Higher Education, Skilling & Entrepreneurship Would Boost Employment

Higher Education, Skilling & Entrepreneurship Would Boost Employment..

The Hawks in Pakistan

Hawks are not ready for the change in status quo and Gen Qamar Bajwa has to do a lot of homework to tame them. The best option for India is to wait and watch and not be in any hurry..


The victory of the TMC in West Bengal will legitimise wholesale Muslim appeasement, illegal immigration, extortion, and political violence..

Nehru: Chaos and Confusion

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s legal acumen was shaped by Inner Temple and Euro-centric jurisprudence. Nehru was influenced by European philosophers and historians. Hence, he was forced to discover an India acceptable to the Europeans..

Doubling Farmers’ Income

It is certain that without increasing the productivity in all phases of farming operations, farming will never be profitable.The farmers should become quality conscious, as quality is the key to success. Our country can become a world leader in agri-products if necessary steps are taken..

Consequence of Inherent Contradictions

If Pakistan claims to be a “saviour of Islam” and desires to unite the Islamic world against “Islamophobia”, it has to display consistency in its adherence to the Sharia ideology and can’t be selective..

Politically Motivated Violence Should Cease Immediately

What is happening in Punjab for the sake of political brinkmanship is reprehensible. It goes against the very tenets of the traditional brotherhood that Punjab has witnessed since centuries..

Rusting Steel Frames

The rot that affected Bharat’s bureaucracy should be removed fast so as to prevent it from complete collapse..

Melting Pot of Jihadists

As and when the Taliban takes over Afghanistan, Pakistan would emerge as a major player. While Pakistan will not like any type of Indian influence in Afghanistan, Bharat can ill-afford to lose all the goodwill and strategic leverage through huge investments in its economic uplift..

Remembering the Guru and his Spirit of Sacrifice for Protection of Dharma

To mark 400th birth year of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur, it is important for Bharat to enlighten its people on the correct interpretation of the Sikh history. The British picked up historical events that suited their narrative. It is high time that history must be corrected and truth which already has been written by chroniclers like Bhai Mani Singh ji, Bhai Gurdas ji and Bhai Santokh Singh ji should be narrated to the current and future generations..

Understanding Universe Through Vedas

The glorious Vedic period saw Veda Mantra being chanted by our Rishies to the world at large. Rishies coherently explained cosmology and the creation of our Universe in a lucid and comprehensive manner. Hence, knowledge of these Rishi Scientists needs to be utilised in understanding Big Bang Theory..

Redemption for Temples

Our temples, originally built as custodians and propagators of dharma, are now looked upon as generators of wealth by our State Governments. This wealth is used for the benefit of people who are not part of Sanatan Dharma..

Temples Sustained Cities

Hindu temples have always been centres of economic activities, besides being centres of culture and art. Ist’s time mandirs get their due place in the Hindu mind..

Hindutva, soul of Nation

RSS represents the cumulative effect of the history of entire course of operational Hindutva. Successive augmentation of Hindutva accentuates the nationalist cause while realisng Hindu as the nationality. Anything short of either Bharatvarsh or Hindu would remain deficient of assessing the legitimacy of this Nation..

11th Round Also Ends in a Stalemate

While the Indian side insisted on complete disengagement from Hot Springs, Gogra, Kongka La and Demchok, including the lingering issue of Depsang, the Chinese did not concede to troop pullback from these friction sites as earlier agreed to, leave alone discussing Depsang..

Stonewalling Saffron Tide

Being consistent with its Hindutva agenda, BJP has managed to expose the pseudo-secular policies of opposition parties, which are now facing existential crisis. Despite their efforts to hoodwink Hindus through half-baked pro-Hindu policies, a crisis of credibility haunts the opposition camp..

Why Ambedkar Wanted to burn Constitution?

Several national leaders including Dr Ambedkar had argued for a political system based on Indian tradition. In the new era of AtmaNirbhar Bharat, it is time to discuss the need for basic changes and the direction of changes needed in our Constitution..

