homage to the martyred CRPF personnel and expressed condolences to their family members..

Pulwama Terror Attack: CRPF convoy targeted in J&K; 40 jawans martyred

Pakistan backed Islamic terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed responsibility for the terror attack..

NDA's Rafale deal 2.86% cheaper than UPA's: CAG Report

Dealing a mighty blow to Congress and its clown prince, Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has said in its report that the Rafale fighter jet deal signed in 2016 was 2.86 per cent cheaper than the one UPA chalked out in 2007..

President unveils life size portrait of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Parliament

A portrait of former Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was unveiled at the Central Hall of Parliament on February 12, by the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind. ..

Jharkhand Govt bans Islamic Terrorist Outfit PFI for its links to Islamic State

The Jharkhand government on February 12 banned the Islamic terrorist outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) for its links with the Islamic State (IS) ..

CBI Charges Kerala CPM Leaders for Murder of Muslim Teen

In a major setback to the ruling CPM in Kerala, the CBI has charged CPM Kannur district secretary P Jayarajan and TV Rajesh MLA with murder and conspiracy under Sections 302 and 120B of the Indian Penal Code TV Rajesh MLA, Ariyil Shukoor, P JayarajanCPM Kannur district supremo P Jayarajan and his blue eyed boy T.V. Rajesh MLA are charge-sheeted by CBI in connection with the murder of Ariyil Shukoor who left CPM and joined Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). Shukoor was killed on February 20, 2012. ..

The Chit Fund and Cheating

Who cheated the small-depositors, just the chit-fund companies or the political masters who protected them? If TMC to believe, no one did the scam, if asked the investors, answer is something else Kunal Ghosh, the former Trinmool Congress MP and one of the prime accused in the Sharada Chit fund case, has said in a video massage that CBI can’t conduct its investigation without arresting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He asked why the poor people of West Bengal should pay the astronomical ..

The Didigiri

State within a state: Decline and Fall of the Mamata empireDr CV Anada BoseImperium in imperio (empire within an empire or state within a state), is an age-old precept of political science. But the Mamata Raj has taken it to a comedy show of ludicrous proportions. If democracy means putting the will of the man-on-the-street onto the seat of government, here is Mamata Ji as a Chief Minter putting government back on the street. The street smart Mamata’s governance seems to give anarchy the undeserved ..

From Saradha to Dharna

In what could be called the Mother of all Ponzi Schemes, poor investors lost billions of their hard-earned life’s savings through fraudulent companies like Saradha Chit Funds and Rose Valley schemes, while gullible investors were left high and dry, while the largest benefactors of the scam were Mamata and her acolytes. Now by blocking CBI investigation, Mamata is proving these allegations to be true. Rati Hedge   One of the biggest conundrums of this Nation is “How does an investigation ..

‘New India can be built only when North East is developed’: Prime Minister launches development projects worth Rs 4000 crores in Arunachal Pradesh

‘New India can be built only when North East is developed’: Prime Minister Modi launches development projects worth Rs 4000 crores in Arunachal Pradesh..

The Real Drama behind Special Package

Andhra CM Chandrababu Naidu’s decision to walk out of NDA smacks of his political brinkmanship, immature leadership and his dilemma to BJP’s growing influence in his own backyard. Instead of forging ahead resolutely on future partnership, he seems to have stooped too low for narrow political gains R Rajagopalan   There seems to be no limit to how far Chandrababu Naidu can go, to secure special package to Andhra Pradesh. His political blackmailing of PM Narendra Modi and the Central ..

Future of Democracy in India?

The future of Democracy in India seems rather gloomy and quite bleak especially in the face of a growing band of well-entrenched dynasties, and unscrupulous politicians, a overweening judiciary with its skewed perception of divinity et al…The future of democracy appears quite bleak and grim considering the few Dynasts and criminals who are hijacking it in the name of “Save Democracy” and “Save India” slogans. Even a layman on the street knows that there will be a “No-Hol..

Dancing to the MODI tune

The rumblings of Mahagathbandhan is taking twists & turns. Though anti-Modism is the common glue that brings them together occasionally, the internal contradictions do not sustain that euphoria. It is interesting to review the internal equations and the possible implications for national politicsShekhar Iyer Between Kolkata and Bengaluru, the aerial distance is only 1,560 km or 2 hours and 35 minutes in flight. But between the Opposition’s latest show in West Bengal’s capital ..

