Hindus protest against govt allocation of temple land to Muslims

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The decision to handing over temple land to Muslims in the heart of Chennai for a passage to a mosque has come in for severe criticism more particularly from Hindus and devotees.
Hindu Munnani has categorically said it would not give up Temple land to Muslims in Chennai Vadapalani and remained the state government to abide by the directions of the court. In a talk with your correspondent, Hindu Munnani Chennai district chief AT Elangovan said “after learning that piece of 20 x 80 of temple land was given to mosque for a passage, our cadres have been making protests. Our field verification also has proved the same. Muslims asked for a 20x80 pathway to go to the mosque. This demand has been turned down by HR and CE officials. Immediately the Muslims (on 16th July) brought this to the attention of local first time MLA, AMV Prabhakar Raja, a converted Christian, who rushed to the spot and ordered the officials to fulfil their demand.
Officials refused to do so by saying they have no authority or power and it belonged to a Hindu temple property. In the meantime, as usual, the Muslims made an announcement through their mosque amplifier system asking the community members to come to the spot in large numbers. More than 200 Muslims thronged the spot making a law and order problem. The local MLA spoke to the HR and CE minister Sekar Babu and officials. He is learnt to have got the permission to hand over the land to the mosque authorities. Vadapalani temple authorities have built a compound wall leaving the space for the use of Muslims. The local MLA coerced the officials to part with the temple land. The Muslims compelled the officials to toe the line dictated by them. There has been no case against them. No arrests were made. If Hindus stage protests for their lawful rights, they would be booked in various sections. The police are biased and mute spectators in the whole episode. The Hindu Munnani condemn the government for giving the temple to the mosque under force. If the action was not undone, we organize a mass protest to get back the temple land with the support of Lord Murugan devotees and public”.
This has happened on the same day the Madras High Court rapped the government in particular the HR and CE for its mindless leasing of heritage assets of ancient temples for business and other activities that hardly related to the temple concerned. Madras HC division bench said, “ scores of temples in the state do not have enough funds even for one pooja a day. Such is the sorry state of affairs”. Of late, the court has been flaying the government and officials for their actions that are against the tenets of the temple management.
After DMK came to power, appeasement of minorities and appointing them in key posts has no end. CM Stalin’s Cell is packed with Christians and cryptos. People who have made a scathing attack on the BJP and PM are rewarded with Plum posts. In-State Development Policy Council (SDPC), the appointment of its vice-chairman is the classic example to this. He and full-time members have no expertise to get a berth in such a panel that is equivalent to the state Planning Commission. Another Economic Advisory forum is formed with Raghu Ram Rajan, Arvind Subramanian, Jean Dreze, Esther Duflo, S Narayanan who do not the local terrain and the realities. Most of them were opposed to the subsidy regime. Now, a half-baked Dindigul I. Leoni ( a Christian) who came in for severe criticism for making insensitive sexiest comments against women and known for his obscene and double entendre in his debate shows, has been made head of the TN State Textbook and Educational Services Corporation. He made a comparison between Cows and women and their hips.
Peter Alphonse of the Congress party, who was in favour of assaults on women in Mandaikkadu clashes and encroaching Hindu temple lands has been made state chief minority forum. The state assembly speaker Appavu is alleged to be a Christian faithful.
The state government has given its nod to sanction 5 per cent of the cost of a two-wheeler or Rs 25,000 to per person whichever is lower to 2,814 waqf board ulemas in the state. Fr A Raj Maria Susai, who openly said in a video that how made lessons on Christianity in Text Books from 1st to 12th stand when he was a member, has now become a member of TN State Public Service Commission. Hindu Munnani has objected to a pastor being appointed as a member of the TNPSC saying it is nothing but Pasteurization( Christianisation) of Tamil Nadu. It is a field day for minorities in the state.
Recently a DMK’s Engineer wing Tenkasi District secretary Jahir Hussain submitted a petition with HR and CE Minister Sekar Babu (DMK MLA) demanding renovation of the existing prayer hall in the disputed land by calling a peace meeting. Objecting to his request, Hindu outfits wrote to the CM M K Stalin citing the recent Madurai bench of Madras High Court dismissing a writ petition that sought permission to build a new ‘Bazaar Mosque’ near the ancient Kasi Viswanathar temple in Tenkasi. They said it will create unnecessary standoffs between two communities. There were many clashes since 1980 Hindu Munnani state president and advocate K Kutralanathan and vice president. Hindu Munnani town secretary Kumar Pandian was murdered in 2006 and a riot broke down in 2007 in which three Hindus were murdered. Jayakumar said in their petition “ Hussain’s petition is likely to cause unwanted issues for the DMK government. The disputed land belongs to Hindu temple maintained by HR and CE. There is a case pending in court. Hussain started his letter with asking for early consecration of the Hindu temple and at the end of his letter he sought a demand for arranging a peace talk between Hindus and Muslims to enable them to carry on the new mosque prayer hall renovation which has come to a halt after a court order. As Bala Gowthan, political commentatory, has rightly pointed out that during Karunanidhi’s rule, minorities were given plum posts as part of appeasement policy in quid pro for their votes. Now, CM Stalin is in the chair but decisions are being taken by the minorities.