Sharing Ambedkar’s Vision

The youth is largely unaware of the immense contribution of Babasaheb in nation building. It is time to recall his long-term struggle, determination and hard work on his 130th birth anniversary. It is laudable that the Central Government is doing its bit to bring to light the vision of Babasaheb's thoughts and philosophy to the new generation..

Dr Hedgewar Architect of Organisation Dedicated to Society

Doctorji was a foresighted person. Even after completing 100 years of its formation, RSS as an organisation is still relevant in the present context and acts as a positive force..

Partnership in Blood

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh is expected to revitalise the ties between the two countries. Notwithstanding the tensions and concerns, it is important that the relations between the two countries aren’t fractured in the greater interest of the region..

Mehta At It, Again

Pratap Bhanu Mehta is a habitual quitter. He is a perpetual gladiator who enjoys engaging with the ruling dispensation. He fancies himself as a self-appointed guardian of all the shinning moral values of culture, governance and freedom. The sad part is that he has steadily been losing credibility and his unending cantankerous swipes at the Government may have embarrassed his Ashoka University benefactors..

Correcting History: Remembering the Sacrifices of Sikh Gurus for India

The damage was done by the British in respect of history they facilitated to be written by their created historians have been and will remain enormous unless the true facts are researched and established as authentic historical accounts. In order to perpetuate their policy of divide and rule, they created historians who selectively picked up historical accounts and events and tailored them to suit the colonial power's narrative...

Resolving issues: myths and reality

India is sensitive to the fact that peace within the neighbourhood is both important and desirable. If Pakistan stops supporting myths and attempts to approach the negotiating table with a realistic agenda then talks can progress very fast..

From Minilateral to Multilateral

To emerge as leader, the Quad must demonstrate that they are making significant contributions to solving the more considerable economic, transnational, and environmental challenges that preoccupy all countries in the Indo-Pacific region..

Modiplomacy at Play

The Quad summit reflects a more confident Indian foreign policy under Prime Minister Modi..

The Third Dimension

During the early stages of exodus, survival for the beleaguered Kashmiri Hindus was paramount. Loot and arson of migrant property in the Valley followed the tragic migration. With the hope of an early return receding and financial hardship mounting, the migrants were left with the only viable option of disposing of their assets. ..

New Terror Tactics

Post-Pulwama, Pakistan is adopting Lone Wolf tactics to keep Kashmir on the boil. Bharat now needs to exercise prudent caution despite peace overtures from our untrustworthy neighbour..

Freedom Farce

Freedom, in the Freedom House sense, is thus highly ideological and loaded, not quite as broad and multifaceted as the various dimensions explored earlier. No wonder its annual “Freedom in the World Report,” which recently downgraded India from “free” to “partly free” has been met with dismay and indignation in India..

Striking at the Roots

The controversial Sarana Dharma law passed by Jharkhand Government is aimed at alienating certain sections from the Hindu society. Uprooting is imperative for ‘soul harvesting’. Creating misconceptions for uprooting various groups from their cultural moorings is part of a larger conspiracy..

Contours of Conspiracy

Contours of Conspiracy ..

J&K: Governance should be result oriented; promises should be kept

In Jammu & Kashmir, security and politics are interlinked. Due to foreign-sponsored terrorism and unrest, the security and law & order situation attains primacy. On many occasions, political activity in the erstwhile State and now a Union Territory (UT) became unfeasible due to a sensitive internal security environment. On all such occasions, the security forces were given the responsibility to usher an acceptable degree of peace and law & order to facilitate the restoration of the political process...

Can’t Take Pak at Face Value

On February 24, 2021, the Director General’s of Military Operations (DGsMO) of India and Pakistan jointly recommitted to a ceasefire along the Line of Control (LOC) and International Border (IB) that was first declared in 2003. “In the interest of achieving mutually beneficial and sustainable peace along the borders, the two DGsMO agreed to address each other's core issues and concerns which have the propensity to disturb the peace and lead to violence,” the joint statement read. Interestingly, the ..

Communal Politics of Congress Exposed

Even as resentment is brewing in Congress over its tie-up with highly radicalised Indian Secular Front in West Bengal, the party has been in alliance with Muslim parties in various States for decades. This is the reason why the young generation is moving away from communal politics of Congress..

