JEE-NEET: Facts Vs Propaganda

While academicians, educationists and experts are fully supportive of having the exams in September 2020, India's hopelessly clueless opposition is back to playing the same old hackneyed games, to muster support for it's withering agendas..

Anatomy of the West Asia Crisis & Riots in Europe

The countries need to reconsider refugee policy. This is one of the strategic tools to spread radical Islamic Jihad all over the globe..

Bringing a ‘Sea Change’ in the lives of LGBTQ People

Whether forming the National Council for Transgender Persons or amending the law to allow transgender people to inherit ancestral agricultural land or dedicating a metro station to LGBT community by approving that all employees at the metro station to be transgender or setting up India's first university for the transgender community, Modi-Yogi duo is taking all substantial spirited initiatives to empower LGBT community in a real sense..

Being Atmanirbhar through toys and games

Being Atmanirbhar through toys and games..

New Edifice of Education

Disciplined life comes only from knowing what you are, what you need to learn. The National Education Policy seems to suggest a path in that direction..

Pakistan’s Evil Network in Kashmir has collapsed

Despite Pakistan’s expectedly determined attempts to keep the flame of terrorism alive, the graph has turned down irretrievably, and soon the region will be totally free of the menace of terrorism..

Decoding the ‘Gupkar’ Declaration of Monopoly

Not content with anti-national, seditious, pro-separatist Gupkar Declaration signed on August 04, 2019, a day before the historical announcement of Modi Government, the six leaders of Kashmir centric political parties including the descendant of Indian National Congress, Nehru-Gandhi Congress, have again issued a new joint declaration in Srinagar reiterating their commitment to the original declaration. Gupkar Declaration 2.0 apart from reiterating their faith in the original version has raised many ..

Ayodhya: Beginning of A New Journey

The Ram Mandir at Ayodhya is both a celebration of one long struggle and the beginning of a new journey..

Navigating in the New World Order

Navigating in the New World Order ..

Erdogan: An Aspiring Caliph

The aspiring Caliph from Istanbul should focus more on troubles at home; otherwise one day he will meet the same fate of Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, or Ben Ali..

Ethnic Nationalism can Break China

China’s biggest weakness is its autocracy and now the people are fed-up with the curbs on their fundamental rights. It’s time the ethnic nationalism movement to usher in to end this over 100 years long oppression of more than 1.5 billion people ..

Making India QuTech-friendly

Quantum technology can spur the development of new breakthroughs in science, and defence (cyber and space security and warfare/deterrence capabilities, particularly with public-key cryptosystems and quantum satellite technology..

Harnessing AI Power

Digital India, backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of e-governance in India. The recent launch of ‘National AI Portal’ and ‘Responsible AI for Youth’ is expected to take governance through AI-powered future..

The Third Way

The Third Way..

Big Boost to India’s share in Maritime Trade

Establishment of the transshipment port at Great Nicobar Island would be significant on both commercial and strategic counts not only to India but also to entire Southeast Asia, especially in view of the Chinese forays in the region..

Swadeshi model will make India strong

The Swadeshi model does not aim to close the domestic market to the global trade, but it would explore the country's true potential to make the country self-sufficient in every field. As PM Modi said, a self-reliant India, does not mean India to be in isolation. India is ready to open its door to new skills, knowledge, experience, and new technologies if it helps India's growth..

New War Cry

New War Cry..

Reality Vs Propaganda

‘Jana-Gana-Man’ is a unique creation that transcends contemporary pettiness; Gurudev had cleared the doubts about it in his lifetime..

Resolve for self-reliance: Opportunities and Challenges

Atma-Nirbhar Bharat is no longer a mere slogan but a national resolve. We need to work at multiple levels to realise this goal. Changing the mindset and policy framework to boost the domestic industry is critical for this..

Mandate for Stable Govt, Strong Leadership

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), led by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, has won in 145 constituencies, bagging a total of 150 seats with its allies, a two-thirds majority in the 225-member Parliament. Braving the Corona Pandemic the people of Sri Lanka have voted for a stronger and more stable government which is expected to herald in a new era of development..

Symbol of Our Cultural Heritage

Temples that comprise the cultural heritage of a civilization are not mere physical symbols, they are in fact an embodiment of the moral values and traditions that bind and energize the whole society. Restoration of the national and cultural heritage of Bharat will begin with the commencement of the auspicious Ram Mandir construction..

Challenging the New Kashmiri Narrative

Balanced and holistic development of Jammu & Kashmir is the panacea of all ills facing the ordinary people. For that the advocates of new narrative have to choose between the butter and the gun and stop supporting militancy/terrorism..

New Domicile Law in J&K: Undoing of a 'Constitutional Crime'

The new Domicile law has come as a great relief to all those who have been living for generations in the State but were denied basic citizenship rights as they did not fit into the State government's interpretation of Article-370 that would have qualified them to be accepted as 'permanent citizens' or 'State Subjects'..


