Central Law Against Illegal Conversion Urgently Needed, Says Vishva Hindu Parishad

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The two-day meet of the office bearers of the Vishva Hindu Parishad ended today (July 18) with a resolution demanding immediate enactment of a central law against illegal conversions in the country.
International Working President of the VHP, Advocate Alok Kumar, said, “Illegal religious conversion is a national curse and the nation must get liberated from it. In 11 States, for its prevention, there are laws, but the problem and conspiracy is nationwide. This international meeting is, therefore, of the unanimous view that a central law should be made against it, and only then there will be freedom from this curse.”
He further added, “From some verdicts of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and also the present experiences and situations, the message goes absolutely clear that the central government should not delay the matter any more.”
Advocate Kumar urged the Hindu society “to remain ever watchful about the anti-Bharat and anti-Hindu conspiracies of the Mullah-Missionaries, and prevent it by all constitutional methods.”
The VHP office bearers on Saturday (July 18) elected Dr. R N Singh as the president of the organisation.
The Covid-19 pandemic was also a high point of discussion. A resolution was passed to continue the joint fight against Covid-19, keeping the possibility of a third wave in mind.
Advocate Kumar said, “In view of the possible third wave of the pandemic anticipated to make children a special target, we are arranging to give special training to women. During times of crisis, not the government alone, but now the entire society shall get together against Corona!”
Experts are expressing the possibility that the third wave may hit sooner than earlier anticipated and may hit children badly.
It has been a long standing demand of the VHP to free mutts and temples from government control. A resolution was passed to work towards achieving this objective.
The statement read “Mutt-Mandirs constitute the nuclei of the belief, faith and worship of the national society of Bharat and the Tripod of Sant-Shaastra-Mandir constitutes the secret of the enduring nature of the Hindu Nation and the immortality of Mrityunjayi Bharat. Such ‘spirituo-cultural’ institutions acting as the umbilical cord, spinal cord and jugular vein to national life cannot be left to be controlled by the ‘secular’ governments and often irreverent and godless agencies.”
About 400 office bearers of the VHP joined the two-day meeting. Fifty office bearers were present physically and the remaining 350 joined the meeting virtually.