No Didi, Your ‘Insider vs Outsider’ Design won’t Work!

The Latin design Divide et Impera, i.e. ‘Divide and Rule’ has been a very old European political strategy. British, in India, and other colonial rulers applied this (strategy) for dividing the people into various fictitious fragments so that they could not come together and fight unitedly against the despot. In India, the British exercised this policy for the first time in Bengal in the Battle of Plassey and later across the country. History, it seems, is repeating itself in Bengal when a fake narrative ..

Pact, on Our Terms

The announcement of cessation of ceasefire violations by the two belligerent neighbours wef 24/25 February midnight has drawn varied reactions as expected. Though the decision is welcome since Bharat has always desired peace with its neighbours, the sincerity of Pakistan remains a big question mark. Going by the past experience there is a justified need for the two countries to sign a formal bilateral ceasefire agreement..

A Distant Dream

Bharat’s strategic response vis-a-vis China has to be two-fold. Our military has to be ready against any Chinese misadventure. Tibet should be trump card against our bugbear..

Transforming Insurance: From Monopolistic to Competitive

Till the late 1990s’, Bharat’s insurance industry was running as a nationalised business where LIC’s monopoly was unchallenged. On the flip side, this meant limited market penetration. Therefore, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s latest Budget, proposing an increase in the FDI limit in insurance to 74 percent, is a welcome relief for a large number of our countrymen uncovered by insurance..

Green Shoots of Hope in Valley

The recent visit of envoys from European Union countries was a succes. They were convinced that if the momentum of positive change is maintained, J&K will soon emerge as an oasis of peace, tranquillity and progress..

New Wave of Terror in Valley

If not nipped in the bud, the new wave of terror in J&K may prove costly and damaging, as happened many times. Indeed, our leaders, experts and planners would have learned lessons from the past and would not let another window of opportunity for installing lasting peace slip away from their hands..

Malicious Centenary of a ‘Jihad’

Malicious Centenary of a ‘Jihad’..

AatmaNirbhar in Data Management

A democratic country like India cannot afford risk of misuse of citizen's data that may not only harm them individually but impact country's security and peace..

Bharat’s Way Forward with China

The Chinese Government’s tall territorial claims mean that it will create border disputes with neighbours off and on. Therefore, Bharat needs to strike a balance vis-a-vis China. It needs to be ready to tackle the hostile neighbour and not align with Western nations so as to antagonise it..

Why did the Dragon Relent

Nonetheless, credit needs to be given to the Indian negotiators both military and diplomatic for their perseverance, patience and persuasion. Backed by an unambiguous political directive of not ceding even an inch of territory to the Chinese, the negotiators refused to wither down or get fatigued due to prolonged negotiations, tactics used by the Chinese to tire and wear down the adversary and succumb to the Chinese pressure, a manifestation of the Chinese strategy of “Winning without fighting”..

Disha Ravi: Villain or Victim?

With malicious intent to cause irreparable harm to India, Mo Dhaliwal, a Canada-based pro-Khalistan activist, plotted criminal conspiracy with Disha Ravi and Nikita Jacob and Shantanu to create social media storm and amplify anti-India propaganda..

Budget 2021-22: The Third Way

As evident from the budget of 2021-22, the government has decentralised to attain market efficiency. The divestment policy, asset monetisation of assets lying idle with the government, a free hand to the private sector, and attracting foreign investors dilute the government control. But by creating stronger laws to govern the corporates and simplifying the compliance process for them, the government has negotiated a balance. By giving equal importance to the social schemes for a common man, the government ..

Caution: Taking a Left Turn

The Left-Liberals in India were salivating when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden trounced his Republican counterpart Donald Trump in the recently-held US presidential election. In some quarters, Biden’s victory was celebrated as a defeat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, thanks to the cordial relations Trump shared with the PM...

Anarchy of a ‘Peaceful’ Protest

As the sun sets on the 72nd Republic Day, the nation witnessed an abhorrent sight at the iconic Red Fort in Delhi. A situation of complete anarchy following the Tractor Parade saw Sikh separatists embarassing the 1783 Khalsa siege of Red Fort..