Alliance! Neither holy nor reliant

From father’s legacy of hooligans to son’s aspiration of having masterkey of Prime Minister post, SP and BSP alliance may be beneficial for BJP due to shifting of the non-core voter of SP & BSP due to the anger of unholy alliance. Here is an analysis of the elephant riding the cycle in the opposite directionKushal Shukla The old proverb of “Nobody is permanent friend or enemy in Politics” is well suited in recent ‘unholy’ alliance of SP-BSP (Samajwadi Party-Bahu..

'Kerala's cultural ethos under attack by Left Govt': Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kerala

Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended a hair raising ecstasy to the youths of Kerala while addressing the state rally of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) in Thrissur..

Farmers of Amethi protest against Rahul Gandhi for the Samrat Bicycle land grab

On his recent visit to Amethi, Rahuli Gandhi faced the fury of the locals. A group of farmers from the Shahgarh area of Amethi staged protest in Gauriganj against the Congress Party President’s arrival in Amethi on January 23. The farmers were demonstrating against Congress and Rahul Gandhi for the party’s failure to restart the Samrat Cycle factory.  It seems that the ghost of Samrat Bicycle factory is still haunting the people of Amethi. People term it a flimflam and blame ..

Waivered Politics

As the recent electoral victories across the three states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh have proved, thanks to the unrealistic promises made to the voters by the Congress, it looks like loan waivers were surreptitiously made to garner political and electoral gains Are ‘Farmers’ distress and loan waivers’ a deliberately manufactured political strategy to reap electoral and political gains? Why do political parties announce ‘freebies' to people at the time of ..

A Prelude to 2019 Lok Sabha Polls

Hardly a few months in power, the JD (S)-Congress alliance is facing another crisis situation. After the hapeless posturing in front of the party workers and a warning to the dominant partner By H D Kumarswamy,the poaching and counter-poaching allegations only indicate the instability and uneaseR Rajagopalan Hardly a few months in power, the minority JDS Government of HD Kumaraswamy is teetering towards another political crisis, as its disgruntled partner is threatening to plunge the State into ..

Agenda for 2019: Modi Vs Chaos

India’s opposition has a two-fold strategy, firstly, negative anti-Modi agenda and secondly, to combine as many political groups together so as to take the best advantage of the electoral arithmetic..

30 Years in Exile: Remembering the Massacre of Kashmiri Pandits

It is indeed an irony that while the world took up the demand for Human Rights for the modern world which emerged after WWII to take up the cause of the genocide of the Jews, the violations of the human rights of the J&K refugees who suffered shortly after have been neglected all these decades..

Compulsive Contrarians Manufacture Logic to Subvert Democracy: Arun Jaitley

Didn't left-liberals find fault with the various actions that Gandhiji took during the freedom movement? Weakening a Sovereign Elected Government and strengthening the unelectable is only a subversion of democracy..

Communist attempt to trigger Communal Riots in Kerala: Minority Commission writes to Home Ministry seeking actions against political parties

Acting on a memorandum submitted to the Vice Chairman by noted film Director Ali Akbar who listed out a series of incidents including the recent attack on Perambra Town Juma Masjid by a local CPM leader to create communal violence during a hartal declared by Sabarimala Karma Samiti, Shri George Kurian drew the attention of the Hon’ble Union Home Minister to the volatile situation in Kerala in the wake of the Sabarimala controversy..

"We know CPM govt never respected spirituality, but no one thought it would turn so shameful," PM Modi hits out at Kerala Govt over Sabarimala issue

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack against the ruling CPM and the Congress over handling the Sabarimala issue..

“Most Muslims Prefer ‘Idea of Ummah’ or ‘Arab Ideology’ over Bharatiya Ideology”: Syed Rizwan Ahmed

Fuelled by the fake narratives about Bharat and attempts to vitiate the atmosphere on communal lines, Syed Rizwan Ahmed spoke to Organiser on various issues..

#AyodhyaHearing Apprehensions about adjournment have come true: Vishva Hindu Parishad

The VHP today criticised the adjournment of the hearing in the Ayodhya case in the Supreme Court. In a statement issued by Adv Alok Kumar, International Working President, VHP, the organisation said, “An adjournment from 10 January to 29 January is rather long.”..

PM Modi launches several development projects in Solapur: Boost to road connectivity, housing for poor, water supply & sewerage system in Maharashtra

Prime Minister lays foundation stone of 30,000 houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Underground Sewerage System, dedicates to the nation the Solapur - Tuljapur - Osmanabad section of NH-211..

