Nehru was offered UNSC seat for India. He rejected it! Expose by @TrueIndology

Nehru said the UNSC seat would break "the impeccable relations between India and China". He further said "it would be an affront to China" and he would "press for China's admission in UNSC"...

Not Imran, but Army holds the Key

While continuing with a robust diplomatic initiative and economic pressure on Pakistan, India would do well to remain conscious of the primary decision-making role of the Pakistan Army and its next moveThe world is today looking very closely towards India and Pakistan as the worst fears of a military face-off escalating into a nuclear holocaust becoming palpable. The Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has attempted to diffuse the situation by returning the Indian pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan, ..

Balakot Exposes Pseudo-Intellectuals

The air strike by PM Modi deep inside Pakistan has globally demolished the illusion about the nuclear armed state. If Indiraji is credited with victory of 1971 war, it is a major global contribution of Modiji after YogaDr. Pramod Pathak The unprecedented air strike by Indian Air Force on Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror camps at Balakot deep inside Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and Pakistan Air Force’s futile attempt at retaliating against Indian military installations has got the ‘worms’ ..

World Embraces Hindu Knowledge System

The ancient Indian knowledge system is reverberating internationally. It is time to celebrate it locally and shun our skepticism of itMayank Gupta The revival of the theme, ancient Indian wisdom, has provoked much controversy in India. Why not read the first line again? Indeed, what deserves our attention and appreciation has been reduced to criticism, thanks to the mainstream media of the country. Have we failed in recalling that we are the descendants of those who made India the world’s ..

Leftist control over Liberals using Trigger words

To understand this unnatural liberal doublethink, one needs to realise how the left has used certain words loaded certain words with connotations through their version of HistoryGirish P The other day a self-confessed liberal friend informed me that she was ‘depressed’ at the prospect of war after the Pulwama t­­­error attack. She is a very nice person but I can’t remember her being depressed about the loss of CRPF lives. Apparently, terrorism is not as depressing ..

Rhetoric of Feminism and Hindu Womanhood

In spite of such a high tradition it is shameful that many organisations have imported Western feminism and women liberation movements to our country. Hence, it is high time that we require an aggressive Swadeshi Mahila reformist movement that will address modern women’s issuesIndians are fortunate to have a great treasure of noble thoughts about women which can guide the future world. But it is a paradox that concepts of Feminism and Women liberation that have developed in the West, like a ..

Time to Question: Dogmatic Secularism

The Definition of the term ‘minority’ is founded on a flawed notion dictated by a blinkered vision of modern secularism. Time to redefine Siddheshwar Shukla   One of the most debated concepts in modernity India is secularism, which has got enormous powers to deconstruct, review, and replace the traditional practices irrespective of its claim in the ancient past. This is because the intellectuals who flourished in this land almost throughout the 20th Century, assumed scientific ..

When Hindus are Victims of Minoritism

Section 2(C) of the National Commission for Minorities Act is a blatant injustice meted out to Hindus who are a minority in eight states in the country. The unbridled power of the NCM has done irreparable damage to them. Ashwani Upadhyaya   In 2002, the eleven judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in T.M.A. Pai case had unequivocally stated that the unit for determining minority status is the State. Therefore, it is necessary that religious and linguistic minorities for the purposes ..

A Regional Security Menace

It is high time to designate Pakistan a ‘Terrorist State’ globallyTS Chandrashekar Pakistan’s State-sponsored terrorism is the prime examples of a government’s support for violent non-state actors engaged in terrorism. As Pakistan cannot afford traditional warfare and the risk of nuclear war, it has chosen the easiest way—State Sponsored Terror. According to the US Counter-Terrorism Coordinator’s Office, state support for terrorism can include “funds, ..

Antecedents of Dalit Christians’ Demands for Reservations

The issue of 'Reservations for Dalit Christians' has been doing the rounds since the last several decades. When the issue assumed serious dimensions in the 1990s, pseudo secular forces of all sorts rejoiced. They vied with one another to ‘espouse&#..

Churches, Casteism Reservation

While Dalit Christians are clamouring for re-inclusion into SC status for reservation, a disgruntled Chandrababu Naidu has vowed not to rest until Dalit Christians are accorded the SC status. Naidu’s only caveat is: “If you vote ME to power, that is.” Political opportunism at its best? The question of including Dalit Christians back into SC category has been raging for quite sometime in the country. The debate has been deliberately reopened by the Vatican-funded Churches and their ..

Untold Story of Masood Azhar

Masood Azhar owes his survival and acquired status as a world-class killer of humanity because of the failure of the Indian Judicial system to uphold the rule of law. Had the concerned Judges of the J&K High Court discharged their judicial functions according to the mandates of oaths taken by them under the Constitution, Azhar would have been surely convicted for all his offences Justice (retd) GD Sharma   It is a known fact that the religious orientation of Kashmiri Muslims is different ..

Populism & Plural Democracy

Populist rhetoric by well-entrenched dynastic forces, which are inimical to the very fabric of democracy, is alarmingly on the rise, feeding off on vulnerable sections of the society’s fear, anxieties, along ­their religious and racial fault-linesPopulist rhetoric is on the rise, which inextricably links politics to society with adverse fallout on economy particularly from a long term national security perspective. The populist schemes list include, ad infinitum, farm loan waivers and Rythu ..