Editor Brighter Kashmir honoured with “outstanding media person, 2020” award

It is hoped that the more journalists in Kashmir will take a leaf out of work done by Farooq Wani and his team and will base their careers on the highest tenets of journalism while also working for the welfare and uplifting of their people and their region..

A Threat to the Bharat

Urban Naxals are responsible for creating an atmosphere in Bharat where the feeling of nationalism is replaced by secessionism and anti-national sentiments..

Toolkit of Tormentors

After the demise of USSR, the Cultural Marxists, influenced by Gramsci’s playbook for revolution, has taken over instituions and intellectual space under the guise of ‘Left-Liberals’ to destroy the Democratic systems and cultural heritage..

The Andolan Jeevis Industry

Keeping Greta Thunberg and her sensational tweets and toolkit at the backdrop, India observes a fast-growing protest industry. PM Modi coined the term 'Andolanjeevi' in his speech at Rajyasabha to describe professional protesters who are trying to maintain perpetual unrest within India..

Shri Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpan Abhiyan: Congress continues to pursue the legacy of Nehru's betrayal of Hindus

The Congress continues to pursue its Nehruvian legacy of ignoring Hindu sentiments by running down Shri Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpan Abhiyan..

Harbinger of Peace and Freedom

The Indian Army serves as a harbinger of peace and freedom in Kashmir with its noble work and concern for the common Kashmiri. The attachment between the Army and the people, as has been seen through their close bonding through the winter season, will not allow the enemy to succeed..

‘Five Fingers’ Dream of Mao Zedong

Xi Jinping, the modern-day avatar of Mao Zedong, has taken upon himself to fulfil Mao’s dream of ‘liberating’ the ‘Five Fingers’. Of the ‘Five Fingers’, while two are sovereign nations bordering India, the other three are an integral part of India. As part of his ‘China Dream’, he wants to achieve the ‘rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation’ that includes recovery of those ‘Chinese territories lost through unequal treaties imposed by the imperial or hostile foreign powers’..

Why ‘Jai Shri Ram’ irks Mamata Banerjee

Shri Ram and Radical Islam belong to different ideological paradigms and cannot go together. 'Jai Shri Ram' is a slogan for people-centric ‘Ram Rajya’. However, those who patronise clergy-controlled, indoctrination-oriented Khilafat, cannot hail Shri Ramchandra..

Strings and the String-Pullers

To inflame passion and hatred against the Government, alien forces, along with some journalists and media houses are constantly indulging in a fake news campaign. Journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai, Rana Ayyub and media houses like The Wire, Scroll, News Laundry, NDTV, the Caravan should either understand the responsibility that comes with the freedom or be ready to face consequences as per the law..

Scar on the Country's Conscience

The so-called farmer leaders in the protest march embarrassed the nation. Mayhem witnessed in the National Capital left no doubt that divisive forces were at play. The generations to come would remember the 72nd Republic Day as the day sanctity of our Tricolour was dishonoured..

Not an Option, But a Necessity

Whether for President Joe Biden or Prime Minister Narendra Modi, working together to build a robust India-US security and defence partnership is not an option, it is an existential necessity..

Energising Bharat

West Asia’s political problems are not going to be solved anytime soon. India will have to work within the existing constraints to bolster its means to further secure energy security. New Delhi should also look forward to work with other major Asian players with similar concerns such as South Korea and Japan to secure energy deposits and supply chains..

Pak’s Cannon Fodder

The Pakistani terror masters may have achieved some success in recruiting locals, but they do not have any capability of imparting even basic training to the new “kids on the block” or equipping them with adequate weapons, ammunition and other war like stores. Under such circumstances, these poor misled boys are becoming easy targets for the security forces and have a shelf life of not more than a few months..

India’s Sovereignty in Digital Space is Intact

As the nation celebrates the Republic Day, the government’s move to seek answers from Whatsapp and its parent Facebook over privacy policy is a call towards protecting the sovereignty of Bharat as the users’ interests and privacy have to be protected..

