Uma, Widowed Mother, Who Delivers Food to Take Care of Her Son, Rides Bike For 200 Kms Everyday

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Zomato recognised her determination by awarding her Diamond Delivery Award as she has had no cancellations and late deliveries for the past many years.

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Life was never easy for Uma after her husband died ten years ago. The most formidable challenge was to make ends meet. And she had to take care of her son.
But Uma was not the one to give up so easily. She was determined to fight.
She improved her economic condition and started working.
A few years back, she joined Zomato and start delivering food.
Since then, she has had no cancellations and delayed deliveries.
She works for over 12 hours every day, riding a bike for over 200 km to deliver 15-20 food packets.
One social media user, Sukriti Chakravarty, shared her story. She wrote, “Honoured & Proud to share a real-life hero! Ms Uma has been awarded a Diamond star for excellence, because she has no cancellations, no delayed deliveries. She travels 250 -300 Kms a day on her bike. Lost her husband 10yrs bck but takes care of her son proudly all by herself! (sic)”
Zomato responded. It wrote, “There's one more thing she won waaay before any award–our hearts. Uma, thank you for doing what you do every day. You make us super proud.”