The Jihadist Great Game in Kashmir

From stone-pelting to Fidayeen attacks, Pakistani terrorists have hijacked Kashmir issue down the path to perdition. It is a war, Not a struggle The nation is slowly absorbing the shock of the Pulwama Terrorist Attack! The initial reaction of utter disgust, distress and high octane emotions, is being replaced with a more pragmatic thought process. The effort now is to understand the tragedy in its entirety and to see how the future course of action may be charted. The political leadership, intelligent..

Indian Minds and Scientific Temperament

India will definitely march ahead with utmost scientific vigour and indomitable courage to spearhead the entire world with our own technology in the years to come. The legacy of science and scientific temper can never be undermined in IndiaJayakumar Post independent India, starting from first Prime Minister Pt Jawaharlal Nehru to Shri Narendra Modi, all remained strong protagonists of Science and Technology and believed that the well being of common man is vested on the surge of scientific temperament ..

A Wake-up Call

The violence in Kashmir Valley is not new, but the way 22-year-old Ishwar Muneer Bhat was killed and justified, is a clear message for the terror-apologists who refuse to condone the cult of jihadi terrorJammu & Kashmir continues to hog media limelight for one reason or the other. A recent happening in Kashmir, though outrageous and barbaric has failed to sensitise the Lutyens media while the Kashmiris need to hang their head in shame for what has happened. A 10-second video released by the terrorists ..

The Resolute Reformer

 Imam Mohammad Tawhidi discredits the claims of any Islamic basis of talaq and halala. He suggests that the Muslims should follow the law of their land, because even many Ayatollahs urge their followers to follow the law of their lands In the Pref..

Either Convert or Get Killed

Tamil Nadu tastes jihadi bloodshed. Conversion ban Law scrapped to appease minorities and consequences are bitter. The stark truth that faces Tamil Nadu is that Ramalingam joins the 140+ Balidanis within a couple of decades who fell to similar marauding fanaticism SS Mahadevan   The kick delivered by Ramalingam, 48, on his Jihadi attackers could have saved his 17-year-old son Shyam Sundar on that fateful night, but he had to succumb to the mortal wounds. His hands were chopped off for the ..

Countering Fidayeen Challenge: When 'local youth' choose between Hell and Heaven

Kashmiri youth has been lured into jihad by giving a choice between “hell” and “heaven.” “It is an ISI sponsored religious war in Kashmir. It is not a fight for political freedom or choice between India and Pakistan but between heaven and hell,” according to veteran Kashmiri politician Muzzafar Hussain Beig..

Pulwama Terror Attack: Pakistan’s duplicity and the Indian response

The terrorist attack on a CRPF convoy at Pulwama, Srinagar, is a cowardly act of mindless violence that has left the Nation aghast and the world horrified by its brutality and inhumanity..

Educating scholars like Audrey Truschke on Hindu‘Ism’ and Hindu‘Tva’

Audrey Truschke, an American academic and Asst. Prof of South Asian history at Rutgers University, Newark known for her anti-Hindu views and biased views on Indian history, rekindled the debate on Hindutva and Hinduism in a tweet. She opined that Hindutva is apolitical ideology and Hinduism is a Religion! In a series of Tweets, writer and author Aabhas Maldahiyar rebuts her claims on Hindutva..

Clown Prince Lies Like Goebbels, You Could Call Him Rafale Gandhi!

  If you like to honour the Congress leader for his dogged onslaught, call him Rafale Gandhi - R Veera RaghavanTake this quiz. Who has pronounced 'Rafale', the name of the French fighter jet, more than all others? (A) The jet’s designers; (B) The CEO of the manufacturer, Dassault Aviation; (C) Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi. Yes, C is the right answer.Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been talking non-stop about Rafale maligning Prime Minister Narendra Modi, even after the ..

Urgent Need for Reforms

Urgent Need for Reforms..

Does Bareilly nikah-halala not shock your conscience? Arun Jaitley on Rahul Gandhi's promise to scrap Triple Talaq Bill

The AICC President Rahul Gandhi and his coterie, while addressing a minority convention promised to withdraw the Bill pending in the Parliament, penalising Triple Talaq. History has repeated itself, neither as a satire nor as a tragedy. It has repeated itself with a mindset of cruelty.- Arun Jaitley Some incidents are so unconscionable and repulsive that they shake the conscience of the society and compel it to take remedial measures. Injustice perpetuated by personal laws is a glaring example ..

Workers Jubilant over a Changing face of Labour

Government has taken the labour organisations into confidence recently, thus legislations lying idle have resurrected and speeded up their pace. Such a basket of pro labour reforms is something unique in the recent history of labour, probably after Dr Ambedkar’s period, writes the BMS national president B ringing changes in Labour scenario had always been a tough task with every Government not only in India but in many other countries too. Since the advent of Globalisation, labour reforms, ..

'Is the dynast a congenital liar? India’s first post-truth politician', writes Union Minister Smriti Irani

Union Minister Smriti Irani writes, the danger about the dynastic parties and the dynastic rule is that the aberrations of different generations of a dynasty become a part of the ideological positions of that party ..