Geo-Cultural Phenomenon called Bharat

Bharat is a geo-cultural phenomenon, deeply rooted in the conscience of this land. This eternal truth of our lives deserves to be embraced..

Imran’s Fiasco of Fiscal Mismanagement

One big reason behind the steady decline of Pakistan’s economy is the fiscally draining requirements of the Pakistan Army. The army’s continuing enmity with India and obsession with Kashmir is causing a negative impact on the country’s resources. Instead of allocating sufficient funds to address acute and long-standing poverty, the country spends the largest amount on defence..

N Biren Singh: The Footballer who continues to score goals for Manipur at 60

N Biren Singh has delivered on the promises of his party within record time and much more. Like Jose Mourinho, he too is a maverick. Like Mourinho, he too is a ‘Special One’. The only difference is he doesn’t have to say it himself...

What kind of a world do you envision, when your time is up?

I have a few questions for global Hindus. Will you stand up against the massive propaganda against the Hindus? Will you do your part to protect your dharma, culture, traditions, and civilization? Or will you hide behind the fraud veil of secularism, dance in the tune of billionaire masters for some brownie point award, and watch our ONLY SURVIVING CIVILIZATION vanish (like the others)?..

Church Priority over Last 400 Years: Social Justice or Conversion?

Christians across the world decry evils of Hindu caste system and lose no opportunity to blame Hindu religion for the same, ignoring that caste, segregation and untouchability were given sanction by the Pope..

Will Rajnikant's debut in politics be a blockbuster?

Will Rajnikant's debut in politics be a blockbuster?..

Victory of Democracy over False Narratives

Victory of Democracy over False Narratives..

Atmanirbhar in Data Management

A democratic country like India cannot afford risk of misuse of citizen's data that may not only harm them individually but impact country's security and peace..

From Virtual Dictatorship To Actual Democracy

The combined opposition seems to be determined to not only topple the government being led by Imran Khan but also to free the country from the stranglehold of the Pakistan Army. Will the original DNA of Pakistan allow to move the country towards Actual Democracy? ..

‘One Nation, One Election’call makes sense

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the pitch for ‘One Election’ and a single voter list for all elections as frequent spread-out polls are a drain on resources and detrimental to development..

Winds of Change

Allaying all fears and apprehensions the elections proved a great success. The gusto with which people of all ages came out of their houses ignoring the challenges of bad weather, harsh winter, and terrorist threat proved their faith in the Panchayat Raj system. The participation in Kashmir has surprised many, including the Gupkar Alliance..

RIP Two Maulanas: One Spreading Love, Other Hate

While India’s Shia cleric Syed Kalbe Sadiq was the epitome of class and dignity. His sermons always spread the message of peace brotherhood among people of different faiths. Maulana Kalbe’s Pakistani counterpart Khadim Hussain Rizvi was known for using the most venomous language for his rivals and people of other religions in full public view..

Looking beyond Farm Bills

Looking beyond Farm Bills..

Highs of New Farm Laws

The new agro reform measures seem to aim at not only farmers' benefit, but the betterment of public health. If implemented religiously and all on-going infrastructure works get completed as scheduled, then agro reform would reduce the cost of medicines in common households of India..

State-sponsored Violation of Human Rights in West Bengal

West Bengal showcases the pathetic fate of Human Rights. Recommendations of State Legislature (represented de facto by a single person) violate Human Rights of common people & the State Bureaucrats implement them. A selected set of Bureaucrats work out methods of implementing illegal & unconstitutional recommendations manipulating the interpretations of Constitutional provisions. Legislature-Bureaucracy nexus thus choked Human Rights & got West Bengal converted into a rogue State..

Islamic State in Afghanistan is a Major Threat

ISIS is hostile to any arrangement with the West and its allies in many ways it’s deadlier than Taliban and Al-Qaeda. As its sole focus on global jihad motivates them to launch attacks on the West as soon, they get a fertile ground for themselves. So, it becomes important to tackle them in Afghanistan otherwise IS will use Afghan soil as a launching pad for their global operations ..