The New Education Policy fulfills the global education development agenda, reflected in the Goal 4 of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, adopted by India in 2015 which seeks to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” by 2030..

Rajapaksa’s Landslide Victory

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), led by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, has won in 145 constituencies, bagging a total of 150 seats with its allies, a two-thirds majority in the 225-member Parliament. Braving the Corona Pandemic the people of Sri Lanka have voted for a stronger and more stable government which is expected to herald in a new era of development..

Revolution Through Knowledge: Harbinger of massive reforms

The education system of post-Independence India was raised under the deep shadow of Marxist policy makers who had little faith in Indian ethos and were in awe of the ‘Socialist and Secular’ framework of politics. Given this background, the new Education Policy-2020 approved by the Union cabinet comes as a fresh ray of hope laying out the vision of the Modi government towards education..

Forging Ahead to a Vibrant and Prosperous Future

Forging Ahead to a Vibrant and Prosperous Future..

Time to Celebrate: J&K Then and Now

The ball has been set rolling and it is for the different players now to derive benefit from the changed healthy environment after the amendment of Article 370. With opportunities galore, it is for the people to grab them..

The Harbinger of a New Order

The Hindu fight is not at all with Muslim; the fight is between Hindus anxious to renew themselves in the spirit of their civilisation, and the state, Indian in name and not in spirit and the political and intellectual class trapped in the debris the British managed to bury us under before they left..

Protecting the Core Spirit and Rationale of West Bengal

People of West Bengal need to remember that the sole objective of West Bengal’s formation to remain a absolute Hindu-majority. This was the very purpose of Dr. Syamaprasad Mukherjee’s struggle and will be the befitting tribute to him and his legacy..

Art of War and the Game of ‘GO’: Two Pillars of Chinese Strategy

Lack of proper understanding of Chinese strategic thinking stands in the way of countries losing initiative to China. Sun Tzu’s Art of War and traditional game of GO has bridge this gap. Sun Tzu’s work is considered the epitome of Chinese way of war and diplomacy while the traditional game of GO reflects Chinese strategic thinking, warfare, military tactics, and diplomatic bargaining..

Dragon Enters the Iran-India Dilemma

India at no cost should lose control of Chabahar and its ultimate integration with North-South corridor. An immediate outreach to Iran to convince it to not bargain over Chabahar is a must..

Skipping Final Exams is not a Good Idea

Skipping Final Exams is not a Good Idea..

Treading the Middle-Path on Temple Management

The Court has consciously isolated itself from the denominational argument. Since its proponents laid no factual or evidentiary edifice at the trial phase, the Court rightly refused to go into this novel factual proposition..

Expansionist China is facing the Re-awakened Bharat

Expansionist China is facing the Re-awakened Bharat..

Atmanirbharta in Arming Indian Army

One of the major flaws in our drive to indigenisation has been over-dependence on the public sector, for both R&D as well as for manufacturing. The armed forces must be given the initiative, albeit with high standards of accountability, in procurement and improvement of products acquired from indigenous private market players..

Discard hypocrisy! Open up education to meet the post-COVID19 world

All the recent education reforms in the US, the UK, and even socialist Scandinavian countries have encouraged private initiatives; many schools in developed countries have been moving towards a privately run/publicly funded model..

Dancing to Dragon’s Tune

China’s insatiable greed land strategy of grabbing countries in its debt trap diplomacy will turn improverished Nepal into another Pakistan..


If India wants to counter China’s machinations and its evil plans, then Indian Government will have to reboot Tibet’s real position onto our national mindscape..

Emergency Catalysts for Indian Nationalists: 1975 and 2020

Emergency Catalysts for Indian Nationalists: 1975 and 2020..

No One Can Stop the Lord’s Journey

Corona or not, the Lord of the Universe’s journey cannot stop under any circumstances. The age-old custom of Mahaprabhu Lord Jagannath’s cannot be disrupted for fear inviting the wrath of the Lord. And so the rath moves on, despite sans devotees..

Post-Galwan: Where are India and China headed?

a_1 H x W: 0 x India and China continue to hold talks at Brigade and Battalion Commander level in Eastern Ladakh post the Galwan valley stand-off ..

US Racial Unrest: Darker Than it Seems

US President Trump really need to examine the riots following George Floyd killing beyond racial angle..

Bollywood Mafia: Dark Underbelly of The Film Industry

The shocking death of talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput has shocked the nation while conspiracy theories are swirling around the likes of the Khans and the Kapoors-infested mafia. Call for an impartial CBI probe is getting shrill..

Masking the Truth: Motivated Media and China’s propaganda

Criticism is a must in a democracy but motivated criticism as seen during the recent Galwan valley stand-off is a threat to the country..