323 ‘AYES' 3 ‘NOES’: Lok Sabha passes bill providing reservation for economically backward in general category

Lok Sabha today passed the bill providing 10 per cent reservation in jobs and education to economically weaker sections in the general category..

Five-judge Constitution bench constituted for #AyodhyaCase ; Hearing will begin from January 10

The Supreme Court constituted a five-judge Constitution bench headed by Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi to hear the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi case..

Workers all-over country ignored politically motivated strike call: Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh

Workers all-over country ignored politically motivated strike call: Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh..

PM Modis Assam Steps

The significance and timing of PM’s start of the campaign journey from Silchar is a clear message that Barak valley of Assam is a priority area in his scheme of thingsPrime Minister Narendra Modi started his 2019 campaign with the first political rally in Silchar in Assam drawing massive crowds from Barak Valley of Assam. Typical in his reach out, he started his address in Bengali wishing the people for the New Year and the Makar Sankranti in a couple of weeks’ time. The people of the ..


Aabhas K Maldahiyar The "470 crore worth AgustaWestland VVIP Chopper scandal is haunting the Congress, yet again. In the investigation, the only missing link was Christian Michel, the middleman in the deal. Finally, India got him extradited from Dubai in December 2018. He has been talking of ‘Mrs Gandhi’ in the CBI and ED investigation. So ideally, we should have been discussing the modus-operandi of the defence scandals during the Congress regimes but what we are discussing is Rafale. ..

CPM’s Hypocrisy Exposed! Kerala Police Arrest 3 Women En Route to Vavar Mosque Near Sabarimala

The same CPM and Kerala Police that smuggled woman activist groups into Sabarimala, arrested three women for attempting to enter a mosque near the Sabarimala temple..

Union Cabinet approves 10% quota for ‘economically weaker’ General Category

The Union Cabinet today approved a 10 per cent reservation for economically weaker General category. The BJP led NDA Government decided to amend the Constitution to provide the reservation for economically backward upper castes..

Dichotomy in Indian Politics: NDA for Service and UPA for Self-Service

The NDA stands for clean governance and inclusive development as well as for the service of the nation in absolute contrast to the UPA government known for the dynastic rule, policy paralysis and scarcely anything beyond self-service..

PM Modi Interview: Delhi Journalists Association (DJA) seeks apology from Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi

In a joint statement issued today, DJA president Manohar Singh and General Secretary Pramod Kumar said badmouthing a journalist simply because she conducted an interview with a rival political leader is in poor taste and amounts to shooting the messenger; it’s unwarranted and unbecoming of a senior leader of a national political party..

CPM's 'Divisive Wall' against Sabarimala costs Kerala exchequer: This is how the Kerala CM misuses the government apparatus to divide Hindus

All government departments have been instructed to ensure the participation of the women staff. Heads of the departments are getting repeated instructions..

Mamata’s Morose

The Congress victory in three states seems to have shattered Mamata’s dream of being projected as PM candidate from the coalition of opposition partiesAsim Kumar Mitra The day on which the results of five state assemblies were out Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, was extremely morose. One should keep in mind that on that very day she had left for New Delhi to attend a meeting of opposition party leaders to chalk out plans and programmes to oust the BJP-led NDA-government ..

The new Regionalist Dilemma

A neo-bloc of regional parties is on the cards. Though the emerging front takes anti-Modi stand, their roots in anti-Congressism does not show them to be part of Mahagathbandhan A simple take away from the recent polls in five key states prove that local candidates, local conditions and perhaps more importantly the regional issues and aspirations do matter in the heat and dust of the electoral battle. It is due to these factors, in the ultimate, we see Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) doing well ..

CPM gets Church's support for ‘Caste Wall’ to divide Hindu society: 1 lakh Jacobite Christians to join CPM Government’s ‘Women’s Wall’ against Sabarimala

The Jacobite Syrian Church of Kerala extends support to CPM’s ‘Caste Wall’ in a bid to divide Hindu society, sends its one lakh followers to strengthen the 'Women’s Wall', which will be formed by the Kerala Government on January 1 against the Sabarimala temple traditions..

Prime Minister Modi Renames 3 Andaman & Nicobar Islands; Visits Cellular Jail in Port Blair; Attends Function to Mark 75th Anniversary of Hoisting of Tricolour on Indian Soil by Netaji

Recalling Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the Prime Minister said that on Netaji's call, many youth from the Andamans had dedicated themselves to the freedom of India. He said the flag on the 150 feet high mast, is an attempt to preserve the memory of this day in 1943, when Netaji unfurled the tricolour..