All India Muslim League in the Making

Those who know the havoc the All India Muslim League has caused to India through the demand of separate nation for Muslims and the loss of life during the Partition days are worried of the repetition of the partition events. It is in this historical background that the rise of AIMIM as new Muslim League is worrying both Hindu and Muslim communities..

Approximate Nature of Aryan Migration Theory

In this series, we will take a look at the exact nature of Aryan Invasion ‘Theory’, its various stratums and refutation by Indian scholars..

On a slippery slope

A slew of controversies and corruption cases has put CPM, the lead partner of the Left Democratic Front in Kerala, in serious trouble..

Saffron at the End of Dark Tunnel

BJP is making giant strides in Tamil Nadu. Hindu awakening built up by relentless efforts during the last three generations of karyakartas is having the effect at last..

The Political Playground of New-Age Separatists

The Political Playground of New-Age Separatists..

A Critical Appraisal of Pakistan’s Intent and India’s Response

A Critical Appraisal of Pakistan’s Intent and India’s Response..

Universality of University

The new policy has opened the doors for Individual development, local growth, national progress and global well being. Theoretically, this policy is a firm step towards making India a superpower..

Future is Green

Green Jobs’ are ideally the jobs that contribute to preserve or restore the environment, be they in traditional sectors such as manufacturing and construction, or in new, emerging green sectors such as clean fuels, renewable energy, grid and electricity, clean vehicles, energy security and efficiency...

Revitalising Bharat

With effective policy support, India can emerge as a global destination for higher education..

Holism in Asian Traditions Holds the Key

Learning from indigenous knowledge, cultural traditions and philosophical richness holds the key to the post-Covid economic recovery of Asian countries, says an Indian researcher ..

Joe Biden and Bharat

By all counts, Joe Biden’s presidency will augur well for Indo-US relations. It will stand by India in case of a confrontation with China and in the long run, add to Bharat’s pursuit of Atmanirbhar Bharat..

Not Mere Cheerleaders But soldiers themselves

In the modern world, a citizen’s role has changed from being an active cheerleader to being an active soldier, albeit without guns. Just as conventional soldiers resist territorial invasion and launch counter operations, civilian soldiers must resist cognitive invasion and launch offensives of their own..

A Test of Fire & Sacrifice of Blood

Kashmir has found its destiny as a part of the largest democracy in the world with a test of fire and sacrifice of blood. The bravery of the soldiers and civilians who fought the war shoulder to shoulder can never be forgotten nor allowed to go in vain ..

Self-Defence for Self-reliance

Along with inculcating values of respect for the other gender, there is a strong case for formulating a ‘National Girls Self-Defence Policy’ to empower women physically so that rising crimes against them can be curbed..

Fighting Love Jihad

An effective law should be enacted to prevent rising cases of fraudulent love marriages where radical Muslim men use ‘love’ as a ruse to trap gullible non-Muslim girls, sexually exploit and convert them to Islam..

Reflecting the Spirit of New India

The more the nation or country encourages education, the more it is empowered and developed. Our new education policy will help the youth to become global citizens ..

Enabling Amendment

The point to ponder is that the laws have not tampered with the right of ownership. It is up to the owner of the land to sell it or not. No power on the earth can force him to part with his land. Rather in case he is interested in selling the land, he would get the best price since the market forces will be in play..

Erdogan’s Proxy Army: A Ticking Time Bomb

Erdogan’s Proxy Army: A Ticking Time Bomb ..

The Moplah Jihad

Truth is the first casualty of ideological tyranny. Not Rebellion, not Uprising, not Revolt; this was stark naked Moplah Jihad..

The Myths and Lies Being Spread by Gupkaris

Kashmir-based political parties for long exploited the innocent Kashmiris. The evil alliance needs to accept the reality and lead the Kashmiris in realising their aspirations rather than plunging them back into the dark past..

Annexation: Myths Vs History

Annexation: Myths Vs History ..

Either Black or White

After regional arm of the Financial Action Task Force has retained Pakistan in the enhanced follow-up list on the premise that the country has failed to curb terror funding and money laundering, pakistan has no scope to be in a grey list. There are no shades of grey in the issues related to curbing terrorism..

Systemised Loot of the System by the System

Systemised Loot of the System by the System..