Combat China with a new prism

Indian armed forces face several challenges in terms of defence preparedness and most of these problems are a ‘gift’ of the previous leadership and regimes. The political will of PM Modi's regime has ‘re-crafted’ the defence forces to face new challenges..

Treacherous Dragon can’t be trusted anymore

Duplicitous Dragon cheated India by not only failing to comply with the agreement but also threw to wind various agreements and protocols signed to maintain peace and tranquillity on the border..

Hot Thunder in Cold Valley

China always remains vary of India’s global aspirations and tries to sabotage it by hook or by crook, by raising border issues..

Time to Tame the Dragon?

In view of rising internal dissidence against Xi, India needs to change its tactics and hit China where it hurts most..

No Daydreaming, Self-Reliant India is a Reality

If the appeal to boycott Chinese goods gets spread, then in the coming years there can be a further significant decrease in imports from China and our self-reliance efforts would get a boost..

Global Political Game of Maoist-Fascist China

In pursuit of the “China Dream” — China has proposed a "Nine-Dash Line" to effectively claim sovereignty over almost all of the South China Sea, including areas that are part of the exclusive economic zone of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines..

The Dragon Dares through Treachery

The Dragon Dares through Treachery..

Dragon’s Soft Underbelly

From Tibet to Mongolia to Xinjiang to Hong Kong, story of China in the last century is the story of its expansion and illegal occupation of lands that never belonged to it These territories are merely resource areas to feed Han Chinese in the mainland..

Winning without Fighting: China’s Failing Video War

China needs to realise that it is in the interest of both the nations to resolve the all outstanding boundary disputes through mutual negotiations. India cannot be browbeaten nor subverted through motivated media war because India has the capability to stand firm and resolute..

The Cabal and their Conspiracy

The deep-rooted conspiracy which culminated into a full-blown riot in North East Delhi was well planned, participated and executed..

Invisible Jihad: Pan-Islamism wages Economic Jihad through Halal Industry

Funding by way of halal certifications to fight terrorists’ cases sanctifies terrorist horror as Halal Terror. Who ultimately pays? It is the non-Muslim consumers!..

China-made Drought in South-East Asia

Water is the ‘next oil’. And future wars will be fought over it. Surprisingly, Communist China is already deep into it, by playing ‘water politics’..

Racial Discontent and Dharma

Racial Discontent and Dharma..

Edify and unify, not dumb down and divide

The psychology of justice is fundamental to address the problem of Racism. Politicians and media who fan the flames of social, class and racial warfare debase the nobility of the quest for human rights. They don't want African Americans to live with self-worth. And they don't think any lives truly matter. If they did, they would have emulated Martin Luther King’s grace, message and methods..

‘WE’ - The Eternal and Invincible

The invincible ‘we’ is the key to Bharat’s capacity of standing tall in the face of the tribulations of the future and emerging victorious..

Attaining Tech-Reliance for New India

Self-reliance or ‘Aatma Nirbharata’ will help India become one of the most developed and powerful countries. PM Modi has sounded the right bugle at the right time so that COVID19 turns into an opportunity for the nation..

Peoples Land-grab Army (PLA) is merely a political tool of CCP

Two things are now amply clear. First, the time has come to resolve the border issues once and for all. Second, China can never be trusted and hence the need to remain ever vigilant while increasing our strength..

Facing the Dragon

The best way to face the dragon is to tame it. That is exactly what India is doing..

The Feminine Force of Bharat

From serving as healthcare workers and doctors, to becoming entrepreneurs and leading Self-Help groups, women of Bharat have stood strong during the country’s fight against Corona virus ..

Why are labourers on the road?

Our governments at centre and states, RSS and many other social organisations did rise to the occasion, however, unfortunately, our political parties especially the opposition, is doing nothing except politics..

How Maharashtra Lost the Battle

How Maharashtra Lost the Battle..

Don’t lecture India, Look at your own record: Maria Wirth writes

When a head of state, like Imran Khan, accuses the Modi government in a tweet of “moving towards Hindu Rashtra with its Hindutva Supremacist, fascist ideology”, he better looks at his own country and his own ideology ..

Unprecedented Crisis, Unparalleled Response

In the face of an unprecedented health crisis in terms of scale at the international level since World War II, the Ministry of External Affairs has risen to the occasion to combat the Wuhan virus under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership..

Emergence of the New Paradigm

As the world is accepting new ways of living to avoid the spread of Corona, PM Modi should take the lead to promote the Vedic way of life sans any religious component. There are numerous pluses to the Vedic way of Life which the global community may as well adopt happily as they did with Yoga..

Striving for Indigenous Excellence

It is time for us to take up initiatives to evolve a comprehensive and suitable Bharatiya model, based on the principles of Swadeshi to lead us to self-reliance..