Will Leave Uttar Pradesh If Yogi Adityanath Becomes Chief Minister Again, Says Alleged Shayar Munawwar Rana

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Munawwar Rana, a resident of Lucknow, also stated that Muslims require eight children so that if police apprehend two for terrorist activities, two die because of Covid-19, four are available to care for aging parents.

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Munawwar Rana, the alleged shayar who lives in Lucknow, said if Yogi Adityanath again becomes chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, he will leave UP and move to some other place.
“If Yogi becomes the chief minister again, then I will assume that the state is no longer for Muslims to live, and I will have to migrate to some other place,” IANS quoted Rana.
Rana did not say which places he considered for migration.
He also blamed AIMIM president and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi for ensuring the victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He added, if Yogi becomes chief minister, it would be only because of Owaisi.
Commenting on the proposed population policy of Uttar Pradesh which promotes the two-child norm, Rana said the policy was not good for Muslims as they would need eight children. Explaining it further, he said if police picked two for terror activities and two succumbed are to Covid-19, at least four would be around to take care of the elderly parents.
Rana is known to give controversial statements.
Recently, after two criminals attacked his son, police found it was a fake attack arranged by his son to gain some popularity as he was planning to contest the forthcoming assembly polls in the state.
Rana had said his son should have shot his uncles as they are involved in property disputes rather than staging a fake attack on himself.