Mariam Rasheeda releases documents; says Nambi Narayanan has no role in ISRO scam

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ISRO espionage case was a watershed moment in the history of Kerala politics. A scientist named Nambi Narayanan was witch-hunted for several years. But later the court had acquitted him from all the charges. Now, a new set of information has come out to the public domain which shows that Nambi Narayanan had no role in the ‘espionage episode’ and it was basically a story cooked up by officials and politicians at a higher levels.
Mariam Rasheeda, who was framed in the case has now released documents showing that Nambi Narayanan was not included in the team which was developing the Cryogenic technology. The letter clearly states that the scientists R Karunanidhi and K Lakshminarayana, who were heading the team were replaced to include Muhammad Muslim.
The documents were handed over by Mariam Rasheeda to show that no espionage happened in ISRO. Earlier, the then investigative office of ISRO espionage case Sini Mathews had submitted a bail application in the court to prevent arrest by CBI.