Survivor who killed a potential rapist allowed to walk free under Section 100 of Indian Penal Code

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A 21-year-old woman in Chennai accidentally, in self-defence, caused the death of her predator who was trying to rape her.
The woman, the mother of two, was working on a farm when a man gagged and dragged her to a secluded place. He tried to rape her.
In self-defence, she pushed him. As a result, the man hit a stone and fell unconscious. The woman panicked and pulled the unconscious man to the roadside. She rushed to her husband who also works at the same farm.
By the time she came back to the spot, people had gathered and made a call to the ambulance and police.
The paramedic confirmed the man was dead.
The police registered a case of suspicious death under Section 174 of the CrPC.
The Times of India quoted Tiruvallur SP V Varun Kumar “After ascertaining the genuineness of the case, the woman was booked under Section 100 of the IPC and allowed to go free.”
The incident reportedly happened in Minjur on Tuesday (July 13) and the woman was freed of charges on Thursday (July 15).