Prime Minister in Car Nicobar: PM Modi inaugurates ITI and Modern Sports Complex, Interacts with Tribal Chiefs

The Prime Minister laid a wreath at the Tsunami Memorial and lit a candle at the Wall of Lost Souls. He interacted with Tribal Chiefs and eminent sportspersons from the islands..

#AgustaWestlandScam : “We put pressure on Manmohan Singh through party elite,” Said Middleman Christian Michel in 2009 Letter

The letter also suggests that Michel was able to access information about what was going on at top levels of the government, the PMO and the defence ministry months in advance..

ISIS- Al-Qaeda presence on Kerala Campus?: Students reportedly rally shouting slogans, spotted wearing ‘terrorist costumes’

A group of students with alleged links with Kerala-based Islamist outfits hoisted flags of Islamic terrorist organisations on the campus of CH Muhammad Koya Memorial College, Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram district..

Bogibeel bridge will strengthen the country's defence prowess: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The bridge, which spans the River Brahmaputra between Dibrugarh and Dhemaji districts of Assam, is of immense economic and strategic significance for the nation..

Politics with Human Touch

The huge army of highly committed and disciplined cadres that are seen today with the Bharatiya Janata Party all over the country is because of the matchless dedication, magnetic personality and the trust of the workers on leaders like VajpayeejiShivkumar Atalji was very considerate and accommodative towards fellow party workers. In fact, he considered them a part of his own body. That was why every worker who ever met him felt as if he was very close to Atalji. The huge army of highly committed ..

Rafale – Lies, Short-lived lies and now further lies: Arun Jaitley

All the lies spoken on the Rafale deal has been exposed. The Supreme Court judgement is clear. Every word said against the Government has proved to be false. Every “fact” stated by the vested interests against the deal has proved to be manufactured. Truth has once again established its primacy. The creators of falsehood will still persist with falsehood even at the cost of their own credibility. Only their captive constituencies will clap..

On the Way to 2019

After the hard-fought Assembly polls, it seems that the battle for the 2019 is going to be tough and perilous for all the political parties The fact that BJP put up a tough fight in the just concluded Assembly Polls in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh despite a strong anti-incumbency in those states, what the Congress will do now is no brainer after all, as the Rahul Gandhi-led party will use its new-found political victory to exact a sweet revenge on Modi Government ..

KCR Wins on Tall Promises

Despite the humongous efforts of the Congress to get on the high table in the state of Telangana, the wily Chief Minister has clearly upped the ante on his rivals, the Congress and his formidable rival Naidu, reducing them to whimpering political dwarfs in the stateK Chandrashekhar Rao, the first Chief Minister of Telangana has returned to power with an overwhelming majority, winning 88 of the 119 seats in the assembly. The Congress, which dreamt of returning to power in India’s newest state, ..

Why the Lotus failed to bloom in Rajasthan

Agnima Sharma from Jaipur In the Rajasthan Assembly elections held on December 7, the Congress party won 99 out of the 199 seats limiting BJP to 73 seats. Although this comes as a slight deviation from all exit polls which predicted a clean sweep by the old party, it did trigger a debate on various factors which led to the ruling BJP tumbling to its position in the desert State.  rajasthan map The State also recorded a dip in the polling percentage to 74.21 per cent from 75.67 ..

The Unexpected Rout

  Chhattisgarh is perhaps the most shocking results, even for the winning party. Nobody predicted the 10 per cent margin and a clean sweep for the Congress. The faceless Congress went to the polls with populist soaps and Ajit Jogi, the former Chief Minister, forming a separate front with Mayawati, presented new equations for the voters. The 15 years old anti-incumbency is clearly visible despite many path breaking schemes and infrastructure initiatives by the Raman Singh Government. Here ..

#AssemblyElections2018 The Battle of Narratives

Defying all the predictions, the voters of five states gave another mandate to ponder over. While in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh BJP faced a dignified defeat, the landslide victories of Congress in Chhattisgarh, Telangana Rashtra Samiti in Telangana and the NDA ally Mizo National Front have raised more questions about the upcoming General Elections that giving answers. The thin majority, failure of grand alliance in Telangana and signs of infighting even before the Govt formation will be factors ..

President Hosts President of Maldives; Says India Supports A Democratic, Stable and Prosperous Maldives

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, received His Excellency Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the President of the Republic of Maldives, at Rashtrapati Bhavan on December 17, 2018. He also hosted a banquet in his honour..